Climate Religion is:



Climate Religion

is turning Carbon based Food into Carbon based Fuel

producing 3% more CO2 not less CO2 into Air

while driving up the cost of Carbon based Food and Carbon based Fuel

as Carbon based People continue to starve to Death from a Lack of Carbon based Food


Climate Religion

is demanding Cars be more Efficient

when the more Efficiently all fuels are burned the more

Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon dioxide is produced

and the less Efficiently all fuels are burned the more

Carbon based Oxygen = CO = Carbon monoxide is produced


Climate Religion

is pumping Man made CO2 into the ground lowering oxygen levels in the air

while turning underground water into Acid

when Plants and Trees would like more CO2 to Breathe

while making the food we eat and the oxygen we need to breathe

as they state the cause of all Nature is: Toxic Pollution

as they state water vapor ~ white steam ~ coming from smoke stakes is toxic pollution too


Climate Religion

is living in fear and paranoia based on prediction of the unknown future

prediction based on proven to be very flawed incomplete science

based on a study based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

of a many known climate variables that provide an infinity of climate variable

as science is: to know

and prediction of the unknown future is not knowledge


Climate Religion

is spending Trillions of our dollars to do test proven harm to Nature and zero good

while preventing any and all Public Rebuttal and Public Debate

as they have attempted to Secretly Prosecute non-believers of Climate Religion


the Carbon based Humans of Climate Religion

are Fascist Carbon based Fools of this Carbon based Earth

who have failed grade school science

who have earned zero right to scientific opinion

and are Dictating Science based on zero scientific method

when we could be spending trillions

on water wells and food and medicine

for the starving today on this carbon based earth

and spending trillions

cleaning up the on going Nuclear Contamination of this Carbon based Earth

doing harm today

as increased levels of evaporated water vapor and CO2

caused by warming by the variable Sun

causing the Sea level to decline

is making this Carbon based Earth Greener

and if Ice did not melt the Sea level would decline 4′ to 6 feet per year

as Paranoia of the unknown continues Dictate Science