Please Do Not Vote for Austin Knudsen


April 22, 2023

…and who was that Big Guy sticking out like a sore thumb

with super bright Red Hair with a big bushy bright Red Beard

driving a Big Black Suburban parked next to me while taking Photos of me

while I was in my Car Eating my Lunch

in a Grocery store parking lot in Bozeman Yesterday

Friday April 20, 2023 ?

Is someone now trying to Intimidate me ?

just two days after writing this Political Article

just after meeting the most Powerful Law Enforcement Officer in Montana

Tuesday night April 18th

who must be very unhappy with me for this Article about him

and is he Weaponizing his Power for Political Gain

or is it all just a very interesting Political Coincidence ?

and how would they know I would be there that day for lunch ?

Either way this is a Tactic used by Organized Crime to Intimidate

to let your enemies know they are being watched

just two days after meeting them and writing this Article ?

so I am Guessing there has already been a Back Ground Cheek of me

and the Investigation of me is well on the way

by whom ever ~ They ~ are ?


During the day I am a subcontractor for the

Fort Harrison Military Complex VA Hospital

as a Medical Currier for the VA Medical Lab

and so I drive to Bozeman and back to Helena everyday

to help our many Sick Hero Veterans


I am Back Ground Cheek every year

and in the past I have been Interviewed in person by the

NSA = National Security Administration

and I still let me into the Highly Secured Military Complex


Maybe a very powerful politician can invent some dirt on me


Those who abuse their power and not Leaders

while the majority of Crime in the world today is by Governments

and or the Evil Organizations associated to the Governments


There is Organized Crime in the Montana Government

and no one in the Montana Government or the Law Makers Care

as the Montana Law Makers make the Organized Crime Possible


~ The Rebuttal ~

April 19 ~ 21


Bruce A. Kershaw

Publisher Editor Writer

Class of 74 Helena High

and on Sunday April 2, 2023 I had Lunch with my Good Friend Kayrl

who was my 12th grade English Teacher

but don’t blame Kayrl for my bad writing and spelling

because I am Lesdexic

[email protected]



writing and rewriting and editing


science is: to know


question test rebuttal debate

~ Question ~

and what do you call 500 Attorney Politicians at the bottom of the Ocean ?

~ and you are very right ~

it is a very slow start


I have been fixing things that are Broken since I was about seven years old

and today I am just a Rusty Old Man

who is a Citizen Lobbyist for the Truth in Science

who is a Master Technician since 1976

and a Student of Constitutional History and Law since 1980

with a Doctor Honor for my work in science in 2011

who has been a Political Observer since the Assassination of President Kennedy

and the very last thing I ever wanted to be is a Writer or a Politician

but I will continue to Rattle the Cages of the Politicians as I have done since 2007

while Writing about it ~

the Politicians

regardless of their Political Pathological Religion

who are more concerned with their Political Ambitions than the Will of We the People


I am for the Truth in all of life and knowledge for a better Life for All

and I have Investigated and Proven Fraud in Science for over 30 years

and there is a lot of Proven Fraud out there everywhere and in every Profession

while some us are born to Live with some us to Lead

as many others are Born to Dictate and Rule

as we now live in a world Ruled by Lunatic Pathological Political Science Fiction

by those who fail 3rd grade science


Many Signers of the Decoration of Independence

were against Political Parties

and today

Political Parties in their best efforts to Destroy each other

are Destroying America


Political Parties are the Cancer and not the Cure

as the agenda of Political Parties

is not to do the Will of All of We the People who are Montana Americans

but to do the Will of the Political Party against the will of All of We the People

as Political Parties are Pathological Political Religions

where you can not be an Independent free thinking individual

because you must be a Clone to one Political Belief

by Ruler Dictator Preachers of their Political Belief Party


I am not a Democrat or Republican

while I have Lean Democrat most of my Life

I will never vote for another Democrat for the rest of my life

and so I Supported and Voted for Austin Knudsen

for Attorney General for the State of Montana

because I thought Austin would be the least of Evils

and I will never again Vote for Austin Knudsen for anything

because when you give him money and support

and provide him with your legitimate Government Issues

effecting the well being and life in Montana

to see what is proven to broken in the Montana Government

and provide that information to Austin Knudsen

you will get no Response

but he will take my money as he ignores my voice

because I am just a Rusty old Man in his way to bigger things

as Austin already has his bags Pack for Washington D.C.


Austin has been Attorney General for the State of Montana two years now

and he may be a very good Attorney but he is a very bad Politician and Diplomat

and I hope Austin is not a Neo-Tech Republican

but after only two years as Attorney General

it is time for Austin to move up and on to bigger things

and he has no time left to Fix what is proven to broken here in Montana

as his Political Ambitions far exceed his willingness to serve We the People

who Elected him to serve as Attorney General

as he does great job on the world stage where he wants to be

but he does not want to serve the People of Montana first

as he wants to serve himself first

and Montana Attorney General is just a stepping stone to the bigger things

but maybe he should first prove to the People of Montana

that he can do his job Here in Montana and fix what is broken in Montana

before he goes on to fix the rest of the world

because if you can not show us you can do your job in Montana

how does that prove to us you can do a new job in Washington D.C.

while just ignoring the People of Montana who got you their

because if you just ignore us Here you will just Ignore us There

and if you can not show us you are a Good Leader Here then how can you Lead There

as you want We the People to support you while you just use and ignore us

by just Ignoring what is proven to be Broken Here in Montana

as you place yourself above We the People

and do not allow us to be Equal to you

as it is your job to serve us

and that is why I can no longer vote for Austin

because he is all ready to walk away from a brand new job

that is just in the way to another job

and that is not Serving We the People that is Using We the People

for your Personal Agenda

and as I gave money to help Austin

he basically pushed me away by ignoring my Issues of crime

by and in the State of Montana Government

and now you want to run away from your Elected Responsibilities

as He Sells Leadership to those he uses and does not Lead

and I feel scammed and used by Austin


We must trust many People in life until we know they can not be trusted

and I can not Support and Trust those who Treat People Like Shit

because they do not want to deal with the fact tested realities

because it would be an inconvenience

that would take them away from their Personal Political Agenda

with the inconvenience of doing your Job




~ to be continued ~




…and if I was the Attorney General of the State of Montana ~

I would better inform the People of Montana what most of them already know

~ that ~

Montana State Fund is Organized Crime for many years now

allowed to be by the Past and Present Montana Governors and Law Makers

and Attorney Generals

and the only way to Fix it is to make it Disappear forever

and those who have Committed the Crimes at and for Montana State Fund

who Betrayed We the People of Montana

must be Punished for their known Crimes

and those who can not be apart of the Solution to the known Crimes

by the Montana Government

~ Against ~

We the People of Montana

then maybe they are part of the known Crimes too

as you can just ignore the truth in life but this will not make the truth go away

and living with the lest of Evils is not the best way to have to live

and when you Treat We the People of Montana like Shit

what to you expect back ?


While they say you can not Fix a Broken Government

and how do you know if you do not try

but first you have to see and know whats Broken

and who Broke it

and who wants to help fix it for everyone and not just make life better for just the Few