test proven Lairs and Frauds in Science




there is a Scientific Consensus in Climate Science

~ that does not exist ~

and they can not prove to exist

in this Brand New Science


over 30,000 Scientists

over 9,000 of them PhD’s

signed a Petition disagreeing the the United Nation IPCC

as the U.N. states it is ” likely ” Humans cause Climate Warming

~ likely ~

is a word of belief

and is un-proven theory based on one climate variable

while ignoring more than a dozen climate variables

ignoring millions of years of climate history

and ignoring simple Physics and Chemistry

all debunking the un-proven theory backed by zero peer-reviewed science

beyond one very small fragment of knowledge

proving this is a very flawed incomplete study


13% of the National Academy of Science

who have zero back ground in Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

signed a Public letter stating Humans cause Climate Warming

and when requested not one of 13% could provide peer-reviewed science

to prove their statements


the other 87% of the ~ NAS ~ did not sign this Public Letter


49 NASA Scientists

sent a Public Letter to NASA

disagreeing with their Public Statements in Climate Science

and their now self-debunk NASA Climate Predictions

Climate Predictions based on un-proven theory

un-proven theory debunk by the facts ignored by the Climate Study

as chooses to preach and support one side of the science argument

based on zero back ground in this science

with zero Question ~ Test ~ Rebuttal or Debate

as they reject the scientific method for their political Agenda based on True Belief


Real Science is Proven

and not Preached by a Political Body by Political agenda

who have Publicly Failed Grade Science Science

by rejecting the scientific method

and by taking sides in science they do not comprehend

while not allowing the many sides of the science argument in this Brand News Science

to be known by the Public

does not Question Test Debate the Science

they are Preachers who can prove nothing beyond there True Belief

as they can not provide peer-reviewed science to prove they are not Frauds and Lairs

in Climate Science

as they continue to Preach


Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion

that is doing test proven Harm to the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

as they Preach their test proven debunk Bogus Garbage Political Media Science fiction

they can not Prove or Debate or Articulate

Preaching their Political Agenda Religion

proving they are Fraudulent News in Science