…the Rebuttal To: The Puppet Biden Nut House



” the doctrine that the truth in all knowledge must always be in question “


Independent Scientist

for the truth in life and knowledge for a better life for all

and those who refuse to allow question test rebuttal debate are not Scientists

they are Dictators who reject tested knowledge for power control and profit

as Dictated Science is Lunatic Political Science Fiction

and when closed minds control the open minds this is fascism not freedom

and those who fear knowledge fear reality


April 13 ~ 22

~ 2021 ~

Science is to know

~ words prove nothing ~

and data can be interpreted in many ways and misinterpreted in may more ways


Pathological is not Factual

as persuaded belief is make believe

and we must always separate the questioned tested knowledge

from the persuaded unquestioned make believe

as knowledge can join us together as make believe will break us apart

~ as some of us can admit Failure and Grow Forward and some of us can not ~

and Preaching Violence is not Leadership it is a lack of in sight

as those who side with violence caused by Ignorance are the criminals of tested reality

while Political Parties are the proven Cancer not the Cure

as Political Brainwashing is not reality in science

…and the Number One Criminal Organization in Montana

~ is ~

Montana State Fund

by the Democratic Governor of Montana Steve Bullock

who is no longer the Governor

as the Crimes of Steve Bullock continue at Montana State Fund

against All of We the People of Montana

and maybe it is time to stop the Crimes by Criminals


…as the Democrats continue to Distort the Tested Reality

for their Fascist control of All of We the People

as Joe Biden and the Democrats continue their proven Treason against America


America is not Racist

Democratic Cites are Racists

because I do not know of any ~ Republican ~ Black Communities that are Living Sewers

Controlled by Violent Gangs who are Murdering and Dealing Guns and Drugs

and If you are a life long Criminal and Drug Addict in a Gang with a Weapon

and you just killed someone and you are now Resisting Arrest

I am routing for the Good Guys

as over 100 Peace and Law Enforcement Officers while Protecting the Public

were killed last year by Criminals

MS-13 & Antifa & Black Lives Mater along with others Criminal Organizations

are Domestic Terrorist Groups

with some of them Supported by Democrats like Kamala Harris

when only Criminals support Criminals


The ~ Democratic ~ Black Communities are Self Destructive Social Sewers

…and the Number one cause of Death for Black Americans

are other Black Americans in Democratic Cites and States

proving only some Black Lives Mater to some Black People

where Democrats control their lack of Life and Liberty

as it is the Democrats who Preach and use Racism as a Political Tool

against everyone of every color for their Power Control and Profit

as Democrats are the number one cause of Politically Brainwashed Racism in America

for Political Ploy


In 1850 a Group of Rail Road Barons Bribed Everyone in Washington D.C.

and now ~ Things ~ have more Rights than All of We the People

~ Things ~ with more Rights than All the State Governments

Things that Control the Un-United States Federal Government

as both Democrats and Republicans take money from the very same Corporations

while the same Corporations gave each Political Party 500 million dollars

at the same time for one of their past Presidential Party Conventions

and of course it does not matter who wins

because ~ Things ~ will always have some kind of control over both Parties

while both Parties in their best efforts to Destroy each other Destroy America together

while I will guess Coca Cola will lose 50% of their Customers

for siding with the Fascist Democrats who have committed Treason for the past five years

against All of We the People who are America


April 12, 2021

Wearing a mask traps CO2 in your body

while you are re breathing CO2 trapped in your mask

causing an Acid imbalance in your body

causing a Hemoglobin imbalance in your body

causing Brain and Vital Internal Organ Damage

to your body


April 11, 2021

…for the truth in life and knowledge for a better life for all ~

as Fascism Silences the Truth in Questioned Tested Reality

as All of We the People are now living in the Biggest Political Scam in American History

caused by 60 Billionaires who own the Democrats the Deep State Democrats

the Media and Press

and Control Corporate America and the Stock Market

and are One with China


To: All Montana Lawmakers

in my opinion

The Tax on Marijuana is a Sales Tax

and should go in to the General Fund then Benefiting all Montana Tax Payers

by reducing both Income and Property Taxes of All Montanans

while Medical Marijuana should not be Taxed


To: All Fascist Political Lunatics

when you Kill Baseball or any Sport with Politics you Kill America


Pathological is not Factual

and Belief in Preached Ignorance is the Devil of Tested Reality


In 1850 a Group of Rail Road Barons

Bribed everyone in Washington D.C. and soon there after

the United Sates Supreme Court Granted Constitutional Rights

to Things = Entities = Corporations

Rights that were Intended only for Living Breathing Carbon based Humans

and today

Things have more Rights than Living Breathing Carbon based Humans

made by and from this Carbon based Earth from CO2

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment

The Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle

causing All Carbon based Life and Energy by a Carbon Cycle

as the by product of Energy is the cause of Life

in a continuous Cycle


George Washington along with many others were against Political Parties

and If we could abolish all political parties

and reverse the 17th amendment

this would return all control of the U.S. Senate to State Governments

returning control of the U.S. Government to All State Governments

making the States once again United

and this would end the majority of our problems and negative issues in America today

by stopping the Federal Government from Dictating to the State Governments

and once again allowing the State Governments to better Control the Federal Government

by once again All State Governments being a working part of the Federal Government

rather than States being Abused by the Federal Government as today

as the Seventeenth Amendment did not solve a problem

it made the problem 100 times worse

and we must learn from our mistakes to know and grow forward from our mistakes

because who should decide the Votes in the now Un-United States Senate

Billionaires and Special Interest Groups


All of We the People


Our State Governments Re-United

as Democratic Fascism now Dictates to All of We the People who are America


 Woke and Cancel Culture Define Predigest and Reverse Discrimination


The Democrats never let a Deliberate Pre-planed Crisis go to Waste

as they Fraudulently Treasonously Invent the Crisis

and Preach their Disinformation and Paranoia based on debunked unproven theory

while silencing the fact tested realities

for political ploy

for Power Control and Profit

and if you are not a Democrat you are then their Enemy

and must be punished as they said they would do and are doing today

as the Democrats who have proven they are fascist lunatics

Preach to us

those who are not Clones to their Fascist Lunatic Reality need Political Reprogramming

just like China is doing to many people in China today


Wearing a mask while driving is Impaired Driving

caused by the 20% oxygen deprivation to the Brain and vital internal organs

causing Brain and internal organ damage


Wearing a mask is bad for your over all health all of the time

and wearing a mask is proven to not protect you from the Corona Virus


Sun Energy Destroys Bactria Mold and Viruses

and prevent much of the spreed of all 150 virus


 Sun Energy Separates Frozen Water = H2O

as the O = Oxygen Evaporates the Dirty H2 = Hydrogen Flows

while Sun Energy separates NOx = Nitrogen and Oxygen bonded together by Lighting

and by Heat and Combustion above 2500 degrees


O3 Oxygen = Heavy Oxygen = Ozone = causing the Ozone Layer

and Lock Downs Breed more Bactria Mold and Viruses

and if we were locked outside rather than locked down inside

the virus would have been stopped with in a week of sunny weather

as the safest place to be is at the Beach in the rays of the variable Sun

with or with out clothing

and with the less clothing the less Bactria Mold and Viruses

while to much Sun is bad for you

as scientifically proven

and Sun Screens can cause cancer too

while less clothing increases the heart rate and this is good for your overall Health too


