…the Rebuttal To: Political Media Science Fiction




January 15, 2021


…and data must supersede the Make Believe

and you can not Impeach the President of the now Un-United States of America

because the President hurt your personal emotional pathological feelings of true belief


and sometimes I am just plain Local

as it just depends on what Plane you are on


To: The Mayor of Helena Montana

Wilmot J. Collins

and obviously you do not comprehend any of the science data I have hand delivered you

or emailed you in science and medicine

and I challenge you to an open public debate in tested reality in Science and Medicine ~

Bruce A. Kershaw



The Mayor of Helena Montana

Wilmot J. Collins

can only Prove his Ignorance

as everything coming out of the Mayors Face behind the Mask in Medicine

is a Scientifically Proven Un-Questioned Political Media Lie

doing test proven harm to all of our Children and all of our Grand Children

and to all of We the People of Helena Montana

and would the Mayor like to publicly debate the questioned tested science ?

~ no ~

because the Mayor of Helena Montana

is a proven Moron in tested science reality

just like the New York City Mayor

Destroying All Lives

caused by their scientifically test proven to be

Political Media Brainwashed Ignorance

rejecting Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science


10,000 Americans die everyday

and those with an underlying Illness

weather they know they have an Illness or not

and are going to die in the next 12 months

and caught the Corona virus before they died

still died

as the very same happens to those who catch the Yearly cold and few viruses

of the many of the 150 viruses

we do not Politically test for


…there is the Democratic Politically Correct

and there is the Republican Politically Correct

~ and there is ~

Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science

and I may not like Trumps Foolish Hateful Tweets

that hurt Pathological Feelings

that do nothing but make more Enemies of would be Friends

but President Trump is still the best thing to Happen

to All of We the People who are America

and if the Republicans do not want President Trump

then Donald should run for President in 2024 as an Independent

but only if the Republicans do not Ratify the Next Treasonous Political Impeachment

based on zero question test rebuttal debate

that would Treasonously prevent Donald Trump

from Running for the Presidency once again

caused by a Fascist Treasonous Political Impeachment

while Treason is still Punishable by Death

and maybe Donald should start a Reality Internet

a Free Internet for Free Speech

that Pathological Fascists who are proven to be working against Freedom in America

can not turn Off like a Light Switch


Montana U.S. Senator Jon Tester has now clearly Proven to

All of We the People of Montana

he is a Fascist Treasonous Trader for the Fascist Treasonous Political Impeachment

of President Trump

as Jon has clearly Proven he is for 60 Billionaires who own the Democratic Party

and the Deep State Democrats and own the majority of the Media and Press

providing Disinformation and proven Lies in Science and Medicine to Profit Billionaires

as We the People of Montana come Last

as our Will is not what Jon wants

Jon wants what Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates wants

and what Mike Deep State Bloomberg wants

and what 60 other Treasonous Billionaires want

Jon wants more Proven Treason against All of We the People who are America


Montana is NRA Country


To: The NRA

National Rifle Association

if New York does not want you

you are very Welcome here in Montana


Pathological is not Factual

Factual is something you can See Touch Taste and Smell

while Pathological is Belief = Make Believe and can prove nothing Factually


Nancy Pelosi is Pathological

as Nancy Pelosi continues to use the very Words and Language

she has Ban from the Peoples House

as Rules do apply to the Fascist Treasonous Traders of America

because Rules are not for Rulers

while Nancy has now very further proven with her Intelligence Committee choices

that She is One with China when China’s Goal is to Rule the World

further proving her Deliberate Treason against All of We the People

that Nancy Pathologically believes we can not See

and she refuses to publicly allow We the People to question test rebuttal debate


~ January 14, 2021 ~

as we are now being told by many Democrats and by the Democratic Media

~ as Joe Biden Preaches to us we must all come together  ~

that 74 million Americans are now White Supremacist Raciest


who must be Punished in every way possible

based on

Zero Evidence Zero Investigation and Zero Trial

~ and so who are the Real NAZI ?


…what is and what is not ~

by question test rebuttal debate

while we know

if Fascist Treasonous Billionaire Democrats Do not Like You

they just put you out of business with the push of a Button


…is the Billionaire Reality test proven Insanity ?

as only their shrink knows for sure

while it looks like the Democratic Supported Antifa and Black Lives Matter

were at the Capital Riots too ?

and are Nancy Pelosi’s Domestic Terrorists

and was this a plan to push and allow another Democratic

Un-Constitutional Treasonous Political Impeachment

based on ~ this time

Zero Question ~ Zero Investigation ~ Zero Debate

with zero evidence

as the already Proven Democratic Fascism continues


and maybe it time to Question the Truth for Reality

after ~ and why not ~ before

the Treasonous Democratic Political Impeachment

as we watch the Destruction of Freedom in America

 by proven to be Treasonous Fascist Lunatics

further again Proving Nancy Pelosi’s Shrink needs a Shrink


~ January 13, 2021 ~

We the People of Montana just voted for Tested Reality rejecting proven Insanity

while I do not belong to any Political Party

I am a Part of the Party for Montana

I am an American Montanan for Montana

~ while ~

Today Democrats did not hurt President Trump

Today the Democrats further Hurt America


I did not vote for Donald Trump for President in 2016

but I did vote for President Trump in 2020

and Joe Biden’s obvious oblivious Dementia is not proven fact tested reality in Science

as Reality is what Happens to All of We the People

as the Circus Show must go on Preaching proven to be Lunatic Political Science Fiction


…and can Democratic Fascism provide Equality for All of We the People

or only Equity for just the Few ?

