The Seventeenth Amendment caused by Montana Copper Kings


~ We are now the Un-United States of America ~

Prior to the Seventeenth Amendment,

State Governments owned and controlled the United States Senate.

Now State Governments have Zero Say or Control in the U.S. Senate,

no longer controlling one third of the United States Government.

State Governments are no longer part of the U.S. Government,

and are now States controlled by the U.S. Government.


Because of a

~ Copper King ~ in ~ Butte Montana ~

we now have the 17th,

~ may be ~ we can fix it ~


The Seventeenth Amendment means,

State Governments of the United States,

are no longer Represented with and having complete control of the U.S. Senate,

of the ~ United ~ States ~

The Seventeenth Amendment means, Special Interest Groups,  New York Banks, Insurance Co., Energy Co., Drug Co., and Foreign Corp. owned by Foreign Country’s here in America, can decide who your states choice of U.S. Senator will be , instead of your state government deciding who will represent your state government, at the federal level.

I want the Government of the State of Montana to choice who represents the Government of the State of Montana at the Federal level of United States of America,

~ not corporations from around the World.

That was the thinking of our authors of the United (States) of America.

The U.S. Supreme Court just decided, U.S. corporations owned by foreign countries can now decide with Billions of dollars in negative advertising, who or what will represent you at all levels of government, city, county, state, and federal.

Back in the 1880’s the the U.S. Supreme Court granted Human rights to things.


If we could remove the Seventeenth Amendment

and let the Montana State House pick (elect) who Represents the Montana House in the U.S. Senate and do the same for the Montana State Senate,

(The only requirement would be residency in the state of Montana

over the age 18 with no criminal record

and then passed by the State of Montana House, Senate and Governor, like any Legislation.

The Montana State House would be represented in the U.S. senate, and the same for the State Senate, With executive over sight by the Governors Office to challenge the efforts of either the State House or State Senate in the State of Montana Supreme Court.

Then all parts of each State Government of the United States is Represented, and Equal, in the United (States) Senate.

Rather than the Corporations of the world choosing what represents the state government of Montana in the U.S. Government.


Who or What should Represent The State of Montana Government

in the United ~ States ~ Government

The State of Montana or China

The Seventeenth Amendment removed the rights and authority of the States at the Federal level and ultimately granted it to entities out side their states.

The States of the United States of America (Are No Longer) Represented,

in the United States of America.

We are no longer the ~ United ~ States.

We are now the Un-United ~ unrepresented ~ States.


The intent of the U.S. Senate,

was to unite all the state governments on the federal level,

of the United States,

as law makers in the U.S. Government,

over seen by all of each state government and people of their states.


~ Making the States United of America ~


Montana Politics, and Problems in Montana Politics, should stay in Montana,

and not spread around the World.