2018 U.S. Government ~ Debunked ~ Climate Report


The Scientific Method to my Madness

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November 25, 2018

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I am a Dyslexic Scientist

who hates to write

but I have a lot to say to everyone of all ages

while I am trying to write to non-scientists and scientists at the same time

and I do not profit from my writing

I do not belong to any Political Organizations

I do not work for any Energy Companies

I am 100% an Independent Scientist with a 100% Independent Mind

while I have been a Citizen Lobbyist since 2007

for the Truth in all of Life and Knowledge for a better Life for all

I have nothing to gain from my writing but a clear conscience in my conscious

I have 40 plus years of Atmospheric Emission Science under my Belt

I have Investigated and Proven Fraud in Science for over the past 20 plus years

I have been reviewing Peer-reviewed Climate Science Papers since 2007

with an on going Climate Science investigation since 2007

I have been asked and have evaluated education programs going back 20 plus years

I received a Doctor Honor in 2011

I was Invited to Participate in the London Symposium on Climate Change

at the Oxford and Cambridge Club in June of 2013

and an on and off on going science debate with Joe Berry since 2011

Lead Lab Chemistry Professor Stanford University

who tells me he is Dyslexic too

while Joe and Stanford U still can not Prove with real science

Humans cause Climate Warming

but they are still very True Believers of self-debunk un-proven theory

as they continue to just ignore more than a dozen climate variable

and millions of years of climate history

and simple physics and chemistry

and 30 years of self-debunk Ouija Board Climate Prediction

as they continue to just believe in proven to be

Political Garbage Science Fiction

they refuse to publicly debate proving it is Garbage science

and that is what they Peach at the Church of Stanford U today

True belief in very proven to be Climate Paranoia

and our kids will have degrees in Climate Paranoia

from all the Climate Church Universities Preaching Climate Paranoia

and maybe I will open a Mental Hospital and

Parents can send their kids to be Deprogrammed of Climate Paranoia

and that is a sample of my Accomplishments I am Proud of

and when I write I put all my thoughts and mind on this Web Page everyday

for the whole world to see

I do not publish finished Articles as working Journalist do

while I am guessing most Journalist are not dyslexic

as I leave out words when writing and place words in the wrong order

and many times have used the wrong word with the help of spellcheck

while I have a large collection of dictionary’s very old and new to keep me going

while I have contacted Websters Dictionary in the past

to inform them of one of their mistakes in science definition for the word

~ catalytic converter ~

as I review my writing everyday

and half of what I wrote yesterday may be Deleted tomorrow

as I attempt to make sense to those who do not comprehend science

while I have never been a formal witter because I am Dyslexic

while this slows me down

but has not prevented my ability to learn and know and grow forward

and of course writing and editing is very much a challenge

as I must do all of my own editing to keep the facts accurate

as I am not writing stories I am Explaining and Stating tested facts

and all of my writing is in poetic form because it just comes out that way with zero effort

while making my editing much simpler

as my readers see all of my writing process from very start to finish good and bad

and it is never finished

as I continue to word and reword for better comprehension for the readers

while some times making it worse in the Process until what I perceive as complete

as my writing is very repetitive

as this is a science argument to the many I have communicated with since 2007

as they have yet to provide me with their peer-reviewed science

to support their public statements

as I send them Peer-reviewed science further debunking their belief in un-proven theory

as they then continue to make believe is proven theory

and continue to falsely preach as proven theory to the unknowing Public

providing only a false reality to the Carbon based People of this Carbon based Earth

and if you read something I have written that does not make sense today

hopefully it will make more sense tomorrow

as I try to make my writing as simple for myself as possible

as you will see all of my writing mistakes in my writing process

and hopefully I will find and see all of mistakes too and correct them

as I know their must be many un-corrected mistakes as I focus on making the facts right

as we are not all experts in every Profession

and it is not my goal to be a professional writer

my goal is to better inform the proven fact tested reality of science to all

that I am aware of in my science reality

as I learn and know something new everyday growing forward

as I look at everything there is to look at perceived as knowledge

and I do not Ignore available facts that may go against my Belief

as I do not Believe

because belief is Religion not tested Science

I do not reject knowledge before reviewing it

because you can not Cherry Pick knowledge in real science

and of course to communicate this knowledge to the People of this world

I must write

as some provide opinion based of tested knowledge

and some base their opinion on their true belief supported by zero fact

as they reject knowledge before reviewing it

as those who can not prove their words of belief refuse to debate the science

as I Ramble on and try to avoid the Blah – Blah – Blah

to the best of my lack of ability

trying to combine what I do Best with what I do Worst

as the world can see my every good and bad steps along the way

as all my writing will have a before and after

in my very real challenge to write and communicate the science to all

and as knowledge changes my writing must change as real science is new everyday

and is never settled

as Journalist who have publicly proven they failed grade school science

 write very well written test proven Lies in Science

who reject the peer-reviewed science debunking their words of true belief

as they refuse to debate the science they do not comprehend and can not prove

as they have earned zero right to scientific opinion

as they too combine what they do Best

with what they have scientifically proven they do Worst

because 10% of ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

a very small tiny fragment of all known climate science

and does not define all climate science or prove Humans cause all climate warming