~ as we will now see ~

the Fascist Treasonous Democratic Government Implode

as the Democrats continue their efforts to Pathologically Destroy and Deny History

as it Happens


Pathological is not Factual


What is Tested Reality ?

by question test rebuttal debate


~ knowing ~

President Trump is against all Violence and did not Instigate or Entice Violence

as President Trump Preached Peace

President Trump asked his supporters to be Peaceful

as President Trump spent the entire summer stopping All Violence against We the People

as Kamala Harris and the Democrats Instigated and Enticed Violence

in the Streets all across America

as the Democrats supported the Violence of Antifa all summer long

as Kamala Harris gave her 100% support to Antifa and only some Black Lives Mater

who Burned Down Main Street U.S.A.

as they destroyed their own communities

while President Trump Condemn the Violence

as the Democrats who are owned by Fascist Billionaires

and China

continue to shoot the foot in their mouth


…debunking political media hearsay brainwashed paranoid make believe ~

success is based on admitted failures

by learning and growing forward by our Mistakes

by question test rebuttal debate to find and know the truth in life

as science is to know

and we can not grow forward by not knowing and ignoring our Mistakes

as ignored history continues to prove our repeated Mistakes


November 30, 2020 ~ January 12, 2021

…to not allow the President of the Republic of the Un-United States of America

to Tweeter to All of We the People is Treason


Treason is Punishable by Death


a Political Impeachment is:

Treason against All of We the People who are America

and the last Unlawful Unconstitutional Treasonous Political Impeachment

was based on the very proven Treasonous Fraud by Democrats

while the Democrats have begun a new Politically Treasonous Impeachment

Proving Scam Political Science Fiction is now the new Normal for America


Who is reasonable for Security in We the Peoples’s Nations Capital

Nancy Pelosi

and before allowing Question

before allowing the FBI to Investigate the Facts

before allowing Hearings and an Open Debate based on discovery of fact

to bring all the facts forward to We the People who are America

as the Democrats once again Shred the Constitution

Shred the Bill of Rights

as they Reject Due Process of the Law

while basing their Impeachment only on their Political Media Hearsay Belief

and this is the Democrats best efforts to bring All of We the People back together

by once again committing Treason against America

while 200 years ago those voting for any Un-Constitutional Politically based Impeachment

would be Shot or Hanging from Trees for their Deliberate Treason

against All of We the People

as this is proven Fascism not Democracy

as the Democrats continue to Preach to We the People

Go to Hell

as Nancy Pelosi Cuckoos Nest continues to prove they are Treasonous Lunatics

as for the past four years the House of Representatives has been a Lynch Mob

Spiting in the Face of We the People

as Democrats have only Proven they are Fascist Organized Crime against America

who are proven to support Domestic Terrorism by Antifa

Burning Down Main Street U.S.A. and that is OK

as the Democrats do not Protect Life Liberty and Property

as they Deliberately Destroy it to Sell their Fascist Fear and Paranoia

for their Fascist Control over We the People

as proven to be Treasonous Fascist Lunatics are in Charge of the Cuckoos Nest

as the White House and Senate are now a Cuckoos Nest too

as the Democrats provide Zero Rule of Law as the Reject the Rule of Law

as Zero Rules apply to Democrats as they only Care about Themselves

and to Hell with We the People

as We the People are just their Peasants and they are the Rulers

as the Democrats are not here to serve We the People

as We are here to Serve them

and that is how Proven Fascism works best for Democrats

as they are the Proven Cancer of America not the Cure

as four years of proven treason by Democrats continues

and based on known history

in 2022 the Republicans will take back control of the House and Senate

and then based on Real Do Process of the Law based on the Rule of Law

they will Impeach Joe Biden for his known Treason

and then they will Impeach President Kamala Harris for her known Treason

and the Speaker of the House will then become President

as we continue to Witness a Political Impeachment by Treasonous Traders to America

a Criminal Pathological Impeachment

by those who have earned the Punishment for their Proven Treason

as they Politically Impeach the President

for the very Crimes they themselves have committed for the past four years


Maybe Twitter and the other Fascist Tech Giant Monopolies

should tell the world that only Democrats can use their services

and any one who tries to provide any services to anyone else will be destroyed

while Terrorist all around the world have not been Banned from Twitter

just the Americans they do not like who have been Banned by Fascist Tech Giants


…and who owns more Democrats ?

China who own the Joe Biden Family

or the many other governments all around the world  ?


