Edward B. Batista – Nevada City – Grass Valley, Sacramento, Davis, Trust Estate ~ Crook ~ Attorney


Science and Law is ~ Tested ~ not ~ Believed.





You no good, dirty rotten, two faced, back stabling, liar and thief.

~ you are a dis-honest irresponsible quitter ~

You were Representing your best interest,

not my best interest.


I see a pattern.

Ed has a history of other Attorneys having to repair his work.

Ed is a crook and incompetent ~

and after being overwhelmed with many years of phone calls from the many people

contacting me about Ed Batista,

have have removed my phone number and replaced it with my email address

at the bottom of this page

and from the input I have received from the many calls over many years

it sounds like Ed may be a Drug Addict too ~

and this would very well explain Ed’s many unprofessional Behaviors

~ if Ed is a Druggie ~


Christine Batista ? Christine James ? Christine Ruby ? James Christine? Ruby & Batista,

owned by ? James Law group or Christine James?

You move around a lot Ed,


It appears Ed is a dishonest Attorney who can be bought off by the other side.

Ed is the scum of the earth in a system of legalized organized crime in California Trust Law, its a Rigged Racket for Crooks like Ed.

If you need a good scum of the earth shyster lawyer,

Mr. Edward B. Batista  is for you ~

he is a lair and a fraud,

and I can Prove it ~

in or out of a Court of Law.


December 6, 2012

Now Ed wants to be friends with me on www.linkedin.com

I have e-mailed this page to Ed many times since his invitation,

and no response,

while receiving reminders from LinkedIn to connect with Ed,

to be apart of his professional network,

I don’t get it Ed,

~ is there something you would like to say to me Mr. Ed ?

I mentioned it to two Attorneys I know,

they think it’s Crazy,

why don’t you just e-mail me and tell me whats on your mind,

or send me a letter Ed

to go with the emails you sent me ~ threatening me ~

when you refused to go forward with the case,

your e-mails are very incriminating,

~ Proving You are ~ not ~ an honest Attorney ~



I told you about the first Bogus Accounting from Tony Yeoman,

and that Tony Yeoman changed his mind many times,

of the fact there was any funds in the Leo Yeoman Trust.

and that Tony sent me a card stating the trust was all his,

and had no obligation to do anything more than keep all the trust for himself.

Tony also sent me Trust Documents he had withheld from me for years,

failing his duty’s and responsibility to the Trust.

Then I hired You.

~ We then received the remaining Trust Documents Tony had withheld from me ~

I sent you a copy of what Tony sent me and the envelope it came in.

~ you forgot to return the the envelope (evidence) when you sent the case file back to me ~

I told you Tony Yeoman had Breached the Trust for several years for large sums of money,

I told you Tony Yeoman used the Trust as Collateral to Barrow larger sums of money,

then Tony used the Trust Funds to pay off those Loans.

I told you Tony offered my Brother $10,000 dollars, and later a much larger sum,

to settle his share of the trust to avoid giving him his rightful share of the trust.

Then ~ We ~ received a Bogus Accounting from Tony Yeoman.

and you know you should have sent out those Subpoenas ~

sitting on your desk ~ signed and all ready to go ~

Instead of Quitting.

You were working for Tony not me.

Ed, after your meeting with Tony,

you tried to convince me to end the case,

with zero proof of anything,

I then consulted with three Montana Law Firms,

then I told you to go forward with the case,

you refused to go forward with the case,

You dined me my legal rights in every way after your meeting with Tony Yeoman.

Two Montana Law firms ~ prior to hiring you,

reviewed the Yeoman Trust and explained very clearly my legal rights,

the the legal rights Tony Yeoman’s Attorney tried to deny me in court,

with an argument everyone in the ~ real world of real Law ~ knows is a meaningless,

it was senseless argument that can not be won in any real court of Law.

It was all smoke and mirrors,

a circus for show,

to appease ~ pacify ~ Tony Yeoman’s incoherent lack of comprehension of Trust Law.

A Bogus argument is an excellent way to keep the Legal Money Meter Rolling.

So Ed, when it came time to serve the subpoenas,

you refused to serve the subpoenas,

knowing Tony Yeoman was very Paranoid about the Subpoenas being served,

you gave the other side everything they wanted on a silver platter,

~ you did what you wanted to do Ed,

~ with out my approval ~

then you rolled over and played dead,

you quit, and refused to refund me,

then you sent me the case file,

missing some of the evidence I sent you,

with obviously Bogus Bank statements,

there were no bank statements prior to Tony Yeoman taking over the Trust,

after Flora Yeoman died.

I analyzed the case file, then sent it back to California to be analyzed again,

they came to the same conclusion I did,

your case file proves your complete and total incompetence as an Attorney,

also proving ~ Edward B. Batista can not be Trusted ~

I could not find anyone who could take over the case on such sort notice.

Four other Attorneys Reviewed the Case File and all agree ~ it is Very Sloppy Garbage ~

One of the Attorneys wanted me to ask you if this was the very first time you have done this kind of legal work,

You have been doing this kind of legal work since 1998,

you are a Licensed Legalized Criminal in the State of California since 1998.

Do you want to make things right Ed ?

Send me a letter stating how you can make things right.


Remember when you called me a lair Ed, then I document I was not a lair,

that also documented your mental incompetence.

Do you remember the Attorneys who contacted you on my behalf,

to take over the case, but could not on such short notice.

Do you remember the three mistakes you made in our Attorney Client Agreement,

that took me three rounds of communication with you before you acknowledged

and comprehend the mistakes.

Do you remember when it came time for you to send me the Case File,

after you quite the Case,

You sent me three very Frantic e-mails,

requesting my mailing address,

the same mailing address you sent and received mail to and from for months.

That proves more than confusion,

that is professional incompetence.

I have dealt with a handful of Professional Nut Cases in my life,

and your at the top of the list Ed.

The only possible reason not to forward with the Subpoenas,

~ you were bought off or your totally Nuts ~

I will forward your case file to the California Bar on January 26, 2012

~ I did not forward the case file ~

I got tired of dealing with this Bogus system of thieves

so I did not forward the e-mails,

my personal statement,

and investigation report,

but I sill may at a later time

I have e-mailed Dewey Harpainter many times to burn off some steam,

with no response,

and why would he.

Thank You Roy Harper,

along with other Members of the Nevada County Bar Association,

for your assistance,

and the Attorneys who analyzed the case file and reviewed the case file,

in California and Montana,

and sorry Mark Goodman of Reno Nevada for all the inconvenience,

if your ever in Helena Montana, I owe you a Beer.


just the Facts.

Bruce A. Kershaw

P.O. Box 4664

Helena, MT.


[email protected]