and here comes the Sun ~

with many cycles

along with more than a dozen other known climate variables

providing an Infinity of Climate Variable

that Climate Religion states is Irrelevant

as they continue to just Ignore very real very proven peer-reviewed science

for their political True Belief

in this Brand New Climate Science no one has a Degree in

as they Preach their Pathological Consensus

debunk by the scientific community the just Ignore

the working scientific community not allowed a Scientific Rebuttal Voice

in their Political Media

as these Journalist and their political Media

do not allow the public to know all the very available scientific facts

that Journalist do not comprehend and refuse to learn and know

scientifically proving they are not real scientist

and are the proven fools of proven fools

as many these proven fools believe they are Experts in this Brand New Science

as they can not prove their words with real science as words can prove nothing

as I have made well over 40,000 Requests since 2007

for the peer-reviewed science proving humans cause climate

as I stop counting about three years ago

as I continue send out many requests with a reward everyday

and there is zero peer-reviewed science

as I knew this as fact before sending out my many request only to prove my point

as there is a very real True Belief in Unproven theory Preached as proven theory

by those who are committing test proven Pathological fraud in science

as they believe and Preach the un-proven theory is settled science

when settled science does not exist in real science

further proving they Failed Grade School Science

while they can write much better than me

as I continue to be belittled and insulted with name calling

by those who have proven they failed grade school science

as they can prove nothing with real science

beyond their words of true belief as true belief is religion not science

as the Media Climate Religion will only allow their true belief to be Preached in the media

allowing zero scientific rebuttal or debate

and if you Preach it and you can not prove it and you refuse to debate it

it is not proven fact tested reality in science

and why does Climate Paranoia live in fear of all sides

of the many sides of the Scientific Argument from being told and known

rejecting public scientific question and debate

as scientifically proven to be Political Media Fascism continues to Dictate Climate Science

based on scientifically proven to be un-proven theory

based on 10% of one half of one climate variable

to provide self-debunk computer Ouija Board Climate Prediction

of the un-knowable un-predictable future

all politically Preached by the media as test proven fact

while we have People who call them selves experts in Science

with zero back ground in Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

who preach to the world the ~ SUN ~ with many cycles

causing many Ice Ages over the past 2 million years

with many Little Ice ages and Mini Ice ages

during warming Periods

as the very variable SUN continues be warmer and brighter

as these so called experts publicly state the variable ~  SUN  ~ is not a climate variable

while they just ignore more than a dozen other known climate variables

scientifically proving they are Lunatics in Science

as CO2 causes warming and cooling at the very same time

as Hot CO2 Rises as all heat still rises

as very cold very frozen -200 * below zero CO2 = Dry Ice is Crashing downward

toward the Poles of this carbon based Earth

cooling the air on the way down as it warms up to about -115* below zero

preventing all the Ice from melting

as most of the atmosphere is -200* below zero

as this very real science is just ignored by Climate Religion

as the cold CO2 crashing down is more than off-setting the hot CO2 rising

as this heat leaving the lower atmosphere is not trapped in the lower atmosphere

as CO2 transfers hot and cold at the very same time

and if all heat did not rise

in real physics

something the size of a sewing thread = Human generated CO2

can not trap heat in something the size of a football field = the Atmosphere

in real physics


The past 30 years of computer Ouija Board climate predictions

have not come true

as Paranoid Climate Religion

continues to Preach to us these self-debunk predictions are happening

proving they are Political Pathological Frauds in Climate Science

predictions based on a very proven to be very flawed incomplete study

based on very proven to be bogus data

with outdated incomplete debunk science papers

being used as scientific proof Humans cause all climate warming proving only Fraud

by those who do not comprehend the science

who Preach warming is making this carbon based Earth Browner and Dryer

when the very Opposite is very proven to be true

as climate warming by the variable Sun causes more Green not more Brown

as Ice Ages cause more Brown




from the Equality of my Life and Home

for the peer-reviewed science proving Humans cause climate warming

and everyone offered a reward since 2007

refuses to publicly debate the science

scientifically proving the science they are Preaching to the Public is not Real

and further debunk by the tested knowledge they refuse to look at and see

as they have blinded themselves to anything beyond their true belief

as those who Preach Pathological Climate Paranoia can prove nothing

as they do very real test proven harm to the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

costing Trillions of dollars

as those who have proven their Ignorance refuse to ~ know ~

science is: to know

as I Deny Climate Religion not Climate Change

as I am called The Denier and Skeptic by Climate Religion

~ skepticism ~

the doctrine that the truth in all knowledge must always be in Question

and if I publicly state you are a fraud in science

this not an Insult

this is a Scientifically Test Proven Fact

~ Peace ~

Bruce = scientist = skeptic

to find and know the truth in science

by scientific method to Question test and debate

~ live long and prosper in tested reality ~

beyond political make believe doing test proven harm to all of nature and the environment

doing only harm to all Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth

~ * * ~




About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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