Auto Tech by Bruce



I am Semi Retired and now working for

the Fort Harrison VA Medical Lab

Part Time as a Medical Courier


And in the Future

if I am able

as I am still dealing with Post Concussion Syndrome

from a work Injury while working for the Helena School District

and then Montana State Fund committed Fraud against me

as my Investigation of Montana State Fund has Proven

the State of Montana Government and Montana State Fund are Organized Crime

as many of We the People of Montana agree along with former Employees of MSF


Montana State Fund is Organized Crime

with All the Blessings of our Law Makers and our new Governor

who does not acknowledge the Crimes of the Montana Government

against All of We the People who are Montana America

~ and so maybe one day  ~

Part Time on the Side by Appointment Only

Minor Automotive Service


Currently the majority of all my tools and equipment are still in storage

and I still do not have a building to work from

as of right now there are still many things I can not do to my own Cars and Trucks

as My now delayed plan is to build a shop and then do a little work on the side

and build a race car if nature will still let me


My Expertise are Trouble Shooting Technical Problems

others could not for the past 40 plus years

and fine tuning engines for maximum power and performance

~ Dialing in Race Car Motors ~

and On-Board Computer Diagnostics and Service

and 4 Gas Emissions Testing


The top two rows of Books behind me in the photo above are

Mitchell Technical Manuals and cover only

Atmospheric Emission Control Science Theory Physics and Chemistry

since 1960

and Automotive Computer Science since 1967

and has been a part of my Professional Life everyday since 1976

while I am self-educated in many sciences while learning new knowledge everyday

and I am Student of Constitutional History and Law since 1980


and if and when I am working again on weekends

[email protected]


P.O.Box 4664 Helena, MT. 59604


“Oil Changes to Timing Belts & Everything in Between”

Automotive Diagnostics

Service Center & Minor Repair

~ for ~

Cars and Trucks

Foreign and Domestic

Journeyman Master Technician

since 1976


I was at 1400 Joslyn Unit E ~ for 2 years

2013 ~ 2015

at 2097 Euclid Ave. ~ for over 8 years

2005 ~ 2013

and 735 Last Chance Gulch ~ for over 22 years

1983 ~ 2005

and thanks to Irresponsible Land Lords

as their Buildings became un-Insurable and or Condemned

Auto Tech has moved again for the third time in 33 years

and with nowhere to move to

and hopefully

Part Time in the Back Yard

as I am still not doing any auto service at this time

and I still do not have a Building to work out of yet

as I am unable to do any services or repairs until I have a building to work out of

and so thank you to the hundreds of you who come to this web page every month

and to those who call with your Questions that I am happy to answer

~ so ~


~ or ~


and when I am able

please call ~ or ~ e-mail

and make an Appointment before driving to this location

as this is a Private Residence and not a Commercial Business location

~ I have removed my Address for Security Reasons ~


Serving  Helena since May 1983

 Automotive Experience since 1971

I was Factory Trained

~ at ~

Ford Motor Co.

Chrysler Corp.

General Motors

with further Education with Allen Group

along with many update classes in Technical Sciences over the past 40 plus years


~ my specialty’s are ~

Major/Minor Tune-ups

Ignition Systems

Fuel Systems

Carburetors and Fuel Injection

On-Board Computers

Emission Control Systems

4 – Gas Emissions Testing

Valve Adjustments

Electrical Systems

Starting and Charging Systems

Timing Belt Replacement

Minor Repairs


I was Licensed by the State of California

in 1976 for

Vehicle Inspection and Emissions Testing and Certification

I was chosen to Evaluate the ASE Automotive Education Program

by my Helena High Auto Shop Teacher Allan Walter now retired

who’s Class Won the Chrysler Trouble Shooting Contest every year

while Allan Walter has helped NASA with Trouble Shooting problems

through out his Teaching Profession


I received a Doctor Honor in October of 2011

for my of work in

Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

and Heat and Energy Transfer Science

I am an Honorary Member of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness

and the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

and I have worked with and reviewed for the Galileo Movement

and I am a Member of the Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

as I have Investigated Scams against We the People of Montana

and have shared my Investigations with local Law Enforcement


I was Invited to participate in the

London Symposium on Climate Change

at the

Oxford and Cambridge Club London in 2013

I have an ongoing science debate with Joe Berry Stanford University for many years


I am an Independent Lobbyist for the Truth in Life and Science since 2007



I am still Dyslexic

and this does not prevent you from learning and knowing

this only slows down the learning process

and I have a very large collection of Dictionary’s very old and new with in reach

and I have corrected Definition mistakes in Dictionary’s

but I still can not spell worth a Damn

but a lot of people who can spell can not fix your brand new car

that your new car dealer can not fix either

but I can for the past 40 plus years