To: Dr. Richard Sargent

Sage Medical Clinic ~ Helena Montana


as you can scientifically prove nothing

Thank you for forcing this Disabled Person to Return to Work

as I can not Physically perform the job I was doing before my Injuries

as I am a danger to myself and others

as you are forcing me back to work without a Proper Physical Examination

without a Proper Physical Neurological Examination

as Jeff Cory did ~ zero ~ Physical Neurological Examination of me

beyond watching me set in a chair from 8 to 10 feet away for one hour

while rewriting the history of my life

while making up Answers to Questions he did not ask me and should of ask me

while ignoring the facts

as you force me to go back to work I can not do

without seeing me first without knowing how I am doing Physically today

as you have not seen me in months

and thank you for Quitting

and then allowing me only one Refill of my Medication to prevent Seizures

that have only happened a few times

and only in my sleep after a very toxic poisoning

by chemicals that do direct harm to the Central Nervous System

while I continue to have Real Neurological Disorders since my Head Injury

as you force me back to work and at the same time I now need to find another Doctor

who can refill my Prescription

and can provide me with the help I need today with my Nervous System Disorders

while I have shown you the proof debunking Jeff Cory and his Fraudulent Evaluation

who answers Questions for me he did not ask me

as his evaluation is based on Assumptions and UN-provable theory

while not acknowledging facts he can not debunk with his

UN-provable hypotheticals = UN-provable theories

as he just ignored the provable Facts that debunk his make believe

and if you agree with this Fraud then you are a Fraud too


Thank you Richard for making my life much much harder than it already is

as you have willfully betrayed your Oath for your feelings based on zero knowledge

as you do not have a Clue of how I am doing and you do not care how I am doing today

as you were my fathers Physician and that is why I came to you

and if he was still with us today he would be Ashamed of you

as he would be looking for another Doctor too that he can Trust

as you have disgrace your Profession as you have willfully proven this


Please forward your Report of me to me for my Review

and for the review of other Doctors

and I will forward this Statement to the St Peters Hospital Group

and to the State of Montana Medical Board

with a Malpractice Complaint

along with your Partner in Crime Jeff Cory

who is doing proven harm

while I will follow the advice of one of the Attorneys

and allow Jeff Cory the opportunity to repair his very proven mistakes

just so we can say we did make this offer

as you reject the Truth you can not disprove for make believe you can not prove

and then you Trash me and left me like Road Kill

as I will look for a new Doctor until I find one who is Humane

who can Deal with Fact Tested Reality

who can see past the UN-provable Hypotheticals you believe in

as real science is to know and not just Make Believe

and sending someone back to work when you have not seen in months

while ~ knowing ~ he is having Problems is very bad Medicine


Bruce A. Kershaw


January 10, 2018

To: Montana State Fund


Tammy Gibson

Claim Examiner

Claim #041001264671

and when proven fraud protects your money that’s OK


Dear Tammy

I have just received your letter dated January 3, 2018

Informing me my Disability Benefits from my Work Injuries with Concussion

that I have not completely recovered from will be terminated in 14 days

giving me 7 days to prepare for no income

as I do very much Disagree with Dr. Sargent

who has not done a follow up evaluation with me

as I have not seen him in many months

nor has he provided me with his Report of me

since the ~ proven to be ~ Flawed Incomplete Fraudulent Evaluation of me

by Dr. Jeff Cory

who did ~ zero ~ Physical Neurological Exam

and their decision that I may Return to Work based on unproven Hypothetical

but I will have no choice in this matter and I will return to work

where I will be a Danger to myself and those around me

while Dr. Sargent has Quite being my Medical Provider before evaluating me

and so I have no Physician to help me with this Issue

or my current continuing medical Issues at this Time caused by my work Injury

while I have forwarded Dr. Cory’s Bogus Evaluation of me to another Doctor for Review

one of the Attorneys I have Spoke with agrees with my Evaluation

of Dr. Cory and his Bogus Evaluation

while another Attorney suggested I allow Jeff Cory to repair his proven mistakes first

before going forward with litigation after receiving a second Medical opinion

and so I will contact the Helena School District and inform them of my Situation

by sending a copy of this to them

to I am guessing Dan Lamphere based on your letter to me today dated 7 days ago

and so thank you for always making life much Harder

for those of us harmed by the Negligence of others

as I can no longer do the things I want to do and could do before these Injuries

while going Broke

as I have Equity the Equity does not buy Groceries

and I am not able to do the Job I was doing before

and the only Doctor who knows this provable fact is me

so I will get my Card Board Sign ready and stand in front of your Brand New Building

with my new Card Board Sign and then maybe you will help me or maybe not

as this is how the system treats injured people due to no fault of their own

as the system can only make their wounds in Life harder to heal

and thanks again for the 7 day warning to the end of my only income

and thanks for your letter a week ago

telling me not to email you or call you on the phone or leave you a phone message

and of course this what I expect from any Insurance Company denying Legitimate Claims

for profit doing nothing

as this only happens in America

as the rest of the modern western world does not punish those

who are tying to heal from their wounds while being rejected by those

who are paid by many others to help those in need

so thank you for turning your back on me too


Bruce A. Kershaw


….over 32,000 People die every year from falling ~

as I slipped on Ice and landed on the back of my Head

and after I woke up from this fall my hands were numb from the cold

and I did not immediately go to the emergency room

because I was able to in pain after setting for about 30 minutes continue my work for the

last part of my shift but was unable to complete all my work duties

and later went home and it was better that I was not driving

after the fall and stayed at work for a while as my head was not clear

as I was very much in a Daze

as I hate to go to the Hospital for anything

and wanted to see how I would do with out medical evaluation

as I am very optimistic and I was not in dyer need of first aid

as I was not dying and had no obvious broken bones or bleeding

as my head hurt very much with a big knot on the back of my head

as there is nothing they can do for me other than observe me for this condition

while my neck hurt my elbow hurt my side hurt my knee hurt my ankle hurt

and I wanted to see for myself if I would hopefully just get better

and I did not get better

as my condition continued to worsen over the next two weeks

and I went to an Urgent Care from work with the Headache I have had since the fall

