The Gadgetman Groove = Snake Oil Science = Hoax ~ Scam = Fraud by Ron Hatton & Dr. John Balachandra & ESTC



~ Safety Warning ~

The Ill-legal Modifications/Tampering of your cars emission control devices

are a Crime and will Void your Warranty

can and will turn your Garage and Car and your cars Engine

into a very Lethal Explosive deceive

by blocking of the PCV/Fuel emissions vapor recovery system

on your car engine

with a .40 cent rubber cap

causing Hydrocarbon = explosive Fuel Vapor pollution into the air

and to be stored in the air and wood of your garage

and in the crankcase of your cars engine

causing many harmful things to happen to your cars engine in many ways

with the real potential for loss of Life

while causing real air pollution

and is of zero concern to Ron Hatton and his world wide scam organization

you will give $500.00 to

for one hour or less of their time to do only harm

as Ron calls his Tapering an Experiment

they may or may not improve the performance of your car

as their are zero Guarantees this will do anything

but it will do test proven harm to your cars engine

with the possibly of loss of Life to you and your Loved ones and the Public

by Ill-Legally Tampering with the Emission Control Devices on your Car


Review of  Ron Hatton’s Modifications

damaging your cars engine

as Gadgetman Groove claims to lower CO2 Emissions

while increasing fuel efficiency

when in fact the more Efficiently your car Engine is Running

the Higher the CO2 and the lower the CO level is Produced

so if CO2 Emissions have been lowered on your cars engine

the CO levels are now higher

making your car less Efficient lowering your fuel economy

while proving Ron Hatton = Gadgetman Groove failed High School Auto Shop

Atmospheric Emission Science

and for about $500.00 for about one hour of his time

he will do intentional damage to your cars engine

with zero guarantee

it will improve performance of lower emissions or improve fuel economy

and if you must do this intentional damage to your cars engine

I will damage your cars Engine for only $150.00 for about one hour of my time

saving your $350.00 on the cost of intentional damage to your cars engine

but i will not be making your Garage and car and car engine into a Lethal Bomb

with a .40 cent rubber cap blocking off your engines PCV system

I will only place the Grooves in your throttle body on your cars engine

while of course Ron’s Ill-Legal tampering of emission control devices

can not over-ride or re-calibrate the On Board Computer

that is controlling all engine and emissions on your car

and will not Double or Triple your Fuel economy as Claimed

by Ron Hatton = Proven Criminal and Scam Artist


May 20, 2017


Dr. Bruce A. Kershaw

Bent Shoe ~ Astor Load

Scratchgravel Hills ~ Birdseye

Helena ~ Montana


Carbon based Earth

Master Technician

since 1976 in many Technical Sciences

with 40 plus years Atmospheric Emission Science and Emissions Testing

with Factory Training at Ford ~ Chrysler ~ General Motors

and Licensed by the State of California in 1976

to Inspect ~ Service ~ Repair ~ Adjust and Certify Emission Control Systems


The only connection between the Gadgetman Groove

and the On-Board Computer controlling all Engine and Emission Control Functions

is:  Very ~ Spiritual ~ Magic

as the Scam continues


Stupidity ignores Intelligence


Intelligence observes Stupidity

as I investigate and report the known facts


The only thing the Energy Science Conference can prove to me is

they are Nut Cases selling Lunatic Science


is an advertisement for scam science

and are connected to a world wide scam

directly ~ or ~ indirectly

by promoting and supporting and endorsing fraudulent science

on many of their different websites

~ as ~

Aaron can give zero explanation for his very overwhelming online Support or Ron Hatton

and his World Wide Scam the Gadgetman Groove


I just received 59 emails from Aaron Murakami all at once

Aaron is in charge of the

as I guess we still have to let the two year old out now and again and again

while this is the second time with me in just a few weeks

the last time I confronted  Aaron with reality he sent me 30 plus emails all at once

to deal with his anger

as some of us can deal with reality and some when confronted with reality can not

as real science is confronted and not based on feelings

as Aaron’s 100 plus emails all together have a lot to say about Aaron

maybe Aaron is a Meth Addict too

while my Question for Aaron continues to be

~ Why ?

why does Aaron tell me he has nothing to do with Ron Hatton

while being the Biggest online supporter and promoter

of Ron’s World Wide Gadgetman Groove Scam


Aaron is very connected to Ron and Peter is very connected to Aaron

and nothing can debunk that fact in this World Wide Scam

as they are all connected to the

~ ESTC ~

Energy Science & Technology Conference


To: Peter ~ not ~ Aaron

as Aaron told me ~ do not reply ~ to your emails to me

from your website information mailer

while maybe you can get Aaron some anger management therapy

so he can better deal with real facts and questions related to this investigation

