Montana State Fund Committing Medical Fraud to Save Money


~ of ~


Workers Compensation Insurance

At Montana State Fraud Fund their Attorneys make the Medical Decisions not Doctors

In the State of Montana the Work Injured Citizens are treated like Roadkill

by Montana State Fund who commit Fraud to Save Money

with the help of their paid for partners in crime

Dr. Jeffrey M. Cory PhD

who falsified 37 years of my medical history

at Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital

Neuroscience Center

and of Rocky Mountain Neuropsychology

knowingly providing a very proven to be

 Flawed Incomplete Fraudulent Malpractice Evaluation

that did zero physical evaluation

for Dr. Richard P. Sargent MD – Sage Medical Clinic – Family Doctor Helena Montana

who is a Friend of Tammy Gibson at Montana State Fund who is my Claims Examiner

and has earned zero right to Medical Opinion


Dr. Sargent who knowingly Rubber Stamped this Fraudulent Malpractice Evaluation

for Tammy Gibson Montana State Fund Helena Montana

approved and defended by

Tom Martello Legal Counsel for Montana State Fund

who has earned zero right to Medical Opinion

as Attorneys at Montana State Fund are making Medical Decisions

based on their Medical Opinion and is Fraud in Medicine

with their 100% proven to be Fraudulent Malpractice Medical Reports

that were based on zero physical evaluations of any kind

while emitting Medical Records debunking the Bogus Evaluation

supported 100% by Steven Scholl Compensation Mediator

of the Montana Department of Labor and Industry

who is not a Medical Doctor who is reviewing Medical Reports to base his decision

as they withheld Medical Reports from me that were used against me

in this Ploy Mediation used against me


I have Investigated and Proven Frauds and Scams in science for the better part of 20 years

and this Fraud and Scam is very easily very simply Proven

while my Statements are very Supported by Documented Facts

as the Criminals know I can Publicly call them Frauds everyday until Hell Freezes Over

and they will do nothing about it because they know I can Prove it to a Judge

with the facts they have in their hands today

and with new documents they do not have only further proving their full support

for Malpractice Medicine doing further harm to Injured Montana Citizens

as they will never Repair their Proven mistakes with out a Judges Order

forcing injured workers to take them to court to fix their intentional wrongs

further proving they are Frauds with zero Conscience


In 1980 I became a Student of Law and in 2007 a Lobbyist for Truth in Science

as Medicine falls under the category of science


This Public Statement has now been emailed to all Montana State Senators

and to all the Montana State Representatives

and emailed to Tom Martello Legal Counsel Montana State Fund

who will probably call the Police for Trespass and try to have me Arrested

for sending an email with zero threats of any kind

while the Montana State Fund Building is not Private Property it is Pubic Property

owned  by We the People

as Tom’s Computer is not Private Property it is Public Property owned by We the People

as all the People in this Public Building are the servants of We the People

and if I enter this Public Building to conduct Legal Business I am told I am Trespassing

while I have made zero threats to anyone in this Public Building of any kind

and I have committed no crimes of any kind

as they are proven to be Committing Fraud against me

as my rights as a Citizen are being denied with zero justification

as they are tying to make me the bad guy

while I have zero criminal back ground and zero criminal record

and of course only Honest Organizations willfully repair their proven mistakes

and because I have proven the Doctor they forced me to go to

Committed Medical Fraud and Malpractice they don’t like it

while they have withheld Documents from me

they did provide to the Department of Labor and Industry

that were used against me

as Montana State ~ Fraud ~ only play by their Rules

as they deny my rights and my wellness and force me into poverty

while letting the Tax Payers pick up the tab as they Laugh all the way to the Bank


