The Science Rebuttal


…the rebuttal ~

September 9 ~ 23

~ 2020 ~


Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

Nancy Pelosi

by her Actions is Certifiably Insane


science is: to know



to always Question the Truth in Knowledge

to always know the truth in science


you can thank Tree Huger’s for their Forest Fires

and why are these self proven fools

not clearing all the Trees at least 100 feet from all around their Homes

to prevent their homes from burning down

as all Trees can Burn weather or not there is a Drought

and regardless of 4.6 billion years of constant variable climate change

and when Nature causes a Forest Fire you let it Burn

while protecting all Life first

and then Protect Property where you can with out risking Life

as there are many times the Trees today than 100 years ago

and I Hug every Tree before I cut it down

as we can grow Trees but we can not grow Oil or Steel

as trees are always there to build new Homes and keep us warm

with proper Forest Management

while the Price of Lumber has gone up 50% recently

and I am guessing the money is going the Billionaires and not the Loggers

while 60% of the Mom and Pop Shops and Restaurants are now out of Business

thanks to the unnecessary Lock Downs

as Billionaire Owned Box Stores are doing very well

as the cost of materials to build a new Home is now up 50%

since the Lock Downs began


…and can you prove your make believe is proven fact tested reality in science ?


The American Flag Represents All of We the People

and when you burn or disrespect the american flag

You disrespect All of We the People

and if you hate america then why are you here

because you are Free to leave

and if you need a one way plane ticket anywhere in the world

where they will let you in

I’m guessing that can be arranged for the Politically Brainwashed Deranged


Hate has turned the Democrats in to Treasonous Criminals

and now that they are Treasonous Criminals they will always be Treasonous Criminals

and I think the Lunatic Protesters should read the Constitution

and stop Proving their Ignorance to We the People who have read the Constitution

and who is Educating Treasonous Nancy Pelosi in Constitutional Law ?

~ Treasonous Barack Obama and Joe Biden ~

and their Deep State Democrats

as Treasonous Nancy is going to commit Treason Again

and Unlawfully Impeach the President Again

because the President is Properly doing his Job

further proving her Lunatic Ignorance in Constitutional Law

while Deliberate Treason is Punishable by Death

as Nancy just Ignores she is a Constitutional Criminal

as she will try to commit her many crimes again and again

as she is blind to her crimes against We the People

as Nancy continues to provide We the People with her Disrespect for the Rule of all Law

proving her Disrespect to ~ All ~ of We the People

as Nancy has proven she is the Cancer not the Cure

as Democrats continue to Spit in the Face of All of We the People

supported by

60 Billionaire Democrats who continue to Commit Fascist Treason

~ against ~

All of We the People

as Joe Biden takes the 5th on what he would do if he was President

because 60 Billionaires have not told Joe what he is going to do if he becomes President

while Joe needs more Oxygen not less Oxygen

as Joe continues to Deprive his Brian and Vital Organs of Oxygen by 20%

by wearing a Mask

that is proven to not protect you from the corona virus

while causing an acid imbalance in the Body

doing very real harm to every body in America

that will make everyone more vulnerable to all Illness

while it is overwhelmingly medically proven

Lock Downs Spread the virus faster and to more people

further proving Joe failed grade school science

and does not know what he talking about

and people have to tell Joe what to say

as Joe is being used and is a Proven Political Prop


I became Politically Aware November 22, 1963

while watching the Assassination of the

President of the United States

John F. Kennedy

at age 7


…and as they say ~

Who are they ?


The Democrats have become Lawless Lairs

and that will never change

and if you are going to commit Treason against We the People

~ why do it only once ?

and as they say ~ whom ever they are

Two Minds are better than one

while to many Chiefs spoil the Soup

and Treasonous Lunatics who Failed Constitutional Law and 3rd Grade Science

are in charge of the U.S. House of Representatives

proving 60 Billionaires who own the Democratic Party and the Media

sure know how to pick their

Murderous Violent Treasonous Lunatics

Deliberately Destroying We the People of America

as the Political Media Brainwashed Violent Treasonous Green Lunatics

~ want to kill the cause of green ~

for Billionaire Profit


CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment

causing the Carbon Cycle on this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

Scientifically Proving

the Political Media Brainwashing of Hate Ignorance and Fear



Question Test Rebuttal Debate

and if you do not question and test the truth and refuse to debate the Tested Truth

then how do know the Truth ?