with Nausea and Balance problems with Clumsiness and Forgetful

and still in Pain in the other parts on my body as my side was hurting the most

at that monument in time after trying to shovel snow

and I told the PA = Physicians Assistant what had happened

who did zero Physical Neurological Exam or Testing of me at that time

and then could not say or have any medical opinion of my Concussion

but did order an MRI

and on my follow up visit I was seen by the other PA

who did do a Physical Neurological Exam and decided I did have Neurological Issues

and then saw a Neurologist who did zero Physical Neurological Exam

earning him zero right to medical opinion who then ordered two forms of therapy

and when I saw the Physical Therapist who did a Physical Neurological Evaluation

of my condition showing I was in fact in need of Physical Theory

and then for many weeks she helped me with my Neurological Problems

while I stopped going to the Urgent Care

as wanted to be in the Care of a Real Physician

who then sent me to

Jeff Cory

Deaconess Hospital

who did zero Physical Neurological Exam of me earning him zero right to Opinion

while proving to me he is a test proven Insult to Fact Tested Reality

~ because ~

Fabricating Fact in a Medical Evaluation while ignoring the Real Facts is Fraud

and then based on the Fraudulent Evaluation then Prescribing Treatment and Medication

is very proven very bad Medicine

as I continue to have serious Neurological Problems

and as my Wife tells me and I very much know too

I am a different Person

I am not the Man I was Before

and I still can not do all the things I could do before

as I just take it one day at a time and make each day the best it can be

while proving this was a very flawed incomplete Evaluation of me

based on Assumptions while ignoring the real facts

as I continue to live with real wellness issues from a real Neurological Disorder

ignored by this Fraudulent Evaluation that would have done far more harm to my wellness

and zero good

Bruce A. Kershaw

since 2009

I am Invited to the Doctors of Disaster Preparedness Annual Meeting and receive

their News Letter with the lasted updates in peer-reviewed science and medicine

and in April of 2013

I was invited to Participate in the London Symposium on Climate Change

at the Oxford and Cambridge Club London June of 2013

for my 40 plus years of work in

Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

~ and for now I am just a Lunatic Mad Scientist ~

according to Jeff Cory and his Lunatic Evaluation of me

based on his proven to be Ignorance

and If I was not a Lysdexic Dyslexic

I would be Lawyer not a Doctor


if I was a Medical Doctor I could not live with knowing I may be wrong

up to 50% of the time or far worse if I was a bad Doctor

as I could not live with knowing

I may have done unintentional Harm from my honest mistakes

as there are Illnesses you can not see that are Invisible to testing

that only an Autopsy Pathologist would see and know

and of course the last person you want to diagnose your Illness is a Autopsy Pathologist

as I can only hope

as I have nothing but respect for the good Doctors who know what they are doing

and yes being Dyslexic is a Learning Disability

but it does not prevent ~ Me ~ from Learning and Knowing

it just slows you down

and as Rumor has it Albert Einstein could not spell worth a darn either

as no two Lysdexics are alike

as I must highlight all the words in the Dictionary I find and need

so I can find them again later faster

even after spelling them thousands of times I still need the dictionary to Spell

while I have emailed Websters Dictionary when the their definition is Wrong

as Spell Check only makes me look Dumber than I am

as I write on this website for the whole world to see

and then I will go back and Edit later what the world has already seen before Editing

while I may not fined and see some of my mistakes for many days

and even months

like leaving out words or words out of proper order

or the wrong word from my Mischievous Friend Spell Check

while I must do my own Editing

because when I have tried to let some others Edit for me in the past

they then get the science facts wrong

while I must Review Diagnostic and Technical Manuals and Data and

Published Science Papers 4 to 6 times to get them into proper order in my head

while I have Evaluated Automotive Science Education Programs

I have spent the past 40 plus years re-evaluating the evaluations of many others

that were wrong

as I am an expert in evaluation of many kinds


….a Bogus Fraudulent Evaluation

is when the person evaluating you

answers the most important Questions for you

they did not ask you

Fabricating Fact

and then telling you your Crazy

based on their Answers to the most important questions they did not ask you

as they rejected the knowledge before knowing the fact tested knowledge

for the sake of their Lunatic Make Believe from their Preconceived Notions

and this why many evaluations fail

because they reject available knowledge

for their Personal Emotional Feelings of ~ their ~ True Belief


We must all play the cards we are dealt in Life

while there will always be those who Stack the Deck against us

while no two Carbon based Humans are alike on this Carbon based Earth

as no two Injuries are alike

and no two Healing Processes alike

just as there are no two Shrinks who are alike

as not all Shrinks are Proven to be

Incompetent Unethical with Malice Playing God with your Life

~ * ~

January 5, 2018


How would you think and feel about a Doctor who while Operating on you

just turns his back on you and walks away before finishing the Operation

because something went wrong

and then someone brings you a letter signed by the Doctor

stating he can no longer be your Doctor

and you will have to find another Doctor to finish the job he Started


Thank You Dr. Sargent for turning your back on me

and proving I was wrong about you

as I trusted you

thank for proving you are a coward to fact tested reality

as you put me on a Sinking Ship with a Lunatic Shrink

to Evaluate my Concussion and possible harm to my Central Nervous System

from exposure to very toxic chemicals in my work life over the past 40 plus years

very toxic chemical that kill People

while I have had zero Neurological Symptoms Prior to my Concussion

as your Lunatic Shrink did zero Physical Neurological Testing of any kind

to come up with his Lunatic Conclusions based on his Ignorance of proven Reality

based on his Lunatic Imagination and Assumptions while ignoring provable facts

Earning the Shrink zero right to Physical Neurological Medical Opinion of me

and then you removed all the Life Preservers

by just walking away from this incomplete Evaluation of my Health

as I am living with Symptoms preventing me from having what was a very healthy Life

as this is the first summer in my Adult life I could not Hike to the top of a Mountain

and so thank you Richard for making my life harder

for siding with your proven Fraudulent Friend

proving you are a Fraud too

as we all have to live with the Good and the Bad in all of life

and when the going gets tough the cowards run away



January 1, 2018


We live on this Carbon based Earth with more Questions than Answers in Life

and when the Answers can not be

~ Questioned ~ Tested ~ Debated ~

the Answers are not knowledge

as knowledge must always be in Question to find and know the Truth in fact tested reality


