Michael Doggett Attorney Missoula, MT 59801


July 10, 2019



you are not going to Scam the person who has worked with local Law Enforcement

Investigating and Proving Scams on the Helena Community

and what I can overwhelming prove today is:

you are full of ~ ____  ~




~ vs ~






from my Prospective

after being a Student of Constitutional History and Law since 1980

as I have Argued Legal Cases Myself in the Court of Law on my own behalf

you have Proven to me

the Law is Meaningless to you and all that matters to you is the Fast Buck

while doing only further harm to Injured People who must Blindly Trust you

and you misrepresent injured People who are in need of further medical treatment

who will not receive the needed medical care for the sake of your personal gain

about $3,000.00 for less than 3 hours of work would be about right

while the very best you can do for me

is the very best thing you can do

for the very proven to be Fraudulent Tammy Gibson

of the very proven to be Fraudulent Insurance Company

Owned by the State of Montana

Montana State Fund

who have been Sued more than any other entity in the Montana State Supreme Court

and the very best you can do is give Tammy everything she wants

after she paid Doctors

one of them her Friend and Personal Physician

Richard P. Sargent MD Sage Medical Clinic Helena Montana

to Falsify my Medical Reports


and during this case

You continued to request information that I had already sent you and provided you

and told you on the Phone and Mailed and Emailed to you

but you must not have remembered because maybe you did not take notes

or review the notes or lost or misplaced or threw away

as I had to repeat my self many times to you

only further proving your incompetence

as you were incoherent to all the facts I sent you and told you

as you have yet to see all the available facts in this case and I informed you that I do have

and you obviously did not want to see all the available facts in this case

making you very uninformed of all the available facts of this case

as you did an excellent job for the proven Criminals in this Case

as your Recommendation to me would make my life and legal position worse than before

only supporting you were working for the other side not me

as they get everything and I get less than nothing and you make a Fast Buck

and if you would like to argue the proven facts in front of a Judge I will be there

for the truth in all of Life and all of knowledge for a better life for All

as you did not test the truth

you just believed and sided with the proven Criminals

and so thank you for Treating me like Road Kill and using me to make your Fast Buck

while providing your best representation for the Criminals on the other side

while not knowing all the very available facts in this case that were meaningless to you

and if that is not being Incompetent and Unprofessional I don’t know what is

and I am confident Montana State Fund has you on their Favorite Lawyers List

to go with their Favorite Fraudulent Doctors List

and don’t worry Michael there will other Injured People you can misrepresent and use

and in the future I would suggest that you do look at all the very available facts in the case

and test the truth in knowledge and not just believe the proven Criminals

and then give the criminals everything they want

and making Life much harder for those you misrepresent

as belief is not knowledge belief is make believe

and you can not debunk you were incompetent in this case

as the Facts were meaningless to you

as the majority of important facts are still sitting here on my desk

and never seen by you or Montana State Fund

as I have investigated and proven fraud for 20 plus years

and I look at and test all the available Facts that you would Ignore

proving your Ignorance

as Ignorance is the lack of available knowledge that is just ignored

contributing to incompetence

as you decided to be judge and jury before knowing all the facts

and then you sided with the other side based on your Ignorance

proving you should be working for the Criminal Insurance Co.

not the Head Injured People in need of Further Medical Care

Denied by the Criminal Insurance Co.

who acknowledged my Head Injury for 1 year based on many real Medical Reports

and today will not acknowledge my Head Injury or my other Medically proven injuries

based on very Medically proven to be to be Falsified Medical Reports

by Doctors who Disgrace their Medical Oath



~ example ~

~ so you might better comprehend ~

If I go to a Doctor with a Broken Arm

and the Doctor does not look at my Broken Arm

and then writes in his Medical Report for the Insurance Co.

I do not have a Broken Arm with out doing any Medical Evaluation

and what does this then say about the Doctor who was paid for by the Insurance Co.

while many other Doctors tell me my Arm is Broken

while the Insurance Co. Denies the Medical Reports by Real Doctors

who did a real medical evaluation and did not intentionally falsify their Medical Report

and then the best you can do for me is provide a document to sign

that states I do not have a Broken Arm

and I get screwed by the Insurance Co. and you get a Quick


for doing little to nothing

and that’s your Recommendation to Sign something you yourself would not Sign

so I then asked you to withdraw from the case

because you tell me that’s the best you can do for me

and 40 days pass and no withdraw letter and so I inform my Legal Insurance provider

of this fact and forward the same email to you and you email your withdraw letter

