Performance Injury Care & Sports Medicine – Review


~ * ~

Phillip M. Steele, MD & Eugene ‘ Buzz ‘  Walton ll, MD

are for the wellness of the Insurance Co. not their Injured Patients

as they Ignore Medically Documented Facts

Debunking their Proven to be Garbage Medical Evaluation

as they Rubber Stamp very proven to be Bogus Fraudulent Malpractice Medical Reports

benefiting only the Insurance Co. and doing further harm to injured People

while not earning the right to opinion

debunked by the well Documented Medical Reports Provided to them they just Ignored

and when confronted will they repair their very proven mistakes

~ No ~

as only Honest Doctors willfully repair their very proven mistakes

as Buzz committed Medical Fraud against me

and now he has passed away

as Buzz accidentally shot himself removing a Loaded Rifle form a Vehicle after Hunting

and Buzz was by far one of the most Criminal Physicians I have ever known

working for the Insurance Co. and Stabbing his Injured Patients in the Back

Bruce A. Kershaw

Doctor Honor