Home Depot Citibank Scam



November 16, 2020

Credit Cards Companies in America are Self Policing


I worked at the Helena Montana Home Depot Store

Part Time in 2013 for one year

while I have been in Business Management since 1971

and Managed my own Business for over 32 years


More Screwing from Home Depot

I am being Screwed for $2809.45

by Home Depot Credit = Citibank

for Bogus Charges on my Account

after reporting my wife’s stolen Credit Cards

about an hour after they were stolen

while their bogus billing statement does not state what was charged to my account

it only states the dollar amount

so they can not tell what the Criminals Purchased or the time of Day

while all the other Credit Cards Companies

are not going to make us pay for the Bogus Charges

by Criminals

and so I have just Deactivated/Canceled the New Credit Cards Citibank  just sent us

and I cut them up and I will send them back in the next Monthly Payment Envelope

with no Payment

while I have never missed a payment ever

and they can Sue me and I will argue my Case

as I look forward to working with their Attorneys

and maybe it is time to stop doing business with the billionaire owned

Box Stores

who have put 50% of the small businesses out of business

while my worst Customer Service experiences in my 65 years

with 49 years of Business Management under my belt

was with the Mis-Management at the Helena Home Depot Store

and later their Credit Card Co. Citibank

and if you have a Citibank Credit Card

do your self a good preventive favor and Deactivate it

before they Screw you for thousands of dollars




to be continued



November 14 ~ November 23

~ 2019 ~

The Bozeman Home Depot Store treats me like a King

like I own the Place

while some of the Management at the Helena Home Depot treat me like Road Kill

proving they can not be Trusted by the Helena Community

to do their Job and Responsibilities Properly

while there are many very fine people working at the Helena Home Depot Store

and thank you to them for your expert service to the Helena Community


To Home Depot Customer Service

could you please explain to me again

Why am I being forced to pay ~ $145.87 ~ above the ~ Regular Price ~ for the Snowplow



I should be able to buy the Snowplow at the regular price

and use the 10% off discount coupon you sent me or provide your price match guarantee

as you advertise up to 40% off regular prices during seasonal sales all the time

so if I bought a new Refrigerator on sale for 40% off the regular price of $ 2,500

I would save $1,000.00

but if I buy a new Snowplow I have to pay $145.00 above the Regular Price

so the Helena Home Depot Store does not go into Bankruptcy ?


When I am proven Wrong I admit it and Learn and Know and Grow Forward

and when the dust settles on this issue I will submit a Letter to the Editor

with the outcome of this issue as this is where it stands today


I did not order the Snowplow Online

I went to the Helena Montana Home Depot Store in Person to the Service Desk

and the Service Desk ordered the Snow Plow

and I paid the Helena Home Depot


with my Home Depot Credit Card

for the Model # 24000 Meyer Home Snowplow

while the Home Depot online regular price is $2,149.00

so I gave Home Depot $145.87 above their Regular Price

before the Snowplow was Shipped to the Store

the Northern Tool Co. regular price is $2,097.00

and they will take $100.00 off

and with shipping of $155.37

the total would be $2,152.37

and the ~ My 12 Volt Store ~ regular Price is $1,999.00

and includes free shipping

Home Depot ~ $2,294.87

Northern Tool ~ $2,152.37

My 12 Volt Store ~ $1,999.00

and the Helena Home Depot Store will not Honor their regular Price

or Honor the lower price offer sent to me by Home Depot Corporation

or Honor the 10% off Loyal Customer 6 year Anniversary Coupon

sent to me by Home Depot Consumer Credit

nor will they Honor their Price Match Guarantee

and will they Honor their 30 day return policy

I am guessing not

but the Bozeman Montana Home Depot Store would Honor their Promises

if I had let the Bozeman Store order the Snowplow for me

as only the store who sold me the snowplow can make it right

while the Helena store told me it wasn’t their problem

and there was nothing they could do for me

and I knew the Helena Store Lied to me

as they then Lied to the Home Depot Corp. Customer Service Representatives

as they told customer service the price was already mark down to low

to Honor their Promises

when I paid $145.87 above the Regular Advertised Price

as I am still communicating with Home Depot Corp. Customer Care Service

and I wonder if they know their Helena Store Manager Bob

Applied for a job across the street at Lowes a few years back

when he was one of the assistant Managers of the Helena store


Bob, I thought we were Friends

we always got along great

as you gave me a Thumbs up many times when working at the store part time

as I always spoke highly of you

as you have proven me wrong after all these years

while I treat people the way I would like to be treated

and when that fails

 I treat people the way they treat me

while I am not just someone off the street I am a Loyal customer of Home Depot

for many years

as you and some of your store Management treat me like dirt

and for what reason ?