Hypotheticals = UN-proven Theory prove nothing in Science and Medicine

Debunk Hypotheticals prove nothing in Science and Medicine

and True Belief in Debunk Hypotheticals = Debunk UN-proven theory


Lunatic Clinical Religion in Medicine

and not fact tested Reality based on fact tested knowledge

and when someone tells you only their debunk unproven theories are right

and all the other known theories are wrong

Hang on for Dear Life

because they will turn you into something you are not

based on their Make Believe

and then treat you for something you are not


How do you ~ know ~ when the Shrink needs a Shrink ?

When the Shrink Answers the most Important Questions for you

~ Questions the Shrink did not ask you ~

and when the Shrink is substituting the provable facts for his UN-provable make believe

turning you into something you yourself can prove you are not

as he tries to Brainwash you to just believe what you are told to just make believe

based on his unproven theory based on zero fact tested Reality

based on zero Neurological Testing or Exam

as Jeff has Rejected Scientific Fact before knowing the facts

and has replaced the Proven Fact Tested Knowledge with his Invented Make Believe

True Belief Jeff can not Prove Scientifically beyond Hypothetical = unproven theory

~ while playing God with my Life ~

? with or with out Motive and Malice ?

based only on his Make Believe

~ as this is Pathological ~

not Scientific

as Pathological can not be Ethical

while Ethical can be Pathological

but only when Ethical is based on True Belief = Religion and not Test Proven Fact

as Religion is not Ethical to Reality while there are Ethics in Religion

as the Religion of Science is Skepticism of True Belief

as I do not Preach only one UN-provable Hypothetical as Fact Tested Reality

rejecting all other known un-proven theories

while rejecting the provable facts

and doing zero Testing for the condition in Question

as proven theory and tested fact must always comes first

and must always be in Question to know the truth

and not just true belief in Hypothetical make believe

as Shrinks can turn you into something you are not on Paper

and for some of us turn you into something you are not in real Life

as Shrinks are not always wrong and not always right

just like everyone on this Carbon based Earth

as real knowledge is always in Question and never just believed

as real knowledge is not by the rejection of fact tested reality

as this is Fraud by Ignorance and or by Malice

~ * ~

When the Shrink asked himself a very important Question in his mind for ~ me ~

with out asking ~ me ~ the Question

and then Answered the Question for me on my behalf

that he knows only I can Answer and Prove

this is Fraudulent Malice not Medicine

~ * ~

science is: to know

and Hypotheticals = unproven theories

are not proven fact tested knowledge

and can not replace Scientific Fact of the Scientific Method

you can not substitute Fact with Clinical Religion = UN-provable Hypothetical

and then call it Fact Tested Reality in Real Science

as substituting  knowledge for true belief in make believe is not Science

and only Proves Fraud in Real Science and Malpractice in Medicine

~ * ~

Medicine can not be by Assumption while ignoring proven fact tested knowledge

as Jeff’s conclusion is UN-provable theory based on the rejection of scientific fact

fact that debunk Jeff’s UN-provable Hypothetical = unproven theory

UN-provable theory based on one hour of our lives together

while inventing the Answers to the Questions he did not ask ~ me ~

and Assuming things that never happened

based on a lack of available knowledge is Test Proven Ignorance

as knowledge always debunk make believe


In 1982 I had a Near Death Experience

caused by a Severe Poisoning followed by a Seizure in my Sleep

caused by very extremely Toxic Chemicals that do in fact Kill

and cause Cancer

that can and will Shut down the Kidneys and Liver

just like Anti-freeze only worse

while it attacks the Central Nervous System

and upon surviving the Poisoning by these very toxic Chemicals

they cause Nervous System Depression


35 years later

Jeff tells me based on ~ zero ~ Scientific Fact

while ignoring Provable Scientific Fact

then inventing UN-provable Hypothetical based on zero scientific fact

Jeff then tells me

my very toxic Poisoning followed by a Seizure

when there was zero stress in my life

while living in one of the truly Happiest times in my Adult Life in both Work and Play

~ did not happen ~

and I am now a Lunatic = Psychosomatic

as Jeff tells me a recent slip and fall on Black Ice causing a Concussion

when there was zero stress in my life

~ did not happen ~

because I am Psychosomatic

and now of course I have zero choice in this matter

but to Prove with scientific fact the Lunatic Shrink who rejected fact tested Reality

