June 23 ~ August 16


I’m still breathing and the rest is icing on the cake

…and I think ~

All of We the People who are America

~ should all ~

take our smart dumb phones and computers and put them in a Plastic/Metal Shredder

and then reconnect our land telephone lines ~ with out the answering machines ~

and then reconnect to tested reality




Joe Biden

you are pathological not factual

you are a Political Pathological Fraud

as you preach Lunatic Political Science fiction

if you did not have Dementia I would tell you to Cowboy Up

as you have for many years and are now deliberately committing Treason

against All of We the People who are America

and your many Acts of Treason is Punishable by Death

Bruce A. Kershaw


Joe Biden is the Enabler of Death and Evil all over this carbon based earth

as Joe Biden’s billionaire friends continue to be much wealthier everyday ~

…and when you can not scientifically prove I am wrong

then you can not scientifically prove you are right


science: is: to know

and the only way to know a lie is to test the truth


The Tested Truth must always be Shared and not Silenced by the Test Proven Evil

~ as ~

The Biden Crime Family and the Biden Nut House

are owned by China who are the Proven Evil and the Proven Enemy


Articular III, Section 3,

United States Constitution

A person can be convicted of treason only on the testimony of two witnesses,

or confession in open court.


and there are more than two witnesses to Joe Biden’s Proven Betrayal against America

while there were zero witnesses allowed at the FBI Unconstitutional Invasion

of President Trump’s Life

the Invasion was based on Treasonous Criminal Political Science Fiction

as All of We the People can see the proven to be Treasonous Crimes

of the Joe Biden Crime Family who were paid many millions of dollars by China

~ while ~

Today Things have more Rights than People in America



and I know why but do you ?


…there is nothing more Anti ~ American

than the Democratic Party and the 60 Billionaires who got Joe Biden Elected

with the help of Big Tech and the Media and Press

and together they are Destroying America with their Test Proven Treason

against All of We the People who are America


and today

Only Fascist Democrats are above the Law


No One has done more Harm to Humanity and to this Carbon based Earth

than Joe Biden and the Democratic Party

who are owned and controlled by Billionaires and China

as they are now steeling from the very poor to give to the very politically rich

while the rule of Law does not apply

to the proven to be Fascist Treasonous Traitors of the Deep State Democratic Party

…and when you refuse to look ~ then you can not see ~

by question test rebuttal debate

~ Question ~

Why do we have someone who is now President

who fell off of his Rocker long before he ran for President ?

as the Democratic Deep State continues to Shot the Foot in their Mouth

while their Heads are up their Ass


The FBI is: the Deep State Democratic Party ~ who are proven Organized Crime

while All the parking lot signs behind the Treasonous Biden Nut House say ~

Mentally Handicapped Parking Only

as Joe Biden and the Biden Nut House continue to Commit proven Constitutional Treason





~ Peace ~

Live Long and Prosper


Here comes the Sun

as the Variable Sun continues to be warmer and brighter



~ by the Variable Sun with many known Cycles ~

CO2 and Water Vapor + more Sun Energy = Green


The Byproduct of Energy causing Life


in a Continuous Recycle of Carbon Oxygen and Hydrogen

for the past 600 million years above Sea level

while Climate Change goes back 4.6 billion years

for more than a dozen Ignored reasons known today

proving Ignorance is rejecting Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science

because the cause of Green with zero color taste or smell

causing all primary and secondary carbon based life

on this CO2 starved carbon based Earth

is not Toxic Poison and Pollution

as Preached by Politically Brainwashed Lunatics

who Preach the number one climate variable the SUN is not a climate variable

scientifically proving they are Lunatics who continue to publicly fail 3rd grade science

who can scientifically prove nothing beyond ~ their ~ Paranoid Doomsday Make Believe

as ~ their ~ many Doomsday Predictions never come true over and over again and again