…there are some people Shrinks can not help ~

while there are Shrinks who need a Shrink too

while Healthy Doctors can be wrong 50% of the time


science is: to know

and those who know are scientists

and those who believe do not know

and I have been told you can shame people into the Truth

but you can not shame Pathological with Factual

as there are many proven Pathological Lunatics living on this carbon based Earth

and proven fact tested reality in science has zero meaning in their Lunatic life


I do not want to kill anyone

and if I did

I would not ~ need ~ a Gun

 so tell me Joe,

as you Fascistly Dictate by Executive Order

if someone uses a Pencil to Kill someone

I should then be able to Sue the Pencil Manufacture

and the persons who sold the Pencil

and if Antifa

Bashes in the Heads of over 50 Police Officers with Tire Irons

we should be able to Sue the Manufactures of the Tire Irons

and persons who sold them the Tire Irons

while allowing the Antifa Terrorist to go Free

and when someone has been Hung by a Rope

we should be able to Sue the Manufacture of the Rope

and the persons who sold the Rope

and if someones uses a large Rock to bask someones head in

then we should be able to Sue God who manufactured the large rock

and the persons who may have sold them the large Rock

while Knives Kill far more people than Guns

while Killing people with Cars and Trucks is becoming more Popular

as Newlyweds like to push one of them off Ships or Cliffs

and what are the Terrorist who are now freely crossing the Borders going to use to Kill

~ while ~

AOC is a Proven Fraud and Lunatic in tested Science

Al Gore is a Proven Fraud and Lunatic in tested Science

John Kerry is a Proven Fraud and Lunatic in tested Science

Joe Biden is a Proven Fraud and Lunatic in tested Science

Bill MSNBC Gates is a Proven Fraud and Lunatic in tested Science

Mike Bloomberg is a Proven Fraud and Lunatic in tested Science

Michael Mann is a Proven Fraud and Lunatic in tested Science

Bill Nye is a Proven Fraud and Lunatic in tested Science

and the list goes on and on and on

and anyone Preaching there is a Climate Emergency are Proven Frauds in tested Science

because there is zero scientific consensus in scientifically debunked unproven theory

there is only a test proven Lunatic consensus by test proven Lunatics

and just because the Democrats Believe in

their own scientifically test proven Brainwashed Lies for Profit

does not mean the Majority of We the People

just Believe in the Democratic scientifically test proven Lies for their Profit

…and when there can be no questioned truth then there can be no tested reality

and today the proven Lairs have the power to censor the questioned tested debated truth

in the reality of science

~ * ~

Ignorance is the True Enemy of Justice and Freedom

and one sided argument is not tested reality in science

and is there a reality beyond their Preached Paranoia

while its OK to be who you want to be  ~

as long as you are not hurting anyone

and every time Joe Biden and the Democrats commit Treason against We the People

they Blame their Crimes on Donald Trump

and when is the next Bus leaving for a Republican City in a Republican State ?


Tammy Gibson is an Employee of the Government of the State of Montana

who has Committed Fraud against me and many others

and Justice is not always Limited to the Statues of Law

and the only way to reverse your Incompetence

is to admit and repair your mistakes

and then I can no longer state you are Incompetent Frauds


Murphy Law

Michael Goggett Attorney

Odegaard Kovacich Snipes Trial Lawyers

~ vs ~

Questioned Tested Reality

~ as I am still paying Medical Bills ~

for my Head Injury

caused by the Negligence of my Employer

the Helena Scholl District


Tammy Gibson has Successfully Prevented this Legal Case

~ That Proves ~

Tammy Gibson and her Friend and Personal Physician are a Frauds

from Legally going forward

and how did that happen ?

and with the help of who ?

and for the sake of further argument

I have given the case to other Attorneys for further review to gain a further consensus

to be continued


To: Jeff Cory PhD

Deaconess Hospital Bozeman Montana

~  Jeff ~

you are a very proven Medical Fraud proving you are a Quack for Profit


Bruce A. Kershaw

to be continued


 Deference is based on Belief ~ vs ~ Fact


Belief ~ vs ~ Belief

based on zero fact

and to not allow the Logical Debate between Belief and Fact is Fascism

and to physically change the Chemistry of the natural Human body is


and to do this to Children before they know the deference

by deciding for Children what they are before they know them self


Lunatic Criminal Political Science Fiction

Frankensteining Children

by Lunatic Adults

as the Ignorance of tested reality is the new normal

as we now have Political Physical Mental Experimentation on Children in America


science is to know

and the religion of science is skepticism ~

of Preached Pathological Feelings of Hate and Doomsday Paranoia

and Proves nothing in knowledge = science


Mask = Slow Suffocation = Slow Brain and Vital Internal Organ Damage

as Scientifically Test Proven and Ignored by Deep State Malpractice Fauci

who works with Mike Bloomberg

and what is the Pay Scale for Deep State Democrats Committing Treason

Against All of We the People who are America


The Rebuttal


February 3 ~ April 7

~ 2021 ~

I have nothing but Respect for Albert Einstein

who moved away form NAZI Fascism to the Free America

who was an Office Clerk for a Living


Einstein was about Life and Knowledge and not proven Lies for Profit

while I have zero Respect for People like

Michio Kaku and Bill Nye

and how much does the Weather Channel and the Media pay Michael Mann to Lie

along with many others who call themselves Scientists

who preach Lunatic Political Science Fiction for Profit

as they are about Profit not Reality in Science

as they are For Sale beyond proven fact tested reality

while rejecting Proven Fact Tested Reality for Political Pathological Gain

as the Media and Press allow zero Question Test Rebuttal Debate

to their proven Brainwashing Lies in Science


The Lunatic Fascist NAZI Party used Racism to take over and control Germany

and then all of Europe and parts of Africa

and it is the Democrats who continue to prove their Racism

as they Preach Pathological Hate and Paranoia based on zero proven truth

as they Preach and Use Racism that does not Exist

to further control all of our daily lives

…and no more Coca Cola for Me

as they Trash We the People

while I stopped Watching Political Brainwashing Late Night TV over four years ago

as they and many other Corporations are on the side of proven Fascism

as it was more than Racist to move the All Star MLB Game from Atlanta to Denver

as this further destroyed the Back Community and the many Black Business of Atlanta

and after sleeping on it

I am Done with Baseball

while I still remember the very First Baseball Game my Grandfather took me to

I was about 12 years old and we went to the Anaheim California Angels Game

and for many years before my Father passed away

I would give him two yearly books of tickets for his Birthday and Fathers Day

as they were only days apart

to go watch live Baseball together

and today

Baseball can go to Hell

and I think they should move the All Star Game to China

and the Lying Fascist Racist Democrats can go to Hell too

as Joe Biden is the New Puppet Jim Crow

and Puppet President Kamala Antifa Harris knows Dementia Joe is a Racist

as Joe is a Good Old Boy from long ago

as Puppet Joe’s Treason against All of We the People continues

for Billionaire Democratic Fascism

that continues to Destroy America for their Power Control and Profit

as their Empty Suit

is now in Charge of the Billionaire Controlled Fascist Democratic Lunatic Reality

who are World Wide Organized Crime and are One with China

and their Fascist Reality is the Political Media Brainwashed New Normal

as Brainwashed Ignorance now Dictate a Lunatic Pathological Criminal Reality


Joe Biden has Clearly Scientifically Proven to the World

that any Treasonous Predigest Fascist Idiot can be a Puppet President

for 60 Treasonous Predigest Fascist Billionaires

who Failed Grade School Science

and if you are not a Democrat then you are a Racist

as the Democrats support Antifa who define Fascism

as the Majority of the Media support and Lie for the Democratic Fascism

Destroying America for 60 Fascist Billionaires

who use Racism who use Black America


…refusing to look and see is not tested Reality ~

I am for

question test rebuttal debate

and what are you for ?