while Answering the most import Questions he should of asked me

Real Knowledge for his true make believe

proving the Shrink needs a Shrink

as Jeff did not know what Poisoned me and did not care what poisoned me

all Jeff cared is I would fit perfect into one of his Lunatic Boxes

based only on Hypothetical Clinical Religion based on zero fact

while just ignoring very provable fact

his Lunatic Conclusion after our one hour in time together

as I laid in a Hospital Bed 35 years ago Prying this would not be my Death Bed

only to learn today it was not Real

because Jeff does not Question and Test the very well known Provable Facts

as he rejects fact for his Lunatic UN-provable Theory


~ as I take everyday one at a time and make the best it can be ~

as I love to make Carbon based Humans of this Carbon based Earth Laugh

as my Dogs Nitro and Lucky would agree

I am still Breathing the rest is Icing on the Cake

~ * ~

Bruce A. Kershaw


To: Jeffrey Cory PhD

Bozeman Health ~ Deaconess Hospital

Neuroscince Center

Bozeman ~ Montana

…as you can not prove I am a Lunatic in Reality

I have scientifically Proven you are ~

as your evaluation based on hypotheticals contradicts itself

and you should be removed from doing any further Harm to others

as your Bogus Evaluation is Debunk by Fact Tested Reality as

~ Fraud and Malpractice ~

comes in many forms


Ignoring the most import knowable provable facts

only to better promote your unproven Hypotheticals

when Prescribing Medications or Treatments to those you are Treating

while ignoring what is really needed while doing very possible harm

based on a Lack of Available knowledge

and a lack of Available Testing

known as test proven Ignorance


~ Example for Everyone ~

Jeff tells me to my face from about 8 or 10 feet away

that the U.S. Soldiers coming bake from Active Duty with Concussions

do not really have concussions

they to are Psychosomatic just like me

with this Diagnosis based on zero Neurological Evaluation of these Soldiers

100 miles away or any Neurological Evaluation of me

and then based only on Hypothetical = unproven theory

and of course this tells us

the Real Doctors and Neurologist who did Test and Diagnose these Soldiers

must be Psychosomatic too

~ Another Example ~

When someone tells you they were Poisoned

and then later had a Seizure in their Sleep

and then you tell them they are Psychosomatic

with out knowing what caused the Poisoning and the Seizure

this is very test proven Lunatic Science

while Playing God with my Life


Rejecting the Facts before Knowing the Facts is very Bad Medicine

~ while ~

allowing only those things that support your hypotheticals = unproven theories

in your evaluation of Me and my Life is: Wrong and Fraudulent


Jeff your Lunatic Evaluation of me

I can not believe is only by your Pure Stupidity

and for your Lunatic Motive I will never know

as we are all Flawed in some ways

and when I am Flawed the car I am Repairing will not start

and when you are flawed no one will know not even you

as you are doing Harm to others based on your true belief and zero fact


Jeff did not seek to know and or look at the Evidence Debunking His untested True Belief

Jeff does not Question or Test the Known Facts

as he just ignores and rejects the known facts reviewing no known facts

and then invents new facts based on zero fact tested knowledge

as he puts his true belief before knowledge while rejecting knowledge

proving Clinical Religion and very bad Medicine

as I am the Opposite of Jeff as I always put the knowledge first

and then add the un-proven theories and then test the un-proven theories

as Jeff has Scientifically proven he is not a Real Scientist

as he rejects the scientific method

Jeff is a True Believer of UN-proven theories before Scientific fact

UN-proven Theories before fact tested Reality


Jeff Cory should be suspended from his Practice pending further review of his Practice

whose Practice is based on ignoring available test proven knowledge for his Make Believe

as he is making People into things they are not

and then Medicating them for things they are not

as I can Prove

based on his proven Lunatic imagination and the rejection of real knowledge

as he rejects the scientific method

as this applies to both Science and Medicine

as it is Jeff who lives in a world of clinical make believe not me because

as all the Maybes and UN-provable theories in Jeff’s mind are not the realities of my life

they are in his imagination not mine

as he rejected the test proven facts not me

as I live for the Truth in all of knowledge and life for a better life for all

while Jeff rejects the Truth before looking at the Truth and testing the Truth

before knowing the facts

as he makes Assumptions based on ignored facts

and this is very bad Medicine

as Doctors can be right or wrong while knowing all the facts

but will always be wrong when ignoring all the facts

ignoring the facts and then changing the facts and rewriting the history of my life

with his Lunatic UN-provable Science Fiction

based on zero test proven fact

based only on his UN-tested Lunatic Imagination

proven by the facts he just ignored

Jeff did not investigate the facts Jeff just Pretended the facts were not real

for the sake of Lunatic Make Believe based on zero fact

this is Lunatic Medicine not Fact Tested Reality


as the Urgent Care PA I saw first did no Neurology Exam who sides with you

while the follow up exam with other PA did do a Neurology Exam and sides with me

and this is missing from you evaluation

just as the later Neurology Exam at St Peters Hospital by my Physical Therapist

showing I had Neurology Issues and is missing from your Evaluation

as my Wife had to drive to theses Physical therapy Appointments

because I was unable to drive myself

and for about three plus months I could not drive

and when I did start driving again I had to take back streets in town

so I could drive slowly away from moving traffic

because Parked Cars were still moving

as you state my Concussion was all Psychosomatic

while there are many who disagree with you

and your Evaluation missing facts and ignoring facts

for the sake of your true belief based on zero facts

as I have facts and you have only your belief ignoring very known import facts


I knew someone who was in Pain

and then the Doctors told her she was not in Pain

and after the first Electro Shock Therapy she came home still in Pain

and after the second Electro Shock Therapy she came home still in Pain

and after the third Electro Shock Therapy

she came home again with her body still in Chronic Pain

and then she took a 44 to her chest

and then days later I was the one to clean up the mess

because the doctors refused to accept that she was in real pain

while the Doctors could not prove she was not in real Pain

and then ten years later a counselor said to me

I am a Rescuer of People

some of them in real Pain

and some of them who are not in Pain

and some of them who just had nowhere to be

and some who just needed a little help to make it though that hard day

and some who just need a hug or just a smile for the moment they are in

as all I need back is their smile and maybe a laugh

making a new hug and a new smile

while hoping maybe I have helped them if I can

I have Donated my Professional time to a Veterans Organization

who help those rejected my the country they fought for

 I have purchased junk used cars and reconditioned them for the homeless

and for very young unwed unwanted mothers who came to Montana

just to have there rejected unwanted baby rejected by her family

who can then drive back home with out the help of their family

so they can then know if they and the new child is still rejected

by those who go to Church every Sunday for one hour as they Preach they love


as I grow forward everyday of my life

I do not live in the Past

I do not let anything in my past haunt Me

as there is nothing in my past to haunt Me

as I grew up in a very healthy family

I was a happy Cub Scout and Boy Scout

and I had the best of all worlds where I grew up

I had many good Friendships growing up and I was never abused

while there are somethings I can forgive and some things I can not

I can not forgive Terrorists who turn unborn Baby’s in to Bombs

as Religions fight and kill each other for the same God

and if there is a God there is

and if there is not a God then there is not

as no one can prove either but I know right from wrong

with or with out a God


Imagination is a good thing

but Imagination can be the test for Clinical Reality

I have been Clinically Diagnosed by a Shrink of many Conditions

~ Including Skepticism ~

and of course it is about time

as I have always known inside myself I am a Skeptic

and now it is a Clinical Fact based on zero testing

as I am a very Proud Skeptic

as I wonder how this Flaw in me

this clinical mental medical disorder can and is Treated

~ skepticism ~

1 – the doctrine that the truth in all knowledge must always be in Question

2 – skeptical attitude

3- doubt about religious doctrines

and so what is the Physiological Treatment for this condition I have had for my entire life ?