To all the Law Makers of the State of Montana

and to the Governor of the State of Montana Steve Bullock

the Montana State Fund now Rules over the Montana State Government

and Montana State Fund is not a Democracy

they are a self proclaimed Dynasty destroying the lives of Injured Montana Citizens

to save money

and every Attorney working for this corrupted organization

should be Fired and replaced with real Doctors

as you have Attorneys Dictating their Medical Opinion

who destroy lives to save money

as Broken systems when granted more power

only become more Broken and do only more Intentional harm

as those who have not earned the right to Medical Opinion now Dictate Medical Opinion

to save money

as they are not in the Business of Helping the Injured Workers of Montana

they are in the Business of Denying Medical Help to the Injured Citizens of Montana

they are in the Business of Denying Legitimate Medical Claims

and how many Attorneys work at Montana State Fund ?

and how many real Doctors Work at Montana State Fund ?

and why are they committing Medical Fraud at Montana State Fund to save money ?

while giving a lot of money away to those who are not Injured ?

and after being a Helena Business Owner I am not against saving money

but you can not save money by committing Fraud against Injured Montana Citizens

Bruce A. Kershaw

Doctor Honor 2011

I am for the Truth in all of Life and all of Knowledge for a Better Life for All

as Wisdom is the ability to use knowledge constructively while doing no Harm

while Intentional Harm for Prejudice or Profit is Fraud

by those playing God with our Lives

to save money


I can be Contacted at

[email protected]

P.O. Box 4664

Helena ~ Montana




Following the Devastation of World War II

that killed over 50 million Lives

Great Britain Declared all Citizens have the Human Right to Health Care

as do all the Western Civilized Countries today

but not in the Republic of the Un-United States of America

un-united by the 17 Amendment to the now Un-United States Constitution


Pryor to the 17 Amendment State Governments Owned and Controlled the U.S. Senate

now Wall Street and K Street Own and control the U.S. Senate

while Obama Care as it is called is a Train Wreck in Motion

and any one with any Intelligence knew this before it became Law

as there should be a Medicare System for all

and end the many abuses of Health and Injury Insurance Companies

doing very proven harm for Profit

but Greed will prevent Logic and Common Sense

as Greed not Reality Dictate Life

and I agree with President George Washington

there should be no Political Parties

as many mindlessly blindly play Follow their Leader


Political Parties are a group of clones and are Political Religions doing Harm


I am Injured because someone else did not do their job

and I am now Legally Punished for the Negligence of others in the State of Montana

and this is what happens to Work Injured Citizens of Montana

who just want to be well again and have their Life back

as they are turned into Human Roadkill and forced into Poverty

to save money for the Insurance Company

and let the Tax Payers pick-up the Tab for these Injured Montana Citizens

so we may better protect the Criminal Wealth doing nothing

and to save the Responsible Parties from their Responsibilities

as we treat Injured Solders and Injured Workers like Roadkill


When the Negligent Party Responsible for my Work Injuries

~ their ~

Insurance Company

does not live up to its promise to the Negligent Party or the Injured Worker

I should not have to fix the Insurance Company for the Negligent Party

I should have the right to sue the Neglient Party

and let the Negligent Party fix their very Broken Insurance Company

and maybe Insurance Companies denying Legitimate Medical Claims would be reduced

along with many needless Ploy Court Battles forced on to Injured Workers

to save money

destroying the lives and families of Montana

as Injured Workers are further punished everyday by Fraudulent Insurance Companies

protected today by Montana State Law

causing further harm to the wellness and life of the Work Injured Citizens of Montana

and their Communities

as Injured Workers should not have to deal with very Broken Insurance Companies

we should make those who chose Fraudulent Insurance Companies deal with their choices

and make the Negligent Party be responsible for their Negligence

when their Insurance Company refuses to do what they were paid and promised to do

so they can save money

and maybe there would be less Negligence in the first place

and less intentional fraud by Insurance Companies

~ as ~

The Work Injured Citizens of Montana

are now Legally Punished for the Negligence of others

as Montana State Law Protects the Proven Crimes of Fraudulent Insurance Companies