Mike Bloomberg

who pays the fines of Criminals so they can Vote for Criminals


Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates

who would like us to be more like China

or the 60 other Billionaires who own America



are no longer Educators

and have become Political Preachers

and are now Political Churches


January 11, 2021

as Joe Biden continues to preach the very same very proven lies over and over again

while the Chinese Democratic Treasonous Party will soon be in Charge of America

and question

is it True there were members of Antifa at the Rioting at the U.S. Capital ?

~ Antifa who are proven to be supported by Democrats ~

who have been bailed out of Jail many times with the help of Kamala Harris ?

who received zero Democratic Votes

and will be the next President owned by 60 Billionaires

while not all Democrats are Treasonous

just the Democrats owned by the Billionaires


January 10, 2021

Those who can not accept they are wrong when proven wrong are not Scientists


~ question test rebuttal debate ~


All knowledge must be shared not Denied ~

and how long before I am further silenced by the Media ?

as the Media continues to silence the truth in knowledge

as not one of my many Letters to the Editor in Science Rebuttal

since 2007

and supported by Hard Science Data and Published Peer-reviewed Science

that debunk the very Proven Deliberate Lies

printed by Garbage News Papers all across America

has ever been printed

and if you question the truth in knowledge

you are then called a Denier

as they Preach your Skepticism is a Mental Flaw

because you question test rebuttal debate to find the truth

as skepticism is the bases for all truth in all knowledge

as we see and learn something new in all knowledge everyday

as the Media provides Disinformation for Political Ploy for their Political Agenda

doing only Harm to themselves and everyone

caused by

Ignorance rejecting tested knowledge for Personal Pathological Emotional Feelings


Do you question the truth ?

~ or ~

do you just believe the scientifically test proven Political Media Lies ?

as real knowledge can only be

Reviewed Analyzed Questioned Tested Rebutted and Debated

as knowledge can not be

Dictated by persuaded convinced programmed brainwashed ignorance Belief

Belief is Make Believe and Religion is not knowledge

while silencing knowledge is a crime against the realities of all humanity

as knowledge comes from history as history is knowledge

and destroying history is destroying tested knowledge destroying tested reality

and even when Written in Stone the Truth can be Destroyed

and when is the next Book Burning by Ignorance

by those who have never read the books and do not know what they say

as the proven to be Treasonous Democratic Party supports Antifa a proven to be

Domestic Terrorist Organization

as the Media has proven they are not on the side of We the People

as they are proven Lairs for proven Treasonous Democrats


To: Rob Farris-Olsen


and My HD79 Montana House Representative


I would rather work with you to make a better world in Montana for everyone

than work against you

and this can only happen when all sides of the science can be allowed to be known

and not only one persuade Belief

as we can only learn and know and grow forward when we put all our minds together

as I am not a Democrat or Republican

I am an Independent Scientist

for the truth in all of life and knowledge for a better life for all


and will my next ballot say ~

To: Occupant or Current Resident ?


and now the Democrats want a Nation Wide Mask Mandate

based on zero question test rebuttal debate

~ when we already know scientifically ~

Mandatory Deliberate ~ Slow Suffocation

will not protect you from 150 Viruses

and in fact increases the Spreed of the Corona Virus

while the Slow Suffocation is Damaging the Brain and Vital Internal Organs

and the Immune System

while the Media and Press continue to withhold from the Public

this vital medical information or even the proper use of a mask

that would prevent the harm caused by the improper use of a mask

as only Ignorance can mandate the wearing of a mask

as the proven to be ~

Fascist Treasonous Traders at Tweeter

along with their proven Partners in the Media and Press

are for Child Pornography while against Free Speech

but only against the Free Speech of those they disagree with

based on their proven ignorance

as Free Speech is only for those preaching their Lunatic Political Science Fiction

doing test proven harm to everyone with Zero Intelligent Scientific Rebuttal

as they are just like the Talking Heads of the Boob Tube

with their Scientifically Proven to be One Sided Fascist Disinformation and Lies

Destroying All Freedom for All in America

~ for ~

60 Treasonous Fascist Billionaire Traders

who are Destroying  All of  We the People

in order to Own and Control All of We the People

as Proven Fascist Lunatics Dictate a Political Media Brainwashed False Reality

for only their Power Control and Profit based only on their proven Ignorance

doing scientifically test proven Harm to everyone

and I will forward to you the science data proving my statements

as you can provide only Lunatic Political Media Hearsay

based on Debunked Words that can prove nothing beyond

Politically Preached Paranoid Make Believe


Bruce A. Kershaw

Helena Montana


You must first Destroy America to Own and Control We the People who are America


We must do what is best for Children

and not what is best Billionaires who want to be Trillionaires

who Already Dictate how We All Live Life in America


January 8 ~ January 9


It is Scientifically Proven where there is a Mask Mandate

the Corona Virus spread many times faster to many more people

allowing many more People to Die sooner as they were already dying

and If you are Healthy with no underlying Illness

wearing a Mask deprives Oxygen in to your body making you Un Healthy

making you many times more vulnerable to all Illness and Disease

as scientifically proven and Ignored by Political Lunatics

and if you are already Un Healthy for any reason Wearing a Mask will make you Sicker