…as the Truth in knowledge must always be in Question

to know the proven fact tested reality in Science

as science is to know

as to know is science

and to believe in the unknown is to make believe


Austin Knudsen,

I found you to be Realistic

in your Debate today with the brand new and very Green Attorney Raph Graybill

the Attorney for the proven to be Criminal Governor of Montana Steve Bullock

and you Austin will have my vote for Montana Attorney General

and the votes of Realistic Montanans

who know and see your down to earth wisdom logic and common sense

as a real Attorney General does not invent fascist new law superseding Law Makers

or Protect Criminal Governors who are Harming We the People

as a real Attorney General will Enforce the Law by Lawmakers

and Confront Bad Law by Bad Lawmakers

by Defending We the People the Citizens of Montana

who Own the Government of the State of Montana


Bruce A. Kershaw


Under the lack of Leadership of Criminal Governor of Montana

Steve Bullock

who knowingly allows Montana State Fund

to Pay Criminal Doctors to Falsify Medical Reports

of Work Injured Citizen of Montana

with their Injuries caused by the Negligence of their Employer

while allowing Attorneys and Government Employees of Montana State Fund

to Practice Medicine with out a License

to Deny Legitimate Medical Claims of Injured Workers

to save money

further destroying the Lives and Families of Injured Montana Citizens

with the Blessings of Steve Bullock and his Partners in Crime in his Administration

as nothing is Sued more in the Montana State Supreme Court than Montana State Fund

for denying medical care and support to Injured Montana Citizens

to save money that is not theirs to save

and that is why Montana State Fund is doing so well under the Bullock Administration

as they are number One in Organized Crime in Montana

by committing Deliberate Fraud against We the People

and making the Tax Payers not the Employers pay the cost of their Injuries

while making Fraudulent Doctors and many Attorneys Richer

as crime supports crime

and Steve Bullock Attorney is the Crime Boss

and now the Crime Bosses Green Attorney

wants to be Attorney General for the State of Montana

while ~ one ~ of  his Criminal Lt. Governors

and Life Time Criminal Politician

Mike Cooney

wants to be the Next Governor of Montana

and if they win

then the many crimes of the Bullock Criminal Administration will be Ignored

and the Crimes against We the People will continue to destroy our Lives

for their Gain

as the Bullock Administration Plays God with our Lies


Pryor to the Seventeenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Supreme Court Vacancies

Filled by Nominees chosen of the President

were Decided by State Governments not Political Parties

to prevent Political Bias in Life Time Appointments of the U.S. Supreme Court

and it is time to recognize the 17th Amendment

made All of We the People who are America a less Perfect Union

as we can only learn and know and grow forward by our admitted mistakes

as there will always be Good Law and Bad Law

and we must always grow forward by acknowledging Bad Law

to find and know a better reality


Billionaire Fascism Owns and Controls America

as those who Failed Science Dictate Science for Profit


Sometimes we must Rattle Cages Ruffling Feathers

in order to Question the Truth

and I am guessing = hypothetical conjecture

Democrats only Wear a mask when they know someone is looking

while I can not hear anyone who is trying to talk to me through their mask

so they then lower their mask and lean very close to my face

while trying to talk to me again

and I am still Breathing and the rest is Icing on the Cake

as the Mild Corona Virus of more then 150 viruses we know of today

is Real

while the Politics is a Proven Criminal Political Scam for Political Ploy

and is Destroying every Life in America

as Proven Criminal Political Media Fascism Dictate our Lives

with out a signal vote


CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green producing O2 Oxygen

6CO2 + 6H2O + v  ~> C6H12O6 + 6O2


CO2 = Carbon ~ based ~ Oxygen = Carbon Dioxide =

two oxygen atoms ~ based ~ to one carbon atom


Vaporized H2O = Water Vapor =

one oxygen atom based to two hydrogen atoms

with Sun Energy

causing the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle

causing the Primary and Secondary Energy and Life Cycle

as all Carbon based life on this carbon based Earth

 is the byproduct of all Carbon based Energy causing CO2

causing all Carbon based Life causing new Energy

causing new life causing new energy

over and over again and again

as the majority of CO2 is produced by Nature

while carbon based humans produce a fragment of CO2 going into the air

Contributing to the Carbon Life and Energy Cycle

making this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth Greener not Warmer