and not the Work Injured Citizens of Montana

as ~ things ~ now have more rights than Living Breathing People and

~ Intentionally  ~

Denying Care and Support to the Work Injured Citizens of Montana to Save Money

is Inhuman

and is State Sponsored Heartless Evil Cruelty and Criminal

as Insurance Lobbyist Dictate how the Work Injured Citizen of Montana

will be Intentionally Mistreated

to save money

while there is nothing representing those being Mistreated and further Punished

for the Negligence of others

who are then turned into the Human Roadkill with the blessings of the State of Montana

as I would receive better Medical Care for my injures

 if I were to Rob a Bank and go to Jail

and I am not looking for Sympathy I am Fighting for Justice

for the Work Injured Citizens of Montana who have been Legally Stab in the Back

by those who care far more about increasing the money numbers in a computer

money for doing nothing all for the sake of Entity’s = Things

rather than help real People in need

as Things and Fact Proven Frauds have far more rights than me

and Injured Montana Citizens should not have to repair Broken Insurance Companies

in a Court of Law to receive their very needed Medical Care

denied by Fraudulent Insurance Companies of those who are Negligent

so let the Negligent Party deal with their Negligent Insurance Company

instead of taking away the Rights of Injured Citizens of Montana

as the Deck is more than stacked against the Work Injured Citizens of Montana

as the proven to be Fraudulent Insurance Companies not Citizens

write the Insurance Laws

but only in the Republic of the Un-united States of America

as Attorneys not Doctors decide who are well and who are not well

as the Attorneys then decide who can be well

and who can not be well and will be the Roadkill

to save money

and Doctors who commit proven Fraud and Malpractice for Fraudulent Insurance Co.

who refuse to repair their proven intentional mistakes when confronted with the proof

should be in Jail

and the Hospitals who support their Doctors who are proven to be committing fraud

for their Profit should be Punished too

but that is not how it works today

and as long as greed controls our lives

the Human Being will stay at the bottom of the list of importance


I am a work injured Employee of the Helena School District

and I am a Victim of Proven Fraud by Montana State Fraud

~ so they can save money ~

as I continue to live with Post Concussion Syndrome from a Head Injury

along with other Injuries from a Hard Fall

on December 21, 2016

and have had a Headache for the most part everyday

along with many other neurological symptoms

and based on my Concussion Medical Research Investigation

and input from other Doctors in the know of the lasted available Concussion information

I should know by January 2019 if my Brain Condition is Permanent

and hopefully not

as I have many Mountains I want to climb

and many goals I could reach before and not today

while the Doctors who have treated me for my Post Concussion Syndrome

are very ill informed of the latest available knowledge on this subject matter

and would explain why some Doctors spend half their income on Malpractice Insurance

and after talking to St Peters Hospital about one of these Doctors

the Doctor was removed from Practice

as not all Doctors can be the best or the worst

while no two people are alike

no two injuries are alike

and no two healing processes are alike

but I am still alive as 32,000 People Die every year from falling

while I am unable to work at this time with no Income or Medical Help for my Injuries

as I am now being Punished for my wounds caused by the Negligence of others

and the first thing you lose when Work Injured is 34% of your income

when the cost of living for injured workers goes up not down

and then you lose your Health Care through your Employer

and now all of your Medical expenses beyond your work injuries come out of your Pocket

while Montana State Fraud is Denying Medical Diagnostics Services for your work Injuries

as we have now borrowed about $10,000.00 from my wife’s retirement account

and will we have to sell our Home ?