you sent to Tammy Gibson at Montana State Fund 40 days earlier

as this only helps Montana State Fund while slowing me down

further proving you are all for helping the Criminals not your Injured Clients

and proving you are Unprofessional and a Shame to your Profession

as you have very proven to me you are a Phony Bogus Attorney

and if you had to argue this case in court today

the only thing you could Prove is your Ignorance

and it is no secret that Montana State Fund are Frauds

they know it

I know it and have proven it

and the whole world knows it

and I have stated that proven Fact on this Website for the past 1 year and 7 months

and they will never Sue for stating they are Frauds

because they know I can and will Prove it in a Court of Law they are Frauds

Denying Legitimate Medical claims to save Money

and it is no secret Insurance Co. have been doing this since the 15oo’s

and you have more than proven to me you are on the side of proven Fraud not Mine


Montana State Fund sends me a Letter stating they would like to settled this case

and the very best you can do for me is their First Bogus Offer

proving this does not say much for your Lawyer skills


Without knowing the full legal argument of this case

because you have not reviewed all the available facts of this case

as you work with the criminals in this case giving them everything they want

that will provide you a $1000.00 Bucks an Hour

while flushing me down the Toilet

and that is your Professional Recommendation

~ and something you would never agree to yourself ~

and is not real Legal Representation


and do you know what stated all of this ?

in as few words as possible

I told Dr. Sargent

~ who is a known Political Crusader ~

that Al Gore is a Big Dummy

and then Dr. Sargent stop helping me get well and started hating me

he threw away his Medical Oath for Political Bias

and from that point forward

his Office would not allow me to make any further Medical appointments

and at the very same time Tammy Gibson MSF sent me a letter in the mail

telling me I was to no longer Call her or leave her messages or Email her

and then they forced to go to their Doctor Jeffrey Cory

who is well known in the Montana Legal Community for Bogus Evaluations

who works for Deaconess Hospital Bozeman Montana

known for legal Issues for Illegal Kickbacks

who did zero Neurological or Physical Evaluation of any kind

who stayed 6 feet away from me for the entire time as my Wife Holley is a witness

who then states in his Medical Report for Dr. Sargent and Montana State Fund

~ I do not have a Post Concussion Syndrome ~

based on zero review of the Medical reports that State I do

while I have many other injuries Dr. Cory did not evaluate

as he states in his medical report

that falsified all of my statements

and all of my medical history going back to 1981

debunked by my medical history he did not review

That I am Physically well

and since then I have stated on this Website Dr. Cory is a Fraud

and then his Legal Team began a Legal Process against me that ended as soon as I sent them my Medical History going back to 1981 that Dr. Cory did not review proving he falsified his medical report and I have never heard back from his Legal Team ever again

and then Dr. Sargent knowingly Rubber Stamped this Falsified Medical Report by Dr. Cory after Dr. Sargent had reviewed the very same Medical Reports

Reviewed by Dr. Cory’s Legal Team

and medically debunking Jeff Cory’s falsified medical report

for his Friend Tammy Gibson of Montana State Fund

and at the end of Dr. Sargent’s last medical report he states:

I Bruce Kershaw think I know more than everyone else

and includes Al Gore in his statement

while I know what I know because of everyone else

and peer-reviewed science

as we had never discussed any climate science on any visit that I can recall

while Dr. Sargent spent far more time with his computer than helping me

before he took his obvious disliking to me

and since MSF committed Fraud against me I have had 16 Physical Therapy Sessions

prescribed by Dr. Clark Neurologist St. Peters Hospital

and this will take me a long time for me to pay for

while I am still in need of further medical treatments I can not afford

and I will have to live without further medical treatment

with all my injuries caused by the Negligence of others

who are insured by Montana State Fund

who commit Fraud to save money

as they give a lot of money away to those who are not injured

as this Montana Government Agency

further destroys the Lives of Injured Montana Citizens

as I continue to have many Neurological Disorders and other Physical Issues

and I can complete about 2-3 hours of work ( Physical Labor ) over an entire day

and I am Applying for part times jobs driving a car making deliveries

to see if can do something as I want to do something I can do

as I still can not play my 12 string guitar or spend the day hiking to the tops of mountains

and we shall see

as I am still Breathing and the rest is Icing on the Cake

while I have not been able to work since December of 2016

and have had to turn down many repeated Job Offers

including job offers from the State of Montana

including from the Department of Revenue for Technical Computer Support

and I am looking for Justice not Sympathy

as we must all play the cards we are dealt in life

even when the deck has been stacked against us

by proven Frauds

with a Half Ass Attorney to help me

who did a far better job of helping the Proven Frauds

as you actions speak louder than your bogus words


Bruce A. Kershaw

Doctor Honor