we will stop along the way and Kidnap and Hog Tie Steve Running

a very proven Fraud in Science

and we will keep him in the trunk until we decide what to do with him

or until Steve can admit he can not predict the un-known future with his computer

while ignoring a dozen climate variables

and that predicting the un-known future with a computer is not peer-reviewed science

and when the prediction does not happen it is still not peer-reviewed science

while believing in self-debunk prediction is still not peer-reviewed science

and then if Steve admits the Sun is a test proven variable with many cycles

along with a dozen other variables providing an infinity of climate variable

that Steve today does not acknowledge or comprehend

when Predicting the un-known Future with his computer

~ then we will let Steve out of the trunk

and if Steve then runs away ~ good ~

and then Steve can explain to the world why we kidnapped him and put him in the trunk

while they are reading the note we attached to Steve

with our cell numbers on it ~ that explain the reality Steve does not comprehend ~

and then soon later we will get a phone call from someone asking us to

please come and get Steve

because they do not believe a word he said

as Steve Running is self brainwashed

as repetitiveness is the key to deprogramming

and making Steve hold a fishing pole while deprogramming him cant hurt

while I may need you Joe to come Bail me out of Jail

because a Group of Government Attorneys want to secretly Prosecute Scientist

who do not ~ believe in ~ Human caused Climate Change

while these Attorney’s have zero scientific argument beyond Political Media Hearsay Belief

while I am guessing they will first Prosecute the 9,000 plus PhD’s that I know of

who do not ~ believe in ~ Humans caused Climate Change based on proven Hard Science

ignored by Climate Religion

and then they will Prosecute the 49 NASA Scientist who do not agree with Jim Hansen’s

now self-debunk Prediction

as NASA statements made by the Political Branch of NASA

have been debunk by NASA science through the freedom of information act

while the Political Branch of the EPA has been debunk by Emission Science

that continues to be enforced by the EPA since the 1970’s

and then Climate Religion

will go on to Prosecute another 20 plus thousand Scientist that I know of

who do not believe in self-debunk computer prediction

while you Joe could make a Fortune just Bailing Honest Scientists out of Jail

who do not make believe Humans cause Climate Change

while I think they call this Religious Prosecution

because we do not Prosecute non-believers in science because there is zero true belief in science

there is only test proven fact in science

so maybe it would be better for you Joe if you were to make believe

Carbon based Humans of this Carbon based Earth cause all Climate Change

with the cause of the Carbon Cycle causing all Carbon based Life

on this Carbon based Earth ~

Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon Dioxide

so you don’t end up in Jail too for non-belief

because we will need someone on the outside

but I don’t think Steve will help us if we do not finish the deprogramming first

as self-debunk Political Media Paranoid Climate Prediction Religion is very alive and well

while my Legal Argument Proving Political Media Fraud by Lunatics Dictating Science

based on self-debunked computer prediction based on incomplete science is ready to go

based on my on going investigation everyday since 2007

but don’t tell anyone about the Government Attorneys

because it is a secret prosecution of Scientist and they do not want anyone to know about it

while I am still wondering how they are planning to Punish Scientist

who do not ~ believe in ~ Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion

by Political Media Lunatics committing Scientific Fraud

who have publicly failed grade school science

while their true belief in self-debunk Ouija Board science

does not prove Humans cause climate change in the Scientific community

as their True Belief in self-debunk Ouija Board science

only proves Humans cause Climate Change in their Paranoid Climate Religion

so what do you think Joe,

do you think scientist should be Prosecuted

because we disagree with Political Media ~ Paranoid ~ Climate Religion

that can provide zero science to prove their Political Media Religion is not a Religion

who completely reject the scientific method for their true make believe

and so I wonder if they are only going to Prosecute scientist who are non-believers

