Alex Hall & UCLA Center for Climate Science =

August 2, 2018

Pathological Fraud by the New Cuckoos Nest of the Church of Climate Paranoia

as they refuse to look and see and know and grow forward

beyond their personal feelings of true belief

as they reject proven fact tested knowledge for proven to be political make believe

proving Lunatic Political Science Fiction is Reality in Science at UCLA

as they Preach Climate Paranoia 101

living in fear of the un-known future

while living in fear of Question ~ Test ~ Debate of the Scientific Method

~ to be continued ~


Climate Science is a Brand New Science

and there are no Experts in this Brand New Climate Science

as the self proclaimed experts do not know more than they do know

as they just ignore more than a dozen climate variables providing an infinity of variable

as the so called Experts have yet to answer many very valid important questions

very real Scientific Questions they refuse to acknowledge and can not answer

as they refuse to publicly debate their perception of reality in science

as they reject to Question ~ Test ~ Debate for their True Belief

as Reality in Science is Questioned not Make Believe


To: Gene Block

Chancellor ~ UCLA


I hope all is well for you and everyone in your life ~

as I am trying to remember if my Grand Father Leo C. Yeomen Attended UCLA or USC

as my memory has failed on this day on that fact

while wisdom is the ability to use knowledge constructively while doing no harm

as only true belief can prevent wisdom


One scientist can be right

but when over 9,000 PhD’s of over 30,000 Scientists

sign a Petition disagreeing with you

and only 49 NASA Scientists disagree with you

that is not a consensus

and when only 13% of the National Academy of Science agree with you

most of them Biologist

with zero back Ground in Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

and when each of them were confronted

not one of them could provide peer-reviewed science to support their debunk statements

as they refer all science questions to a Political Website

where they can not answer any of my many science Questions many times

where they provide proven to be fraudulent answers based on belief not fact

as provided on a web page with zero scientific references to support their bogus statements

as they do not refer you to the NAS for your answers to your science questions

while only 87% of the National Academy of Science did not join the other 13%

who are Preaching their Climate Paranoia

with out earning the right to Scientific Opinion

and when you refuse to debate your science

its not real

and one day the Carbon Cycle above Sea level will end

as we live in a CO2 = Carbon based Oxygen Starved Carbon Cycle

on this Carbon based Earth where Lunatics Preach Carbon is Toxic Pollution

where they Preach Water Vapor coming from Smoke Stakes is Toxic Pollution

as the Carbon Cycle above sea level is caused by

Evaporated Water Vapor and Carbon based Oxygen = CO2

as there is many times the CO2 in the Oceans than in the air

as the majority of volcanic activity is below sea level

Acidifying the Oceans over Billions of years

the evaporation caused by the Variable Sun

with many Cycles that continues to be warmer and brighter

as water vapor and CO2 is the by-product of warming not the cause

as hot CO2 rising is more than off-set by Frozen CO2 = Dry Ice crashing downward

as all heat still rises in real Physics

as Climate Paranoia states these facts are Irrelevant

along with more than a dozen known climate variables

and all of climate history and simple physics and chemistry

as fact tested knowledge is not Irrelevant

proving they are Political Fools who can prove nothing

as they Preach their 30 years of self-debunk predictions are reality

as Preached by the Media

who have publicly proven they failed grade school science

and will only allow one side of many sides of the story to be told

of this hypothetical conjecture = un-proven theory

where we have far more to learn than we know in this Brand New Science

as Climate Change is Real

but not cause by the Carbon based Humans of this Carbon based Earth

with Man Made Carbon based Oxygen


Bruce A. Kershaw


I Challenge Alex Hall

and all the Scientists at UCLA

to an open Public Debate

in Atmospheric Emission Science and the Brand New Climate Science

everyone preaches is settled science when settled science does not exist

with a



for the Peer-reviewed Science


Carbon based Humans cause Climate Warming of this Carbon based Earth


2 oxygen atoms ~ based ~ to 1 carbon atom

Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon Dioxide

that Humans only Generate 3% of going into the Air

while Lungs produce more CO2 into the air than Internal Combustion Engines

Bruce A. Kershaw

Helena ~ Montana

where we had California Climate 1000 years ago for 200 years

where we had Ice Ages with higher levels of CO2 in the air than today

where the Forest Fires were far worse many Ice Ages ago than today

as we are living in one of the Gentlest Climate periods

of this Carbon based Earths known Climate History

as a dozen climate variables and climate history and simple physics and chemistry

has much further debunk the un-proven hypotheticals and self-debunk predictions

based on very proven to be Flawed very Incomplete Garbage Political Science Fiction

based on one half of one very small tiny fragment of all knowledge

one half of one climate variable of an infinity of climate variable

with only one half of one climate variable to define all climate science

now preached as reality

~ to be continued ~

and of course UCLA will not debate the science

proving its not real science beyond their make believe in self-debunk hypothetical

as Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science is not ~

Lunatic Paranoid Make Believe in Self-debunk Computer Ouija Board Prediction

while doing very real test proven harm to the cause of all the Green

on this Carbon based Earth the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

costing trillions of dollars to do only harm

and when you Preach it and can not allow

Question ~ Test ~ Debate by the Scientific Method it is not Reality

as their very proven to be Lunatic Paranoid Fraudulent Political Science Fiction is Settled

and not open for public debate

as they reject the Scientific Method for proven to be Lunatic Paranoid Make Believe

as Scientifically Proven by the Peer-reviewed Climate Science they just Ignore

Scientifically Proving they are not Real Scientists

who can not admit their very proven mistakes

and then learn and know and grow forward in fact tested Reality in science = to know

as their test proven make believe is harming Reality

as facts are always meaningless to those who are still Paranoid

about self-debunk predictions politically preached as Reality

climate change is very real but not caused by You and Me

as scientifically proven with real science ignored by True Believers

who refuse to look and see and know

who refuse to Question the Truth in Knowledge = Science

for their Personal Emotional Feelings of Un-Questioned True Belief

that’s not real science that’s Computer Ouija Board Religion

based on one half of one climate variable Harming the Carbon Cycle

as True Belief in Self-debunk Prediction is not Science

proving they are Psychics not Scientists

Psychics based on Flawed Incomplete Fraudulent Political Garbage Science Fiction

as only Climate Paranoia is allowed a Voice in the Media

the Media does not allow Scientific Rebuttal to Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion

Scientifically Proving Political Fascism in Science

Politically Brainwashing those who do not know

and just believe what they are told to just believe with out Question

as the Preachers of Climate Paranoia reject the Scientific Method

to Question ~ Test ~ Debate

based on Skepticism

” the doctrine that the truth in all knowledge must always be in Question “

as science is never settled as we learn and know something new everyday

that will support or debunk what we know from yesterday

as Predictions of the un-known future never come true especially when based on

very proven to be very Flawed Incomplete Fraudulent Political Garbage Science Fiction

Preached as Reality with out Public Question or Rebuttal or Debate

as the Lunatic Science doing Test Proven Harm

to the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

is Settled

and when just ignoring the Tested Facts debunking your Make Believe

this is Religion not Science = to know


can you debunk

more than a dozen climate variables providing an Infinity of climate variable

can you debunk

millions of years of known climate history

can you debunk

simple physics and chemistry

can you reverse 30 plus years of self-debunk prediction

preached as fact tested reality by thoes who have earned zero right to scientific opinion

as the United Nations and the Climate Assessments state:

it is “likely” Humans cause Climate Change

based on one half of one climate variable to predict the un-knowable future

as likely can prove nothing in Real Science

likely can only prove Make Believe

and Intentionally harming the cause of all the Green =

the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment costing trillions of dollars is Lunatic Science

by Lunatics in Science

as Paranoid Lunatics do not debate reality in science

as Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion

is committing Test Proven Pathological Fraud in Science

as they truly believe their lies

proven by my 42 years of working back ground in Atmospheric Emission Science

and on going Climate Science Investigation since the spring of 2007

as no one preaching climate paranoia will debate the science since 2007

with the exception of Joe Berry Stanford U

who can not prove Humans cause Climate Warming beyond “likely “

nor can any university provide peer-reviewed Science when requested

to prove anything beyond likely = un-proven theory

based on proven to be Flawed Incomplete Fraudulent Science

while I have had many responses from many PhD’s

and their only science argument was Name Calling and Belittling

as this does not say much for their science when that’s the best they can do

as I have been told I am just a Dumb Layperson

and my response is Albert Einstein was just a Dumb Office Clerk

while in one of two responses from David W. Titley Penn State U

he said he would Pray for me

as no one can provide anything beyond their true belief in the word ” likely “

as they provided lots of other words I can not say on this G Rated website

while UCLA will continue to just Pretend Believe Preach and Ignore

as they are Scientifically Proven Pathological Frauds in Science

self-brainwashed or not

AlGoreism is their Religion

as Failed Computer Ouija Board Perdition of the un-knowable un-predictable Future

based on ” likely “

based on one half of one climate variable = a fragment of all knowledge

is not proven fact tested reality in science

while in real physics

something the size of a sewing thread

can not trap heat in something the size of a football field

and when I am proven wrong I admit it and learn and know and grow forward

and those who continue to use the Arrhenius Paper as Scientific Proof

continue to be proven Frauds and when confronted they continue to commit Fraud

just as Governor Jerry Brown who has earned zero right to scientific opinion

is a Pathological Fraud too

as he can Preach it but can not Prove it

and Preaching Political True Belief is Political Religion not Science

~ Peace ~