as ~ their ~ next of many more Doomsday’s will be here soon

when there is zero science data to support any climate emergency


Only Fools Vote for Scientifically Proven to be Fools

and if you Voted based on your personal emotional feelings of belief

then you are the proven fool too

but if you based your Vote on proven known facts with zero belief

then you have proven your Wisdom

as Wisdom is the ability to use all available knowledge constructively

while doing no harm in tested reality


…when you believe in Preached Hearsay that is not science


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Climate Hustle 2

May 7 ~ July 12

~ 2022 ~



…the Religion of Science is Skepticism ~

” to always Question the truth in knowledge “


In this Universe Change is Continuous


The Green New Deal

has nothing to do with Peer-reviewed Science

because Political Science Fiction is not Knowledge

as Pathological is not Factual


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$100,000.00 ~ REWARD ~


March 7 ~ May 7


when the truth is a political crime there can be no tested reality in science

~ Letter to the Editor ~

pathological is not factual

and changing the political definition of belief

can not change the tested reality in science

…and when you refuse to see the many known possibilities

then you have scientifically proven

that you refuse to know beyond your personal emotional feelings of political make believe


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AVVO Breached My Email



April 15 ~ 20



On April 15, 2022


Breached My Email Address

~ bruce@co2u.info ~

and Compromised my Data

and my question is: Why ?


review analyze question test rebuttal debate

to know the truth in knowledge = science


science is: to know

skepticism: to always question the truth in knowledge


and question ~

what is: AVVO

A ~ AVVO is: a Company

B ~

~ to be continued ~

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Dr. Nicole Clark, Helena MT. & Dr. Jeff Cory, Bozeman MT.


March 28 ~ July 14

~ 2022 ~

I’m Still Breathing and the Rest is Icing on the Cake


To: All of We the People of Montana and America

I am a Montana American since 1973

and I was Born a California American in 1956

and I am not a Democrat or a Republican

as I vote for People not Political Parties

because Political Parties are the proven Cancer and not the Cure


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From Here To Now


Where do I go from yesterday
with so much I want to know ~

as Yesterday will always be
but I believe in now
with moment to moments
to save or throw away
to another moment to now

as Tomorrow is forever away
and which way do I go to now ~

While finding moments is hard to do
when in the harder moments we find the truth
as the Best of Life will come through faith

in the mind hart and spirit living in my soul

as From here I go to now
and from now here I go

Bruce Kershaw


I can not have faith in government
I can not have faith in religion
I can not have faith in science
I can only have faith in me

Feb. 16th 2009


and If ~
There is A God
then there is a God
and If there is not a God
then there is not


I believe in the Hope and Peace of Harmony

June 9th 2009


to the hope in peace

December 1, 2021




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…my rebuttal to Joe Berry ~ Stanford University


” Here comes the Sun “

~ by ~

George Harrison



Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

~ by ~

All of We the People who are America



When someone who does not know me and has never met me

tells me I am a Racist only because I am White

they have then scientifically proven to me they are a Fascist Racist

who Stereo Types People based only on their Politically Brainwashed Arrogant Ignorance


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The Rebuttal ~ to: Idiot-ology


by knowing ~

Politically Abolishing the Family is a form of Fascism


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…the Rebuttal To: The Puppet Biden Nut House


Joe Biden has Zero Comprehension of Science

as he Preaches Lunatic Political Science Fiction doing only Harm in Tested Reality


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…the Rebuttal To: Political Media Science Fiction


February 2, 2021

Happy Groundhog Day



…and if Donald Trump stops Tweeting Insults

then more people will vote for Donald  Trump

in 2024

while Tweeter is still Fascism

~ while ~


who won zero votes in the Democratic Primary

will be the next President before Puppet Joe’s Term is up

and who will be Kamala pick to be Vice President ?

Billionaire Mike Who

or Steve Bullock

owned by Billionaire Mike Who

just follow the Suit Cases Full of Cash


….the Improper use of a mask can Kill you ~

but who cares ?

if we have a lot of Brain Damaged Children from Oxygen deprivation

from wearing a mask already proven to not prevent the Spread of the Corona Virus


the Corona Virus is not Killing Students

for the past year

Suicide is Killing Students

for the past year


~ as the Treason against All of We the People Continues ~


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