SEJ & NY Times & Julia Olson & U of Oregon & Lesley Stahl = Pathological Fraud in Climate Science


and will we survive the ongoing Nuclear Contamination of soil and water and air

doing very real long term damage to all life this Carbon based Earth

and if something took out the Power Grid in the U.S.

the majority of Americans would be dead in under 30 days

and so I would not tear down all the old Coal Plants

I would save them for a rainy day

and of course the Coal Plants can be switched over to natural Gas or Wood

while the Humans of today will not be around for the end of the Carbon Cycle

but one day the Carbon cycle above Sea level will end from a lack of CO2

as Nitrogen from Decomposing soil has gone from little to nothing

to over 78.09 % of the air

and will one day dilute CO2 at 00.04 % of the air today to nothing

while knowing plants need 4 times the CO2 than in the air today to be at best health

and at 210 ppm CO2 in the Air Plants will begin suffocate

and at 160 ppm the carbon cycle will end

ending the cause of all the Green all of Nature and the Environment

as we spend trillions to end the carbon cycle above sea level sooner

proving is Insanity not science

and pumping man made CO2 into the ground

lowers O2 = oxygen levels in the air

because man made CO2 is made from Oxygen from the air

and this would not allow the carbon cycle to recycle oxygen back in to the air

while reducing what plants need 4 times more of to breathe

while turning underground water into an Acid

as some of the CO2 is pumped into Old Oil Wells to remove more oil from the ground

~ as ~

Climate Science is a Brand New Science

and no one has a degree in Climate Science

as those who call themselves Experts in Climate Science state the Science is Settled

only proving they Failed Grade School Science by rejecting the Scientific Method

as un-proven theory is not settled science

while settled science does not exist in real science

as we learn and know something new everyday growing forward

with new knowledge in this brand new science

and a 2 degree climate variable is very normal for this carbon based Earth

as many today who failed grade school science

are very paranoid about this 2 degree variable

as everything in this known Universe is a variable

as Proven Lunatics are a Variable too


James Hansen

Steve Running

Bill Nye

Katharine Hayhoe

along with 13 % of the National Academy of Science

as the other 87% of the NSA do not agree with 13% who have zero back ground in

Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

and are a sample of very proven Lunatics in Science

making proven to be Bogus Climate Predictions

based on very un-proven theory

based on proven to be bogus data

and a very proven to be Flawed Incomplete Fraudulent Study

based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

while just ignoring more than dozen climate variables

and climate history and very proven physics and chemistry

all further debunking their True Belief in self-debunk un-proven theory

as the U.N. IPCC are very proven Frauds in Climate Science

as the U.N. a Political Body states it is ” likely ” Humans cause all climate warming

as it is likely to rain tomorrow

as likely is very un-proven theory make believe

based on very proven to be a flawed incomplete fraudulent Bogus science

to predict the un-knowable climate future

with pre-programmed Ouija Board computers

to sell ~ their ~ Climate Paranoia to the World

as we live with 30 years of self-debunk prediction being Preached today as reality

and that is:

your climate science in a Nut Shell by proven Nut Cases

who are just believed with out question by the proven fools of the Media True Believers

who can Prove nothing beyond their paranoid true belief they Preach to us as reality

as the Green Lunatics are trying Kill the cause of Green

as they make believe the cause of all the Green the

Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

causes all climate warming

when it is climate warming by the variable Sun that is causing the Green

as their science is proven to be backwards

as water vapor and CO2 is the byproduct of warming not the cause

as they refuse to publicly Debate the science they can not prove

and they state is settled science

as they Preach the cause of Green is toxic pollution

~ and ~

John Schwartz

~ Journalist ~

John’s new Article

” Will We Survive Climate Change “

John who is not a working scientist

who does not provide all the fact for his readers

so the readers can decide for themselves what is real and what is not

as John has decided for his readers what is real and what is not

with out investigating and reviewing all the available facts

as John is a Preacher not a Teacher

Preaching Political Media Climate Paranoia for the New York Times

as John is a proven Pathological Fraud in Climate Science

as he rejects peer-review science for his True Belief in

self-debunk unproven theory

and because of his proven Ignorance in the real science

John does not know this is a self-debunk un-proven theory

because John is a True Believer who can prove nothing beyond his true belief

as John has not investigated all the very available facts

proving he failed grade school science

and has earned zero right to scientific opinion

as John has proven he does not comprehend the real science

and can not articulate or debate the real science

John is a proven Pathological Fraud in Climate Science

as he Pretends to be a Scientist

who rejects fact tested reality for his Political Lunatic Make believe

and how did John the Political Journalists Preaching only one side of the story

while just ignoring and withholding peer-reviewed science from the public

~ Earn his Right to Scientific Opinion ~

in Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry ?

as John tells me in one of his emails I am just playing a Game

and there is nothing he can do to convince me

as real science is not convinced it is proven by Question Test Debate

and a real scientist will look at all the available fact not just ignore them for Belief

as John just believes he is right and I am wrong based only on his Political True Belief

