More Flawed Facts by the Helena City Commission



Bruce A. Kershaw

Helena ~ Montana

I am not a Democrat or a Republican

I am a Scientist of the Scientific Method

I am for the Truth in all of Life and Knowledge for a better Life for all

I Vote for People not for Political Parties

as Political Parties continue to destroy this Nation

in their sworn efforts to destroy each other at any cost

as we live in a world where Laws are based on True Belief in Hearsay

based on test proven Ignorance and un-Questioned Pathological Lies

as we now have Proven Political Morons in Science Dictating Science


To the 3 of the 4 Members of the Helena City Commission

Andres Haladay ~ Ed Noonan ~ Rob Farris-Olsen

and your statements and Opinion on Clean Water in the Helena Independent Record

Sunday September 17, 2017

that Lee News Papers of Montana

will not allow me to Rebuttal in their proven to be Politically Fascist News Paper

as Lee News Papers will only Allow the Public to know

what they Politically want the Public to know

as they do not want the Public to know all the Facts

the Public can only know what is supporting their Political agenda

Regardless if it is the Truth or Not

as the Questioned Tested Truth is meaningless in Political Agenda

as Lee News Papers are Test Proven Political Media Frauds in Science


My Father Mel Kershaw

~ may he rest in peace ~

Helena ~ Montana

was an Operator for Both of the City of Helena Water Treatment Plants for many Years

prior to that

Mel was the Head Maintenance Technician for a Toxic Waste Disposal Plant

outside of Boston for about 5 years where my Brother Larry lives with his Family today

and prior to that

Mel was one of the Operators the City of Helena Sewage Treatment Plant for about 5 years

prior to that

Mel was a Helena Building Contractor for a few years

as his hands were expert at anything he did in life

prior to that

Mel was the Head Operator for 5 of the 17 years he worked for an Oil Refinery

and worked with Chemist every day

as I learned and know a lot of things from my Father Mel

and there is one thing I can say based on Proven Fact Tested Knowledge

some of your Facts are more than Flawed as Usual

and sadly that is all we can expect from those who do not Lead us

but Dictate to us based on their Proven Ignorance and Fear of the un-known = Paranoia

as you are far better Preachers of un-known doom gloom

than you are Teachers of Tested Reality

and I can not tell you on this webpage what I know my Father would say to you

all I can tell you is it would be true

and after your Fountain Paranoia my Dad would have told me ~

People are Crazy if they Vote for those Idiots again

and I very much agree with my Dad

as Political Agenda is based on Hearsay and Personal Feelings of True Belief

and nothing more

Dr. Bruce A. Kershaw

Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

Helena ~ Montana