as some of We the People are for tested reality

while some of We the People are for untested Persuaded Make Believe ~

while only Good Lawmakers can learn and know and grow forward from proven mistakes

caused by the unquestioned undebated Preached political hearsay

as we must always acknowledged questioned tested failure to succeed ~


 Stan was an Honest Journalist

and as the Governor of Montana

Stan was a good guy not a bad guy


To: All Montana Lawmakers ~

In today’s very fast paced world of change against tested reality

maybe you should meet every year instead of every other year

as you meet only for 90 Days for every 730 Days to do your Job

to Make All the Laws of the State of Montana

with only 640 days off

and how about only 550 Days off

and deal with all of the Reality

of All of We the People

every year

because We the People must live with everyday

and not for only 90 Days of every 730 Days

as Reality is Based on Question Test Rebuttal Debate Everyday


Please Google

Murphy Law ~ Great Falls Montana

and read my Google Review


I have Investigated and Proven Fraud in Science for over 25 years

and the Media and Press have Ignored all the Science Data

I have sent them for many years

Proving they are Frauds in Science and Medicine


The Majority of the Media and Press are not Journalist

they are Political Media Preachers for Democratic Fascist

who Preach Lunatic Political Science Fiction

CBS is proven to be Fraudulent News along with the Majority of the Media and Press

who are proven Political Frauds in Science for the Democratic Party

since Al Gore and his proven Fraud in Science the Inconvenient Truth

just as the Weather Channel are very proven Political Frauds in Climate Science

as Human caused Climate Warming and or Change

is a Scientifically Debunked Unproven Theory

while CBS 60 Minutes and the New York Times

are by far the Number Ones in Proven Political Fraud in Science

as they allow zero rebuttal to their fact proven Lies

and can provide Zero Science Data to prove they are not Lairs

as they allow zero Public Debate of the real Science

as they tell only the Politically Fraudulent side of the Story

as they are proven Political Ploy doing proven Harm in tested reality


The Bases for Fascism are Political Media Lies

and the bases for the Democratic Party owned by Billionaires

who Own the Majority of Media and Press

are their very proven to be Political Media Lies

as we now live in a world of

Political Media Brainwashed Make Believe rejecting tested Reality in Science


I worked for Harry Clark Buick in Compton California ~

My Great Grand Parents had a Rabbit Farm = Ranch

in Compton California

where my Grandfather Grew up

and I watched the Watts Riots on TV from about 35 miles away

in Fountain Valley California

on the same TV I watched the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

and the Assassination Dr. Martin Luther King and the Bobby Kennedy Assassination

while I am still alive ~ real TV is not


Black Americans not White Americans  are Burning Down their own Communities

and the Number one cause of Death for Black Americans

are Black People in Democratic Cites in Democratic States

as Black Americans continue to live in a Politically Brainwashed Fascism

Preached to them by White Democrats

as their Democratic Political Religion is Dictated by Billions

for their Power Control and Profit

and who cares how many Black People Kill Black People in Fascist Democratic America

who cares if they destroy their own Cites and Towns

as they destroy them selves

as the Number One cause of Death for Black Americans are Democratic Cites

as it was the Democrats who tried to stop the Freedom of Black Slaves

as it was the Lincoln Republicans who Freed All Slavery in America

of All Color

as Americans of All Color are moving away from Democratic Cites and States

as fast as they can


The Separation of Church and State is the Separation of Belief from Knowledge


Deliberate Political Media Preached Ignorance is caused by Power Control and Greed


question test rebuttal debate

rejecting to find and see the truth in knowledge


…as the Biden Crime Family Preaches to We the People ~

they do not Remember Committing Treason Against All of We the People who are America


Who is the Fascist Lunatic who decided we all need a Vaccine Passport

for only 1 of 150 Virus

while any Terrorist can now cross the U.S. Boarder with a Weapon of Mass Destruction

along with every Virus known to Mankind

while receiving Free Room and Board and Health Care

and then Vote with out any Identification

and maybe we should just send Absentee Ballots to all Carbon based Humans

on this Carbon based Earth

as the number of Homeless Americans continues to Rise

as the Democrats continue to openly Break the Law of the Land

as the Media and Press look the other way

as they Preach their Paranoia based on proven Ignorance debunked by real science

as they silence the Tested Truth in knowledge

as the Fascist Deep State continues to Distort Reality and History

as they together commit Treason against America

while Fraudulent Fauci

has no problem with any viruses freely crossing our U.S. Boarders

while the rest of us need a vaccine passport for only one mild virus

and that is how Democratic Fascism works in America

as the same 60 billionaires who own and control the Lunatic White House

own and control the Democrats the Media and Press

the Stock Market and all the Corporations as they now Preach their Fascism in Sports

with all the above now one with China

all together Destroying America

for their Power Control and Profit

while doing only Test Proven Harm to All of We the People

and do not forget to force all your children to wear a mask

Starving their Brain’s for Oxygen


I am guessing the sales of Coca Cola at the next Atlanta Braves Game

will be little to nothing

because I now know what I will be Boycotting

and if I never drink another Coca Cola in my Life it wont hurt my feelings

as Sports was one way to get away from all the Preached Lunatic Political Media Fascism

but no more

and they lost me

and ~ if ~ I should Watch any Game again on the Political Brainwashing Boob Tube

I will Record it and put an End to All the Commercials

and maybe Every Sports Fan on this Carbon based Earth

will Boycott the Fascist Corporations who love China

as the Media and Press are all proven Fascist Frauds and Lairs for the Fascist Democrats

and those who Vote for Democrats are Voting for Fascism

based on Belief in proven Ignorance and proven Lies

as the CEO’s of these Mega Corporations Boycotting anything based on Lunatic Hearsay

have Politically Proven their Fascism and Ignorance

and they are CEO’s

who have proven they are Big Dummy’s and Fools

who have their Heads up their Butts

as they Shoot the Foot in their Mouth


There is zero Freedom in Fascism

as the Scientifically Test Proven Political Media Scam against We the People continues


…and the Cardboard Sign along the Texas Highway said

~ Child Sex Slaves & Weapons & Drugs from China ~

50% Off

and what is Hunter Biden’s Cut for the Big Guy

and after 65 years of Living

I am still far more Alert than Joe Biden


I am not Alert enough to be President of the Republic of the United Sates of America

and today

with many Terrorists from all around the world now free to cross

and now crossing the U.S. Boarders

how long before a Suite Case Size Nuclear Weapon takes out a City in America

because Joe Biden is a Puppet Lunatic

who does not know he is Pretending to be President

while Kamala is the Lunatic Antifa President owned by 60 Billionaires

who own the all the Democrats

along with the majority of the media and the press

and your Job

~ as ~

The CDC rejects real science for Democratic political science fiction

~ while ~

It would take an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to take away any States Rights

and Pelosi’s  HR- 1

will make all of We the People  Slaves to the Fascist Billionaire Democratic Party

and would take away more states rights

as it would Un Constitutionally erase States Rights

and is Un-Constitutional

just like her Un-Constitutional Treasonous Political Impeachment of President Trump

based on Democratic Deep State Political Fraud and Treason

as the Treason Continues Against All of We the People


you can not fix things that are broken by Politics

as Politics is the destruction of other politics

destroying each other while further destroying America

as fascism is the byproduct of preached lunatic ignorance

caused by persuaded feelings rejecting tested fact

as preached paranoia controls many

but does not control everyone


Does your new Electric Car run on Electricity made from Coal ?

as Coal is Dirtier than Gasoline

while the amount of energy to build a new car

is about the same amount of energy to drive your old car for three years

so if you bought a new car to save our carbon based Earth from carbon

causing the carbon cycle causing all Primary and Secondary Carbon based Life and Energy

in a continues cycle of recycle

as you just paid for putting three years of CO2 in the air

by just driving your new car off the lot


CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment

6CO2 = 6H2O + v ~> C6H12O6 + 6O2

as CO2 and Water Vapor is the variably evaporated Byproduct of warming

by the variable Sun

and not the cause of warming as this is very proven in real science

just ignored by Political Media Brainwashed Lunatics

who do not question the truth in knowledge and just Believe

and the more CO2 = Carbon and Oxygen we put in the Air

the Greener this Carbon based Earth

while Carbon based Humans who are 20% carbon

holding there body together

produce less than 3% of the CO2 going into the air causing more Green


Climate Change is Real

CO2 causing All Climate Change is a Debunked unproven Theory

supported by a proven to be flawed incomplete study

supported by proven to be Flawed and Fraudulent Data


Those Preaching Doomsday Climate Paranoia for

~ Power Control and Profit ~

who are supported by over 30 plus years of failed Lunatic Doomsday Predictions

by those who are proven to be Lunatic Political Pathological Frauds

who can only prove they failed 5th Grade Science

as they refuse to allow public question test rebuttal debate

while they can not articulate their make believe science

or prove their debunked unproven theory is tested Reality


Its all about Power Control and Profit doing only harm to the carbon cycle

based on zero science

spending trillions to do only harm to the cause of Green causing the Environment

causing you and me


…and what Malpractice Fauci

is not informing you of and does not want you to know is:

Wearing a Mask causes Oxygen Deprivation

trapping CO2 in your body while you are re-breathing CO2 trapped in the mask

causing Brain and Internal Organ Damage

while proven to not protect you from viruses

and Lunatic Fauci want you to wear Two Masks

doubling the suffocation rate to your Brain and Vital Internal Organs

for what is proven to be a very mild virus

as only those who were already dying died with the corona virus

as 10,000 Americans die every day of something

and some of them caught the Virus before they died

as 99.99% of those who caught the Corona virus live

with many People not knowing the had the mild virus

and for me now at the age of 65 the corona virus was like a bad three day cold

as the yearly Flu virus was far worse for me than the Corona virus

that is being used politically to Fascistly control our Lives

as the Lock Downs have done far greater harm than the Corona virus

and Fauci is a Medical Political Fraud for Democratic Fascism

as Fauci and his Fascism have been many times worse than the Virus

as he withholds very important Medical Information from the Public

proving Deliberate Malpractice doing Deliberate Harm

and how many Children

who are not effected by this very mild virus

will now Die or be Brain Damaged with other Medical Issues

from the Forced and improper use of a Mask

or worse two masks causing twice the suffocation rate

and how many Children may Die

from Breathing from the Bactria and Mold Growing in their dirty mask

that was not changed every four hours

and not informing the Public of these known facts

is this Fascist Political Fraud or Lunatic Ignorance or Both



it is now much easier to vote in Georgia than where you come from ~

once again proving Joe is a Political Pathological Fraud

as Every time Joe Biden Preaches his words they are all test proven Lies

while Joe Biden does not know he is Lying

while committing Treason against All of We the People


Preached Paranoia is not Science


Belief in Persuaded Make Believe is not Tested Realty

while it is from the holes in ours lives we can find much of what we know

that others will never know

as they refuse to know for belief

as they destroy history

as destroyed history repeats it self

again and again


Socialism is not Freedom

Socialism is a form of Fascism

and if you do not like Freedom

then Please Leave

as you are free to go

and move to China where they will Politically program you

while the MS 13 Criminals who are now again coming back from across Border

will be more than very happy to take your place

regardless if you are a Fascist or Free


Black People in Africa

were Hunted down by Black People in Africa

to Trade with the Dutch Merchant Traders

as many things were traded

and Black People traded many Black People

in trade for

~ Things ~

and in America Today

the majority of Black Americans who are Killed

are Killed by Black Americans

just as the majority of Asian Americans and White Americans

are Killed by Black Americans who Kill other Black Americans

as only some Black Lives Mater in America by some Black Americans

as the proven Number One Enemy to Black Americans are Black Americans

as they have proven they are Prejudice to themselves

and for me

I do not want to Kill anyone

I just want to be Free

while Democrats Support Back Lives Mater

who Kill Black People

as the Democrats Preach to me I am Raciest

when I am not


~ Inflation ~

is that when the price of Lumber more than Doubles in under 6 months ?

from $11.32 to $23.52

for one

2 x 8 x 12

and so much for finishing my new half completed Garage

I have been working on for the past Five Plus Years


I have seen Dementia in my Great Grandparents Grandparents and Parents

and from all of my Observations

Joe Biden has not been fit to be President since 1976

and now Joe is living in Dementia

and how does President Kamala feel about this known reality


Knives Kill Three Times the Number of People in America than Guns

as Democrats now Reward Lunatic Criminals and Punish the Victims

as they support Domestic Terrorist Groups like Antifa

who destroyed Main Street U.S.A. all around the U.S. all Summer long

and now the Democrats are going to try to Tax your gun away from you


You can not Tax Constitutional Rights in order to take away Constitutional Rights

while maybe we should Tax Fascist Criminal Political Ignorance and save many Lives

as returning Criminals are now Smuggling Guns Drugs and People

Freely across the U.S. Borders


We can provide Humanitarian Aid south of the Border

while protecting our Borders from Criminal Terrorist Invasion from all over this World

and what is now happening at the U.S. Border is Presidential Treasonous Lunatic Insanity


~ of the People by the People for the People ~

and why is the worst Insurance Company in Montana

owned by the Government of the State of Montana

as they further destroy the Lives of very Broken Montana Citizens

to save money


…if you do not Look then you can not See and Know

the Number One Cancer in Montana is Montana State Fund


I can Overwhelmingly Prove the Fraud at Montana State Fund

and that is why they have prevented my case form seeing the light of day in a Court of Law

three times that I can prove

after four plus years of Investigation with three attempts of Legal Motion for Justice

for Crimes I can Prove

that Gov. Steve Bullock was very aware of

as well as Lance Zanto the Chair Person of Montana State Fund

as well as Tammy Gibson of MSF

who Committed the Fraud with the Help of her Personal Physician and Friend

Dr. Sargent

Sage Medical Clinic

Helena Montana


To: All Montana Law Makers

on page 2


~ Warning ~

Based on my Personal Bad Experiences after many Physical Body and Head Injuries

~ Do Not Go To ~

Thomas Murphy Law Office ~ Great Falls Montana

Michael Doggett Attorney at Law ~ Missoula Montana

Odegaard ~ Kovacich ~ Snipes

Trial Lawyers

Billings ~ Great falls ~ Helena

as Tammy Gibson now owes them a Favor

I would call their work Deliberate Malpractice at Best

and in no way can you Trust these very Cruel People with your very Broken Life

as they are proven Back Stabbers and much Worse

as they have proven their very Unprofessional Dishonesty to me

while one can only wonder about the many back door deals that happen

with already proven to be Criminal Insurance Companies

as it is not about wellness for you its about profit for them

and the only winners here are those who are Negligent in a system of proven injustice

caused by Prejudice and Bias

by Criminals who play God with your Life

as those who we must blindly trust are sometimes the proven to be real enemies


…ignoring all tested knowledge for one belief is not science

while the Show must go on ~


a Governor is someone who enforces what the Law Makers tell the Governor to do

and not what the Governor tells the Law Makers

what the Governor is or is not already doing

regardless of the Law = Fascism


question test rebuttal debate

is always rejected by

Power Control and Profit

the new PCP


The New Democratic Normal for America is:

Lunatic Political Media Science Fiction

Preaching Fascist Hate Paranoia and Lies


I Back the Blue

and sometimes they must waste their very important time

for proven politically bias and predigest Lunatics

and if and when the Blue ever want my help

I will be there

as they are always there for all of us


Have you ever been called by local Law Enforcement

who are doing their Job as Peace Officers

with a Legal Complaint against you for Email Trespassing

for Emails that contain zero threats or harm to anyone

that provide Facts to a Government and or Public Email address

sent to a Taxpayer owned Computer on a Taxpayer owned Desk

to a Public Servant in a Public Building

~ well I have ~

and guess what I do

when I receive far more than just a few Junk Emails everyday

I Delete them

so if you don’t like my junk

and if it makes you feel better

Dial 911

and then maybe I should Dial 911 every time an unwanted Pop Up Occurs


my many repeated arguments in many forms

based on my investigations proving fraud in science for over 25 years


March 25, 2021

the Democrats are the Party of Hate Paranoia and Fascism Committing Treason

to All of We the People who are America

and now Joe Biden is going to give 4 Billion Dollars to Countries south of the Border