Have you ever been called by the Sheriff Department for

“Email Trespassing”

to a Public Servant in a Public Building

with a Public Owned Email Address on a Public Owned Computer

paid for by Voters and Taxpayers

for emailing data proving the Public Servant and their Doctor is a Fraud ?

a Doctor who is paid by the State of Montana to Falsify a Medical Reports

to save the proven to be Criminal Steve Bullock Montana State Fund Money


The Sheriffs Department was only doing their job and I back every color of Blue all the way

and if they ever need me I will be there for them

as they are always there for me

as they are the messenger not the judge and jury

and I am thankful they are there to protect life liberty and property

as they are the bases of All Freedom in a Free America


Mandates are not Law by Law Makers Mandates are Fascism by Dictators

and only a Jury in America can decide what is Justice and what is not Justice

as Fascist Mandates by Lunatic Dictators must be decided by Juries

until you get to the Supreme Court

and do not think Lunatic Mandates by Lunatic Dictators

can make its way to any Supreme Court

unless of course the Lunatic Dictators is being Sued

other wise I do pretend to be an expert in Law

while I have won more cases than I have lost with out an Attorney


and once again

in medical studies all around the world have medically proven

where there was a Mask Mandate for the Corona Virus

this did not slow the Spreed of the virus as it very much increased the Spread of the Virus

while doing many times more Harm to every

and there is zero data to prove wearing a mask will protect you from the Corona Virus

while there is a lot of data proving wearing a mask can be very life threatening

as wearing a mask is extremely very bad for Health

as scientifically proven and ignored by political ignorance

for their political power and control

so if you are Healthy and would like to be Un Healthy

the improper use a mask that will not protect you from the corona virus is the way to go

as the Mask Mandates are proven Lunatic Political Media Science Fiction doing Harm

as the Political Media Paranoia Machine

continues to provide proven disinformation to the Public

as they get away with murder

as the Media and Press for Political Ploy

continue to Deliberately Stab We the People in the Back


When you do not Know the Science then you have not earned the right to opinion

and when you Play Politics with the Health of others you are not a Doctor

you are a Criminal in Medicine

and when you Practice Medicine with out a License you are just a Criminal


Wisdom is the ability to use tested knowledge constructively with out doing harm


science is: to know

and persuaded belief is not knowledge


Pathological is not Factual by Question Test Rebuttal Debate

…and why is Lewis and Clark County Commissioner

Andy Hunthausen

Preaching proven lies to the Public ?

and does Andy Just Believe the Proven Political Media Lies

with out Questioning the Truth in Knowledge

as Ignorance is by not knowing the available science data

or by rejecting the tested science with out looking at the tested science

with no data to debunk the tested science

and maybe someone should be Teaching and Informing the Proper and Safe use of a Mask

beyond Politically Preaching just wear a Mask

and never mind the improper use of a mask can Kill You

or will only cause Brain Damage or Vital Internal Organ Damage

to Healthy People who do not need to wear a Mask

who do not need slow suffocation to protect them selves from illness

or for Proper Brain Body and Immune System Development of a Child

or unborn child

because depriving Oxygen to your body can never make you more well

and if you are not well then you need more Oxygen not 20% less Oxygen

and reviewing the available data and facts is always better than

Politically Ignoring the questioned tested truth in knowledge = science

and when you can not allow question test rebuttal debate then there is no Reality

and only Preached Political Media Make Believe

doing only test proven harm to everyone


To: The New Governor of Montana

Greg Gianforte

Congratulations Greg

and to:

Mask Up Montana

~ who are a political body not a science body ~

who can provide zero science data to support there proven Lies

as they have not earned the right to scientific opinion

as they preach political Paranoid make believe

while political bias in medicine is malpractice

and as I have stated many times based on my ongoing daily Investigation

of the Corona virus since March 13, 2020

with all the available data I have seen

~ and if you do not know ~

 it is scientifically proven in medical studies the Improper use of a Mask can Kill You

~ maybe you should know ~

wearing a mask can cause Brain and Vital Internal Organ and Immune System Damage

while wearing a mask is scientifically proven to not slow the spreed of 150 Viruses

while those dying with the Mild Corona Virus

were already dying before they caught the mild virus

and if you are under 50 years of age then the death rate is near zero

as for me at 64 years of age the Corona Virus was like a bad three day cold

while 10,000 Americans die everyday of everything there is to die from

and some of them caught one of many virus before they died and then died sooner

and a Vaccine would not of Prevented their Death

and every year the yearly cold and flu viruses take many lives of those already dying

and mandating the uses of a mask that does not protect you from any virus

but will cause serious unnecessary harm to every part of the Human Body

Proving Lunatic Science

because slow suffocation

Depriving your Body of Oxygen will do far greater harm than the Mild Corona Virus

