Denial of Miranda

To take away Miranda rights, means your already guilty before a Trial.

The Patriot Act already does that, allowing the U.S. Government to take U.S. citizens off the streets of Helena Montana U.S.A. – then take you to a foreign country, torture you, and then let you go in a third country, with just the  shirt on your back,

but only if they think you are innocent, without a trial.

This is something the U.S. Government has already done many times, to many people, for too many years.

The government can seize your money and property, before you have pleaded guilty or not guilty to a Judge, and before making a phone call, for an Attorney.

Today you are Guilty, before you are anything else.

The U.S. Supreme court decided it is OK, for the government to bust your door down in the middle of the night,

and they do, sometimes the wrong door, and people die.

If the government breaks my door down in the middle of the night,

I will do the same thing many would do,

If ~ anyone ~ breaks down my door in the middle of the night,

I am going to shoot first,

then I will ask if they are the good guys or the bad guys.