Do Not vote For Raph Graybill for Montana Attorney General


March 4, 2020


Bruce A. Kershaw

Doctor Honor

for my now 44 plus years of Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

and Heat and Energy Transfer Science

along with many other Technical and Earth and Life sciences

I have been asked and have evaluated Education Programs

I have Investigated and proven Frauds and Scams for the past 20 plus years

and I am a Student of Constitutional History and Law since 1980

and a Citizen Lobbyist for the Truth in all of Life and Knowledge for a Better Life for all

and an Independent voting for People not Political Parties

living in Helena Montana since 1973 and from the Helena High Class of 1974

and I was a Helena Business Owner from 1983 – 2016

with working Business Management Experience since 1971 at age 15

[email protected]

and Based on my on going Investigation since January of 2017


Raph Graybill

is a new very Green Attorney

and is the Criminal Montana Governor Steve Bullocks Chief Legal Counsel

as they continue to allow the Proven Crimes by Montana State Fund

who further destroy the Lives of Work Injured Citizens of Montana

as they knowingly commit fraud against Brain Injured Montana Citizens like me

to save money

that is not theirs to save

as they give a lot of money away to those who are not Injured

and voting for Raph Graybill would only further validate the on going Crimes

by the Currant Criminal Montana Government Administration

of Montana Governor Steve Bullock

who is an Attorney and was the Attorney General for Montana

who knows of the Crimes being committed

and does nothing to stop the Crimes against We the People

as criminally saving money is far more important

than Montana Citizens with Brain Injuries

who are further punished by Governor Steve Bullock

and his Legal Counsel Raph Graybill

who obviously agrees with the Governors Criminal Policies at Montana State Fraud Fund

as Government Crime Pays in Montana

when we should be putting the Criminals in Jail

and why is the currant Attorney General

Tim Fox

who would like to be the next Governor of Montana

and his Deputy Attorney General Joe Bennion who is running for Attorney General

are not concerned about the many Crimes Committed by the State of Montana

against We the People ?

and to allow the Crimes by Montana State Fund to continue ?


and who will I vote for Attorney General for the State of Montana

Austin Knudsen