Vote For Dennison Rivera for Montana House District 79


May 17, 2020


To: We the People of Montana House District 79


It is time for Fresh New Leadership

and Dennison Rivera is Fresh and New

and is for the tested truth in reality for a better America for All

based on the Vision of We the People and our Faith in American Liberty and Freedom

to Restore the lost values now missing in our Lack of Representation of We the People

to Restore

” of the People by the People for the People “

as We the People continue to lose our Rights and Freedoms everywhere in America

as those who Pretend to Represent We the People

Distort the Truth for their Personal Political Agenda

while they ignore the agenda of We the People

and that is why I am voting for

Dennison Rivera for Montana HD 79

as the same old Misrepresentation of We the People is doing only Harm to America

as We the People Are America

as we are now Used and Abused by those who Abuse their Power and Authority


Bruce A. Kershaw

Helena ~ Montana