as I am a working Scientist = skeptic

as real science is skepticism

as the scientific method is to Question Test Rebuttal Debate to find the truth in knowledge

so how do we successfully Treat or Medicate this now Diagnosed Physiological Disorder

doing very proven test Harm to Make Believe

as the Religion of science is skepticism of true belief dictating science

as wisdom is the ability to use knowledge constructively while doing no Harm

~ while ~

beyond Shock Therapy I believe my Clinical condition of skepticism is not treatable

as the Shrink has scientifically test proven he failed grade school science

and is an Insult to Intellectual Scientific fact tested Reality

as Skepticism is only a mental flaw in Climate Religion

who can prove nothing with real science


December 25, 2017

After the Holidays I will contact my Legal Insurance Provider

and they will provide me with Legal Counsel




True Belief Rejects knowledge for True Belief

~ The Shrink needs a Shrink ~

for his Arrogant Intellectual Deficiency = Arrogant Ignorance of Fact Tested Reality


as Doctors are right 50% of the time

as we must all learn and know and grow forward together from our mistakes

and we can not ignore knowledge for hypothetical true belief

as fact tested knowledge must always come first and not just ignored

for personal emotional feeling of true belief


unproven hypotheticals = Imagination and True Belief is not fact tested knowledge

and prove nothing in tested reality

as all knowledge must always be in question

as settled science dose not exist in fact tested reality

and when proven Lunatic tells a sane Man he is a Lunatic

based on only on your Pathological Hypothetical True Belief while just ignoring fact

you must expect a Scientific rebuttal based on proven fact tested knowledge

of the Scientific Method

the Scientific Method you ignore for hypothetical make believe


Jeff does not Question ~ Test ~ and Debate Knowledge

he rejects fact tested knowledge for his personal emotional feelings of True Belief

in Hypotheticals = un-proven theories


Clinical Religion can not debunk Fact Tested Reality


I am a Health Conscience Man

while I am not a Vegetarian the Steak I had for dinner last night was a Vegetarian

as I do Eat Healthy


I have a bowl of mixed Vegetables with Sausage for Breakfast every morning

the Sausage has a chemical in it that works for Infants with uncontrollable seizures

while I have only had a few Seizures in my life time


I like to hike to the tops of Mountains

and for Years I ran in the Governors Cup

and the last time I ran I was the oldest person in my age bracket and came in 14th

after walking for a few minuets in the middle of the race to catch my Breath

as I never trained for the race

while doing better than many who were 10 years younger than me

but I did everyday after work for 18 plus years rain or shine

go to the Broadwater Athletic Club and Tread water for one hour

getting the Heart Rate up

while Treading water is 17 times the resistance of workout out of the water

and being an Auto Mechanic I did not need to Pump more Iron everyday

I needed something to promote better health

and being in the water takes all the Pressure off the Joints and Backbones

and this was an Excellent work out for someone who needed a Chiropractor to stay upright

from my pumping Iron all day at work and then no longer need a Chiropractor

with in the year of treading water

while years ago I played and sponsored Co-ed Soft Ball

I am an active out door person

I am not good at Idle = sitting still

while today

I have Concussion symptoms from a Head Injury

as many of the symptoms are now gone

while some symptoms remain

like no endurance

and I may have some symptoms of Nervous System Depression

that never existed before the concussion

caused by 47 years of exposure to toxic Chemicals

Primarily Carburetor Cleaner that can KILL you


Anti-Freeze Vapor = Ethylene Glycol & Diethylene that can KILL you

and damages the Central Nervous System and other Organs in the Body

and will cause Nervous System Depression

and other Toxic Cleaners, Solvents, Gasoline, Diesel Fuel

and Car Exhaust all on a daily bases


I have owned and operated my own Automotive Service Center for the past 30 plus years

I specialize in Automotive Diagnostics and Trouble Shooting

Diagnosing Technical Problems other could not for the past 30 years

and doing High Tech Service and Minor Repairs


~ Tune-up ~

~ Timing Belts ~

~ Fuel Systems ~

~ Electrical Systems ~

~ On Board Computers ~

~ Emission Control Systems ~

~ Preventative Maintenance ~

and if and when I am sick in the 30 plus years of my business

as this did not happen but once every few years

I go to work

because I am self-employed

and I have no paid sick leave or vacation pay

and I was the the Lot Boy the Office Clerk the Service Writer the Technician

the Service Manager the Owner

a one man show

there was no one to fill in for me

and I worked six days a week

and I have been reconditioning Carburetors for the past 47 years

and there was a time in my work history before fuel injection on most cars

I was reconditioning an average of two Carburetors a day

and much of that was repairing the Carburetor work of other auto service centers

as I have spent about half my time repairing the mistakes of others for the past 30 years


and for later Reference

~ The Very Toxic Carburetor Cleaner ~

that can and does cause long and short term harm to the Nervous System

along with many other functions of the human body

and put me in the Hospital for about 3 days in about 1982 and 1989


The ~ Ingredients ~ of this Carburetor Cleaner

that Jeffrey Cory claims could not Poison me

and then later cause a Seizure

~ while ~ I have worked with people who have Died from this Very Very Toxic Chemical

that you can and do not leave the lead of off for more than a few seconds at a time

this Five Gallon Dip Can you place a Basket in

and in five to 15 minutes removes anything and everything from metal

because if you were to just breathe this toxic chemical say for about a straight minute

it would kill you

or at the very least

put you in the Hospital and do very severe harm to your body in many ways

and only a lunatic would tell me this so called solvent could harm me

as a lack of knowledge for true belief is called Stupid by Big Dummy’s

who reject Reality

who do not Question and Test the facts to find and know the truth

who reject the Truth based on zero knowledge of the Truth


Methylene Chloride (Dichloromethane)


Mixed Xylenes

Sodium Bichromate

Ethyl Benzene

as this toxic mix produces

Carbon Monoxide ~ Carbon Dioxide


Chlorine containing gases and Hydrogen Chloride


will and does soften some metals

and will and does devolve other metals like

aluminum, magnesium, titanium and other alloys.