and the real world of real science


To: Ron Hatton ~ Gadgetman Groove

Helena ~ Montana


thank you for proving with your many emails

that you failed Grade School Science

while your words on your websites ~ Prove ~ you are a Lair

while the average person would not know your words are Proven Lies

so I am here to let the world know you are a Proven Lair

~ so please ~

bring me a Car you Tripled the Gas Mileage

with your Grooves

as you state you have done and can continue to do

so we can prove you Ron Hatton

and your online Supporters Endorsers and Promoters

Dr. John Balachandra ~ California State University Sacramento

Aaron Murakami  ~ A&P Electronic ~ ~

Dr. Peter Lindemann ~ A&P Electronic ~ ~

who very clearly support and endorse and promote  you and your Gadget Groove

are not scam artist

by Reverse Testing

and this will then prove a Gasoline engine does and can in fact run at a

~ 44.1 to 1 ~

air to fuel ratio = mixture on Gasoline

with an All Systems Test before and after

with an Allen Group Version 12 Smart Engine Analyzer

with Gas Analyzer

along with a complete On Board Computer Diagnostic Test

with a complete Power Analysis

with a Power Output Test for each cylinder

and Vacuum Wave Pattern for each cylinder

and cranking and running vacuum for each cylinder

and Cranking Amps for each cylinder

along with many other tests with up to date test Equipment

and then there will be no second guessing

we will know

as I have been Dialing in Race Car Motors for the past 30 plus years

and so we will do a ~ Real ~ test and a very real complete Evaluation

and not your  ~ Bogus ~ Scam test

so we can prove you are not scam artists

~ maybe ~

in an open public debate

~ maybe ~

in front of a Judge from a court of Law

Dr. Bruce A. Kershaw



as the testing is explained in much further detail on page 6



Fact Tested Reality ~ vs ~ Fact Tested Stupidity

~ based on 41 years of Emissions testing and continued schooling ~

as a Master Technician since 1976

and a Doctor Honor in Atmospheric Emission Science in 2011


Since the introduction of On Board Computers on Automobiles

by 1980 Automobiles in America were at a near zero Emissions

and today run much cleaner and stronger

with the help of new proven technology’s like Variable Valve timing

for the past 20 or so years

while the statements by Ron Hatton on his websites in Emission Science

and on many other websites by Ron’s supporters

are as Bogus as a $3.00 Bill

~ Test Proven Lies ~

Ron’s statements Prove he Failed High School Auto Shop Science

while Ron’s online website recommendations to improve performance of your car engine

break U.S. EPA Emission Laws

and are very known and very proven to cause many forms of engine damage since 1960

as this is test proven Scam Science for Big Dummy’s in Science

just like many other very similar Scams I can Remember of the past 50 years

as Ron is no Master Technician

he is just a Scam Artist with a Proven Criminal Record

with ~ zero ~ Credentials in real Automotive Science

as his Scam Science Fiction is very proven to be

~ backwards ~

to very proven and re-proven for many years in real Automotive Science and Engineering

on all levels of Automotive Engine Performance

on and off the Race Track for the past 100 plus years

and Ron has a $500.00 bottle of Snake Oil with your name on it just for you

and of course if the Snake Oil does not work on your Car

~ to bad ~

as stated in the fine print of Ron’s Flyer

~ this may not work on your car ~

as these words are a the best proven way to steal from everyone

and get away with it

but maybe he can Triple your Gas Mileage for $500.00 Scam Bucks

and maybe not

as Ron states to me it is a very proven science that only works sometimes on some Cars

and that’s like telling me you invented the wheel that will fit every car

but it will not work on every car

as real working science is not based on maybe it will and maybe it wont



The Scam Groove is a License to Steal

and those who are ~ not ~ Big Dummy’s in Automotive Science ~ know it ~

as Ron’s Scam Science is not possible in real modern day Physics and Chemistry



Placing Grooves in a Throttle Body

causing ~ un-wanted ~ erratic turbulence in the intake manifold

where you want to ~ reduce ~ un-wanted erratic turbulence

~ Can Not ~

Re-Program or Over-Ride the On-Board Computer

or Re-Calibrate all the many Input Sensors

like a Mass-Air flow Sensor or Oxygen Sensors

or MAP Sensor = Intake -Manifold Absolute Pressure = Vacuum/Pressure sensor

or Throttle Position Sensor or Knock Sensor along with the many Sensors

or Re-Calibrate all the many Out-put Devices

controlling all Air to Fuel Mixture under all Driving and Load conditions

as it is not physically possible

for an Internal Combustion Engine ~ Engineered ~ to run on Gasoline

at a 14.7 to 1 air to fuel mixture

to function beyond a 14.7 to 1 air to fuel ratio = mixture

as every Automotive Technical Instructor  ~ knows ~ as test proven fact in real science


anyone stating they can Double or Triple your Gas Mileage

by placing Grooves in your Throttle Body

for $500.00 for one hour of their time

is a Lair selling you a Scam

just as anyone stating they can prove an increase in Gas mileage and Power

with an Exhaust Gas Emissions Test Analyzer is Lair too

while Pathological Frauds make very good Snake Oil Salesman

as words prove nothing in real science

and Repetitiveness is the key to deprogramming Brainwashed Scam make believe