Dear Bernie



December 12, 2016

~ another ~

Letter to the Editor News Papers will not Print

for the sake of their true belief in their political media agenda

as the blind in science continue to lead the blind in science

for their political media agenda

as science can only be settled in climate religion

dictated by Politicians and Journalist with zero back ground in science

as they do not comprehend the scientific method

where settled science does not exist



[email protected]


[email protected]


Dear Bernie

as you have earned zero right to scientific opinion

as You continue to state:

you truly believe Humans are responsible for Climate Change

while you state you do not comprehend the science

and every time I request the science you believe in and you say you do not comprehend

as I have requested the science from you many times now

as I have sent this request to all the U.S. Senators two or more times since 2007

and to the Presidents Science Advisers

along with Hundreds of request to the EPA since 2007

while the EPA enforces Atmospheric Emission Science since the 1970’s

proving CO2 causes cooling

so please Bernie send me your Peer-reviewed Science References

so that I may review the science myself that you believe in and do not comprehend


 you have provided nothing from each request just like all the other U.S. Senators

and the Presidents Science Advisers

and the EPA

proving the science you believe in does not exist

regardless if you believe in it or comprehend it or not

as your true belief has been lowering oxygen levels in the air

while turning underground water into an Acid

while Plants and Trees need 4 times the CO2 than in the air today

to Breathe to be Healthy

as your Climate Religion is Harming the Carbon Cycle

Harming all of Nature

Harming the Environment

and all carbon based life on this carbon based earth

because you do not comprehend the science

as you just believe in test proven political media lies

while you can prove nothing beyond your true belief in proven lies

as your Religion refuses to debate the real science

proving it is a Religion not science

while you are a proven Lair in science for all of history

because you are a Big Dummy in real science

and have no way of knowing if you are right or wrong

as you are a true believer based only on proven political media lies

as you truly believe in Al Gore and his test proven make believe science

he is selling and refuses to debate

as Al Gore is a test proven Snake Oil Salesman not a Scientist

as Al Gore has ~ publicly ~ failed grade school science

just like you Bernie

as there are zero feelings in real science and only test proven facts

and you have zero test proven facts and only true feelings

as this is called religion not science

Dr. Bruce A. Kershaw

40 plus years Atmospheric Emission Science

you Bernie and Al Gore will never comprehend

along with an on going climate science investigation since 2007

with over 40,000 requests with a Reward since 2007

for the scientific references proving carbon based Humans cause climate warming

of this carbon based Earth with carbon based oxygen = CO2 = Carbon dioxide

the cause of the carbon cycle and all carbon based life

while you call the cause of all life and all the food we eat and all the oxygen we breathe

Toxic Pollution


Senator Bernie Sanders


~ Reward ~

for the proof you believe in

and can not prove exist

as true belief in self-debunk computer prediction

proves nothing in science

while Al Gore’s scientific references sent to me from Dave Boundy

May 18, 2010

prove only one thing


~ as ~

Climate Change is Real for Billions of Years

~ while ~

Real Climate Science has ~ debunk ~ Climate Religion



so do you truly believe what you are told to truly believe

by Politicians and Journalist who have publicly failed grade school science

who when asked can produce zero science references

for their test proven to be Bogus public statements

or do you ~ know ~ though fact test science

beyond make believe


Bernie can not prove with real science

~ his ~

Political Media Paranoid self-debunk Climate Prediction Religion

is not a test proven religion

~ nor can anyone else ~

but Bernie is a very good Preacher

while saying and preaching Humans cause climate change does not prove it

as I wonder if Bernie believes as other true believers believe

that 30,000 plus Scientists who are non-believers of Climate Religion should be

secretly prosecuted

as this would only prove Fascism in science

by true believers who refuse to debate the real science

who can prove nothing with Real Science of the Scientific Method


Bernie does not comprehend either way

as Bernie can not Prove there is a God

just like Bernie can not prove Humans cause Climate Warming

as both are proven Religion and not Test Proven Science


~ maybe ~

Bernie should investigate the science references

like I have done since 2007

maybe Bernie should ask Al Gore and the President and the EPA

and the other 99 U.S. Senators

for their scientific references with a reward

as they will not send them to me but maybe they will send them to Bernie

and then maybe Bernie can send them to me

and to the other 30,000 plus Scientist who are waiting to see the Proof too

that will prove their

Test Proven Political Media Religion is not a Test Proven Political Media Religion

as real science is test proven not make believe in self-debunk computer prediction

based on a flawed incomplete study by politicians

based on a out-dated incomplete debunk science paper being used as Scientific proof

proving only Fraud


as the Religion of Science is Skepticism of true belief dictating science

and when a scientist claims to ~ believe ~

they are not a real scientist of the scientific method


science is: to know

skepticism is:

the doctrine that the truth of all knowledge must always be in question


doubt about religious doctrines


Real Science is: Questioned ~ Tested and Debated

and not make believe in self-debunk prediction

based on proven to be  Fraudulent Garbage being dictated as science


Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion


I have been called a skeptic by many

including by U.S. Senators in letters mailed to me

but of course they do not realize this is a Complement to a Real Science

so thank you to all of you who call me a skeptic

its a true complement

~ peace ~

on this carbon based Earth

where true believers are true believers

and true skeptics ~ know ~ better