The Rebuttal ~ To Donald Trump


Saturday July 13

~ 2024 ~

just past 6 pm at a Butler Pennsylvania Rally

as I was at home watching Donald Trump Speaking on the TV

as he was Shot

and Donald went down

and I thought Donald was Dead

and then minutes later the Secret Service Helped Donald get back up

with Blood on his Face with his Fist Up high in the air

as Donald stated

~ Fight On ~

as they then moved Donald in to a Vehicle and Donald was then taken away

as Donald Trump just took a Bullet

for All of We the People

Who are America

~ and ~

We can Thank the Fascist Democratic Political Media Brainwashing Machine

for someone Shooting Donald Trump

as their Fascist Brainwashing Machine Preaches Donald Trump is Hitler

because there is nothing the Democrats would love more

than for Donald Trump to be Assassinated

as the Democratically controlled U.S. Government

tried to remove Secret Service Protection from Donald Trump

and they tried but they did not Kill Donald this time or last time

while I have told many people over the past three plus years

they will try to Kill Donald Trump

as the Fascist Deep State Democratic Organized Crime

use the Nazi Hand Book to get Donald Trump

as we all see the Treason Deliberately Committed by the Democratic Party since 2015

because the Democrats know they can not win with the Truth and Honestly

as they justify their Treason against America to win their Fascism

as the Democrats continue to Shred the U.S. Constitution everyday

as they do not fright for All of We the People

they fight against All of We the People

as they have proven they are Anti-American

as the number one threat to the Democratic Party is the Truth


after medical examination

of Donald Trump after being Shot in the Head

 President Trump is now Safe and Donald will be OK

and the Shooter is Dead along with another unknown person

with two more in Critical condition

and why was there a shooter on a roof top near the Rally ?

and who let that happen ?

and will they get Donald Falsely Imprisoned before the Election ?