Money that will go into the Pockets of very Corrupt Criminal Rulers

making them more Corrupt and more Powerful

and more repressive to the People


 We need to send direct Help and Aid to the People

and not money to the Criminals in Charge

as the only thing Joe has Proven to me

he is a Mindless Lunatic Criminal with Dementia being used by Criminal Democrats


March 24, 2021

when I am Denied do Process under the Law

that is Predigest Fascism

while together 60 Billionaires can spend a Trillion dollars buying all the Democrats

while the Billionaires already own and control the proven to be Fascist Media and Press

and if Joe Biden would like to spend a day arguing together

or just go for a drive and enjoy the view together

that’s OK with Me


Kamala Antifa Harris

who received zero votes in the Democratic Presidential Primary

is in Charge of the Predigest Fascism Committing Treason


I have not seen my $ 1’400.00 yet

maybe the Fascist Democrats are only giving the $ 1’400.00 to Fascist Democrats

and to all the Criminals crossing the boarder and to all the Criminals in Jails

while maybe they should give the money to the Victims of these Criminals

as Mike Bloomberg is already paying the Fines of Criminals

so they can Vote for Criminals

and what is the cut for Hunter Biden from the Organized Crime from south of the border

that is coming here from all over this world

and what is the big guy Dementia Joe’s cut


~ at the turning point in freedom ~


We the People

of the

~ Republic ~

of the

United States of America

are  now

Some of the People

of the

~ Democracy ~

of the Un-United States of America

un-united by the Seventeenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution


In a Republic the Individual is Equal to the Majority

and in a Democracy the Majority Rules

while the Majority of Americans are not Democrats or Republicans

the majority of Americans do not belong to any Political Party

and have zero Representation in the U.S. Government

and because of the 17th Amendment

State Governments no longer have Representation in and Control of the U.S. Government

because the 17th Amendment removed Control of the U.S. Senate from State Governments

and now the U.S. Government can Dictate to the State Governments

because today Political Parties owned by Billionaires now control the U.S. Senate

and today one Political Party

who are not the Majority of We the People

now own and control the U.S. Government

as neither We the People or State Governments

have any Authority in the now Fascist American Government

and if we Reverse the 17th Amendment

then All State Governments

by All of We the People

will take back control of the Senate and reunite the States of America

stopping a single Political Party from controlling the U.S. Government

and Controlling all State Governments

as state governments would control the federal government

instead of the federal government controlling all the state governments

as there are no longer states rights in the Democratic Fascism

as one political party is now dictating to the Majority and the Minority of We the People

as they dictate to all state governments

and in reality this is called Fascism

as states right includes the ownership and control of the U.S. Senate

to control the Federal Government along with the Peoples House of Representatives

as our President today is not following and enforcing the Law of the Land

he is Breaking the Law and Dictating how we may live our lives

to be continued

~ * ~

March 23, 2021

Criminals will always have Guns

because they do not buy Guns from Gun Stores

because anyone can Buy a gun from MS 13 who are now back across the boarder again

along with the Brand New Terrorism

while Joe Biden has decided for All of We the People

that we are all now going to pay the room and board for criminals from all over the world

with a free bus ticket to somewhere

as they are Busing all of them to somewhere

into the Small Towns of America

and its a Surprise coming from the off ramps

from all along the side of the Highway of somewhere


many Homeless American War Hero’s are Committing Suicide everyday

and how does Kamala Antifa Harris Feel about all of this ~

… just for Laughs

in the New Normal of Democratic Fascism


March 22, 2021

…Children build their immune systems by eating dirt

and by being a living part of all of the living and non living environment

while wearing a mask deprives oxygen to the Brain and Vital Internal Organs

but who cares about already one year of slow Suffocation to everyone

as the Ignored Science can do far more harm than a Virus

and this is known as Ignorance of the very available knowledge = Science


reality is tested science and not dictated

as science and law are tested and argued not dictated

tested reality is: tested knowledge


My Science: to know and Legal Argument

are based on the past 500 years of the laws of science

supported by the Science of Law

and the very basics of Physics and Chemistry

since the early 1800’s

all debunking Humans cause climate warming

~ example ~

Geological Climate History

just ignored by the flawed incomplete climate study


Humans cause Climate Warming

along with many other very real Climate variables

just very ignored by

the Flawed Incomplete Political Media Preached Make Believe Climate Study

Preaching ~ their ~ very Test Proven Political Science Fiction

~ while ~

at 210 ppm CO2 in the Air Plants and Trees begin to Die

and at 160 ppm CO2 in the Air

the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Life and Energy Cycle will End

above sea level


The Increased CO2 and Water Vapor levels

causing all the Green and the Environment

are the Evaporated Byproduct of Climate Warming

and not the Cause of Climate Warming

as scientifically proven and just Ignored by Climate Religion for Profit

who just ignore proven fact tested reality in science

they do not comprehend


science is to know


question test rebuttal debate

~ and ~

not one Carbon based Human on this Carbon based Earth

Preaching Doomsday Climate Paranoia

will publicly Debate the Science or allow Question or Rebuttal

or provide a test or data to prove the debunked unproven theory is proven science

as Democrats continue to Preach

as the Bill MSNBC Gates Media is Brainwashing

their Lunatic Doomsday Political Science Fiction for

~ Profit ~

and for power and control of our daily lives

based on proven to be Garbage Science

while Harming the cause of Green and the Environment

costing us only trillions and trillions of Dollars

until all the plants and trees have died

ending the food and oxygen energy cycle for you and me


CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment


Carbon based Humans have been moving to higher ground for the past 26,000 years

while the Sea level has been 100 feet higher than today

and 350 ~ 400 feet lower than today

and when the rate of variable evaporation by the variable Sun with many cycles

exceeds the rate the Ice is melting the sea level declines

as the sea level will continue to go up and down regardless of Carbon based Humans

made by and from this Carbon based Earth from CO2 = Carbon and Oxygen

by the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle

as Plants and Trees need Four Times the CO2 than in the air today to be at Good Health


Ice Core Science shows us Ice Ages with many times the CO2 level than in the air today


all the Lungs on this Carbon based Earth generate more CO2 than all the Cars

for plants and trees to breathe in the carbon life and energy cycle

as those who failed Grade School Science Dictate Science they can not Articulate

and do not comprehend

and have yet to prove beyond debunked unproven theory


From: Bruce A. Kershaw

45 years Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

with an on and off science debate with Joe Berry Lead Lab Chemistry Stanford University

Since January 1, 2011

To: Chuck Schumer

Dear Chuck,

you may have past a Law Exam

as you and the proven to be Treasonous Democrats are Deliberately Breaking

The Republic of the United States Constitutional Law

from Sea to shining Sea

while you continue to Fail 3rd Grade Science


$100’000.00 Reward for the Peer-reviewed Science Data

scientifically proving their is a climate emergency

and that humans are the cause of the climate emergency

while I have made this request well over 40,000 times since 2007

as I stopped counting years ago

as I continue to make this scientific request to everyone everyday who are

Preaching Catastrophic Doomsday Climatic Warming Paranoia

for the past 30 plus years of many Failed Lunatic Doomsday Predictions by Democrats

based on Un-Proven Theory supported by a proven to be very Flawed Incomplete Study

that is based on proven to be Bogus and Fraudulent Data

all debunked by available science data

that you obviously do not Comprehend

~ to be continued ~


March 21, 2021

Hypothetical is not Factual in working Science

as the Religion of Science is Skepticism

and my tested reality is:

Yesterday was the First Day of Spring on many Calender’s

and when the Mayan Calendar ran out

the Lunatics who Preach Doomsday’s were proven wrong again


When a Mayan Calendar ends a new Mayan Calendar begins

based on the Positions of this Carbon based Earth

based on a Rotation Cycle of the Earth Axis of 26,000 years

at this time

as the Earths rotation slows as the Moon moves further away

making everyday longer over time

while reducing the Gravity on this Carbon based Earth

and is only one of many factors in variable weather

and progressive climate change of the past 4.6 billion years


Repetitiveness is the Key to Deprogramming


my Prescription for Joe Biden is Oxygen

as those using Joe Biden are preventing Oxygen from going to his his Brain


Everything that has gone wrong

for the past 4.6 billion years and for the next 4.6 billion years

will now always be Donald Trumps Fault

because the Democrats Make Believe

they are never wrong and are always right and perfect

and this should be made into a new Law soon


Joe Biden is an Insult to all Intelligent Tested Reality in Science Medicine and Law

and how many Terrorists and Returning Criminals have now Crossed the Boarder ?

