SEJ & NY Times & Julia Olson & U of Oregon & Lesley Stahl = Pathological Fraud in Climate Science


…can you Reverse 30 years of self-debunk Prediction

based on True Belief in un-proven theory

with True Belief in Preached Political Make Believe ?

as those who pretend to be scientists do very real test proven harm to Nature

as those who have publicly proven they failed grade school science dictate science

~ as ~

The Majority of CO2 going into the air everyday is from

Un-Controllable ~ Un-Measurable ~ Un-Predictable

on going for billions of years

while Acidifying the Oceans over billions of years

Volcanic Activity below Sea level

as there are many times the Volcanoes below Sea Level than above Sea level

with hundreds of very Active 24/7 Volcanoes

along with about 50 very major short term eruptions every year

with a few super volcanoes

causing many times the CO2 level in the Ocean than in the air

as Variable Warming by the variable Sun will further increase CO2 levels in the Air


un-controllable ~ un-measurable ~ un-predictable

very Variable Evaporation

and reviewing CO2 spikes on a NASA Chart

while knowing these CO2 measurements were taken next to an active Volcano

providing bogus Measurements

as these Data should be collected from locations as far away from the sources as possible

like the middle of the deserts

but should be collected from every where for comparison


~ only a small fragment of this CO2 on the NASA chart is generated by Humans ~

while all the Lungs on this Carbon based Earth produce more CO2 than all the cars

as the Majority of CO2 on the NASA chart is caused by Nature

causing the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment  above sea level

for the past 600 million years

and the higher the level of water vapor and CO2 evaporated from the Oceans

caused by variable warming by the variable Sun with many cycles

the Greener and Wetter this carbon based Earth will be

as further proven with climate history

as the majority of heat in the Oceans

is from the hot Liquid core of this Carbon based Earth

and without the hot Liquid core the majority of the Oceans would be Frozen

and only parts of the surface of the Oceans would be Liquid

as the primary source of heat for the Oceans

and the 25 mile thick crust and the lower atmosphere

is from the hot Liquid core of this Carbon based Earth

with secondary heating by the variable Sun

as Hard Science continues to debunk political true belief

in un-proven theory preached as reality by the Media

who refuse to allow scientific rebuttal in the media by real working Scientists

as all of my many letters to the Editor in rebuttal of proven garbage science in the Media

by those who have failed grade school science have all been rejected since 2007

as True Belief refuses to learn and know and grow forward from Hard Science

for the sake of their Political Media Brainwashed True Belief

by Those who Failed Grade School Science and have earned zero right to scientific opinion

who are doing very real test proven harm to the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

costing trillions of dollars

but don’t just believe me

~ Google ~

Fraud in Climate Science

while I do have very real Peer-reviewed Science to support my statements

further debunking the very un-proven theory being Preached as fact tested reality

proving Fraud in Climate Science by True Believers who failed grade school science

who refuse to look and see and know

beyond their true belief as they continue to refuse to publicly debate the Hard Science

in this brand new climate science they preach is settled science

based on a very flawed incomplete study

that just ignores more than a dozen know climate variables


Will We Survive The Next Supper Volcano

~ or ~


~ or ~

Ice Age

as we know from our DNA Funnel there were only about 15 Breeding Women

who Survived the last Supper Volcano 74,000 years ago

and I think that was about three Ice Ages ago

while I hope the next Ice Age will be a Mild Gentle one

because we have a lot of people we will have to move towards the Equator

while Yellowstone a Super Volcano is overdue to Blow again

and could end all Life on this Carbon based Earth as we know it today

and I live in Montana so I will be one of the first to go

while Montana had California Climate 1000 years ago for 200 years

followed by a Little Ice Age for about 400 years

caused by the variable Sun with many cycles

as the Sun continues be Warmer and Brighter

as I am called the Denier of Climate Change by True Believers

when I do not Deny Climate Change

while the True Believers can not prove with real science Humans cause Climate Change

caused by more than a dozen known climate variables today

~ they just ignore ~

as they Deny Climate Science for their Climate Religion doing test proven Harm to Nature

as they call me a skeptic =

to Question the Truth in Knowledge to Find the Truth in Science

science is: to know


scientist = skeptic

to find and know the truth in real science

as Proven Political Criminals Dictate a False Reality in Science

doing test proven harm to the environment

as simple logic and common sense

debunk political make believe based on un-proven theory

even if the make believe is Preached as Reality

and NASA can stick to their Spaced Out Program

as 49 NASA Scientists disagree with NASA

along with over 30,000 scientists with over 9,000 of them with PhD’s

and I will stick to my 40 plus years of

Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

with ongoing Climate Science Investigation since 2007

proving Fraud by True Believers and Preachers of Paranoid Climate Religion

and I only call scientifically test proven Political Frauds frauds

while true belief in test proven to be 30 years of self-debunk prediction is Lunatic Religion

and is not Fact Tested Reality in Science

~ my repeated science argument in many forms ~


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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