as evaporated CO2 is the byproduct of Climate Warming not the cause

as Scientifically Proven and Ignored by Political Media Criminals

who refuse to allow Public Debate of the real Science

as the Media Censors the proven Realities of Science for Political Control

for the Democratic Party

who can provide Zero Science Data to prove they are not Frauds in Real Science


HC + O2 mixed together and vaporized by Ignition or Heat making CO2 =

all carbon based Life on this CO2 starved carbon based earth


we are made from the Exhaust of this CO2 starved carbon based Earth

from the hot churning Liquid core of this carbon based earth producing CO2

while the hot liquid core is

Variably Heating the Earth Crust the Oceans and the lower Atmosphere

with secondary variable heating of the Earth by the Variable Sun with many cycles

as the variable Sun continues to be Warmer and Brighter

as we are 20% carbon from CO2 caused by energy

Breathing O2 made from CO2 and Water Vapor and Hydrogen Sun Energy

as the carbon based human body is mostly hydrogen

as Carbon and Oxygen and Hydrogen is constantly recycling

in a constant cycle of life and energy

caused by the Carbon Cycle caused by the byproduct of energy

~ * ~

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Rebel with a cause for We the People

past away today September 18, 2010

87 years old

with true conviction with her strong belief in the America of We the People

a Trooper for the Truth in the Realities of America

in Ruth’s Heart Mind and Spirit that lived in her Soul

she was not an activist for Political Agenda she was an activist for all of We the People

~ RIP ~

and Pryor to the Seventeenth Amendment

State Governments Owned and Controlled the United States Senate

as each State Government chose their U.S. Senators

to Represent the Decisions made by State Governments

making the Republic of the States United of Equal Power and Authority in America

and now the states have zero say in any Senate vote making the states now un-united

with zero Power and Authority

and today Elected U.S. Senators

own and control the Senate of the now Un-united States of America

U.S. senators who are Elected by Money

from out side their States they no longer Represent

as they now represent Billionaires ~ Wall Street ~ K Street

Special Interest Groups

and Foreign Entities

that Dictate their Political Votes in the Senate

and so

Pryor to the 17 Th Amendment

The State Governments of the United Together States and not Political Parties

Decided Supreme Court Justices

Decided Impeachments

decided every vote in the U.S. Senate

as States today have zero Power and Authority

as Billionaires and Foreign Dark Money now Decide the Future of America

as the U.S. Senate Dictates to the State Governments they no longer Represent

Destroying the True Balance of Power in America

in the now Un-United Sates of America


We must return ownership of the Senate to its rightful owners

as the 17th Amendment did not fix a small Problem

it only made the Problem 100 times worse

we must Reunite the Un-Untied States of America


The only Person who does not know Joe Biden is reading Lies from his Teleprompter is

Joe Biden

as Joe Truly believes the proven Lies

while Joe is just the Messenger for the Proven Lairs

as Joe has no comprehension of the Lies he is Preaching

and has no provable facts or data of any kind to prove he is not Lying


New York Governor Cuomo


” not one Life is expendable “

from the Corona virus

while since January 1, 2020

417,600 unborn Americans ~ 1600 per day ~ have Died from Abortion

that is more than twice as many People than Died from the Corona virus

while Gov. Cuomo

and the Billionaire Owned Democratic Political Media Corporation Party

have very real blood on his hands

with their criminal fraudulent Lack of Leadership of the Corona Virus

along with the on going Deaths from Suicides and Drug Overdoses

from the proven to be unnecessary Lock Downs

along with the Murders and Billions in Property damage from Domestic Terrorism

supported by Democrats who Prohibited Law Enforcement in their own Cities

who will never be punished for the very real Deaths they are now responsible for

as the political brainwashing of our children in Public Schools continues

as we continue to survive in the fourth year of Proven Treason by the Democrats against