while Montana State Fraud Pay Doctors and Hospitals 10% above their normal fees

and because of their Documented Proven Medical Fraud

I no longer have any medical support or income

and could lose my home because of the Negligence of others


To: Lance Zanto

Chairman of the Board ~ Montana State Fraud


I wish I made $150.00 an hour

but I would help People not Intentionally punish and further harm injured People

as Montana State Fraud is Committing Fraud against me to save money

while no one entity has been Sued more in the Montana State Supreme Court

than your Montana State Government Agency the

~ Montana State Fraud ~

as it takes a Court of Law to force your Montana State Government Agency

to just do its job

and so you must be very proud of the Money you have saved

by causing very real further harm to the Work Injured Citizens of Montana

who you force into Poverty while letting the Tax Payers pick up your Tab

while your Criminal Organization has called the Police on me for trespass

because I emailed facts not threats debunking your Fraudulent Evaluation

in my honest attempt to right your wrong

as your fraudulent Doctor 100 miles away

Jeffery Cory PhD at Deaconess Hospital Bozeman

who has committed very proven Malpractice and Fraud

he did the very same thing on the same day

because I emailed facts not threats in my honest attempt to right this wrong

as your only effort is to make me look like the bad guy

while I have made zero Physical Threats of any kind to any one

while trying to repair your Intentional mistakes


Bruce A. Kershaw


I can support my statements with documented facts

as they can support their statements with Wishful Belief Conjecture and very Proven Lies

~ as the proven criminals are trying to make me the criminal ~

in my very honest effort to right their wrong

and everyone who knows me from Helena High Class of 74

knows I am a Conscientious Objector and deplore War Violence and the Death Penalty

including the Teachers I am still Friends with today

as I was Invited to and Evaluated the Education Program for the Automotive Science Class

years ago at Helena High by Allan Walter Auto Shop Instructor at Helena High

as everyone who knows me for the past 44 years here in Helena Montana

where I had a Business at 735 Last Chance Gulch for over 22 years

and then continued my Business at two other locations for more than 10 years

as I have served the Helena Community for over 32 years

and I have help many people in need that others would not

over the past 44 years in many ways

as many of the Helena Community know

I am no threat to anyone or anything in anyway beyond Legal Action

as the real Criminals continue to destroy my life and wellness in every way possible


To: Matt M. Rosendale

Montana State Auditor


one way to save money at Montana State Fraud is to Deny Legitimate Claims

any way possible

as I am waiting for a decision by the Montana Department of Labor and Industry

after a Non-binding Mediation Conference with Montana State Fraud

and I will assume the Decision Maker reviewing the Medical Records is not a Doctor

and has earned zero right to any Medical Opinion

and is going to rubber stamp the very proven fraud taking place

at Montana State Fraud

and if not and the decision goes in my favor

the Montana State Fraud is going to tell me to go to Hell anyway

because they already know I have further Debunk their very proven to be ~

Flawed Incomplete Self-debunk Fraudulent Malpractice Medical Evaluation

as Montana State Fraud is using Malpractice Medical Records for Evidence

while rejecting all the Valid Medical Records

proving they are Frauds

who refuse to repair their own very proven mistakes with out a Court Order

as Attorneys not Doctors Review Medical Records at Montana State Fraud

Attorneys who have Earned zero right to Medical Opinion

as the Government of the State of Montana

has Rigged the system against the Work Injured Citizens of Montana

who are treated as Human Roadkill in Montana

and with all the hoops we must jump through we have fewer rights than Criminals

as they have moved the doors of Justice much further away for Injured Workers

and to far away for many and of course that is the plan

to make it to very difficult to right the intentional wrongs

while trying to deal with their injuries and zero income and not being able to work

and they give up and become the Human Roadkill of Montana

as we treat Cattle and Dirt better in Montana than the Work Injured Citizens

and why be Honest when you can be Cruel and get away with it

as Montana State Fraud Attorneys now decide who can be well

and who will be the Roadkill

as their Lobbyist write the Laws against injured workers

while Injured workers have no lobbyist or anyone representing them in anyway

as we no longer need a Government to Regulate Commerce for We the People

as the Government is now just a Rubber Stamp for Commerce

so lets just give the right to Govern we the People to the Insurance Companies

as they have already removed many of our rights


Bruce A. Kershaw

Helena ~ Montana


~ update ~

April 4, 2018

The Decision by the Mediator of the Mediation Conference

of the Montana Department of Labor and Industry

is in full Support of the very proven to be Fraudulent Medical Evaluation

by Jeffrey Cory

that states my Concussion was not real

as Jeffrey Cory did zero Physical Neurological Evaluation of my Body of any kind

while 5 Evaluations now debunk this Fraudulent Statement

as this Fraudulent Doctor states I am physically able to return to work

with out doing a Physical Examination of any kind

and why did this Doctor Intentionally not do a Physical Evaluation

and then state I am Physically able to return to work ?

