The Rebuttal ~ Nature makes Oil not Dead Dinosaurs

Question Test Rebuttal Debate

 science is: to know

~ by question ~

…and I was explaining my Hypothetical Conjecture to a Friend of mine ~

~ Hypothetical Conjecture is: Unproven Theory

and I told my Friend

That there is far to much Oil in the Ground

and far far to much Oil far to deep below the Floor of the Oceans

to be caused by Dead Dinosaurs ~

and then my Friend ask me a Scientific Question

” What made the Oil in the Ground ? “

and my first response Answer was ~

the Oil on this Carbon based Earth has always been here

just like Water has always been here

and soon there after it was time for me to go home

and then as I was leaving

I could not get the Scientific Question out of my Head

and for the next three hours driving home

I could not stop thinking about ~

How could Nature make the Oil in the Ground

and when I got home I sent an email to my Friend and I told him


this Carbon based Earth could make all the Carbon based Oil in the Ground


and if not for the Question in Science I would not of thought of an Answer

so without Scientific Question there would be no science to: know

as the key to science is to question test rebuttal debate


The Nature of Chemistry by Nature

on this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

where everything for the most part

Breathing and not Breathing has Carbon in it


CO2 is Carbon based Oxygen = Carbon Dioxide

Dioxide is two oxygen atoms

Di = two

oxide = oxygen


and I say CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

because in Botany and Greenhouse Science

Plants and Trees need 3 to 4 times the CO2 level than in the air today

to Breathe Healthy

and who does not want Plants and Trees to Breathe Healthy

on this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

where Oil = HC = dirty hydrogen and carbon in the Ground

is made by Nature by this Carbon based Earth

and is part of the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle of Recycle

About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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