George Washington was Right

George Washington was against political parties.

I am not a Republican or Democratic.

I vote for people, not parties.

Political parties are political corporations.

The Republican Party call themselves Conservatives.

So do the math, when Ronald Regan took office the national debt after 200 years was at one trillion Dollars.

After Ronald Regan, George Bush one, and George Bush two, the national debt reached TEN plus TRILLION DOLLARS, in just twenty years of  Republican Rule, and left We the People the biggest, worst mess since the Great Depression, including a 1.3 TRILLION YEARLY defect, and are now attacking Democrats for out of control spending that the Republicans dumped on the Democrats.

That is what conservative means, go from One Trillion to Ten plus Trillion deeper in debt in only twenty years, and then blame it on the other party.

Republicans say and claim one thing and then do the opposite.

Follow the leader of your party, rather than be an Individual.

Care more about those who have yet to be conceived, than those already born.

Political corporation parties are to busy trying to harm and control each other, rather than do the will of the people, or what is best for this country, it is political war, with only two ways of thinking, rather than a working government of hundreds of individual Ideas and Thinking.

Both parties receive the very same money from the very same corporations in every election, corporations own the U.S. Government.

There are Lairs and Phonies in both the Republican and Democratic Party.

Because of the U.S. Supreme Court, We the People have been living with Thomas Jefferson’s greatest fear since 1887.

With the lasted U.S. Supreme Court decision, corporations have once again gained more power over the government and We the People.

The voices of individuals and small business will be drowned by large corporations from around the world.

We live in a world where things have more power and rights than We the People.

Corporations are not people, they (It’s) are things called entities.

It is time to end political parties, and take back the government from entities.

George Washington was right.