The three page

~ Material Safety Data Sheet ~

can be found at




Health Hazard Information on the data sheet states

damage to



Central Nervous System


Nervous System Depression



and will cause from sort term exposure

with out direct contact

as the eyes and skin absorb these toxic fumes


Irritation to the eyes, skin, nose, throat and respiratory system

and cause

Nausea, headache, light-headedness, dizziness and dermatitis

and is not a cleaning solvent

and when using this extremely very toxic chemical

I must now where a Full Face Gas Mask

with my head covered

with long sleeved shirt and rubber gloves

and when I am done for the day and then remove my clothing

if I do not wash the clothing and leave it it lay on the floor

the next morning my entire home Reeks for days if I do not air out my house

of this very toxic chemical~

as Jeff states I am Crazy while only proving he is Crazy

based zero comprehension of the real facts

and only on his Imaginary facts

as Jeff Cory states in his make believe Lunatic Evaluation

~ His ~ so called solvent in his mind could not and did not poison me

based on zero scientific fact or investigation of the scientific facts

as I have real proven facts and real witness

as Jeff states I am Psychosomatic

and the Poisoning did not really Happen

just like the Seizure in my sleep later did not really Happen

so I am now one of JeFf’s Clinical Lunatics but only in his Mind

based only on his proven to be garbage science fiction

so I will assume he believes my Primary Physician is Psychosomatic too

who is treating me for this known facts that you ignore

of my very real condition

as the same thing happened about 1987

and this was all Psychosomatic too in Jeff ‘s Philological Mind

as I did not go to the hospital for the second Poisoning

because I am an Optimist


knowing Doctors can be wrong 50% of the time

and the number three cause of death is mistakes in hospitals

that are full of staff infection viruses and disease

and knowing today things like

my wife almost died because they forgot to replace the blood she lost during an Operation

and I sat with her for 37 hours while 7 times I thought she might die


because I knew after the previous poisoning


A – all the hospital can do for me is Observe me and that is all they can do

– and I did not have Health Insurance

but then later in by Sleep at home in my bed I had a Seizure

and was taken to the Hospital and was Observed and later released

I then went back home with all the after effects and symptoms of a Seizure

and went back to bed and fell asleep

and then I had a second Seizure in my sleep

and was then taken back to the Hospital

and was placed on anti-seizure Medication

and was released one or two or three days days later about 1987

and this was all Psychosomatic in Jeff Cory Head not mine

based on zero facts and only Lunatic hypothetical make believe

and then about 15 years ago I ran out of my Medication

and went with out it for two or three days

and then had a Seizure in my sleep

and did not go to the Hospital as there is nothing they can no for me

except observe me and wait and see

there is no after treatment for a Seizure other than provide me anti seizure medication

and I did this myself

as I had no Health Insurance

and there was nothing they could do for me that could not do myself

and I have never run out of my medication since and have never had a Seizure

since the last one 15 years ago

and this too according the Jeff Cory was all Psychosomatic

and I did not have a real Seizure it was all in my head

based on zero fact

so I am Preparing to sue Jeff Cory for Malpractice

as his Lunatic un-proven theory is Garbage Science Fiction

and his Lunatic Make Believe Assumption of the past 35 years of my life based on zero fact

based on only one hour of time together while rejecting provable facts

rejecting a known medical condition

more than proving to this real Scientist in Physics and Chemistry

who very clearly ~ knows ~

the difference between Proven Fact Tested Reality and Test Proven Lunatic Make Believe

who can and will prove this Lunatic is a Lunatic

as he has decided for what ever Lunatic Reason I will be a Lunatic on paper

based on a lack of available knowledge

and this is very proven Malpractice

~ proving ~

The Shrink needs a Shrink

and yes you are right about one thing Jeff,

I am Defensive as you state

and I am very Offended too

just like every Carbon based Human on this Carbon based Earth would be

when proven Lunatics like you try to turn People into something they are clearly not

as you have more than proven you are a disease not the Cure

~FMy Dirty Laundry for everyone to see ~

December 22, 2017

Before I can go back to work after a work related Injury

I must undergo a complete Evaluation

from head to toe inside and out

and this is the outcome of this evaluation with my rebuttal to intellectual deficiency

as some Shrinks can lift you up while some shrinks can only break you down

based on their hypothetical make believe of Reality based on zero fact


…the most important parts of reality missing from Shrinking

are the realities the Shrink can not see or refuses to know

for the sake of their true belief in hypotheticals = unproven theories

and I will incorporate my realities missing from the Shrinks Imagination of reality

as this is my rebuttal to the Mental Part of the Evaluation

because after one hour with a Shrink

as I am now a Lunatic for the past 35 years of my Life

as my life and history has now been rewritten by a Shrink

based on the Shrinks one hour of time in my 61 years of my reality in this real life