as I expected this Bogus Decision by the State of Montana Department of Labor

as they fully support this very proven to be Scam Medicine by Montana State Fraud

where Attorneys not Doctors decide what is real in Medicine and what is not

where they do not need or want a real Physical Examination by an Honest Doctor

or a real Physical Neurological Evaluation for some one with a real Head Injury

further proving the system is rigged against the Work Injured Citizens of Montana

as the Mediation is a Poly a Monkey Wrench and only one of many hoops to jump through

before the injured workers with no income now need to find a Lawyer

who can not help them because of the new Laws Protecting the proven Frauds

and now on to next State of Montana Government Agency

the State of Montana ~ Workmans Compensation Court


In Real Medicine the Patient always comes first

while knowing Doctors can be wrong up to 50% of the time

making it very important when dealing with very serious heath issues

to always seek more than one medical opinion

while Real Doctors not Attorneys

should decide what is real and what is not in real medicine

Real Doctors who know Conjecture Medicine is not Real Medicine


Conjecture Medicine rejecting available Medical Fact is Malpractice and Fraud

doing only further harm to the Patient

as the State of Montana has made it very near impossible to sue Doctors

who provide Fraudulent  Malpractice Medical Evaluations for Insurers

and that is how Montana State Fraud can Legally get away with Murder

as the Montana State Fraud have Lobbyist

and Injured Workers and their Families are the Roadkill

as their lives are completely destroyed

to save money = numbers in a computer


I have been doing Professional Technical Evaluations for over 40 years

and I have Evaluated Education Programs

and review Peer-reviewed Science

I received a Dr. Honor in 2011 for my work in science

and I have Investigated and proven Fraud in Science for the past 20 years

and this Evaluation of myself after my Head Injury was anything but Professional


A Doctor can not rewrite 36 years of your Life and Medical History

and more so

when based only on one hour together in our life time

and more so

when the Doctor has not reviewed the past 36 years of very Available Medical History

the very available Emergency Room Medical Records

or the very available Hospital Test Data and Reports

or the very available Published Data pertaining the Medical Emergency

or the very available Doctors Hospital Medical Reports

or the very available Doctors follow up Office Visit Medical Reports

and the very available follow up Testing Reports

all debunking the ~ conjecture = guess ~ based on zero medical data

only proving to me this Doctor has a few Very Lose Screws

and when I reviewed all of my Medical Records from St Peters Hospital

there were zero requests by this Doctor doing my evaluation

as all medical record request are documented in the records

as this Doctor completely Re-Invented a Brand new Me

based on Conjecture = Guess = Make Believe

as this Evaluation was not to determine if my Post Concussion Syndrome

from a head injury was real or not real

as that had already been medically established with four Neurological Examinations

this evaluation I was told and later a proven lie

was primarily to determine to what degree my memory skills were effected

and other Brain skills that may be effected by this Head Injury

while this Evaluation did zero Physical Examination of any knid

and zero Physical Neurological Testing or Examination of any kind

while this evaluation was under Flawed Test Conditions for many reasons and is invalid

as this Evaluation Doctor tells me

after zero review of the available Medical Records debunking his statement

that my Poisoning in 1981 by very toxic chemicals that kill people

and I thought was going to kill me and put me in the hospital

~ was not a real Poisoning ~

as he states the poisonous chemicals he does not identify in his Evaluation

~ could not have poisoned me ~

there for I am Psychosomatic

with the Doctor not knowing what poisoned me


The very toxic Chemicals of

B-9 Chem-Dip Carburetor and Parts Cleaner

from the Material Safety Data Sheet No. 014

Revision 12-01-05


Methylene Chloride (Dichloromethane)


