of the author, by the author, for the author?






That is Hemi in the back ground,

as she beaming down.

I was told I should write something about me,

the author.

So what,

so what do I mean by that?

or so what do I write, or so what, that I can.

I was born on the planet earth, in the same room by the same doctor that delivered my mother, just on a different day and I still live here today.

All I can say about me right now is, I live to know life, I live to know truth, and try to know it inside and outside my self at the same time. I am not one to believe what is on the other side of the mountain. I have to climb the mountain and see so I no longer have to believe. If you do not seek the truth you can not see the truth. I am happy with my soul for the most part and unhappy with what most of this world seems to be doing to it self.

That is all I can say today about me. But about life I would like to say;

I think we are all a little crazy in our own way and there is no real normal, other wise we would all be exactly alike and think exactly the same way. We all believe in something and do it in a different way. And if we could all accept that fact this world could be a little better place to be.

What do you have when every-one’s head is in the sand ? You end-up with a-whole bunch of smiling butts to talk to. And yes I have been told I am a smart ass, Butt I am told that is better than a dumb one. Butt one thing is for certain, every-one’s got one, some are just bigger than others and some regardless of size are just a big pain in one, Butt they’re easy to see, they are the ones who have mistaken their Butt for the sand, Butt sadly I must say, when it comes to science 99% of politicians and media on this planet do not know their Butts from a hole in the ground.

Bruce Allen Yeoman Kershaw, Sunday November 16 2008 7:12 AM and looking forward to a new day, with all the good or bad, once again still exhaling co2, the rest is Icing on the cake.

Bruce Kershaw

A.S.S.   ( Automotive-Scientist-Specialist )

April 5, 2009  6:15 am, I am les-dexic,

Well it only took me thirty five minutes, to find dyslexia, in the dictionary. The comment, the only comment I hear about my writing is, ( use speil ceeker ).

I am dyslexic, (an abnormal difficulty in reading and spelling, caused by a condition of the brain).

Not on my list of things to do, was writing, or typing, and If you were one of my customers for the last twenty six years, you knew better than most people, I can not spell worth a damn, for years I would write on a repair order,  titten belts  (tighten belts)  or cheek (check) sarting and charging system. I am sure everyone in Helena Montana thinks, I am, just a big dummy, but of course, I could do something for them, they could not do for them self, Fix their car, so they did not seem to mind that I tittened their belts, or cheeked their alternator, as long as I did it right. So I can not spell worth a darn, but using, physics, chemistry, atmospheric science, computer science, and all the other sciences you can think of, I can take a four hundred horse power gasoline engine and turn it in to a four thousand horse power engine.

Einstein, could not spell, butt I can comb my hair. and he is much smarter than me, We all depend on each other, as we all become less self sufficient, and for me, that is letting my wife Holley, or pleading with Holley to fix the words I have turned inside out, that my spell check can not figure out, words like, form and from, sometimes my brain likes to make one word out of three words, or I am always typing fo instead of, of, and many other simple words.

Writing for me has always been more than just a difficult challenge, and this World Press web spell check, works about as good as my spelling. Now my delete button just stopped working, so ( is ) I guess, is going to stay right where it is. Well the delete button is working again, butt spell checker is not.

So I went to the living room to eat the breakfast Holley just made us, and tried to turn on the satellite T.V. and guess what, it would not come on.

I guess today was not the nice quiet Sunday morning I was looking for to sit down in front of this computer machine and Write about myself, and I do not want to write about me any way, Butt I am told, that is expected by the readers. Butt I am not going to give up yet. You learn to have a lot of patience after forty years of fixing cars, especially now, that cars have dozens of on board computers, and many miles of wiring, all crammed in to a very small space.

Well, all I am getting from my spell check is error response, and I have worn out the dictionary looking up the words my computer wont fix.

Well, maybe I will go work in the garden for a while, that works well for this kind of, lack of, or running out of patience, it might feel good to hit a few weeds with the shovel,

I will try again, maybe later today, maybe never, I will go see how the garden and my green thumb feel about me today.

So If you see any misspelled words, To Bad,

E-mail them to me, and then I will fix them, as soon as I can.

Sunday morning 9:16 am, still exhaling CO2.