Joe Biden is committing Terrorism against We the People

Joe Biden is committing Treason against America

by Executive Order that is Breaking the Law of the Land


The Variable Evaporated Byproduct of Variable Warming

by the Variable Sun with many Cycles

causing the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Life and Energy Cycle

caused by this Carbon based Earth

where everything Living and Breathing and not Living and Breathing

has Carbon in it

~ is ~

CO2 and Water Vapor

the CO2 comes from the Majority of Volcanic Activity below Sea level

now add Sun Energy causing Green causing the Environment

6CO2 + 6H2O + v ~> C6H12O6 + 6O2

~ while ~

All the available Scientific Climate and Weather Data of the past 150 years

with Ice Core Science

and all known Geological Climate History


there is zero Climate Emergency

there is zero catastrophic Climate Warming

there is zero catastrophic Ice Melting

and there is zero catastrophic Sea Level Rise

while climate change is very real


Human caused Climate Warming is Debunk unproven theory

and those Preaching Catastrophic Doomsday Climate Warming Paranoia

are scientifically test proven Lunatics

who continue to publicly prove they Failed 5th Grade Science

as they reject 5th Grade Science


Pathological is not Factual

and scientifically proven over and over again and again

the majority of the Media and Press are deliberate Political Pathological Frauds in science

as their proven political media Ignorance dictates science


My continued work in progress ~

by question test rebuttal debate

and by age 30 you realize you were not as smart as you thought you were at age 20

and at age 40 you realize there is far more to learn than you know

and by 65 you realize you wish you could be 20 again and Stupid



We the People

live in a world of test proven Lunatic Political Science Fiction dictating our daily lives

and what will be the long term negative effects of forcing children to wear a mask

that does cause test proven Oxygen Deprivation to their Developing Brains

and all Developing Vital Internal Organs

while it is Black People who are proven to be Harming Asians not White People

as proven to be Criminal Democrats Preach Racism by White People

as this is a political tool for political ploy

while the vast majority of Black Deaths in America are caused by Black People

as only some Black Lives Matter to some Black People


I voted for Ron Paul in the 2008 Primary Election

and then 8 years later I did not vote for Clinton or Trump in the 2016 Election

while sometimes I have a Bad Day ~


Adolf Hitler was a Psychopath

and what are the Leaders of Russia and China today ?

and just like the Deep State NAZI Party in Germany

the Deep State Democrats are very alive and well today in America

as the Democratic Party is a Lunatic Political Media Religion

owned by a Large Group of Billionaires from everywhere who own the Media too

as the Democrats today are now Punishing those who are not Democrats

while their new Dementia Puppet President Joe Biden

~ they are using ~

belongs in a Rocking Chair on a Sinking Island

where Joe can politically preach his proven to be

Lunatic Climate Doomsday Paranoia

so Billionaires can Profit

based on debunked unproven theory and zero fact tested reality in science

and what will the already Acting Puppet President Antifa Harris do ?

as Criminal Billionaires Control America Today

as their Fascism has decided for us what is best for All of We the People


The Fascist Democratic Party is Arrogant Ignorance committing Treason against America

while controlling your life with preached fear and paranoia

based on proven fraud in science medicine and Law

doing test proven harm to themselves and everyone


I began my Scientific Investigation of the Corona Virus on March 13, 2020

and the Media and Press are Political Media Preachers not real Journalists or Scientists

as they Politically Preach Disinformation and proven Lies to We the People


99.99 % of those who caught the Corona virus continue to Live

while those dying with the virus were already dying of something

as 10,000 Americans die everyday of something

and some of them caught the virus before they died

as the majority of those dying with the corona virus were

in the last 1 to 12 months of their life

Obsess Diabetics with Heart and Lung Disease over 70 years of age

while more Americans die from abortion everyday

than die from the Corona Virus

and where Masks were Mandated versus not Mandated

 in some cases the virus spread at the the same rate

while in some other cases the Mask Increased the spread of the virus

proving mask mandates are all for political ploy for control of your life

while causing slow Suffocation damaging the Brain and Vital Internal Organs

just as the Lock Downs have only made things many times worse for everyone

all over this Carbon based Earth

while a leaked German Government Report states:

this is all a world wide false alarm

as the corona virus is a mild virus and only one of about 150 viruses

and are we now going to do the very same political crimes for all the other viruses too ?

as this is all Democratic Political Scam for Power Control and Profit doing only Harm


The yearly flu virus was much worse for me than the Corona Virus

as the Corona Virus was like a bad three day cold

as I am now 65 years of age

while I tell people I am 105 years old

because I always add 40 years to my age

so to always look good for my age

and I will say this again

all Honest Doctors can be wrong up to 50% of the time


Malpractice Political Pathological Fauci

is a scientifically test proven Political Fraud in Mask Science

as there are very real Scientifically Test Proven Facts from Real Medical Studies

showing us very real serous Health Risk associated with wearing a mask

with twice as much harm from wearing two Masks

as Fauci just Ignores the very real very available science facts proving he is wrong

or maybe this is simple Ignorance on his part

as Fauci Ignores the very real harm from the Improper use of a Mask

just as Mask Up Montana are Proven Political Frauds in Mask Science they just Ignore

that is doing very real harm caused by very real oxygen deprivation

to the Brain and vital Internal Organs

along with many other very real health risks

that Malpractice Fauci does not want you to know

as he Preaches Lunatic Political Science Fiction doing test proven harm

because we know slow suffocation from wearing a mask will not prevent any Illness

or twice the suffocation from wearing two masks

as Real Ignored Test Proven Science continues to Debunk Malpractice Fauci

and those who have not reviewed the available Science Data

have earned zero right to Preach their Lunatic Political Science Fiction

by very proven to be Disinformation and Proven Lies

for their political ploy

as there are zero peer-reviewed science facts available from the Media and Press


question test rebuttal debate

as we know Fauci is working with Mike Bloomberg who owns the Democrats

as Mike is always changing the rules for the Democratic Party for his own Benefit

and in my book that makes Fraudulent Fauci a Deep Sate Democrat

and how much are Deep State Democrats Paid ?

to Politically Lie to All of We the People

as the Media rubber stamps the proven Lies

proving fascism rejecting science


page one = 1

March 17, 2021

…being a senor at Helena High in 1973

was many times easier than today

~ as ~


the Number Two cause of Death for Teenagers is Suicide

as many of them were the best in their class

as they did not die from a virus

they died from a lack of freedom

caused by the closed minds that refuse to look see and know


How Comforting to know

today any Terrorist from anywhere can now freely cross the U.S. Border


Joe Biden was a Big Dummy before his Dementia

and now Joe needs more Oxygen not 20% less from wearing a mask


To: Preached Doom and Gloom Paranoia Dementia Joe

who over 60 billionaires gave money to

as Hunter is doing very good too from all over the world

and is there anyone their ?

to debate proven fact tested reality in science ?

by question test rebuttal debate ?



