The Hardest Part of Life


I can think of a lot of things when you say,

the hardest part of my life ~ was ~


One of the hardest parts of my life was giving up my Dog.


Sometimes you have no choices in life,

even when doing something ~ you told yourself ~ you would never do.


I put up a sign in my front yard, then sat on the front porch.

The first pick-up truck that went bye, slam d on the brakes, then backed up very fast,

then out comes this very big very young, very big tall cowboy, wearing big boots a badge,

with what looked like about a ninety five gallon hat,

as the cowboy walks over to me,

as I could see his spurs,

but not hear them,

all I could hear was his very big, very angry horse in the trailer behind pick-up truck.


~ The cowboy says to me ~

You got a talking Dog for sale ?


I said yep

The cowboy says,

you mind if I have a talk with your talking dog ?

I said nope, He’s just around the corner looking the other way.


I hear the cowboy say to the talking dog,

you a talking Dog ?

The Dog said ~ yep ~

Then the cowboy said,

Whats your name ?

and tell me all about yourself.

The Dog said,

my name is Gunther ~

Then dog then told the cowboy how he worked for the sheriff too,

many years ago,

before the Cowboy was born,

then he told the Cowboy how he moved on,

to work for the FBI for many years,

then he told the Cowboy how he traveled the world for the CIA,

and after about twenty or so minutes of this,

the cowboy says,

so what are you doing here in Montana?

The talking Dog said to the Cowboy,

well, it was time to retire, find a Bitch and settle down and have some pups.

The cowboy then said,

so where is the Bitch and pups ?

the talking dog said,

well, the Bitch ran off with stud across the street and took the pups with her.

The cowboy then walks back around the corner

and says to me ~

how much for the talking dog ?

I told the Cowboy $10.00 dollars ~

The cowboy said,

$10.00 dollars,

why so cheap ?

~ So ~

I told him truth,

I said ~

the Dogs a Pathological Liar,

he never did any of that stuff.


My version of a story told to me by my dog,

my dog heard it from one of his friends.