All of We the People who are America

and if you are now Afraid and Paranoid based on scientifically proven disinformation

then the Democratic Political Agenda is working

and they now know they can control you and dictate how we live our lives

based on Scientifically Proven Lies

Proven Lies that are just believed with out question

as the Democrats continue to Preach Hate Paranoia and Ignorance to win your vote

proving the Democrats are Criminal Fascists Lunatics

who continue to get away with real deliberate murder

while the Democrats are one with China

and not one with We the People who are America

while I leaned Democrat until their Treason began four years ago


If you are dying of something and catch the Corona virus you will then die sooner

and if you are healthy you will not die from the Corona virus

as very few of us need a Vaccine for the Corona Virus

and for myself at age 64 the Corona virus was a just a Bad Three Day Cold

that did not stop my daily work routine

while the Lock Downs are doing far greater harm than the mild Corona virus


Those who wish to return to Church can now do so by simply stating

~ you are Peacefully Protesting Democratic Political Media Fascism ~

and the same goes for all Sports and other Activities of Large Gatherings

and if you have been Politically Brainwashed and are Paranoid about the Corona Virus

then you stay home while the Rest of us will continue to live our daily lives

as it is our choice how we risk our lives everyday

and the many Democratic Political Scams can not Dictate how we live our lives

as the Democrats continue to Destroy America


Proving Political Media Brainwashed Insanity

will not stop Political Media Brainwashed Insanity

and if we could remove the Criminal Political Cancer Dictating Science

then we could see the tested Realities of knowledge

as the truth in knowledge must always be in question to be reality in Science


Politics can not bring science together because Politics is Fascism in Science

as politics is the cancer not the cure


and when will Al Gore who can articulate zero science

who is the number one adviser at Google

turn off this science web page ?

as those have earned zero right to opinion now dictate who can have free speech

as science is based on open Question Test Rebuttal Debate

~ while ~

Joe Berry is the only one supporting the political agenda of the Left

who will debate our at odes in Science with myself

as Joe will never acknowledge the unproven theory CO2 causes Climate Warming

is Debunked by Nature

Debunked by Climate History

Debunked by Ice Core Science

and further debunked by more than a dozen other climate variables

that does not exist in Joe’s unproven theory

and as Joe has continued to Belittle me over the years

as I then attack Joe Personally

rather than we putting our minds together to find the Science Reality

as we are both to blame

as Joe thinks I am Nuts just as I think Joe is Nuts

Thanks to Preached Lunatic Political Media Doomsday Politics

while Joe and I agree on more knowledge than we disagree

with his unproven theory debunked with science data

proving there is no Catastrophic Doomsday Climate Warming Crises

as the Democrats Continue to Preach their Catastrophic Doomsday Climate Paranoia

and self-debunked computer Ouija Board predictions for the past 30 plus years

as they continue to Preach debunked unproven theory is Settled Science

in a brand new science where we have far more to learn and know than we know today

and when settled science does not exist in real science

as we continue to learn and know something new everyday


There will never be Advertising on this Science Journal with my political argument

and when science can no longer be questioned it is no longer science

as those who have earned zero right to Scientific Opinion now Dictate Science

while Censoring those who have earned the right to Scientific Opinion

Proving Fascism in Science doing only Harm


what Joe and I do agree to know as science reality together

the Media Rejects before reviewing the science they do not comprehend

as Political Media Insanity continues to Dictate a Lunatic Reality


while you can prove the Insanity in Political Science Fiction

 you can not stop the Political Insanity by proving it

~ my repeated science rebuttal in many forms ~


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Fraud by Dr. Sargent & Sage Medical Clinic for MT. State Fund