Mixed Xylenes

Sodium Bichromate

Ethyl Benzene


all mixed together in a 5 gallon Sealed Safety Container

to prevent toxic fumes from escaping

as these very toxic chemical are used for cleaning Carburetors

as this toxic cleaner will soften hard metals and devolve soft metals

and at the top of the First Aid Procedures it states:

If not Breathing ~ give artificial respiration

as this Cleaner affects the liver, kidneys, central nervous system

and will cause nervous system depression and is a cancer hazard just from the fumes

with acute effects to the eyes, skin, nose, throat and respiratory system just from the fumes

and will cause

Nausea, headache, light-headedness, dizziness and dermatitis and severe burns

just from the fumes

and since this toxic Poisoning and now use a Full Face Gas-mask when using this poison

while I have still been accidentally poisoned by this very toxic mixture of Chemicals

and according to this Crazy Doctor these very Toxic Chemicals could not have poisoned me

proving this Crazy Doctor Failed Chemistry


as this Crazy Doctor tells me

with out first reviewing the very available Medical Records debunking his statement

that my two Seizures in deep sleep while biting my tongue in 1998

putting me in the hospital emergency room twice in one day

~ were not real Seizures ~

there for I am Psychosomatic

as the Hospital and Doctor Medical Reports and Hospital Testing Reports

and follow up Visits and Testing more than prove they were not Psychosomatic Seizures

as this Crazy Doctor tells me

I can only read at a second grade level

when I have Evaluated Education Programs and review Peer-reviewed Science

and received a Doctor Honor for my work in science

and then invited to Participate in the London Symposium on Climate Change

at the Oxford and Cambridge Club London

as this Doctor tells me

I am a skeptic

as this Doctor believes Skepticism is a Personal or Mental Flaw of some kind

~ so to Question the Truth in Knowledge is now a Mental Flaw ~

while proving Political Predigest on the part of this so called Doctor

while proving he failed Grade School Science

as Skepticism is the bases for the scientific method

and is very much a very real Political Issue today but is not a real Mental Health Issue

while I am still waiting for someone to tell me how Skepticism is Medically Treated

to stop me from Questing the truth in knowledge

while this Crazy Doctor States

I should be Medicated for conditions proven I do not have

so I can only wonder how many People are walking around Bozeman Montana

who are now Medicated for Conditions they do not have but now believe they have

as this Crazy Doctor States

and my Concussion based on zero Neurological evaluation performed by this Doctor

is not Real

while four other Neurological Evaluations followed by 8 weeks of Physical Therapy

show it is a very real Concussion

causing my continued Post Concussion Syndrome

and so how does this Crazy Doctor ~ know ~ my Concussion is not Real

he doesn’t ~ know ~ he made it up based on zero medical fact

and by ignoring the very real available facts

while a very good local Doctor here in Helena

who has reviewed the Crazy Doctors Evaluation

and all the real Medical Records not reviewed by the Crazy Doctor

as the assistant for the local Doctor has made it clear to me twice

the local Doctor would like to help me with my

~ Concussion ~

as the Doctor 100 miles away I was forced to go see

who’s evaluation is self-debunk because it is based only on un-provable conjecture = guess

supported by zero Medical Fact or Physical Examination

or Physical Testing of my stated symptoms

as this Crazy Doctor then states I am physically well enough to return to work

as my head injury was not real or my many symptoms not tested are not real

while turning me into a Psycho and Moron on paper based only on his Make Believe

who transposed my statements and put words in my mouth in this Evaluation

as this Crazy Doctor and his Fraudulent Imagination

does not and can not

debunk the hard proven facts of my 36 years of very real Medical Records

he forgot to review

while this Crazy Doctor states I need to see a Shrink

but does not tell me why

so I will just assume it is for my mental condition of Skepticism

proving to me the this Shrink needs to see a Shrink

while a Real Man with Real Integrity

who is mentally all there

would admit his proven mistakes and learn and know and Grow Forward

as this Doctor refuses to repair his very proven mistakes

as those with Prejudice do not admit mistakes

while this Doctor knows he has committed very real very proven

Medical Fraud and Medical Malpractice

while I think it is very safe to say with out further

skepticism = to Question the truth in knowledge

this very proven to be Garbage Fraudulent Evaluation can go into the 50% wrong Category

