some science References


July 9, 2010


… for the most part I am Self Educated in many Sciences and Histories and Law

as I can see and question and test and then understand ~

I comprehend

~ knowing ~

science is seen not believed

~ knowing ~

as I do not ~ need ~ Scientific Reference

to debunk

true belief in self-debunk computer prediction

based on a flawed incomplete Study based on one half of one climate variable

~ knowing ~

prediction is not science

because prediction is not knowledge

~ knowing ~

science is to know and not make believe

as no one has yet to debunk the self-debunk computer climate prediction

as no one has yet to reverse what has already happened

but maybe one day someone will go back in time and change climate history

but this will still not prove humans cause all climate change

~ knowing ~

after 4.6 billion years of continuous very extreme progressive variable climate change

by an infinity of climate variable

~ knowing ~

10% of only one variable variable of dozen known variables

for less than one hundred years of 4.6 billion years of variables

can not be responsible for climate warming

~ knowing ~

the evaporated variable variable with water vapor causes cooling

but maybe they could go back in time to prevent

~ Lunatic ~

Political Media ~ Paranoid ~ Climate Religion

that is today doing test proven harm to the carbon cycle = nature = environment

and to all Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth

where everything has carbon in it

as no one who truly believes will debate the test proven knowledge

as this incomplete reference page by this dyslexic scientist who hates to write

~ as is ~

just further debunk the true belief in self-debunk

Computer Climate Prediction of the unknown future

while further debunking

Carbon based Humans cause any Climate Warming of this Carbon based Earth



Carbon ~ Oxygen ~ Hydrogen

~ cycle ~


Carbon based Oxygen = (CO2) = Carbon Dioxide


the cause of the first atmosphere

causing the carbon cycle

the cause of all Carbon based Life

on this Carbon based Earth.

CO2 is the cause of all the Carbon based Food we Eat,

and all the Oxygen we now have in the Atmosphere today to Breathe.


The First Atmosphere

~ was ~

Water Vapor and Carbon based Oxygen


~ Perspective ~

If the Atmosphere was the size of a Football Field

Carbon based Oxygen (CO2) Carbon Dioxide

~ caused ~

by Carbon based Humans

on this Carbon based Earth ~

if you do the Math

would be

the thickness of a sewing thread down the middle of the fifty yard line.


The Climate Predictions have been debunk by test proven Reality,

for the past ten plus years

~ but ~

Political Media Climate Religion

~ like ~

Bloodletting and Burning Witches at the Stake

is political religion


Religions are based of belief not fact,

and do not go away.


The 1896 Arrhenius Science Paper

is a incomplete self debunking Science Paper,

and is being used by many as Proof Humans cause all Climate Change,

this is proven fraud in science of the Scientific Method.


NOx Emission Science chemistry enforced by the EPA

since the 1970’s

proves CO2 causes Cooling.

Dry Ice chemistry proves CO2 causes cooling.

178 years of test proven chemistry proves CO2 causes cooling.

The last two million years of Climate History proves CO2 does not cause Climate Change.

There are more than a dozen Climate Variables

not incorporated into the Climate Predictions,

making the predictions flawed,

the predictions that have been proven wrong with proven fact,

debunking the flawed Peer-reviewed Belief in Prediction.


Four Dozen NASA Scientists

over 9,000 PhD’s

of over 30,000 Scientist

that I know of  ~

disagree with the debunk Climate Predictions.

~ their is no a Scientific consensus ~

debunk or not debunk predictions are not test proven fact,

and proves nothing in or out of Science.


13% of the National Academy of Science signed a public letter stating

Humans cause Climate Warming

while the other 87% NAS did not sign this letter

and those who did sign this letter

have no back ground in Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

and when requested could not provide Scientific Reference to support their Statements

and can prove nothing beyond their True Belief in debunk un-proven theory

as the Scientific consensus is a very proven Political Media Lie


Those who do not test the Science they are selling

~ or ~

reject Science before testing the Science

are not Scientist

they are Preachers of their personal feelings of their True Belief.


Science has proven ~ Humans are not responsible for any Climate Warming or Change,

~ but ~

the Political Media Paranoid Pathological Climate Religion

will continue their Brain Washing

with Zero Science Knowledge,

with only personal feelings of belief in debunked Computer Prediction.


I have forty years of Personal and Professional References and working experience,

in Emission Science and Testing

Very proven ~ fact tested ~ science


debunk the Hypothesis

(unproven Theory)

Humans cause all or any Climate Change ~

The last ten years of Climate History ~ debunk ~ the Computer Climate Predictions.


The United Nations ~

 Scientific Proof Humans cause all Climate Change are two words ~

Extremely and Likely

and are the words of Firm Belief not Test proven Fact

Belief is Religion not Science


~ The Scientific Method ~


up-dating science knowledge ~ taking in new facts (not Rumor)

and applying it to the knowledge of science ~ everyday ~

acknowledging your mistakes or your lack of knowledge,

~ then growing forward ~


Since the spring of 2007

I have five to six Hours everyday into my investigation of Carbon and Climate Science,

I have made over 25,000 requests

for the Test or Experiment used to form or base a Scientific Consensus


(Carbon based Oxygen ~ CO2 ~ Carbon dioxide)  causes Climate Change,

with a $25,000 reward ~ and nothing.