August 11, ~ September 10,


~ The Rebuttal ~

The Political Lunatics are Preaching to us

the number three cause of Death in America is the corona virus

and is a scientifically Proven lie

as the number three cause of death in America are caused by mistakes in hospitals

as 10,000 Americans die everyday but not from the corona virus

as the media continues to provide disinformation to We the People

doing only further harm

while the number one cause of Crime in America

and for Crimes in and by State and Federal Government

The Democratic Deep State Party

Owned by 60 Billionaires who are not American Patriots

they are Cop Killers

as Babies in strollers are now Killed in the streets of Democratic controlled Cites and Sates

as Logical Common Sense Democrats are leaving Democratic Cites and States

and are Leaving the Criminal Democratic Anti-American Party


The Corona virus is a Global False Alarm for Political Ploy

and the Ploy is working for the Democrats with their Media Brainwashed Fear

and is further controlling how we can and can not live our lives

with out having to win an election

as those who have not earned the right to scientific opinion dictate Science

and if my child was forced to wear a mask at school

reducing 20% of the oxygen to their brain and vital organs

I would move my child to a private school or home education with private tutors

and the education funding must follow the Students

as the Parents should always decide

and not the Hateful Paranoid Ignorant Arrogant Political Media Corporation

who can only prove they failed grade school science

because as the studies now show us where wearing a mask is Mandatory

this does not slow the spread of the corona virus

while reducing Oxygen and doing far greater harm than the virus to the human body

as the Hearsay Media is proven wrong most of the time in Science and Medicine

as the Media provides the Public with Political disinformation most of the time

for Political Ploy and their Political Blame Game doing only Harm

as the Democratic Party is making everything worse and nothing better

to Blame the President for the Crimes the Democrats commit


…and if Bill Gates and Mike Bloomberg each give me One Billion Dollars

I will vote for Kamala Harris

as Joe Biden is just along for the ride

while 60 Billionaires will be in Charge of the White House


Will Joe Biden Debate Donald Trump ?


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To: Montana Criminal Governor Steve Bullock


…is there Lunatic Political Science Fiction in un-tested Reality = Make Believe

~ The Smile behind the Mask ~


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Fact Check to Fascist Treasonous Tweeter


The Rebuttal


June 23 ~ July 14

~ 2020 ~


I have never seen so many People on the Road in U-Halls

and every other kind Household moving vehicles in my Life Time


Science is: to Know


Question Test Rebuttal Debate

and those who are Blinded by the Media Preached and Persuaded Political Science Fiction

can never know the Questioned Truth in Science


~ one ~

…to know or to not to know that is the Question too ~

~ two ~

and how we live our daily Lives is Dictated by Scientifically Proven Political Media Lies

and when you refuse to look see and know you are then Blinded by Pathological Belief

and then living in a proven lie and doing only test proven Harm in tested Reality

that you just ignore for Politically Persuaded Make Believe

as we live in a war of Political words

when Words Prove Nothing in Science

while knowing

there is zero established Medical Consensus in this brand new Virus to Humans

while only one political side of the story is allowed to be told to the public

as we know much about this new Corona Virus

and there is much that needs to be shared with the public

but there will be things we will never know about this new Virus

and maybe there are long term effects we will never see for half a life time

and like all Viruses we must let it run its course

while protecting the most vulnerable to harm

and Hope for the best while living our daily lives

and just ignore the Political Media Preached and Brainwashed Paranoia

by those who allow zero Scientific Rebuttal to their Preached Paranoia

as they withhold from the Public good sound medical Advice from Real Experts

who do not have a Political Agenda and want to better Inform the Public

of all the known available facts the Media is Politically not sharing with the public

as the media continues to reject Science that is based on

Open Public Question Test Rebuttal Debate

that is not Politically Censored

as all the available data and facts must be shared with the Public

because if you decide for the Public what is Real and what is Not

that’s test proven Fascism

when you Deny the Public the right to know all of the available facts for Political Ploy

that is proven Political Crime

as Freedom of the Press now Means to Dictate a Political False Reality for Political Ploy

doing only further Harm in tested reality


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Organized Crime in Montana by Gov. Steve Bullock & Friends