and what will be the next Treasonous Crime committed by the Democrats

to stop Donald Trump

as the Democrats Accuse Donald Trump of Crimes

already committed against America by the Democrats

as they Predict all the Bad things Donald will do to America

that the Democrats have already done against America

as the only thing the Democrats have to run on are their Proven Lies


Democratic Fascism is a Political Media Brainwashed Mental Illness

Destroying America

for their Fascist New World Order


Democrat Fascism is the Proven Cancer and not a Cure

and just as we can see and know

the Organized Crime of the Federal Government

we can see and know the Organized Crime

of State and County and City Governments

as they too destroy the Truth Justice and Freedom

and All Supported by the Political Media Brainwashing Machine

by the Fascist Free Press

who are Helping the Cancer Grow to Destroy America

with Scientifically Proven to be Preached Lies

as Proven Evil now Dictates how we can and can not Live our Lives

as proven to be Preached Lunatic Political Science Fiction

now Rules our Lives

as Democratic Fascism

continues to Promote and Support Political Acts of Crime and Violence

and Domestic Terrorism in America

with their Political Media Preached Brainwashed Hate and Paranoia

since 2015

and when the words ” Death to America ” are Preached in America

the Democrats are Silent

as the Democrats do not Preach for Peace

they Preach for Hate and Paranoia to Divide America

to Fascistly Conquer America

as they have proven they are Anti-America

and are the proven Deep State Evil of with In America

all by the Fascist Democratic Billionaire Elite

for their Fascist New World Order

and that is what I can see with my own eyes

but if you do not look for the Truth then you can not see the Truth

with Politically Blinded Eyes

as China Joe and the Deep State Democrats did not Unify America

they Fascistly Weaponized the Government

against All of We the the People Who are America

as the Political Media Brainwashed Lunatics

just believe what the Political Media Fascist Preach

and We can not Heal any Broken Parts of America

as long as the Democrats Preach their Hate and Paranoia

based on Proven Lies

and the Fascist Democratic Billionaire Elite

will continue their efforts to Stop Donald Trump

to Stop Freedom and Justice for All in America

and as the Democrats are Destroying America

the Democrats Preach to us their Prediction of the unknowable Future

that Donald Trump will Destroy America

as unquestioned Lies are just Believed

as only Brainwashed Fools just Believe in the proven Lies

while Preached Hate and Paranoid Prediction

is the very best the Democrats can do for America

as Political Ploy

is the very best the Free Political Media Brainwashing Press can do


The Democrats are Proven Fascist Treasonous Traitors

who are proven Lairs and Frauds

who are for the Fascist Democratic Billionaire Elite New World Order

and are the Number One Threat to Democracy in the World

as their every word is a proven lie

as the Democrat have sided with Crime and Disorder

further proving their Treason


The Democrats are Anti-American Scam Artist

for their Power Control and Profit

and they have clearly proven

they are the number one threat to Freedom in America

while the proven to be Democratic Deep State

have earned the Constitutional Right to a Military Firing Squad

as the Democrats have scientifically proven

they are a Mentally Ill Fascist Pathological Political Religion

Preaching Lunatic Political Science Fiction

doing only proven harm to everyone and everything

as they are Arrogant Ignorance

as they comprehend zero truth in knowledge

and Democrats are very Desperate

and they will Break any and every Law to win

as they Preach their Proven Lies


The Greatest Threat to Humanity

is the Fascist Democratic Billionaire Elite

New World Order


Bruce A. Kershaw

Master Technician


Doctor Honor

and Student of Constitutional History and Law since 1980


July 12, 2024

and that would make me about 24820 Days Old

give or take many trillions of milliseconds

of 4.6 billion years of time by this Carbon based Earth

of 12 to 14 billion years of Universe time

and four years ago I would not give Joe Biden the Keys to my Car

and if there is a God

then God Bless all of the known and unknown Universe

while all of time before now and after now is measured from now

proving now is the bases for all of Time


Time is Now


vice: an evil action or habit


~ Sen. China Joe Biden ~

The Biden Crime Family

and their 60 Billionaire Best Friends for Vice President

~ and Now Elderly Abuse ~

by all of the above who need a Shrink

…and how much will the Fascist Democratic Billionaire Elite of the New World Order

have to Pay the Biden Crime Family to Go Away ?

and they could Pay Up with some of the Trillions in Green New Deal Money

China Joe gave to his Billionaire Friends

of the Trillions that will have zero effect on Climate Change

while Harming the Carbon Cycle caused by this Carbon based Earth

Harming Nature and the Environment

All for ~ their ~ Power Control and Profit

over All of We the People Who are America

and defines

to Take from the Poor to Give to the Rich

while deciding and dictating how everyone will live their daily life

with Zero Say

by Billionaires who publicly fail Constitutional Law and 3rd Grade Science


When you can not Articulate the Science

then you have earned Zero Right to Scientific Opinion


~ Preached Climate Doomsday Paranoia ~

is not Science

it is a test proven Political Media Brainwashed Mental Disorder

as the Brainwashed Green Lunatics want to Kill the cause of Green


When a 5th grader is smarter than China Joe ~

as I challenge China Joe ~

to an open public debate in ~

CO2 Physics and Chemistry

Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

and Heat and Energy Transfer Science Physics and Chemistry

going back to 1835

while I only go back to 1956 in time

but I comprehend the science going back to 1835

and Climate Religion will not and refuses to Debate the known science

by the Scientific Method by Question Test Rebuttal Debate


Repeated Failed Self Debunk Computer Ouija Board Predictions

of the Unknowable Future

based on Debunk Hypothetical Conjecture

based on a Flawed Incomplete Study

by a Proven to be Criminal Political Organization

~ does not ~

Prove Humans cause Climate Warming

but it is making a few people very more than Wealthy


CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green

6CO2 + 6H2O + v ~> C6H12O6 + 6O2


April 5 ~ 10


[email protected]



~ since 2007 ~

for the peer-reviewed science proving:

Carbon based Humans

made by and from this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

cause Climate Warming

with Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon Dioxide

the scientifically proven to be by product of energy

the scientifically proven to be opposite of energy

while being the cause of the Carbon Cycle

and all Primary Carbon based Life

and all Secondary Carbon based Life and Secondary Energy

in a continuous cycle of recycle


CO2 is: a scientifically proven natural Refrigerant since 1835

as the majority of CO2 in the Air

is the Evaporated byproduct of climate warming

with the CO2 from variable volcanic Activity below Sea level

and not the cause of climate warming


climate change is real


not caused by

Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon Dioxide

as Scientifically Proven

and there is nothing beyond Debunk Hypothetical Conjecture to Prove

Carbon based Humans

or the Carbon Cycle with Oxygen and Hydrogen

caused by this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

is the Cause of Climate Warming


science is: to know

Personal Emotional Feelings of True Belief is: not knowledge

as the tested truth in knowledge must always be in question to be science


Joe Biden was in La La Land in Law School

and has publicly failed 3rd grade science since 3rd grade


Between 5 Million and 7 Million years ago

there were 50 different kinds of Carbon based Apes

Ruling this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

where everything Breathing and not Breathing has Carbon in it


Our DNA Funnel

proves there were 15 Women who Breed with Men

  after a Supper Volcano

74,000 years ago


There is a Native Culture on this Carbon based Earth

who Eat their Loved ones after they Die

and I can then only wonder if they Eat there most Hated ones

while they are still alive ?



they would push their Sick and Dying outside the Igloo

where they would Freeze to Death

and then sooner or later a Polar Bear would find them and Eat them


Saddam Hussein

If he liked you before he decided to Kill you

he would put you into a Plastic Shudder Head First

but if he Hated you before he decided to Kill you

then he would put you into the Plastic Shudder Feet First


If you were a Christian or Jew

during the Roman Empire and Broke the Law

the Emperor of Rome would Throw you to the Lions


…as the Democrats continue to Shoot the Foot in their Mouth

while their Heads are Up their Butt

caused by their Fascist Arrogant Ignorance

as they Preach to us they are going to save Democracy

as they Destroy Democracy

and proving only their Fascism

Blah ~ Blah ~ Blah

as we now have Democrats in the United States Government

and in our Education Systems

Preaching their Hate and Paranoia

as they Preach Death to America and Death to Israel

proving they are Fascist Treasonous Traitors


 All of We the People who are America

as the Democratic Fascist Deep State Justify their known Treason

by Weaponizing the Government

since 2015 against America to Win their Fascism

with the Help of their Political Media Brainwashing Machine

for the Democratic Billionaire Elite and their New World Order

as they together continue to Destroy America

of and by and for

All of We the People

who are America


The U.S. Government is now Run by Organized Crime

while Our very Worst Enemies today are very Proud of China Joe

and Biden Crime Family

as our known Worst Enemies are going to do their very best to keep

China Joe

the Puppet President of Anti-America in Office in the Nap Room

as the Biden Crime Family Profits

as the Media and Press are their Brainwashing Machine

and Cheering Team

for our proven Enemies who Love China Joe


the only Carbon based Humans on this Carbon based Earth

who want China Joe to Win

are the proven Worst Enemies


All of We the People who are America


It is time for the Obama 2.0 Fascist Nut House

to Pull the Plug on the Broken China Joe Dementia Puppet President


Joe Biden has already Publicly Failed a Cognitive Test

since Law School

and as Joe has done for the past four plus years

before he became the Puppet President


40 years ago China Joe was the D.C. Dunce

who was Stealing Sensitive Classified U.S. Government Documents

and is an Act of Treason by a proven Traitor to America

as the Biden Crime Family Profited

many Millions of Dollars for many Years from our proven Enemies

and today

~ On a Good Day ~

China Joe is Incoherent Incompetent and Dysfunctional

with the Full Backing and Support of the Democratic Fascist Deep State Party

and their Fascist Media and Press

and the 60 Billionaires who got China Joe Elected

who knew all of this too

and hopefully China Joe will not cause World War III

before he is gone

as my 14 year old Grandson far exceeds China Joe

in commonsense logic and basic knowledge

as China Joe continues to publicly fail 3rd grade science


science is: to know

and three plus years ago I predicted China Joe

would be Thrown under the Bus before the end of his first term

as they Used China Joe the Puppet President

and now all the old Puppet Strings are Broken and the new Strings are not working

