Do not Vote for Gov. Steve Bullock for MT U.S. Senator



The Majority of We the People are Independents

and I do not belong to any Political Party

as I Vote for People not Parties


We the People of Montana overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump for President

as Gov. Steve has been helping the Democrats to destroy the Trump Presidency


Steve Bullock the Criminal Governor of Montana

who has Publicly Proven he Failed 3rd Grade Science

as he Preaches Lunatic Doomsday Political Science Fiction

who wanted to be the Criminal President of the United States of America

but the Billionaire Democratic Political Media Corporation

through Steve under the Democratic Bus

and Steve then came in Last Place in the Democratic Primaries

and then Steve came crawling back to the Democrats for more after being Trashed

and now at the Request of the Democratic Billionaire Corporation

Steve is now the Democratic Billionaire Party Puppet Politician

running for Montana U.S. Senator

against the number one choice of  We the People of Montana

U.S. Senator Steve Daines

who has been an Excellent Senator for Montana

while Steve Bullock has stabbed We the People of Montana in the Back

by supporting the Illegal Unconstitutional Political Impeachment of the President

further proving Steve is a Criminal Politician against We the People of Montana

proving Steve is not for We the People of Montana or Montana

proving Steve is a Democrat First for Billionaire Democrats

who don’t give a Damn about the People of Montana

and then Steve is for

Steve Bullock who does what the Billionaires order him to do

or Steve will get zero money from the Billionaires

as the Majority of money in this Senate Race will be from outside Montana

by those who do not  want We the People of Montana to decide the Senate Race

as Foreign Money and not We the People will decide most Senate Races

while Steve says he is against Dark Money in Politics

but Steve is all for Money from his Billionaire Democrats

who own and control and dictate to the Democratic Party

for their power control and greed

while Steve believes he can Stab We the People of Montana in the Back

and we will vote for him for U.S. Senator

as only Fools Believe in Political Science Fiction

doing very real intentional harm to We the People of Montana

Steve is a Proven Criminal in Tested Reality

Steve Bullock is not a Leader

Steve has Failed the Real Leadership Test

Steve is a Political Clone to Political Science Fiction

to be continued