Jeffrey Lieberman Columbia U is a Political Media Fraud too?



April 10, 2020


Jeffrey A. Lieberman MD

Chairman Department of Psychiatry

Columbia University

and supporter of scientifically test proven Political Media Lies

~ by ~

MSNBC = Microsoft NBC = Bill Gates NBC

and is this Shrink a Political Fraud too ?

with a Political Agenda too ?

or does he just believe the proven Political Media Lies

by Test Proven Political Media Lairs in Science

and does the Shrink need a Shrink ?

as this Shrink provides Doom and Gloom based on Political Ignorance and Proven Lies

as his opinion is Political Pathological and not Scientifically Factual

is Jeffrey a Political Pathological Preacher ?

as MSNBC will allow zero rebuttal to their test proven political Lies

as they allow only Panic and Paranoia to be Preached for their proven political agenda

as they provide only Criminal Political Sermon while rejecting test proven Science

and Jeffrey Lieberman is a part of the MSNBC Criminal Team

supporting the Political Media Sensationalized Preached Panic and Paranoia

based on Proven Lies

as MSNBC do not support a Lunatic Fraudulent Reality for Political Agenda

they Invent it

and then someone who Failed 3rd grade science Preaches it to the Public

~ to be continued ~