while all the Professionals I Personally know Agree

as this very proven to be Lunatic Fraudulent Evaluation

is doing very real Harm to my wellness and my Life in every way possible

as Jeffrey Cory is a Scientifically Proven Fool Phony and Fraud destroying my Life

with Personal Pleasure

as a real Professional will repair his very proven mistakes

proving Jeffrey Cory’s very Intentional Harm to my Wellness and Life

making me very thankful I do not live in Bozeman Montana

because I do want to go to a hospital where they practice Conjuncture Medicine

while just ignoring all the very available very real Medical Facts

as Deaconess Hospital Bozeman

very much back and support their Doctors who practice very Make Believe Medicine

~ for ~

Montana State Fraud

Workers Compensation Insurance

who have a very long proven legal history of denying legitimate injured worker claims

to save money

and in my case they are using a proven to be very Fraudulent Medical Evaluation

by a Doctor of their choosing 100 miles away in the dead of winter

during deadly driving conditions

an Evaluation that could have happened here in Helena

as I was forced to go to this Evaluation or lose my Medical Coverage

Medical Coverage that had already been denied for months

thanks to my new Doctor Richard P. Sargent Sage Medical Clinic Helena

who is no longer my new Doctor

as he Quite after this bogus Evaluation and would not see me

as he said he would but did not

because he could not look me in the eyes

as I sent facts to him debunking the Bogus Evaluation of me

the Bogus Evaluation he Rubber Stamped anyway

as he knew he was rubber stamping a bogus flawed fraudulent malpractice Evaluation

for the person he just happens to be Friends with

Tammy Gibson

the person in charge of my medical claims at Montana State Fraud

as Dr. Sargent has committed Malpractice in many ways

as they both stopped helping me at the same time

as they are now using an evaluation that reinvented 36 years of my Medical History

an evaluation that is very debunk by the very real 36 years of very real medical records

and published material data not reviewed by the Crazy Evaluation Doctor

real Medical Records Montana State Fraud does not acknowledge

as Montana State Fraud stands behind their proven to be Fraudulent Medical Documents

doing further harm to my wellness and all of my Life

to save money

and how did these Attorneys ~ Earn ~ their degree in Medicine and Medical Opinion

when dealing with conflicting Medical Records

and then choosing the proven to be very Fraudulent Evaluation

I was forced to go to

an Evaluation based only on conjecture = guess = make believe

that did zero physical examination of any kind of my body

with zero medical evidence to support the Conjecture debunk by the real Medical Records

while not allowing a second independent medical opinion in their fraudulent system

and this is what Insurance Co. have done for the past 500 plus years

as Insurance Co. continue to be caught red handed altering documents

and why was I denied copies of the documents

that were sent to the Department of Labor and Industry to be used against me

to Deny my very legitimate claim

so they can save money

as I was denied the right to the evidence used against me to destroy my life


To Hell with the Injured Workers forced into Poverty

and let the Tax Payers pick up the tab

while I do not think or believe my Employer the Helena School District

agrees with Montana State Fraud and their Roadkill Insurance Plan

who paid Montana State Fraud to Help me

and not to further Harm my life in every way possible

and this is what all the employees of the Helena School District can expect

along with all working Montana Citizens covered by Montana State Fraud

if they should become Injured while working too

to be treated like Human Roadkill

and that’s how you save money at Montana State Fraud

with their Attorneys not Doctors defending very proven to be Fraudulent Medical Records

with the Blessings of the Montana State Government

and why be honest with the Citizens of Montana

when you can get away with very Evil Cruelty doing further harm

to save money

and so how many Montanans have died from the denial of legitimate medical claims ?