as the Shrink does not know

and probably does not want to know what is real beyond his true belief

as all that really ever matters is

did the check clear

as the real facts do not matter

as his Lunatic Conclusion based only of his Lunatic Belief and zero Medical Fact

~ Proving ~

the Shrink needs a Shrink

and should be removed from his Lunatic Make Believe Practice

of turning Sane People into Lunatics on Paper

as has been Proven

with my Evaluation of the Shrinks Lunatic Evaluation based on proven Ignorance

as the science fiction evaluation should be destroyed

as there will be a Pending Malpractice Litigation

as my Evaluation should be attached to the Lunatic Evaluation

as I continue my Investigation

because Trashing Peoples Lives

based on a very proven lack of knowledge and Medical History

and only Assumption

further based on very unproven Hypothetical = unproven theory

is very proven Bad Medicine


To: Bozeman Health


Deaconess Hospital & Jeffrey Cory PhD

Neuroscience Center

Thank You Jeff for your time

as I have been told I can be Painfully Honest

and I will assume you do not believe you are always right

as Shrinks are imperfect people too

as I have proven this fact before

and they are no longer practicing their Malpractice

and in my Scientific opinion you are a Shrink very much in need of a good Shrink

based on your proven Intellectual Deficiency of fact tested reality

~ as ~

I learn and know and grow forward from my mistakes

as science is to know

as all of science is repeatably Questioned Tested Debated in the scientific method

to find the Truth in all of Knowledge

as skepticism is the doctrine that the truth in all of knowledge must always be question

while some of my Friends and Customers of the past 30 years are Shrinks and Counselors

because I have Earned their Trust

and as they know I am a Health conscious Mind Hearth Spirit living in my Soul

with a Healthy Conscience

as I already know I am Dyslexic and Narcissistic

to what degree who can really know what is in my mind and soul

as your evaluation states I am at a Second Grade Reading Level

as in reality I have been reviewing Collage Level Science Papers for many years

and Evaluating Educations Programs

and writing and editing on this web site all by myself

while doing thousands hour of Climate Science investigation over the past 10 years

debunking your evaluation

as I am guessing

the Science Papers I review and analyze  and question

are above a second grade reading level

while only your Hypothetical Definition for Dyslexia can be used

and all the other Professional Hypotheticals are wrong

so how do you know your unproven theory is right

and all the other unproven theories are wrong

as I have had an on going science debate with Joe Berry

the Lead Lab Chemistry Professor at Stafford U for many years

and Years ago go I told Joe in one of our email debates I was Dyslexic

and then Joe replied he was Dyslexic too

as my Definition of Dyslexia disagrees with your hypothetical definition

as only you can be right as we who are dyslexic are wrong

as I disagree there can only be one hypothetical in un-proven theory

and Joe would agree with me on that one

as you are a true believer not a knower

as you state I am a Climate Skeptic

so I will assume you believe skepticism is a Flaw in Science

when in fact the scientific method is based on Skepticism

and calling a scientists a Skeptic is in fact a Compliment

as you believe to Question Knowledge to find the Truth by Question Test Debate is a Flaw

as skepticism is only a Flaw in Climate Religion

as there is a study going on by Climate Religion as to why there is Skepticism in Science

proving they failed grade school science

and of course I am sometimes a little depressed by my depressing situation

caused by something outside myself out of my control and not from with in myself my Soul

as I know I do not need a chemical to help me though the normal highs and lows of life

and how would I know what a high is with out knowing the lows

as I do not need a chemical for a Bipolar condition as my Friends tell me I do not have

that you invented for me

as the one person who agrees with you is someone who has been Physically scraped out of the gutter 3 times and through Treatment three times and came of the last treatment from a one year religious treatment program the voice of God and so there is your consensus

as you are very eager to medicate me for no proven medical reason at all

as I stay busy and work as much as possible everyday of my life

as I am not setting and doing nothing in a depressed mode

as you probably have a fixed hypothetical definition for depression too

while it is safe to say there no two depressions that are alike

as there are no two alike in anything breathing

and knowing if I had to

I can with my tools put a Square Peg in a Round Hole

but when the shrink tells me his Hypothetical based on a lack of knowledge is right

and all the other Professional Hypotheticals = untested unproven theories are wrong

when a shrink tells me

my Concussion symptoms after a Head Injury are all Psychosomatic

and did not really happen but did cause impaired function

based only on your feelings of true belief in an unproven hypothetical

one year later 100 miles away based on zero medical fact

I am now Psychosomatic

when a shrink tells me

my Seizures after a severe chemical poising while asleep at 4:00 am are all Psychosomatic

based on his hypothetical un-proven theory based on his Ignorance = lack of knowledge

based on flawed Hearsay facts by misconception

and a complete lack of knowledge in Chemical Poisoning

or the Chemical that poisoned me

with out knowing and then just guessing what the Chemical may have been

while knowing before I walked though the Door to see the Shrink

50% of the time he will be wrong as noted in the Medical Profession

while the Shrink did not have an EEG to review

that could provide fact beyond Ignorance in his hypothetical to better know = science

as an evaluation based on a lack of knowledge is not a complete evaluation

as the Shrinks flawed Hypotheticals do not know more than can be known

as I have been doing technical evaluations professionally for over 40 years now

and diagnosing everything no one else could diagnose before

including new cars the new car dealers who could not over the past 30 years

and based on what I do know beyond your Hypothetical Lunatic make believe

I found the Currant Clinical Evaluation Process and Prognoses to be Flawed

while knowing nothing is Perfect ever and is very vulnerable to clinical and human error

as for example

the third most common cause of death

and is not listed as a cause of death because it is not an Illness or Decease

and is death caused by Mistakes made in Hospitals by Human Error

while you make a lot of assumption based on zero fact and misinterpretation

or as I call it Garbage Science Fiction

as I like your use of the word Denial

as you believe I am living in denial of many things that have never happened

that you invented

that you believe may or could have happened ?

