Bill Nye = Al Gore’s Puppet Scientist for Profit



Bruce A. Kershaw

Bent Shoe ~ Astor Load

Scratchgravel Hills

Helena ~ Montana

~ USA ~

Carbon ~ based ~ Earth

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~ July 10, 2016 ~



Climate Religion


for years

I have been sending reward offers to

Bill Nye the Science Guy

for the scientific proof

Humans cause Climate Warming


Bill’s true belief in self-debunk computer climate prediction of the un-known future

and so far

~ nothing ~


I can Prove with tested knowledge

Bill Nye is a test proven Phony in science for profit


Bill Nye

[email protected]


Al Gore


CBS News


~ I have sent reward offers to all of you for years ~

I challenge you to an open public debate in Climate Science

with a $100,000.00 reward for the scientific proof

Carbon based Humans cause Climate Warming of this Carbon based Earth

and when you can not debate the science

it’s not real


~ I know ~

Climate Change is very real for the past 4.6 billion years

but you call me a denier of climate change anyway

~ proving your continued pathological thinking for many years ~


 you can not prove with real science that any climate warming is caused by

Carbon based Humans


Man Made

Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon dioxide

the cause of the carbon cycle with oxygen and hydrogen

the cause of all nature the environment

the cause of all carbon based life on this carbon based earth above and below Sea level

as you will not debate the real science

~ as you Bill Nye are a Bought and Paid For ~

Puppet Scientist for Al Gore & CBS News

the test proven

Pathological Liars and Frauds in Science

as you continue to Lie to the Public in Science for Profit

as you can prove nothing beyond your true belief in

~ test proven ~

Flawed ~ Incomplete ~ Debunk ~ Fraudulent ~ Bogus ~ Science

as you are a proven fraud in science too

Bruce A. Kershaw

40 years atmospheric emission control science

with on going climate science investigation since the spring of 2007

proving fraud in climate science

by Al Gore and Company

the man you did an intentionally bogus experiment with in front of the world to see

~ proving ~

you are a test proven fraud in science for profit

as you ignore real proven fact tested knowledge of the scientific method

for true belief

as you are in the Hall of Scientific Shame

as you are a true disgrace to real science

~ or ~

you are just a ~ Big Dummy ~ in climate science

committing fraud for Al Gore and Company

for profit

and if you can not debate the tested science


you and your bogus science are not real


Bill Nye & Al Gore & CBS News

~ and ~

anyone apart of

Climate Religion

~ refuse ~

to debate the proven fact tested knowledge of the scientific method

and so who cares about $100,000.00 reward

when there is billions being made in climate fraud


~ Test Proven ~

Political Media Frauds in Science ~ dictate ~ Science

to the un-knowing


since may of 2007

through 2014

I have made over 40,000 request with a reward for the scientific proof

Humans cause Climate Warming

and then I stopped counting my requests

as I continue to make many request everyday


a reward for the proof beyond

make believe for profit


I am paid by no one or anything

I Live for the ~ test proven ~ Truth for Scientific Reality

of the

Scientific Method

as they refuse to debate their true belief


their true belief is not science


they are cowards to reality

for profit


Bill Nye continues to Brainwash the world with test proven Garbage Science

~ he will not debate ~


Real Science is: Questioned Tested and Debated




real science is: to know


make believe for profit


costing the poorest of the poor Trillions


Climate Religion

is doing test proven harm to this carbon based earth

and all carbon based life