Dr. Richard Sargent & Sage Medical Clinic Helena MT Committing Fraud



~ of ~



What do you call a Physician who is proven to be Intentionally Harming their Patients

to help their friend who works for the insurance company

who pays their Friend Doctor above their usual Fee

saving the Insurance Company from their Legal Promises

their Legal Responsibilities their Legal Commitment

and a lot of money

so the Tax Payers can then Pick Up the Tab for the Fraudulent Insurance Company

Thanks to Fraudulent Montana Physicians

who would rather further harm their patients than help their patients be well

and so

Thank You Dr. Sargent MD and Sage Medical Clinic

for Helping your Friend Tammy Gibson

while Further Harming my Wellness and Destroying my Life in every way possible

as Veterans and Injured Workers are Treated like Roadkill in America

so the Financial Buzzards can eat too


…and how many Law Makers

and others are Profiting even more from the Fraud committed by Montana State Fund

with the help of new Laws that work against the Work Injured Citizens of Montana

Work Injuries caused by the Negligence of others

as we have Fraudulent Doctors Paid by Montana State Fund

in order to Deny Legitimate Work Injury Claims

Further Destroying the Lives and their Family’s and their Communities

of the Work Injured Citizens of Montana

to save money while increasing Profits for their Investors

while Sage Medical Clinic Helena Montana

~ knows ~

they are committing Fraud and Malpractice

proven with the Medical Records I have Provided them

more than proving

Dr. Jeffrey Cory PhD Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital

has committed very proven Fraud and Malpractice

by Falsifying my Medical History

for Dr. Richard P. Sargent MD ~ Sage Medical Clinic ~ Helena Montana

as Dr. Sheri S. Howell MD ~ Sage Medical Clinic ~ agrees with Dr. Sargent

who knowingly supported this Fraudulent Medical Evaluation

as Dr. Sargent then forwarded his approval of this Proven to be Bogus Evaluation

to his ~ Friend ~ Tammy Gibson at Montana State Fund

where Attorneys not Doctors decide what is real in Medicine

Attorneys who have not earned the right to Medical Opinion

Committing Fraud in Medicine

who know they are supporting proven to be Fraudulent Medical Reports

by very proven to be Frauds in Medicine

allowing Tammy Gibson to knowingly Deny my Medical Support

for my many very real proven injuries

one of them a Head Injury causing Post Concussion Syndrome

and with these Scam Medical Reports that did ~ zero ~ Physical Evaluation of any kind

allowing them to Scam the Work Injured Citizen of Montana

to save wellness money for more Profits to investers

while Dumping their Responsibility to the Injured Citizens on to the Tax Payers

with the help of their very proven to be Fraudulent Physicians of Montana

as they should all be in Jail for their Crimes

as the State of Montana owns this proven Insurance Scam for Profit

forcing Injured Citizen into Poverty

further destroying their Wellness and Lives in every way possible

and as Jeff Cory and his Attorneys began a Legal Process against me

for publishing Jeff Cory is a Fraud while warning the future victims of his proven crimes

and then the Legal Process against me immediately stopped after they received

my very Real Medical Records proving Jeff Cory committed very real Fraud in Medicine

very proven Fraud supported by Dr. Sargent and Montana State Fund

as they all continue to refuse to repair their very proven mistakes

further proving they are Frauds

doing very proven further Harm to the Work Injured Citizens of Montana

to save wellness money to profit others more

as only Honest People willfully Repair their very proven mistakes

very proven Mistakes doing very proven Harm to We the People

thanks to Montana State Fund Lobbyist working against the Injured Citizens

so they can steal more wellness money from Injured Montana Citizens

for more Profits for others

this is Legalized Organized Crime by the State of Montana

as some Law Makers Profit from this proven Scam

that is Destroying the Lives of Injured Citizens of Montana

~ who have no lobbyist ~

who are forced into Ploy Legal Court Battles when they can not afford an Attorney

and are now worrying about losing their home too

while just trying to get well so they can have their life back

Montana State Fund is a Den of Frauds and Thieves

and should be Dissolved

or Fire the all Attorneys and all Lobbyist and Hire Real Doctors

who want to help not further hurt people

as Injured Patients not Profits must come First not Last

and are the Law Makers going to continue working for whats best for

Montana Sate Fraud Fund for Profit further Harming We the People

or will they do what is in the best interest of We the People

and do their real Job they were hired to do for We the People

to regulate the Greedy Corruption and not be the Greedy Corruption

should the Government be the proven Crooks

or should the Government keep the proven Crooks in check

as Montana State Fund is betting on the odds that most Injured Workers

can not afford an Attorney

or find an Attorney that will work on a contingency bases

as many do but not in all cases

so Ploy Law Suits are a win win in most cases

maybe Injured Workers should be provided an Attorney when they can prove Fraud

as Criminals have more rights than Injured Workers


Is this a Government for We the People

or a Government for Crimes against We the People

for the sake of Greed and Political Predigest


My Employer the Helena School District

did not pay the Montana State Fund to further harm their Injured Employees

and force them into Ploy Legal Battles or into Poverty

only making People less well so that others can profit more

they paid Montana State Fund to help us to be well again

so I can have our Life Back

as we are now treated like Roadkill causing much further Harm and Insult to our Injuries

Bruce A. Kershaw

Doctor Honor