what did I do wrong ?

did I tell a bad joke as I have always tried to make people laugh

or was I to Honest

as I live for the Truth in all of Life for a better Life for all

or was it because I doubled the sale of Lawnmowers and Barbecues

when I worked part time in the Garden Department at the Helena Store

or do you treat all your customers the way you treat this customer

and what ever your personal feelings reason is

it wont chase me away

and when I come into the Store to buy more Lumber

for the Auto Shop I am Building

 you can just run and hide away

and those who are non Bias and Friends will continue to Help me

and many times I have been in your store to find and buy something

and I have stopped to help one of your customers when no one was available to help


Working Business Management Experience since 1971

working with customers everyday

as I never let personal feelings get in the way of helping my customers

or to do what is right


To: The Helena Independent Record

~ Letter to the Editor ~

This is not about Money this is about Trust

For the Truth in all of Life and Knowledge for a Better Life for All

and for over 20 plus years I have Investigated and Proven Fraud in Science

I have been asked and have Volunteered my time to Evaluate Educations Programs

 I received a Doctor Honor in 2011

and was Invited to participate at the Oxford and Cambridge Club London England in 2013

and I am a Student of Constitutional Law and History since 1980

and I have represented myself and my business in Court and I win

and I was a Loyal Customer who was Treated like Road Kill

at the Helena Home Depot

and with Bias comes Proven Lies


To: The Helena Community

From: Bruce A. Kersahw

Bentshoe ~ Astor Load

Scratchgravel Hills

Helena ~ Montana

~ Helena High Class of 74


and I was stabbed in the Back

by those I thought were Friends

and now I know they are Lairs and Cheats

at the Helena Home Depot Store 3106

and when the Helena Store Lied to me the Bozeman Store told me the Truth


and I will tell you the entire story beginning 6 years ago

when Home Depot Corp. requested that I Evaluate the Helena Store for them

after I left the Helena store for Greener Employment

~ and it would be our little secret ~

and I Declined

and now you and they will have my Evaluation

because I know what is Real

after working at the Helena Home Depot for 1 year

6 years ago

and being in Business Management since 1971 at the age 15

and Owning and Operating a Business for over 30 plus years in Helena Montana

the Questioned Tested Truth is ~

we all know right from wrong and what is fair and what is not

and what is Good and what is Evil

and when the words are proven Lies the Trust was Betrayed

and thank you to my Real Friends at the Helena and Bozeman Stores

and as long as I have a Home Depot Credit Card

the Frauds in the Store will have to deal with me

and I will know who is real and who is not

as I will now know how to deal with them

and from now on I will place my Special Orders in the Bozeman Store

because their words are real

~ To Be Continued ~

and after the dust settles

we will see if the Helena store will be Honest or continue to be Bias

as the Home Depot Corporation sent me a 10% off Coupon

to Celebrate my 6 year Anniversary of Loyalty with Home Depot

and the Helena Home Depot Store will not Honor the Home Depot Coupon

 based on a proven lie

after telling me they would Honor the 10% off the regular Price

and they will not honor the lower price offer sent to me for the same Snow Plow

I ordered from the Helena Home Depot Store and picked up October 26

and it has yet to touch the Ground or the Snow

while the preach they will match any price

and I can buy the same plow for less from other retail outlets

with out a discount from those offering 20% off the regular price

and so I can buy it for less elsewhere plus 20% off

on the Meyer Home Snow Plow Model # 24000

proving the words they Preach at this Home Depot are Lies

they will not Honor their 10% off the regular price sent to me

or Honor their lower price offer sent to me

or match the lowest price

but only at the Helena Store

and that is how they Treat their best Loyal Customers

when Home Depot sends them a Loyal Customer Reward Discount Coupon

and if all else fails we will see if they honor their 30 day return Policy

and the pick-up date was October 26th

so I have until November 24th to return the new snowplow

and then I will order the same Snow Plow from an Honest Store

and if I had the Bozeman Store make this store order for this Snowplow

this would have all been fixed in 5 minutes


Dysfunctional Incompetents by Arrogant Management Ignorance

is not good for Business