as Oxygen Deprivation traps CO2 in the Body

while you are re-breathing some CO2 that is still in many Masks

as this causes an Acid imbalance in the Body causing an Hemoglobin imbalance

damaging the Brian and Vital Internal Organs

while the Mold and Bactria now being found in many masks

can and will do far greater harm than the Corona Virus

as the death rate for the Corona Virus is 00.01 %

while the known harm from wearing a mask is for 100% of all of We the People

all of the time

while doing far greater unnecessary harm to our Children

and 6 feet social distancing does not work because we know 12 feet does not work

as the mask is a proven lose lose with zero win for anyone

and if you are not educated on the proper use of a mask you should not wear a mask

and never wear a mask when exercising sleeping or driving alone

or if you are a Child or Pregnant

and never wear a mask for more than an one hour at a time

as the over use of any mask will cause only harm to the entire body

and if you must wear a mask for more than an hour at a time

you must change it at least every four hours if not more

and the less you must wear a mask the healthier you will be

as any Surgeon will tell you

as the 20% reduction of Oxygen into your body can do only Harm and zero good

as Scientifically Proven

and so we are now going to make everyone sick caused by proven to be

Politically Preached Paranoia based on very proven Ignorance

as the science has proven where the mask was mandated the Spread of the Virus Increased

and as a Leaked German Government Report clearly states

” the Corona virus is a world wide false alarm “

while here in America the Corona virus is being used as a Fascist Political Tool

by Democrats

against all of We the People to Fascistly control our daily lives

that is doing only far greater proven Harm to everyone than the mild corona virus

so I hope you will stop the Proven to be Democratic Political Scam by Steve Bullock

who should be Punished for his Crimes against all of We the People of Montana

that is scientifically proven to be doing only Harm and zero good

as the Media and Press have Silenced the Top Medical Experts

in this Medical Field of Study

as the Media and Press provide the Public with proven Disinformation for Political Ploy

in their Treasonous support for the proven to be Treasonous Democrats

who want the power to turn all of We the People of America

on and off like a light switch

so please stop the known ongoing Democratic Fascism in Montana

and help make Montana and America Better

as Un-questioned Preached Paranoia based on proven Political Media Lies

is Bad Medicine

by those practicing medicine with out a License belong in Jail

and if you are an Obese Diabetic with Heart and Lung Disease

over 70 years of age

and you are going to die in the next 12 months

then you need to protect yourself from all 150 viruses

while the rest of us must be allowed to live our daily lives

without being Harmed by Lunatic Political Media Science Fiction

so we can better help those we know are going to die

and not force them to die all alone


Bruce A. Kershaw

Doctor Honor in Science

Investigating and Proving Fraud in Science for over 25 years

Class of 74 Helena High

Helena Montana

where I am still Friends with some of my High School Teachers and Instructors

who are still among my Mentors today along with some of my Friends of High School

along with the many Friends and Family since High School

as I am Proud to know those who know me

as science is to know

and I will continue to Attack preventable Ignorance

in the Laws of Science and in the Science of Law

and when only one person is allowed to decide reality for everyone

that is not Science



We have Politicians Playing God with Everyone’s Life

and the unearned opinion of one person cannot dictate the reality of everyone

while we live with very proven political media fraud in Science and Medicine

and if you are wearing mask to protect your Life from a mild virus of 150 viruses

it may be the mask that kills you


January 7, 2021

Violence is always Wrong

but only wrong for Law Makers when at their Doorsteps


January 6, 2021

Hillary Clinton has yet to accept her Loss

causing over fours years of Proven Treason by the Democrats

as She Denies Due Process Denying Tested Reality


To: Rachel of Bill MSNBC Gates


the only thing you can scientifically prove to those who Know the tested knowledge

is your ignorance

as Freedom Supporters are Responding to the Democratic Antifa Example

and I did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016

while Joe Biden is: scientifically proven to be off his Rocker



…and History already knows the tested truth ~

~ Nancy Pelosi committed Constitutional Treason ~

to  All of We the People who are America


you can just believe the lies or test the truth


You can not Censor the Lies for the Truth

and you can not Censor the Truth for the Lies

because to know the questioned truth is to know the Questioned Lies

and no one can decide for you what is the truth and what is the lie

as you must be allowed to see all there is to See to decide for yourself

and when Tweeter Decides for you

~ the Truth ~

that is Fascism not tested Reality

as the number one scientifically proven Lairs

to All of We the People are the Media and Press

who have proven they are not on the side of Freedom or We the People

as they have proven they are on the side of Fascism

as they Censor both the Tested Truth and the Tested Lies for their Political Ploy

as they are Against the Foundations of All Freedoms for All


…all Evidence must always be Reviewed Analyzed Questioned Tested Rebutted Debated


before and after now is: measured from now

as all time is measured from now

~ and as before now ~

Fascism Distorts and Dictates a False Reality ~

and do you comprehend the tested deference ?