The Rebuttal


June 15, 2020


Do not Vote for Anyone who is a part of the Criminal Bullock Administration


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Corona Virus as the Political Media Paranoia Strikes Again


The Rebuttal


May 7 ~ May 28

~ 2020 ~


The Corona Virus is the Mildest Virus in my Life Time

as the Majority of those with the Corona Virus do not know they had or have this Virus

and that is why it is so easy to spread

because no one is at Home Sick with this Virus

that now has a death rate of 0.24 % and continues to drop as testing expands

and you can Thank the Democratic Billionaires who Own and Control the Media and Press

for the Politically Brainwashed Bogus Lock Down


Why is the Democratic owned and controlled Media and Press

withholding Vital Medical Information from the Public

why is the Democratic Media Intentionally making everything worse

in this Corona Virus they made into a Crises they made into a Political Crises

why are only Democratic Physicians with a political agenda Lying to the Public

~ and ~

I agree with Dr. Scott Atlas

Senior Fellow of the Hoover Institution of Stanford University

who states

the media is not Medically Informing the People of America

and the Lock Down is doing far more harm than the Corona Virus

as Proven

and most Professionals Agree


While the Majority of the Media Ignore Dr. Scott Atlas

as they politically attack and censor all Doctors speaking out and against the Lock Down

as Real Doctors are trying to Medically Inform the Public with Real Medical Advice

during this Corona Virus

as the Media is preventing We the People

from receiving the proper available Medical Advice

from Real Doctors and Physicians since the Virus began

and that is how the Majority of the Media is Helping America

by being the cause of this Invented Crises for their Political Agenda

proving Treason against We the People for their Democratic Billionaire Owners


How can We the People who are America come together

with a Politically Fascist Media Brainwashing Paranoid Fraudulent Science and Medicine

Protected by Freedom of the Press

as Treason can not be protected by Freedom of the Press


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Dr. Albert Olszewski for Governor of Montana


June 19, 2020



Never Give Up

as it is not Wisdom that Wins Elections it is to often Billionaire Money

and Real Leadership does not come from money

Never Give Up



May 21, 2020


We the People of Montana

need Leadership who can Mend and Heal

and that is what Physicians do Best

as they know what is Right and Wrong for Wellness

and they comprehend Preventative Care

as they are in the Business of Giving not Harming

and settling for Bad Law can not Heal the Damage of Bad Law

as the Illness can only become Worse


Dr. Albert Olszewski

already knows how to Repair and Heal what has been Broken

he knows how to Cure Sickness and Maintain Wellness

as Albert is a Doctor not a Lawyer

as he is already outside the box looking in

and is not blinded by political belief

as Belief Reality is how we are blinded to Tested Reality

as Belief Reality is Make Believe doing only Harm in Tested Reality

and we need a Good Doctor to Heal the proven political wounds to We the People

as the Majority of We the People are Independents with zero Representation

and Dr. Albert Olszewski is a Physician First

who will represent all of We the People First

and will help all of us with all of our Wounds

and help all of We the People to be well again in Freedom in Montana

Albert will not need to be told what he should do because of Ignorance

as he will know what to do by Questioned Tested Intelligence

and be Scientifically Factual and not Politically Pathological

as I can see Albert is a Real Leader for Real Wellness and not a Political Puppet

and my Hope for a better World is with Dr. Albert Olszewski

Professional Healer

who is a Real Montanan for Helping Real Montanans Live Well



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My Questions for Joe Berry and Stanford Woods Institute


science is: to know


and If you do not Question the Truth in knowledge

then you can not know the Truth in Science

and just believe in the test proven Political Media Lies


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The Taste of Tyranny


The Taste of Tyranny in America


wisdom is the ability to use knowledge constructively

while doing no harm in questioned tested reality

~ On going in My Spare Time ~

February 14, 2019 ~ November 20, 2019


everyday is a chance in life to live free

~ in ~

The Taste of Tyranny for Power and Greed


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The Rebuttal ~ Joe Berry & Stanford Woods Institute = Fraud



CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment



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