~ vs ~

My 42 plus years of Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

with ongoing climate science investigation since 2007

proving fraud in climate science

as my first hand knowledge in real science does not hold up to John’s True Belief

and John’s zero working background in science

as John forwarded a NASA Science Page to me

and I guess he just believes it proves Humans cause Climate Warming

but this NASA Science Page does not Prove Humans cause Climate Warming

further proving he does not comprehend the real science

as John belittles me with his arrogant Ignorance

as he make believes he is the expert in climate science

based on proven to be Garbage Political Hearsay




for the scientific proof = peer-reviewed science


Carbon based Humans cause Climate Warming

of this Carbon based Earth

with Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon Dioxide

the cause of the carbon cycle and all carbon based life on this carbon based earth

causing both warming and cooling at the very same time

as True Belief = Religion is Convinced as knowledge = Science is Proven

and trying to Politically Brainwash = convince People to just Believe is not real science



and John will just ignore me proving he is a Preacher not a real scientist

while continuing to preach his Climate Paranoia doing only harm to nature

as the only thing John can test prove in real science is his Political Ignorance

doing test proven Harm to the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

as I am not trying to convince John

I want John to Question the Truth in Knowledge to Find the Truth in Science

beyond his true political belief

as I live for the truth in science and have nothing to gain

and is Al Gore the scientifically proven Pathological Fraud in Science a Billionaire yet ?

as Al Gore can not Prove there is a God or Prove Humans cause Climate Warming


~ this space is for John ~

to articulate his scientific rebuttal

on how Humans cause all climate warming

as I have forwarded a small sample of peer-reviewed science John will have to debunk


as John believes climate warming will make this carbon based Earth Dryer and Browner

and will produce less food

when it is very proven climate warming in between Ice Ages

has made this carbon based Earth much Greener

over millions of years of known climate history

as Increased Warming by the variable Sun with many cycles

increases the evaporation of water vapor and CO2

the very cause of the carbon cycle by this carbon based Earth

causing all the Green and all of Nature and all Carbon based Life

as the rate of evaporation has now exceeded the rate the Ice is Melting

causing the Sea Level to Decline for the past 9 years while increasing rain and snow

 while increasing Arctic Ice by 40% since 2012

and if Ice did not melt the Sea level would decline about 60 feet every 10 years

while humans have been moving to higher ground for the past 26,000 years about 350 feet

as all the Climate Predictions based on proven to be Garbage Science are self-debunk

as the proven Ignorance of Lunatics Preach to us these Bogus Predictions are happening

Proving they are Lunatics who reject the Scientific Method for their Lunatic Make Believe

as this Carbon based Earth continues to be Greener everyday

as warming increases water vapor and CO2 the cause of Green

as over population is the real problem

as John just believes what he is Brainwashed to just believe

as John is not a real Journalist investigating and reporting all the facts

from all sides of the Science Argument

as he rejects to Question the truth in knowledge

because John is a True Believer not a Scientist

as he just Preaches for and to the proven Lunatics of science

and everything John is Preaching is based on flawed incomplete fraudulent science

but he does not know this because he does not Question the truth in knowledge

John is not a Knower he is a proven True Believer of Garbage Science Fiction

and John will continue to ignore hard science he does not comprehend for his True Belief

and continue to be a Pathological Fraud in science

doing test proven harm to the cause of Green

as Prediction is not knowledge

Prediction is make believe

as most Predictions never ever come true

as Predictions based on test proven Bogus Lunatic un-proven theory will never come true

and true belief in self-debunk Prediction is Lunatic political Science Fiction

and Preaching Paranoia based on Garbage Science doing Harm

is Fraudulent Political Religion

and John

Will We Survive The Next Super Volcano

above sea level

as there are many below sea level


as the New York Times does not allow scientific rebuttal by Real Scientists

Real Scientists who have peer-reviewed science in hand

debunking the test proven Political Lies by the New York Times


…if all the Volcanic Activity below Sea level was above Sea level

Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth above Sea level would not exist ~

I am a Scientist = Skeptic

I Question the Truth in Knowledge to find the Truth in Knowledge

I live for the Truth in all of Life and all of Knowledge for a Better Life for all

and Reality in Science is Knowledge based on what you can Prove

by the Scientific Method by Question ~ Test ~ Debate

Science is not what you Make Believe or are told to just Believe

as most all Political Argument and New Laws are based on

Hearsay Political Science Fiction and not based on Peer-reviewed Science

as the Media then Rubber Stamps this Hearsay for Political Agenda

deciding for the public what is real and what is not based on their Political Belief

rather than do a real Investigation of all the very available tested facts

as they now do the very opposite of real Journalism

by just Ignoring and withholding all the very real available facts

while allowing zero scientific rebuttal of proven to be debunk statements in the media

as Real Journalism is by providing all the available fact tested knowledge

and letting the Public decide for themselves what is real and what is not

as the 97% scientific consensus is very proven political media lie by John Kerry

as Political Science Fiction Dictates a False Reality doing only Test Proven Harm

~ * ~

About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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