you are the most Pessimistic Carbon based Human on this Carbon based Earth

as not one Democratic Doomsday Prediction over the past 30 plus years

has ever come true as your Preached Paranoia of the unknowable future continues

as you are being used

and from now on when something goes wrong

~ and it will ~

you must always blame a dead person


this works much better than blaming people who are still alive

who are not to blame for something you did wrong

that you do not remember doing and do not know you did


science is: to know



Marilyn Monroe

was served to John F. Kennedy on a Silver Platter

and that is a fact in proven history that can not be removed

as we learn and know from history to grow forward


…and as we say in Montana ~

Cowboy Up

…because you can not Tax ~

The Bill of Rights

you can not Tax Owning your Own Gun

you may in some way be Taxed while  ~ buying or selling ~ a Gun

but you can not Tax ~ Having ~ a Gun

in order to take away the Ownership of the Gun

unless their is a mortgage on the gun

and if you buy the mortgage on the gun you then you can take the gun

but only by the order of a Court of Law

and then only with and by rite of execution

and then

 Law Enforcement Knocks on your Door

and then they tell you

you are over three months behind on your Gun Payment

and it is time to pay up


give us the gun

and then you give the Gun to the Law Person


you can now get a much better gun just across the Boarder

for half of much that can not be Taxed

and it came with a free pound of Pot

that no one in America will buy


you can now Legally buy pot grown locally and then you pay taxes on the pot

helping our Education System Politically Brainwash our Children

and I will take the Pot over the Politically Preached Brainwashing of Paranoia


…and how about a Gun Death Tax ~

as you will always own your own gun until the day you die

and only then the government can take your gun from your dead body


science is: to know


I am for Law Enforcement Everywhere for Everyone

as the Deliberate Distortion of Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science is the New Normal


March 16, 2021

…if you want to fix the U.S. Senate

Reverse the 17th Amendment

caused by the Crimes of the Butte Copper Kings of Montana

as the 17th Amendment only made reality 100 times worse than before

~ while ~

The 16th Amendment has yet to be Legally Ratified

as not all of each

State Government Law were worded the same on the 17th Amendment

as many of each State Government were

worded and proposed differently

and then with all of the above different this was

Un-Constitutionally Rubber Stamped by the U.S. Supreme Court

as all knowledge in Law is: to know

as is

science is: to know


but if you do not look you can not see the knowledge


All of the Crime Cartels of South America and all Terrorist from all around the world

~ Love Joe Biden ~

and that’s why they buy and wear Joe Biden T-Shirts

and what is the Cut for Hunter Biden on the Sale of Biden T-Shirts


the Sign next to the opening in the Wall says open for Business

and Children Guns and Drugs are on Sale Today

with no Back Ground Cheek Required


When Public Servants become the Rulers of All of We the People

this is called Fascism Destroying Truth Justice and Liberty

of by and for All of We the People

as All of We the People who are America

Strive to repair what is Broken in America

while the Democrats are Deliberately Destroying what is not Broken

as the Media and Press are the proven Lairs and Frauds for Democratic Fascism

who prevent the Tested Truth from being known for their Fascist Political Ploy

for their Power Control and Profit

that is Being Fascistly Treasonously Stolen from All of We the People


March 13, 2021

The British Empire Shipped all their Lunatic Misbehavers to Australia

and here in America we now in time ship them to Washington D.C.


I am for Legal Immigration

and against MS 13 and other Criminals and Terrorists crossing the U.S. Boarders Freely

while our Homeless Americans continue to live and die on the Streets of America


Democratic Preached Hate Paranoia and test proven Lies for Political Ploy

is Fascism not Freedom

and without Secure Boarders there can be no Security or Freedom


I am a Student of Constitutional Law and History since 1980

and Joe Biden is Breaking United States Law

and when the President is Breaking the Law of the Land

State Governments have the Constitutional Right and Responsibility

to always Protect their Boarders and the Borders of America

from those Breaking the Law of the Land

and from any and all crime within their borders at all times

as all Law must always be Enforced

and Joe Biden is working against Justice

as Joe Biden is for Injustice

as Joe Biden is allowing for all crime to Flourish on all sides of all the Boarders

doing only proven harm to everyone


Joe Biden is a Proven Criminal of Constitutional Law

and must be Impeached for his Crimes against all Humanity


Joe Biden is not working for All of We the People

Dementia Puppet Joe

is Blindly working for 60 plus Fascist Treasonous Trader Billionaires

who have placed themselves above We the People

and have turned the Democratic Party and the Media and Press into a living Cancer

who are destroying all the Rights and all the Freedoms

of All of We the People who are America

for the sake of their Power Control and Profit

~ and ~

 When you can not control and protect your own Borders

you can not protect Life and Property within your Borders

and we must do all we can to Save Humanity in all of South America

to save our selves from the Tyranny they Flee from

as they want what we have in America that is now being taken away from America

as they Flee from their Tyranny to our new Tyranny

as their Tyranny is now Free to cross our U.S. Borders

as the Democrats reward the Criminals and Punish All Americans

for Billionaire Profits

as Political Media Brainwashed Ignorance now Dictates a False Reality


 I drive to Bozeman Montana from Helena Montana 5 days a week

for the Fort Harrison VA Hospital Medical Lab

~ and you can be very Proud of the many Patriots of the VA

that I have the opportunity to work with everyday ~


on my way to Bozeman yesterday or maybe the day before

~ as I am right now preoccupied with a toothache ~

I stopped at the Truck Stop at Interstate 90 and Highway 287

as this is the back door entrance to Three Forks Montana

and what I witnessed on the Off Ramp on Interstate 90

was a large White Bus with everyone unloading everything off the Bus

and my first thought was the Bus must of broke down

and they will all have to wait for another Bus to come rescue them

and as I came closer to the Bus before turning on to the on ramp of I-90

headed east on my way to Bozeman

I noticed there were many large Garbage Bags as there Luggage

and as I continued my drive to Bozeman I passed another Large White Bus

that looked just like the White Bus that was unloading People at the Three Forks Off Ramp

~ and after sleeping on it I now I wonder ~

are these Bus Loads of Criminals who Illegally Crossed the U.S. Border

who are now being dumped along side the roads of Montana ?

as these White Buses

look just like the White Buses I just saw today on the News that were at the U.S. Boarder

full of Criminals who had crossed the U.S. Boarder Freely and Illegally

and as we already know

the Puppet Biden Democratic Cancer continues to Invade America and Grow

and are they Informing Greg Gianforte our new Governor of Montana

they are Dumping Criminals in Montana ?


If you do not make believe in Joe Biden’s mindless make believe you will be Punished

as the Democrats are now Punishing those who are not on Their Side

punishing those who refuse to make believe in their Media Preached and Brainwashed

Lunatic Political Science Fiction doing only Harm

and maybe Joe can get me Fired from my Job

Transporting Lab Work and Corona Virus Tests

for the many Sick U.S. War Veterans


Its time to lock your doors and load your guns

~ while ~

There was some kind of a Banking System Crises yesterday

the system was overloaded

and I am guessing it was caused by the Feds

paying out Stimulus Funds

and the system is now back up to normal speed


March 11, 2021

~ my ~

question test rebuttal debate


a work in progress

since the spring of 2007

and have you ever tried to articulate

atmospheric emission science physics and chemistry to a 5th Grader ?

~ or ~

to the Politicians and the Political Media Preachers

who have publicly proven they failed 3rd grade science ?