or are they going to Punish everyone who is a non-believer

as about 50% of the Carbon based Humans on this Carbon based Earth

do not ~ believe in ~ Climate Religion

and it would not be fair to single out just the Scientist Community

for non belief in true belief in Climate Religion

as the True Believers = Political Media continue to refuse to debate the science

with the scientist of the scientific method

as they continue to block all Intelligent scientific rebuttal in their Media

and to their test proven Political Media Religion

proving Fascism in Science by Political Media Agenda

that continues to do test proven harm to this Carbon based Earth

and to the Carbon cycle

and to all Carbon based Life

for proven to be Fraudulent Political Agenda Make Believe Garbage Science

as political science fiction is not fact tested reality in science

and self-debunk Ouija Board science is not real science

and does not prove Humans cause Climate Warming

as real Science has proven Humans contribute to Climate cooling

off-setting Climate Warming by the variable Sun

as Political Media Lunatics in Science

continue to Dictate Science to the Scientific community

based on proven to be Garbage Science

while a few years ago the Supreme Court of the State of Montana

decided in favor of Real Climate Science over Climate Religion

as Climate Religion had zero scientific argument beyond their true make believe in

Ouija Board Science

as increased levels of evaporated water vapor and CO2

caused by warming by the variable Sun continue to make this Carbon based Earth Greener

as we continue to live with a Paranoid Political Media Religion controlling our lives

and like most Political Agendas Climate Change is all about Politics and Money

and Zero Fact Tested Reality while doing only harm and zero good

while your belief Joe has blocked your scientific method

as Real Science debunk True Make Believe

while self-debunk Political Belief can prove nothing ~


~ excluding knowledge for true belief is not science ~

as true believers who failed grade school science  Dictate Science for Political Agenda

as true belief rejects test proven knowledge for true belief

~ as Real Science is: Questioned ~ Tested and Debated not Make Believe ~

as real science is: to know

and Pretending in science is not test proven reality

while I have not Dis-proven Global Warming

as extreme progressive variable Climate Change is very Real for Billions of years

and you Joe can not prove ~ Climate Warming ~ is caused by You and Me

while we live in a world of advanced science ignored by Political Agenda

as political media fascism by political media lunatics in science dictate science

by rejecting the scientific method for hearsay make believe

while in most of all science we agree

Best Regards




would you please come visit me

if they put me in Jail for not ~ believing ~ in Climate Religion

as they continue to Prohibit any and all Public debate of Real Science

or any Rebuttal with real scientific reference

as fascist Belief continue to Brainwash the world with Garbage Science

as they continue to prevent ~ in every way possible ~

Proven Fact Tested Knowledge of the Scientific Method from being Known

as those who comprehend zero science continue to belittle me

as only ~ Fascism ~ can dictate science with zero scientific method

while ignoring the scientific method dose not earn the right to scientific opinion

and preventing the un-knowing public from knowing scientific fact is not science

and what someone does to put Groceries on the table to feed the hungry

does not define their ability to ~ know

as Albert Einstein was an office clerk to put food on the table

while there is zero truth in Climate Religion

as Climate Religion continues to ~

Lower Oxygen Levels in the Air

turn underground water in to an acid

while reducing what Plants and trees need 4 times more of in the Air to breathe

for the bargain price of 10 to 20 trillion dollars to the poorest of the poor

over the next 10 to 20 years

as Climate Religion is a proven Political Fascism

and not proven fact test knowledge of the scientific method

as Climate Religion is doing only Harm

to this Carbon based Earth to the Carbon Cycle and all Carbon based Life

as my Local Newspaper since 2007 refuses to print one word of peer-reviewed science

in rebuttal to the hearsay political garbage science they print everyday

and when I request the scientific reference by the Author

have no scientific reference of any kind beyond what heard on the News

who can provide zero scientific reference after requesting

as this test proven Political Media Fascism and not tested reality in science

as Climate Religion continues to ignore preexisting hard science

for true belief in test Proven Fraudulent Garbage Science

as they continue to ignore the scientific method

for self-debunk political media Make Believe

as they do only Harm while believing they are doing good

because they do not comprehend Proven Fact Tested Knowledge

as they only comprehend True Belief

as test proven Fraud by Climate Religion is ignored by Climate Religion

and now Climate Religion wants to Prosecute non-believers

while they can proven nothing with real science

as they continue to use a out dated incomplete debunk science paper as scientific proof

we Carbon based Humans cause all Climate Change proving only Fraud

by Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion

as test proven Political Media Fraud dictates science

as a Political Media Agenda continues their test proven Lies to the un-knowing Public

as there is ~  ZERO ~ Belief in Real Science

Do You Believe or Do You Know

~ Peace ~


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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