AAA is Wrong ~ Automotive Comments by Bruce



September 21, 2016


AAA’s recent statements to the Public about using Premium Fuel

in cars that do not require the higher octane fuels

do not tell the whole story

~ while ~

my 40 plus years of Automotive Service and Testing proves otherwise


Gasoline is: (HC) = Hydrogen and Carbon

Most ~ Regular ~ Fuels today have Alcohol added  ~ blended ~ into the fuel

called Ethanol

starting from about 10% and up to what is called E-85

and after about six weeks the Gas and the Alcohol separate and do not mix back together

while putting Ethanol Fuels in older Vehicles not designed for Alcohol in the fuel system

does permanent damage to many components of the Vehicle

it damages all the rubber components in the fuel system

from the Sending Unit and Float in the Fuel Tank

and all the Rubber hoses in the Fuel system

while damaging the Fuel Pump

and then Damaging the Carburetor

while changing the ability of the float in the carburetor from functioning properly

do to a change in Buoyancy caused by the Alcohol

causing Flooding of the Engine in many cases

and in other cases the Ethanol can cause pre-detonation in the combustion chamber

called Pinging

that can not always be heard by the Human ear causing permanent Damage to the Engine

as there is a more inconsistent erratic Explosion

in the combustion chamber with Ethanol Fuel

while Vapor-lock is more common with Ethanol Fuel

as well as harder starts on hot engines

from fuel that is already heated and expanded before interring the combustion chamber


when I was pumping gas at 16 years of age in 1970

after school my freshman year of high school

Regular Fuels in the 60’s and 70’s where about 95 Octane

and Premium Fuels as high as 110 Octane

back when Compression Ratios were much higher

and Ignition timing was advancing much further

while Octane today is Calculated differently than back then

while from my testing

Non – Alcohol Premium Fuels

do not do this damage or harm

while in newer Cars designed to run on Regular Fuels

do not run properly when the the Gas and Alcohol separate

while the Ethanol Fuels produce higher levels of CO2 by as much as 15% to 20%

from 14% CO2 out the tail pipe to as much as 17% out the tail pipe

than Non- Alcohol Fuels

while my 40 plus years of testing shows

Vehicles designed to run on regular Fuels

that have switched to Premium Fuel

do have an increase in Performance and Fuel Economy

lowering the cost of Fuel in some cases

while the Premium Fuels have added Detergents in them

keeping Fuel Injectors in better working condition

reducing poor Performance and the cost of Maintenance

while producing less

Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon dioxide

as the Alcohol in Ethanol

is made from Corn and contains the highest level of Carbon of all the Foods we eat

while thousands of children are staving to death on this carbon based earth everyday

as the U.S. Tax Payers are subsidizing turning food into fuel

that provides zero benefits to this world

while damaging any and all outdoor power equipment

and if you are using Regular Fuel in your new Turbo Charged Vehicle

this could damage the engine and void the Warranty


that’s my two cents worth

as I refuse to put Ethanol in any of my Vehicles

after dealing with these issues Professionally every day as a Tune-up Technician

and Dialing In ~ tuning ~ Race Cars for the past 40 plus years

while my Father years ago was a Head Operator for a very large Oil Refinery

and the only fuel Dad put in his Vehicles was Premium


Bruce A. Kershaw

Mater Technician

with 40 plus years of atmospheric emission science and testing


Licensed by the State of California

for Vehicle Inspection and Emissions Testing and Certification in 1976



National Automotive Technicians

Education Foundation

Evaluation Team



Doctor Honor in 2011


Invited to Participate in the

London Symposium on Climate Change

at the Oxford and Cambridge Club


June 2013

and how to de-tune your pre computer vintage Vehicles

as this would apply pre 1979 Cars

and some pre 1988 Trucks and Motor homes

and by 1989 most all Vehicles had On-board Computer Engine and Emission Controls


Adjusting ~ Re-tuning ~ De-tuning

your older vehicle to run better using the newer lower octane fuels

as most older Cars and Trucks have a Standard Points or Electronic Ignition Distributor

and in most cases the Distributor will have both a Centrifugal and a Vacuum Advance

to advance the Ignition Timing as RPM increases


dis-connect the vacuum hose to the vacuum advance and cap off the vacuum source

and that is 99% of the battle

and this will allow the use of today’s lower grade fuels

with out having to use or add Octane Booster to the fuel

and prevent Damage to the older vintage engines still on the road


and in most cases you will then advance the base Ignition Timing

5* to 10 *

so you would adjust the base timing at Idle from 5* to 10 *

or from 10* to 15 *

or from 15* to 20*

so that when the Centrifugal Timing is at its Maximum Advance

as this will be in most cases above 2000 to 2500 RPM’s

the total measured timing advance does not exceed 28* to 32*

and follow up with an Idle Speed and Idle Air/Fuel Adjustment

of the Carburetor

while continuing to use today’s lower Octane non-Ethanol Premium Fuel

as in most cases the total timing advance before any changes ~ adjustments ~

will be about 45* total advance and in most cases causes pre-detonation ~ Pinging ~

on most older non-computer pre-computer engines

and this will prevent damage in most cases

while improving performance and fuel economy

without having to add Octane Booster

as this will lower the Explosion Temperature in the Combustion Chamber

and will lower NOx emissions too

NOx = Nitrogen and Oxygen bonding at 2500 Degrees and hotter

and then Sun Energy separates the Nitrogen from the Oxygen


O3 oxygen = 3 oxygen atoms together = Heavy Oxygen called Ozone

as Ozone at ground level causes Respiratory problems

as we are told we need more Ozone for the Ozone layer ?

whats good for Carbon based Humans is not always good for Nature and visa versa