There is no test proving CO2 or CO2 caused by Humans


Global Warming or Climate Change.

There are more than a dozen reasons for climate change

and 178 years of proven carbon dioxide chemistry

and millions of years of climate history,

and the Basic Laws of Heat transfer

Excluded and Missing from the U.N. IPCC Climate study,

test proven knowledge that debunks the Hypothesis Humans cause Climate Change.


Mr. Gore,

Water expands when you freeze it too

then condenses when it melts

and as water warms it expands again, just before it turns in to a vapor,

then disappears in to the thin Air,

and can cause the ocean level under some climate variables to go down ~ not up ~

the Ocean containing up to 70 times the CO2 level than the Atmosphere

from on going un-measurable Volcanic Activity below sea level for billions of years.

I new that Joe, and now I know you read my Reference page.

Thank you again Joe Berry for pointing out my mistake on the 34 million year old Ice,

so you are saying Professor Matthew Huber does not know what he is taking about,

It was not the age of the Ice that was important, as much as it was the fact the Ice

showed us the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere was 33% higher than they are

today, if the Ice was only 2 million years old, we still had twenty Ice Ages during

that two million year period, and the level of CO2 34 million years ago, could have been 15

plus times higher than today’s levels during an Ice Age.

Joe you pointed out to me the sun would have been much cooler 34 million years

ago, and I new that too,

but then in a later e-mail you told me the sun is not getting warmer.

so Joe, the Sun can be cooler in the past for your climate argument, but it can not be

warming for your climate argument for today.

The first atmosphere for the most part was all

Water Vapor and Carbon based Oxygen (CO2) Carbon Dioxide


over the last 600 million years CO2 has been turned into 21% O2 by the carbon cycle,

for you and I to breathe today,

all the Carbon based Food we Carbon based Humans eat is made from CO2.


I have been Testing ~ Trouble Shooting and Diagnosing Emission Controls


since 1976

 I was a licensed in 1976 as a Master Technician at the age 20 in the state of California.

I was Licensed by the state of California in 1976, to certify emission controls.

Emission science includes atmospheric science too, so when I mention Emission Science that means atmosphere too.

I schooled at Ford Motor Co. I then schooled at Chrysler Corp, and later at General Motors.

With some earth science and history from 48 years of National Geographic Magazine

Thank you Grandfather (Leo C. Yeoman) for sharing with me and giving me, your life time of National Geographic Magazine.

The National Geographic Channel The Science Channel The History Channel The Encyclopedia Americana, and All Dictionary’s for proper definition.

I have had continued Training and Schooling with the following ~

The Allen Group – computer science, engine performance, emission control science

The Allen Institute – computer science, engine performance, emission control science

Allen Test Technical Training Manuals – computer science, engine performance, emission control science

SPX Corp. computer science, engine performance, emission control science

Ford Motor Co. Training and Service Manuals – engine performance, emission control science

Chrysler Corp. Training and Service Manuals – on board computer science, emission control science, fuel systems and fuel chemistry science

General Motors Training and Service Manuals – computerized fuel injection, satellite communication

Mitchell Engine Performance and Training Manuals – on board computers and emission control science

Chilton Automotive Emission Service Manuals

Motor Automotive Emission Service Manuals


Here is a small sample of Science References ~ and their Science References

Doctors for Disaster Preparedness volume 12, number 3, fall 2007, 79-90, it was warmer 1000 years ago. plants and trees need more not less carbon based oxygen. CO2 is a refrigerant at -109 degrees and colder  Hot CO2 is a refrigerant to reduce NOx Emissions

Read the warning Label on any cylinder (metal Bottle) of CO2, for the last 50 years, It says: may cause Frostbite at room temp. Thank You to all the Attack Web Sites, Your existence only Proves:           There is no consensus.


The Hall of Shame

by Dr. J. Floor Authoni


You have a Choice,

500 years of proven scientific



a few years of – U.N. – debunked political media Belief


One is Knowledge the other is Political Religion

~ If ~

Mankind is responsible for 1/37  to 1/10 of CO2 in the air,

that is 000.001 %  to 000.004 % of 100.%


During a heat wave causing higher levels of evaporation of ocean containing up to 70 times

the CO2 level than atmosphere, the density of the air is increased by up to 20%

making man caused CO2 less than 000.0000% of the air during a heat wave,

causing the Ozone hole to open further

and then close further as the Atmosphere cools and shrinks again..

as the 3 million mile variable between the Earth and Sun continues

affecting climate ~

as the Earth Axis continues to change

affecting climate.

There is more Science missing from Computer Climate Prediction

than in Computer Climate Prediction.


* my ~ goal ~ is  to  reach  a ~ Grade School Level ~ in communicating this science,

so that journalist and politicians might understand it too.


I do not use Wikipedia,

anyone can change the information,

from Science Fact to Science Fiction.