~ by ~

question test rebuttal debate


do you know and comprehend before now

or are you trying to erase before now

that you do not know

as only Fascist Ignorance can Erase History


Do You Vote for Leaders or do You Vote for Puppets

~ because ~

tested law and tested science can not be dictated by ~

Political Media Pathological Make Believe


….the doctrine that the truth in all knowledge must always be in question

is: Skepticism ~

for the truth in all of life and knowledge

as science is: to know

for a better life for All



January 5, 2021

Socialism is Fascism

~ as ~

Both Abolish Rights and Freedoms while Destroying Nations

just as Democratic Lock Downs are Fascism rejecting the Real Science

proving Lock Downs only make everything many times worse for everyone

and causes more not fewer People to Die as the Science Data continues to Prove

and is Rejected by Fascist Governors and Mayors

who should be Sued for Practicing Medicine with out a License

and for Proven Medical Malpractice

as these Fascist Lunatics have decriminalized Crime

while prohibiting Law Enforcement from Protecting Life Liberty and Property

as they are proven Treasonous to All of We the People

as People are moving from Fascist Democratic States and City’s

at a never seen before Alarming Rate

as they are escaping Fascism to regain their Rights and Freedoms

as the Democrats continue to Shred the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

with their continued Treasonous Actions

as they are Deliberately Destroying America

because when you destroy it

you then control it


January 4, 2021

…and those who refuse to allow the sharing of minds and tested knowledge are not wiser ~

Happy New Year


Let All of We the People Hope

60 Billionaires

will allow it to be a better year for those they

Intentionally Deliberately Treasonously do Test Proven Harm

for their Power Control and Profit

while Donald Trump is the best thing to happen to America

while Donald is still his own worst enemy


this is not Constitutional Grounds for a Treasonous Political Impeachment

by Barack Obama

and his

Deep State Democrats

while the Democrats Bail Out of Jail and Support Antifa who are Domestic Terrorists

all with the support of the Politically Bias Media

as they Preach Proven Lies and Disinformation in Science and Medicine


…in March of 2020 I stated on this Web Site

the Corona virus is an Animal Virus Engineered by China into a Human Virus

as Humans have been around this Animal version of this mild virus

for as long as we have been around Animals

and those who own Dogs know they are Vaccinated for the Corona virus

as many with the Corona virus do not know they have it

because they have zero Illness


Bill MSNBC Gates

who is One with China and Number One at the World Health Disorganization

Lied to All of We the People of this World


Question Test Rebuttal Debate

….when the majority of the Press and Media are owned by Billionaire Democrats

who Preach Political Pathological Fraud

proving this is not a Free Press

proving we live with the crimes of a Treasonous Press


We the People


there was Proven Hanky Panky in this 2020 Presidential Election

as Election Fraud by Democrats is now the Reality and will continue and

how deep state is the Hanky Panky ?

~ Question ~

 Why did 74 Million American Patriots Vote for President Donald Trump

~ Answer ~


because the Democrats and Deep State Democrats and their Media and Press

and their Domestic Terrorist Organizations

have and continue to Commit Treason against America for the past four plus years

as Democrats have publicly stated they will Punish those who Voted for President Trump

~ Question ~

and how are the Democrats going to Punish 74 Million American Patriots

for Voting for their Freedom ?


Those Who Deny Due Process Under the Law

Deny Freedom


…and when you want to control People ~

you make them Paranoid

with scientifically proven Disinformation and Lies

while everything the Democrats Accuse the Republicans of doing and Being

the Democrats have already scientifically proven they have already done and Are

as the Democrats continue to Preach and Brainwash

their Catastrophic Doomsday Paranoia

as they continue to Cry Wolf and Preach the Sky is Falling

and we are all going to Die Soon

based on their Proven Political Pathological Ignorance

as they have now turned up the Volume on their Media Preached Paranoia Machine

with new Proven Disinformation and Lies doing far greater Harm

than the Tested Realities they do not comprehend

as they Censor Scientific Data from the Public

that prove they are Treasonous Frauds in Science and Medicine

as the Democrats always make things worse and never better

based on their Dictated Un-Questioned Lunatic Political Science Fiction

for Power Control and Profit for 60 Billionaires who are one with China

the same Billionaires who own and control

the proven to be Fascist Treasonous Democratic Political Media Corporation

Destroying America

as their old scientifically proven Fascist Treasonous Lies

continue to be replaced with new scientifically proven Fascist Treasonous Lies

for Political Ploy only further proving their Criminal Ignorance

as the Billionaire owned Democrats have very proven they can win nothing Honestly

and can only win with Paranoid Lies and Fascist Disinformation

as the proven Democratic Fascist Treason continues against

All of We the People who are America

as only Treasonous Fascist Traders can Destroy Freedom

as the Treasonous Democrats continue to Shoot the Fascist Foot in their Mouth

while their Lunatic Heads are up their Butt

while 200 years ago they would all be Hanging Freely from Trees


Treasonous Fascism can Save you from Nothing

as the Democratic New Normal is 24/7 Preached Paranoia for Political Ploy

and if you do not Vote for the Democrats we are all going to Die Soon

as they cause many times more Death and Destruction

as they Destroy All of We the People = America


January 1 ~ January 3


In 1850

~ 74 years after the Signing of the Deceleration of Independence ~

a Group of Rail Road Barron’s Bribed Everyone in Washington D.C.