as they play God with the lives of injured workers

as Montana State Fraud is Paying Fraudulent Doctors committing Malpractice

to do further Harm to Injured Workers to save money

as very proven fraud dictates reality

while we all know

Montana State Fraud Attorneys are not Paid to protect the rights of injured workers

they are paid to deny the rights of injured workers

they are Paid to Win

to save money

and to Hell with the Injured Workers of Montana

as they further punish and destroy the lives of Injured workers

caused by the Negligence of others


protecting money doing nothing is far more important than Human Wellness and Life

as Montana State Fraud is a Scam and Legalized Organized Crime

as they are very proud of their Further Cruelty to damaged People

as the Injured Workers just want to be well again and have their life back

as they do not help work injured Montana Citizens they willfully Destroy them

to save money

as their real job is not to help injured people it is the prevention of helping injured people

while they do an excellent Job of giving away money to those who are not injured

and to Lobbyist who Lobby against the Work Injured Citizens of Montana


Those who Professionally Steal and Rob from Injured Workers are the lowest form of life

and the Montana State Fraud is a Den of Thieves

robbing Injured Workers of wellness and their Lives

as I live with Post Concussion Syndrome from a Head Injury

with many Neurological symptoms

along with other Injuries

and now I am the by Product of the Montana State Fraud Roadkill Insurance Plan

and maybe my next Home will be a Card Board Box at 855 Front Street Helena Montana

in front of the Brand New Montana State Fraud Building


Bruce A. Kershaw

Doctor Honor 2011

Atmospheric Emission Science

Lobbyist for Truth in Science and Medicine since 2007

Honorary Member of the Doctors of Disaster Preparedness

Honorary Member of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

I have Investigated and Proven Fraud in Science for the past 20 plus years

I am a Student of Law since 1980

I am a Master Technician since 1976

and Scientist of the Scientific Method = Skeptic

since Birth ~ March 27, 1956





~ Skepticism ~

the doctrine that the truth in all knowledge must always be in Question

~ The Scientific Method ~

to Question Test Debate to find the truth in knowledge

Science is: to know

and debunk conjecture is not knowledge or reality

and to those who truly believe skepticism is a mental flaw

have proven they need a Shrink or a refresher course in Grade School Science

because Questing and Testing and Debating the Truth in Knowledge is not a Mental Flaw

in Fact Tested Reality

skepticism is how we find and know the truth in science and all of Life

and if you disagree with this then you are not a real scientist you are a true believer

as skepticism is only a flaw in True Belief

where they do not question the truth to know fact tested reality

and so what is today’s medical treatment for skepticism ?

Bloodletting or Shock Therapy or Prozac or Political Media Brainwashing ?

I’m just curious

because I still can not find a Doctor who can tell me or help me

so we may Cure my new Social Mental Illness

Diagnosed by a very proven Lunatic doing very proven Harm to his Patients

and thank Dr. Richard P. Sargent Sage Medical Clinic

for sending me to your Lunatic Doctor Friend

and what was your Reward from your Friend Tammy Gibson

at Montana State Fraud

as I now know you are a Fraud too doing Intentional harm to your Patients

proving you have no conscience and your medical oath means nothing

 you are a Criminal just like your Friend Jeffery and not a real Doctor

as you have proven your Prejudice with no Integrity

and that is what happens when you Trust Someone who has not earned your Trust

they willfully Deceive you and Stab you in the Back with Joy

as you are far from wise

as wisdom is the ability to use knowledge constructively while doing no harm

as you have done only intentional harm to me

and those who take Pride and Pleasure in Harming others

by playing God and Ruler with the lives of others are not Doctors

they are the Tyrants and Cowards of Reality doing harm

as my Intelligence has been Insulted by very proven to be Pathological Frauds and Fools