Do not Vote for Anyone Preaching Climate Paranoia



This Carbon based Earth is not in a Greenhouse

as far more Heat and Energy has escaped the Atmosphere than Predicted

as Prediction is not knowledge = Science

while one of many by-products of this so called Greenhouse is Nitrogen

from decomposing soil making Nitrogen a Greenhouse Gas

and is about 78.09% of the air we Breathe

as O2 oxygen is a by-product of a Greenhouse making O2 oxygen a Greenhouse Gas

and is about 20.95% of the Air we Breathe

while Argon is not a Greenhouse Gas

as Argon comes from outer space and is about 0.93% of the air we Breathe

while Water vapor and CO2 are not the by-product of a Greenhouse

as Water and CO2 is evaporated from the Ocean causing the Greenhouse

the CO2 is from Volcanic activity below sea level

from the Hot Liquid Core of this Carbon based Earth

as Water vapor is about five times the volume of CO2 but is not measured as a gas

while Nitrogen that started out as little to nothing in the atmosphere

to now the majority of the atmosphere at 78.09% will continue to increase

and before Nitrogen is 79% of the air we Breathe

it will dilute CO2 to nothing

ending the cause of all the green and all carbon based life above sea level

it will end the Carbon Cycle  = Nature = Environment

as we spend Trillions to end the Carbon Cycle above Sea level sooner

based on proven to be very Flawed very Incomplete very Fraudulent so called Science

on this Carbon based Earth

where everything Breathing and not Breathing beyond a few microbes has carbon in it

where a 2* climate variable is normal in climate history

and If you do not question the Truth in knowledge then how do you know it is the Truth

as you just believe

what you have been politically programmed to just believe with out Question ~


In Botany Science for a ~ Healthy ~ Greenhouse = Carbon Cycle by Photosynthesis

caused by

Sun Energy and Water Vapor and CO2

we need 4 times the CO2 level than in the Air today ~

to make the food we eat and the oxygen we breathe

as we now spend trillions to harm and stop the cause of all the Green

on this carbon based Earth


Climate Warming is Scientifically proven to be caused by

The Variable SUN with many Cycles

and not caused by CO2

as Hot CO2 rising causes warming

while very Frozen CO2 = Dry Ice crashing downward causes cooling at the very same time

more than off-setting Hot CO2 rising

as most of the atmosphere is -200* F below zero

as increased CO2 and water vapor are the evaporated by product of climate warming

by the variable Sun

as the warming occurs first then water vapor and CO2 levels rise

while causing the carbon cycle above sea level making this carbon based Earth Green

~ with the variable Sun with many cycles causing many ~

Mini and Little and Major Ice Ages

as there have been Ice Ages with higher levels of CO2 in the air than today

as the variable Sun continues to be warmer and brighter

and will one day vaporize this Carbon based Earth

and then nothing will ever matter ever again

now add more than a dozen known Climate Variables providing an Infinity of variable

and very simple physics and chemistry and climate history

All Ignored by Climate Paranoia

all further debunking the Religion of self-debunk Climate Prediction Paranoia

who do not acknowledge the variable Sun or an Infinity of Climate variable

or simple physics and chemistry or climate history

when predicting the un-predictable un-knowable future

as all the Climate predictions of the past 30 years

based only on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable have failed

as Carbon based Humans of this Carbon based Earth

generate only 3% or less of the CO2 going into the air to be blamed for all Climate Change

after 4.6 billion years of very extreme progressive variable climate change

as Paranoid Political True Belief in failed predictions continue to be preached as Reality

providing the Carbon based Humans of this Carbon base Earth with

Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion

costing Trillions to do only Harm to all of Nature and the Environment


…as political make believe continues to dictate reality ~

by Those who have not earned the right to Scientific Opinion

who Politically Dictate Climate Paranoia

based on Preached Political Media Hearsay True Belief

as the Green Lunatics who failed grade school science

have us spending trillions of dollars trying to stop the cause of Green

while using sinking Islands as proof of Sea level rise

when the Sea level is clearly documented to be declining

caused by Evaporation causing the increase of water vapor and CO2

along with an increase of rain and snow and a 40% increase of Arctic Ice

as they preach to us their Political Paranoia of all the Ice melting

as -200* below zero air is crashing downward toward the Poles of this carbon based Earth

as Ice Melts from the top and bottom side during Ice ages too

as this warming period began about 14,000 years ago

as Paranoid Lunatics continue to politically dictate a false reality

while Scientifically Proving their Political Fascism in Science

as the Paranoid Green Lunatics who are 20% carbon

eating carbon based food and breathing oxygen all made from CO2

by the Carbon Cycle

continue to Harm the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

as they Preach they are for Green when Harming the cause of all the Green

on this Carbon based Earth

as they are very scientifically proven Ignorant Paranoid Lunatic Hypocrites

but don’t know it

as they continue to reject proven fact tested knowledge

for their proven to be Paranoid Lunatic Political Make Believe

as only Lunatics can Preach the Science is Settled and can not be Debated

by the Scientific Method


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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