there after the United States Supreme Court Granted Constitutional Rights to Entities

allowing ~ things ~ to have the same Equal Rights under the Law as

All of We the People who are America

and then later with the Seventeenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

took away Ownership and Control of the U.S. Senate from State Governments

and then giving Control of the Senate to Entities ~ things ~

as the States no longer have any Power or Authority in the United States Government

making the States now Un-United

when it was a Senate Controlled by State Governments

that made We the People more United

as Fascist Treasonous things Owned by Billionaires now Dictate how we can live our Lives

Dictated by the Political Pathological Frauds Owned and Controlled by the Billionaires

and today ~ things ~ have more Rights than People


Entities now Control the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives

as we are no longer Guided by True Leadership by We the People

as we are now forced to Live as the Fascist Treasonous Entities Say


Question Test Rebuttal Debate


Do you just believe the scientifically Proven Lies ?


Nancy Pelosi

the Lunatic Criminal in Charge of the Democratic Cuckoo’s Nest

Speaker of the House of Representatives

of the

Republic of the Un-United States of America

has Committed Proven Treason against America

with her Deliberate Unlawful Unconstitutional Treasonous Political Impeachment

and maybe someone should tell Nancy

~ The Improper use of a Mask can Kill You ~

while damaging your Brain and Internal Organs and Immune system

from a lack of Oxygen if you do not Die from wearing a mask

as 99.99 % of those who caught Virus did not Die

and those who did die with the Virus they were already dying

as the Billionaire owned Political Media Lunatics

Preach to us their proven to be Lunatic Science

as they ignore the available Science Data sent to them proving they are Frauds in Science


Politically Persuaded Belief is not Proven Fact Tested Reality

Politically Persuaded Belief is Politically Persuaded Ignorance by Choice


We the People live with two political parties constantly destroying each other

constantly destroying America


Reverse the Seventeenth Amendment

and We the People will become the United States once again

and if We the People then end all Political Parties

we will then end the Political Party Cancers of America

as the Majority of All of We the People are Independents with zero Representation

as the Democrats have openly and deliberately committed Treason

against All of We the People for the past four plus years

with the support of the majority of the Treasonously Politically Bias Media and Press

as the Media and Press allow no Rebuttal to their Scientifically Proven Political Lies

as they Censor the Truth further Destroying America

as an Honest Media and Press Informs We the People with all the available facts

and does not take political sides

or decide for We the People what is real and what is not real


…and the Dumber you are the more qualified you are to deliver the Fraudulent news ~


The Number One Scientifically Proven Treasonous Lairs and Frauds in America

for Political Ploy are the Media and Press like the New York and L.A. Times and



Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates

as they are all Owned and Controlled by Democratic Billionaires

who reject Question Test Rebuttal Debate

who reject Real Science Data proving they are Frauds in Science

while Fox News is also Guilty by Ignorance in Opinion

that provides Inaccurate Information is Science and Medicine doing only harm


We Must Have Continuous

Question Test Rebuttal Debate to know the Truth in Life and Knowledge

~ and ~

how far will the Proven to be Paranoid Lunatics

who are Proven Political Pathological Frauds in Science go for their Power and Profit ?

as they silence the proven fact tested reality in Science supported by real Data

as the proven Treason and Fascism against All of We the People of America

continues everyday


Preaching proven Disinformation and Paranoia for Political Ploy is not Science

and when confronted with their Proven Political Media Lies

the Proven Lairs continue to Lie Proving their Fascism against We the People


CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment

~ and spending trillions to Stop the cause of Green will not Stop climate change ~

as Scientifically Proven and Ignored by Ignorance

by Political Media Fraud in Science

as the byproduct of Warming by the variable Sun with many cycles

is not the cause of warming

as the by product of warming by the variable Sun

is the cause of green causing the environment

as scientifically proven and ignored by proven Dictated Ignorance

who reject all Question Test Rebuttal Debate


6CO2 + 6H2O + v ~> C6H12O6 +6O2


To: Joe Berry and Joe Biden ~

to delete proven history is to delete tested reality

further proving Pathological is not Factual

and as

~ scientifically proven ~

Political Media Treason and Fascism

made 2020 a very Bad Year

a very bad year caused by very bad people

as history already knows

as science is: to know

~ by ~

the truth in knowledge must always be in Question


on going

question test rebuttal debate

and those who reject this science are test proven to not be real = political pathological

as they reject the tested knowledge for political media persuaded paranoia

by political media persuaded make believe in fear belief for Profit by power and control

as the Political Con Artists are

the proven to be Treasonous Fascist Political Media and Press

by proven to be Fascist Treasonous Billionaires

as their proven to be Scam Science continues to do only harm


See You next Year


November 30 ~ December 31

am ~ pm

2020 A.D.


Atmospheric Emission Science and Physics and Chemistry ~ Page 3

To: Chris Wallace Fox News ~ Page 4

To: Norah O’Donnell CBS News ~ Page 5

To: Dr. Anthony Fauci ~ Page 6


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The Science Rebuttal


September 9 ~ December 2


…the Rebuttal


Pathological is not Factual

and you can not see Factual through Pathological Eyes

you can not see Factual through Persuaded Feelings of Fear and Hate by Ignorance


Personal Emotional Feelings are not Facts


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Fraud by Dr. Sargent & Sage Medical Clinic for MT. State Fund


