The Intelligent Social Fools of the U.S. Supreme Court

In 1850

74 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence

a group of Rail Road Barons

~ Bribed ~

everyone in Washington DC

there after the U.S. Supreme Court Granted Constitutional Rights to Things

and based on documented history

The Supreme Court

of the


of the


~ thanks to the seventeenth amendment ~

Un-United States of America

has proven they are very intelligent social fools

who still believe ~ things ~ are people too

as not all Nouns should be allowed constitutional rights

as places and things now have more rights than persons

more rights than We the People

and how much money did they have to give the US Supreme Court

to take away rights of We the People

as only fools can believe places and things are equal to We the People

Places and Things

with now more rights today than We the People for the sake of power and greed

proving money can buy anything

including more rights than you and me


to be continued