I Got Screwed by Montana State Fund Too



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The Government of the State of Montana

Treat Cattle and Dirt better than the Work Injured Citizens of Montana

 and I would like to thank the Governor of Montana Steve Bullock

for enacting new laws providing more legal rights to Things = Entities

as this takes away Legal Rights for Human Beings

and further destroy the Lives and Family’s of Work Injured Citizens

to save money for Entities like Montana State Fund

with the help of their Fraudulent Montana Physicians

 like Dr. Jeffrey M. Cory PhD Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital

who did zero physical evaluation of any kind

who Falsified my Medical Records

as my real medical records not reviewed by Jeff Cory more than prove

as Jeff did this for Dr. Richard P. Sargent MD Sage Medical Clinic Helena Montana

 for Dr. Sargent’s Friend Tammy Gibson Montana State Fund

where Attorneys Commit Medical Fraud

by using very proven to be Fraudulent Malpractice Medical Reports

to Deny Legitimate Medical Claims

as Attorneys at Montana State Fund decide what is real and what is not in Medicine

and Create Ploy Law Suits while knowing Injured workers can not afford Attorneys

Forcing Injured Montana Citizens into Poverty

who become the Burden of the Tax Payers while saving money for Montana State Fraud

while Montana State Fraud gives a lot of money away to those who are not Injured

and how many Montana Law Makers have Invested in Montana State Fund

and now Profit more

as Injured Workers are further Punished for the Negligence of others

as Montana State Fraud is an Evil Den of Thieves doing Harm

with the Help and Blessings of the Montana State Government

proving Montana State Fund must be Dissolved for the Sake of Humanity

as the Purpose of the Government of We the People is to Protect We the People

from Corrupted Commerce

not to be Corrupted by Commerce or be the Corrupted Commerce doing Harm

as Montana State Fund is Committing Medical Fraud

Destroying Lives

and getting away with it with the help of the Montana State Government

To be continued

Bruce A. Kershaw

Doctor Honor

Investigating and proving Fraud in Science for the past 20 plus years