~ while ~

Kamala ~ Antifa ~ Harris

who came in Dead Last in the 2019 Democratic Presidential Primary

is the number one supporter of

~ Antifa ~

the Democratic Domestic Terrorist Organization

the Deep State Democrats never heard of

that Democrats Preach to us is just an Idea

after Antifa Killed many Americans

while doing over 30 plus Billion Dollars of Damage

to many Generations of Main Street small Family Business in America


You can not stop Fascism with the Tested Truth

because there can be no Tested Truth in Fascism


[email protected]

April 1 ~ 3

~ 2024 ~

The Rebuttal

To: The Montana Independent ~

that is now coming to your Montana Mail Box

~ and is not Journalism ~

it is:

Preached Democratic Lunatic Political Science Fiction

it is: Political Brainwashing

based on zero question or rebuttal or debate

it is Political Pathological Lies and Proven Fraud in Science

as they Represent Democratic Fascism and not Freedom for All

as Democratic Fascism is the Proven Political Cancer Killing America

while the Montana Independent will make a good Fire Starter

on those very cold winter nights here in Montana

where we are experiencing very proven to be Climate Cooling since 2012

while proving the climate emergency is a scientifically proven Lie

for Fascist Democratic Power Control and their Billionaire Elite Profit

from the Green New Deal money that will have zero effect on Climate Change

while doing proven Harm to the Carbon Cycle of this Carbon based Earth

as they are Harming and Reducing the Cause of Green

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Carbon Cycle

and those who Preach CO2 is Toxic Poison and Pollution

have Publicly Proven they Failed 5th Grade Science


There was no need for a U.S. Supreme Court to make a

Presidential Immunity Decision

until the Treasonous Fascist Democratic Deep State

Politically Distorted and Abused the Law

and Criminalized Weaponized the U.S. Government


All of We the People Who are America


~ Hunter Biden for President ~

I am 68 years old

and I like most of us have wittiness the many signs of Dementia

as Joe Biden has clearly displayed many known signs of Dementia

prior to the 2020 Election

and then knowing

Joe was not chosen by the New World Order Billionaire Democratic Elite

for his Sound Mind

to be the President of the Anti-America New World Order

…and we know ~

Joe Biden was not Playing with a Full Deck in Law School

and China Joe has never Played by the Rules

as Joe continues to Break the Constitutional Laws of the Land

and Proving his Deliberate Treason

against All of We the People who are America

as Joe has never in his life time been Fit to be President

~ But Don’t Worry be Happy ~

because the Biden Crime Family is in Charge

as the Biden Crime Family is the Number One Cancer in America Today

and the Number One Cancer in the History of America

with the Help of the New World Order Democratic Billionaire Elite

and the Fascist Democratic Deep State

 who have Weaponized the Law against America

as Dr. Jill is the most Powerful Human on this Carbon based Earth

Destroying America

as the Fascist Media and Press Lie to All of We the People

and this is the Best the Democratic Fascism can do

for the America they Hate


Joe Biden is the Greatest Failure in Leadership in American History

as Joe states the Smartest Person he knows is Hunter Biden

and no one Loves Joe & Hunter more than our Proven Enemies

as this Proven Insanity continues to Destroy America


June 29, 2024

…and maybe ~

The Treasonous Liz Dick Chaney

will be the next Democratic Presidential Candidate

with the Newsom Vice Presidential Back up

with the Left Wing Kamila ~ Antifa ~ Harris Protection Enforcement

in the Left Wing of the Obama 2.0 Nut House

owned and controlled by Mike Bloomberg

with to much help from

Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates


June 28, 2024

China Joe Dementia Biden

is a Puppet President and not a President

and they put new Strings on the Puppet for the Debate

but the New Strings did not Cure the Worsening Dementia

and further proving the Biden Crime Family

and the Democratic Deep State

controlled by the Democratic Billionaire Elite

of the Fascist New World Order

their Elderly Abuse of Joe

a Man not mentally well enough to stand Trial

for his many years of known Treasonous Crimes against America

but do not worry because the

China Joe Obama 2.0 Fascist Treasonous Deep State Nut House

is in charge and control of your life

in their New World Order Fascist Socialism

so lets here it for

Kamala ~ Antifa ~ Harris

for the New World Order Puppet President of Anti-America

and maybe she will send a Plane Load of Cash to Iran too


June 25, 2024

The Rebuttal

and as We say in Montana

Cowboy Up

[email protected]


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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