My Childhood by Bruce



I am a Scientist and Citizen Lobbyist

for the Truth in all of Life and all of Knowledge for a Better Life for all

and I have been asked and have Volunteered to Evaluate Education Programs

and have Investigated and proven Frauds and Scams in Science for the past 20 plus years

and Honest Doctors can be wrong up to 50% of the time

and proven Frauds 100% of the time

and above and beyond mistakes by Physicians

the number three cause of Death is caused by mistakes in hospitals

and Dr. Jeffry Cory

of Bozeman Deaconess Hospital

a Hospital in Legal Trouble in the past for Kick Backs

where Jeff is the kind of Doctor you could go to with a Broken Arm

and he would not look at or evaluate your broken arm

and then state in his medical report for the insurance company

you do not have a Broken Arm

as Jeff Cory is:

a test proven Quack Lunatic Fraud Criminal Doctor for Montana State Fund

with a known history in the Montana Legal Community of Bogus Medical Reports

proving it is Legal in the State of Montana

for Montana State Fund to Pay Doctors to Falsify Medical Reports

so they can Deny Legitimate Medical Claims of the Work Injured Citizens of Montana

to save money

as Montana Citizens are Treated like Road Kill

by our Governor Steve Bullock and the Law Makers


Dr. Jeffrey M. Cory PhD

Deaconess Health Bozeman Montana

was kind enough to Falsify all of my statements about my Childhood

and all of my of my Medical History

in his very proven to be Fraudulent Evaluation of who and what I am

as the very opposite is very proven to be true

as Jeff turned me into many things in his Evaluation based on


UN-provable hypothetical that is very clearly debunk

by my very real Medical Records he did not review and then Falsified my medical history

as Jeff cares far more about the wellness of Insurance Companies committing Fraud

than he cares about real living breathing People

as he knowingly Committed Fraud and Malpractice against me

further harming my life in every way possible

as I now live with long term post concussion syndrome

as Jeff states my real concussion is not real

based on zero review of the very real medical reports stating my concussion is real

as Jeff did zero neurological or physical evaluation of any kind

as Jeff has been completely debunk by real evaluations by real Doctors

and other real Medical Professionals

Jeff is a very proven Fraud in Medicine doing very real Harm to very real People

and should be in Jail for his proven crimes

Crimes committed on behalf of Dr. Richard P. Sargent M.D.

Sage Medical Clinic Helena Montana

as Dr. Sargent has reviewed my medical history debunking Jeff Cory

and then knowingly Rubber Stamped Jeff Cory’s Fraudulent Medical Report

for his Friend Tammy Gibson of Montana State Fund

as Tammy is one of Dr. Sargent’s Patients and Friends

as this is very unprofessional Collusion as they should all be in Jail for proven Fraud



and I will repeat myself again

as you when requested refuse to repair your very proven mistakes

further proving you are a Fraud in Medicine

~ and so once again ~

I grew up in the best of all worlds in Fountain Valley California in the 1960’s

I had a Great and Happy and Joyful and very Fun Childhood

I was one of the Luckiest Kids on this Carbon based Earth

I lived and grew up in a very Healthy Loving Family

where there was zero physical or mental abuse of any kind

and I was never Spanked as a Child

I was never bullied and I never bullied anyone in my life time

and during my entire childhood I was made to feel special at home and in school

and by all of my many friends growing up all though high school


Our family went on many outing and many camping trips while I was growing up

as I still very much love the outdoors today in every way

from hiking to gardening and landscaping

as I love to build and make and repair things

and as the First Grandchild on my Mothers side I had a very special closeness

with my Grandparents Leo and Flora and a Great Grandmother Daisy

we did many camping trips and Grandfather took me to baseball and basketball games

and when I was old enough my father would sometime drop me off

at my Great Grandmothers House to mow her lawn and to spend some time with Daisy

as she lived alone and about the time I was finished with the lawn

Daisy would be on the back porch peeling a Golden Delicious Apple for me

and then she would tell me stories of when she was a little girl

some about her family coming to America from Scotland

Daisy was born in 1881

while I knew my Grandparents on my fathers side very well too

as they lived just next door for a few years when I was very young

from the ages 2 – 6 years old

as my Fathers Father after we had moved but not far away and I was old enough

Grandpa Ray would come pick up on some Saturdays so I could mow his lawn

and Grandma would cook us a very special meal and then they would drive me back home

and in Grade School I was Shy but very popular I had many Friends both Boys and Girls

and I was never made to feel bad about myself in anyway by anyone

not by any School Teachers or School Mates or Friends

I received many Achievement awards in Grade School

as each class would give out one Presidential Gold Physical Fitness Award every year

and I was one of the very few to receive this award

I received an award for working with and helping Teachers

in the Grade School Curricular Activity’s Department

and I received many Music awards

I had Violin and Piano Lessons and later the Guitar

I was in the Advanced Choir

and I was one of only two Grade School students in the all Adult City Choir

and I was a Cub Scout and Boy Scout and a Patrol Leader

I grew up going to Church on Sundays

I was Self motivated on the weekends

and I would push a Lawn Mower all around the neighborhood

and knock on the doors where the grass needed mowing

or if their car needed washing and waxing

and sometime my friend Mike and I would walk all around the Golf Course

and Driving Range and collect Golf Balls for $.25 cents each

and by the time I was in about 7th Grade I was doing Oil Changes on Cars

and I had a very fun Childhood too it wasn’t all work and no play

as we lived not far from the Beach and riding our bikes to the Beach always made a fun day

and when I began High School at Fountain Valley High

I found an after school part time job Pumping Gas at a service station

and ran the service station by my self everyday from 5 – 10 pm

with zero supervision

managing a very busy business 5 hours a day at age 15

as we grew up with many farms all around and we always had lots of very fresh food to eat

by the time all the farms were gone our family moved to Helena Montana

to get out of the Rat Race

our Family Built a new Home together 7 miles west of Helena

and then I went to Helena High for my Class of 74 senior year

beginning my senior year with more than enough credits to Graduate

where I made very close Friends

as I am still good friends with some of my Helena High School Teachers today

I had a Very Happy Childhood in every way

as I grew up with many very special privileges others did not have

I was a good Kid the by-product of  many Healthy environments

with two Healthy Parents who set a good example

and today I am a very Proud Father and Grand Father and Husband and Friend

as I will continue to Live for the best of everyday I can Have

and so thank you again Dr. Jeffrey Cory PhD

for further destroying my life for the sake of the wellness of the Insurance Company

and am I very angry ? yes

and is it legitimate anger ? Yes

and am I going to lower myself to your level and Commit a Crime ? No

as I live for the Truth in all of Life and knowledge for a better life for all

and while I am still Breathing and the rest is Icing on the Cake

Bruce A. Kershaw

Doctor Honor