You can not ignore or change preexisting hard science

 with political media preached words of persuaded belief

supported by zero science data

as the Democrats are not about All of We the People

they are only for Democrats

just like NAZIS were only for Nazis

and in america today

if you are not one of them then you are the enemy

as ~ their ~Democratic party is above All of We the People

and today proven with Video and Testimony

it is Predigest Black People who Hate America in Democratic Cities

who are Attacking Asian Americans

as the Democrats Preach it is Republican White Supremacy

Attacking Asian Americans


The Billionaire owned and controlled Democratic Political Media Corporation

is: Predigest Fascism committing Treason

against All of We the People who are America


~ March 10, 2021 ~


when Lunatics can dictate a false reality

we then have trillions going everywhere but where it should go

~ as ~

We have Homeless Veterans holding up cardboard signs on the streets of America

that say Hungry

and many of them go to where ever home is that night and commit suicide

and Joe Biden is going to give MS 13 money and free room and board and medical care

and a free bus ticket to any where they want to go

while the National Guard Protecting the Capital are feed garbage

and then sleep on cement parking lot floors

as America Last is here again

as the Democrats continue to reward crime

and punish law and order and heroes

while Distorting knowledge and history

for their power control and profit


CO2 is: Green Energy

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment

6CO2 + 6H2O + v ~> C6H12O6 + 6O2

causing the primary and secondary carbon life and energy cycle

in a continuous cycle of recycle

and man made Climate Warming is a debunked unproven theory

and preached by the Media and Press as Settled Science

in a new science

as we learn and know something new in every science everyday


Evaporated CO2 and Water Vapor is the variable byproduct of variable warming

by the variable Sun and not the cause of warming

as Nature provides over 97 % of the CO2 in the Air

and Carbon based Humans less than 3 %

while the climate study is very proven to be Flawed Incomplete

and supported by proven to be Flawed and Fraudulent Data

and debunked by 70 plus years of very real

Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

ignored by the climate study

along with many other ignored climate variables

while further debunked by Ice Core Science and known Climate History

ignored by the proven to be Bogus Climate Study


there is zero catastrophic Climate Warming

there is zero catastrophic Ice Melt

and there is zero catastrophic Sea Level Rise

it is all political media disinformation and proven lies

its all lunatic political science fiction

for power control and profit that is harming the cause of green and the environment

as they prohibit all Public Question Test Rebuttal Debate

as not one of my Letters to the Editor since 2007 has ever been printed

and no one preaching doomsday climate paranoia can provide peer-reviewed science data

to prove they are not frauds in science

after more than 40,000 requests for science data since 2007

as real data debunk no data

as preached words prove nothing in proven fact tested reality in science

pathological can not debunk factual in science


We are now back to: Political Media Doomsday Climate Paranoia

with added Political Media Doomsday Virus Paranoia

supported by proven disinformation and lies

while preaching only some Black Lives Matter Racism Paranoia

now add a little Brainwashed Nancy Paranoia

~ Nancy ~

by new Children’s Book just for you


 You are the thing with no thing while I am a thing with a thing



~ while ~

I am in no Condition to be ~

The President of the Un-United States of America


I am in much better condition than Joe Biden

and we all know whats under the tip of that Iceberg


 I am for the Truth in all of Life and all of Knowledge for a Better Life for All

and when I am Proven Wrong ~

I then Learn and Know and Grow Forward in Tested Reality


There can be no sides in the Questioned Tested Truth

there can only be the Death of the Truth by Ignorance and Evil

and there will always be Ignorance and Evil


…they say the best way to have a voice in Government is to give money to a Politician

and of course Billionaires have ~ all ~ the money to give to ~ all ~ the Politicians


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…the Rebuttal To: Political Media Science Fiction


February 2, 2021

Happy Groundhog Day



…and if Donald Trump stops Tweeting Insults

then more people will vote for Donald  Trump

in 2024

while Tweeter is still Fascism

~ while ~


who won zero votes in the Democratic Primary

will be the next President before Puppet Joe’s Term is up

and who will be Kamala pick to be Vice President ?

Billionaire Mike Who

or Steve Bullock

owned by Billionaire Mike Who

just follow the Suit Cases Full of Cash


….the Improper use of a mask can Kill you ~

but who cares ?

if we have a lot of Brain Damaged Children from Oxygen deprivation

from wearing a mask already proven to not prevent the Spread of the Corona Virus


the Corona Virus is not Killing Students

for the past year

Suicide is Killing Students

for the past year


~ as the Treason against All of We the People Continues ~


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The Science Rebuttal


September 9 ~ December 2


…the Rebuttal


Pathological is not Factual

and you can not see Factual through Pathological Eyes

you can not see Factual through Persuaded Feelings of Fear and Hate by Ignorance


Personal Emotional Feelings are not Facts


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Fraud by Dr. Sargent & Sage Medical Clinic for MT. State Fund


August 11, ~ September 10,


~ The Rebuttal ~

to the Political Lunatics who are Preaching to us

” The number three cause of Death in America is the Corona Virus “

and is a scientifically Proven Lie


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To: Montana Criminal Governor Steve Bullock


…is there Lunatic Political Science Fiction in un-tested Reality = Make Believe

~ The Smile behind the Mask ~



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Fact Check to Fascist Treasonous Tweeter


The Rebuttal


June 23 ~ July 14

~ 2020 ~


I have never seen so many People on the Road in U-Halls

and every other kind of Household moving vehicle in my Life Time


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Organized Crime in Montana by Gov. Steve Bullock & Friends


The Rebuttal


June 15, 2020


Do not Vote for Anyone who is a part of the Criminal Bullock Administration


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Corona Virus as the Political Media Paranoia Strikes Again


The Rebuttal


May 7 ~ May 28

~ 2020 ~



The Corona Virus is the Mildest Virus in my Life Time

as the Majority of those with the Corona Virus do not know they had or have this Virus

and that is why it is so easy to spread

because no one is at Home Sick with this Virus

that now has a death rate of 0.24 % and continues to drop as testing expands

and you can Thank the Democratic Billionaires who Own and Control the Media and Press

for the Politically Brainwashed Bogus Lock Down


Why is the Democratic owned and controlled Media and Press

withholding Vital Medical Information from the Public

why is the Democratic Media Intentionally making everything worse

in this Corona Virus they made into a Crises they made into a Political Crises

why are only Democratic Physicians with a political agenda Lying to the Public

~ and ~

I agree with Dr. Scott Atlas

Senior Fellow of the Hoover Institution of Stanford University

who states

the media is not Medically Informing the People of America

and the Lock Down is doing far more harm than the Corona Virus

as Proven

and most Professionals Agree


While the Majority of the Media Ignore Dr. Scott Atlas

as they politically attack and censor all Doctors speaking out and against the Lock Down

as Real Doctors are trying to Medically Inform the Public with Real Medical Advice

during this Corona Virus

as the Media is preventing We the People

from receiving the proper available Medical Advice

from Real Doctors and Physicians since the Virus began

and that is how the Majority of the Media is Helping America

by being the cause of this Invented Crises for their Political Agenda

proving Treason against We the People for their Democratic Billionaire Owners


How can We the People who are America come together

with a Politically Fascist Media Brainwashing Paranoid Fraudulent Science and Medicine

Protected by Freedom of the Press

as Treason can not be protected by Freedom of the Press


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Dr. Albert Olszewski for Governor of Montana


June 19, 2020



Never Give Up

as it is not Wisdom that Wins Elections it is to often Billionaire Money

and Real Leadership does not come from money

Never Give Up



May 21, 2020


We the People of Montana

need Leadership who can Mend and Heal

and that is what Physicians do Best

as they know what is Right and Wrong for Wellness

and they comprehend Preventative Care

as they are in the Business of Giving not Harming

and settling for Bad Law can not Heal the Damage of Bad Law

as the Illness can only become Worse


Dr. Albert Olszewski

already knows how to Repair and Heal what has been Broken

he knows how to Cure Sickness and Maintain Wellness

as Albert is a Doctor not a Lawyer

as he is already outside the box looking in

and is not blinded by political belief

as Belief Reality is how we are blinded to Tested Reality

as Belief Reality is Make Believe doing only Harm in Tested Reality

and we need a Good Doctor to Heal the proven political wounds to We the People

as the Majority of We the People are Independents with zero Representation

and Dr. Albert Olszewski is a Physician First

who will represent all of We the People First

and will help all of us with all of our Wounds

and help all of We the People to be well again in Freedom in Montana

Albert will not need to be told what he should do because of Ignorance

as he will know what to do by Questioned Tested Intelligence

and be Scientifically Factual and not Politically Pathological

as I can see Albert is a Real Leader for Real Wellness and not a Political Puppet

and my Hope for a better World is with Dr. Albert Olszewski

Professional Healer

who is a Real Montanan for Helping Real Montanans Live Well



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My Questions for Joe Berry and Stanford Woods Institute


science is: to know


and If you do not Question the Truth in knowledge

then you can not know the Truth in Science

and just believe in the test proven Political Media Lies


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