Home Foreclosure

If Wealth was based on Sweat, the Poorest would be the Richest.

Thank God for poor people paying for the 40 to 1 mortgage insurance on their homes,

for the last ten years,

so things and billionaires can kick family’s out in to the streets, so they can collect the 40 to 1 mortgage insurance, (that is 40 times the value of the home Mortgage) after intentionally selling Mortgages domed for default, or those just under hard times, who have only missed one payment, then being told they have to make two payments at the same time or lose their home,

so poor people can live in cardboard boxes in front of their empty homes all across this United States of America.

The total bail out to Banks and Insurance company’s and Wall Street, that caused this Depression with the help of Stock Market supper computers, trading 40 billion shares a day, is now only 23.7 trillion dollars,

thanks to deregulation, and still no one has gone to jail.

If that 23.7 Trillion was given to Human Beings to pay on their Home mortgages, instead of the ~ things ~ that caused the problem in the first place, all that money would still end up in the same place anyway, the broken system that caused the depression, and we would not be in this mess, we are in today, and we would run out of people to fill all the jobs.

Now there are Trillions of Dollars out there doing nothing, while Humanity suffers for the profits of ~ things ~ of no conscious.

We do not regulate the things that caused this Depression, the things regulate the Government, and the Government regulates We the People.

That is the exact opposite of the original intent of

Government of and by and for, We the People.

Things now control the government, the Government now controls , We the People.


If I bought 40 Fire Insurance policy’s for my Home, or your Home and then burn them down, I will with certainty go to Jail, and I most certainty would not be allowed to collect forty times the value of the homes from the Insurance Co.

Things have more rights than Human Beings.