August 11, ~ September 10,


~ The Rebuttal ~

to the Political Lunatics who are Preaching to us

” The number three cause of Death in America is the Corona Virus “

and is a scientifically Proven Lie


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To: Montana Criminal Governor Steve Bullock


…is there Lunatic Political Science Fiction in un-tested Reality = Make Believe

~ The Smile behind the Mask ~



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Fact Check to Fascist Treasonous Tweeter


The Rebuttal


June 23 ~ July 14

~ 2020 ~


I have never seen so many People on the Road in U-Halls

and every other kind of Household moving vehicle in my Life Time


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Organized Crime in Montana by Gov. Steve Bullock & Friends


The Rebuttal


June 15, 2020


Do not Vote for Anyone who is a part of the Criminal Bullock Administration


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Corona Virus as the Political Media Paranoia Strikes Again


The Rebuttal


May 7 ~ May 28

~ 2020 ~



The Corona Virus is the Mildest Virus in my Life Time

as the Majority of those with the Corona Virus do not know they had or have this Virus

and that is why it is so easy to spread

because no one is at Home Sick with this Virus

that now has a death rate of 0.24 % and continues to drop as testing expands

and you can Thank the Democratic Billionaires who Own and Control the Media and Press

for the Politically Brainwashed Bogus Lock Down


Why is the Democratic owned and controlled Media and Press

withholding Vital Medical Information from the Public

why is the Democratic Media Intentionally making everything worse

in this Corona Virus they made into a Crises they made into a Political Crises

why are only Democratic Physicians with a political agenda Lying to the Public

~ and ~

I agree with Dr. Scott Atlas

Senior Fellow of the Hoover Institution of Stanford University

who states

the media is not Medically Informing the People of America

and the Lock Down is doing far more harm than the Corona Virus

as Proven

and most Professionals Agree


While the Majority of the Media Ignore Dr. Scott Atlas

as they politically attack and censor all Doctors speaking out and against the Lock Down

as Real Doctors are trying to Medically Inform the Public with Real Medical Advice

during this Corona Virus

as the Media is preventing We the People

from receiving the proper available Medical Advice

from Real Doctors and Physicians since the Virus began

and that is how the Majority of the Media is Helping America

by being the cause of this Invented Crises for their Political Agenda

proving Treason against We the People for their Democratic Billionaire Owners


How can We the People who are America come together

with a Politically Fascist Media Brainwashing Paranoid Fraudulent Science and Medicine

Protected by Freedom of the Press

as Treason can not be protected by Freedom of the Press


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Dr. Albert Olszewski for Governor of Montana


June 19, 2020



Never Give Up

as it is not Wisdom that Wins Elections it is to often Billionaire Money

and Real Leadership does not come from money

Never Give Up



May 21, 2020


We the People of Montana

need Leadership who can Mend and Heal

and that is what Physicians do Best

as they know what is Right and Wrong for Wellness

and they comprehend Preventative Care

as they are in the Business of Giving not Harming

and settling for Bad Law can not Heal the Damage of Bad Law

as the Illness can only become Worse


Dr. Albert Olszewski

already knows how to Repair and Heal what has been Broken

he knows how to Cure Sickness and Maintain Wellness

as Albert is a Doctor not a Lawyer

as he is already outside the box looking in

and is not blinded by political belief

as Belief Reality is how we are blinded to Tested Reality

as Belief Reality is Make Believe doing only Harm in Tested Reality

and we need a Good Doctor to Heal the proven political wounds to We the People

as the Majority of We the People are Independents with zero Representation

and Dr. Albert Olszewski is a Physician First

who will represent all of We the People First

and will help all of us with all of our Wounds

and help all of We the People to be well again in Freedom in Montana

Albert will not need to be told what he should do because of Ignorance

as he will know what to do by Questioned Tested Intelligence

and be Scientifically Factual and not Politically Pathological

as I can see Albert is a Real Leader for Real Wellness and not a Political Puppet

and my Hope for a better World is with Dr. Albert Olszewski

Professional Healer

who is a Real Montanan for Helping Real Montanans Live Well



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My Questions for Joe Berry and Stanford Woods Institute


science is: to know


and If you do not Question the Truth in knowledge

then you can not know the Truth in Science

and just believe in the test proven Political Media Lies


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The Taste of Tyranny


The Taste of Tyranny in America


wisdom is the ability to use knowledge constructively

while doing no harm in questioned tested reality

~ On going in My Spare Time ~

February 14, 2019 ~ November 20, 2019


everyday is a chance in life to live free

~ in ~

The Taste of Tyranny for Power and Greed


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