as you recorded my history inaccurately

while there are many things missing from your blind evaluation

like the most important later parts of my education

you left out after moving to Helena in 1973

I did go back to High School for my Senior Class Year of 1974

 with more than enough credits to Graduate before walking though the door

as fewer Credits are required in Montana than California to Graduate

and then I moved back to California in 1976 – 1980

and schooled at Ford Motor Company

and earned the Licensed level of Master Technician at age 19 in only six weeks

and I then went on to continue my schooling while working

I schooled at

Chrysler Advanced Technical Training Center

and then on to General Motors Advanced Technical Training Center

learning the newest most advanced Computer and other advanced technology to date

and in all cases was given Full Pay to go to school with my Lunch paid for everyday

and a brand new car to drive to school

and when working this was on a flat rate bases

and making upwards of $400.00 a day at age 20 forty years ago in the mid seventy’s

and then continuing my schooling to stay up to date with the new Technologies every year

for the past 40 years along with my continued self-education

and have Evaluated Automotive Science Education

I am a student of Constitutional Law and History and other Sciences

while I have been a Lobbyist for the past 10 years for Truth in Science

while Investigating and Proving Frauds and Scams for about the past 20 years

Composition of Music over the past 50 years of my life

beginning with Violin then Piano and then to 12 String Guitar

while I have written Poetry since my teens and continue to do so today

and I can Build a House from the Ground up

as I can pretty much do anything and everything my self

while I only gave you some of my personal papers to provide you with some insight

in my back ground so you would better understand who and what I am

and as you state in your Lunatic evaluation

this only supports your diagnosis of my Narcissism

as you have provided a complete and total misconception of who and what I am

based on zero facts

as you read only the cover of this book and not the book

based only on our one hour of time together in all of our life

and as for Dr. Mulgrew

as you requested information from him for my one hour of time with him

that was not available because his Practice closed

a short time after my communications with St. Peters Hospital

because the Hospital was not impressed with my assessment of Dr. Mulgrew

who had an online dissatisfaction rating of 60%

and had the bed side manor of a Rabid Dog who should be Sued for Malpractice

as the hospital called me in response to the assessment I sent them

and I believe he then went out of Practice in September of this year

and as I walked out the Shrinks Door I felt 50% Better inside my Soul

knowing = science the shrink does not know beyond his hypothetical = unproven theory

as we are all Genetically flawed in one way or another

as Narcissism is a personality trite like introverted or extroverted or shy or not shy

and not a Mental Disorder as it is not a Flaw to like myself

while I do not carry a comb

as no two Narcissism’s can be alike

as we are not Clones we are all different by Nature in Nature

and so what is the Clinical Treatment for those who like them selves

and are for the most part are Happy with life and try to make the very best of every day

do you have a pill to give theses happy people

that will make them like them self less and make them less happy

kind of the opposite of depressed

because with out Narcissism there could be no Politicians or used car Salesman

as I feel good about me and my life and the People in my life

as we all have ups and downs

and I look forward to being 100 years old if possible

as we shall see

and as I am still Breathing the rest is Icing on the Cake

while I can not Afford or Waste my time Shrinking another Shrink

based your hypothetical = unproven theory based on Ignorance rejecting knowledge

as my Bruised and Chemically Poisoned Brain does not reject knowledge

and wants to know more as an EEG can not hurt and would tell us more

because what ~ could ~ be known can tell us nothing

while we can not all fit in your little category boxes based on nothing

based on one hour of your life with me in our lives

as I do wish you well not Harm

while I have noted in your Evaluation some many inaccuracy’s about my personal history

that I shared with you and you must not of heard correctly or wrote down incorrectly

but they are very clear mistakes

as we all make mistakes

but you have also put words in my mouth

and so just how many other mistakes have you made about me

as I will high light all of your obvious mistakes and share that with Dr. Sargent


~ January 11 ,2018 update ~

Dr. Sargent Quit Helping me

Proving I was wrong about him and this is what I said before he Quit


who is in my opinion a very good Physician who was my Fathers Physician too

who very much liked Dr. Sargent while maybe you do not agree with his Methods I do

as he is far more intelligent than you

as we will all hopefully find and learn and know and grow forward everyday of our lives

as belief opinion belief is not knowledge

while I am not Preoccupied with my appearance in life as you make believe

I am Preoccupied with sharing knowledge

with those who reject knowledge for their true belief doing test proven harm to Nature

costing Trillions

by Fanatics who call me a Fanatic who belittle me and I belittle back

who when requested can provide zero peer-reviewed science to support their True Belief

as we live in a world of belief fanatics based on their true belief

in debunk un-proven theory in science they do not comprehend and refuse to debate

while I do not live in the box in your mind of belief in your un-proven theory

as you ~ believe ~

I consciously want to be well and subconsciously I do not want to be well

and so after a Very Severe Poisoning by very toxic Chemicals that can and do easy Kill

and is not a simple solvent

as in your make believe Poison in your make believe evaluation

as I then later in my sleep

my subconscious makes my body have a Seizure

as you Make Believe I was ~ Psychosomatic ~

subconsciously Faking both the Poisoning and Seizure

based only on your make believe belief opinion belief and zero facts


Jeff you can put this one in the 50% wrong category

as I can prove with certainty you are wrong with facts you do not have


Bruce A. Kershaw


40 plus years

Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

with thousands of hours of on going Climate Science Investigation

Proving Fraud by Political Media ~ Paranoid ~ Climate Religion

their Paranoia based on their fear of the un-known climate future

based on self-debunk un-proven theory

they Politically preach to us is Settled Science when settled science does not exist

as over 9,000 PhD’s and I agree as some of my Peers tell me

I have one of the most complete climate science argument to date

science you do not comprehend and have earned zero right to opinion in

and that is why I Received a Doctor Honor for my work in 2011

as I was then Invited to Participate at the London Symposium on Climate Change

at the Oxford and Cambridge Club in June of 2013

as 87% of the National Academy of Science

~ considered the best of the best Scientists ~

do not Agree with Al Gore who is a very test proven fraud in science for profit

while the 13 % of the NAS who agree with Al Gore

have no back ground in Atmospheric Emission Science

and when requested

can provide zero peer-reviewed science to support their fraudulent statements

as the Media rejects Question Test Debate as they reject the scientific method

as they refuse to allow the public to know the other side of the Science argument

proving political media fascism in science

as you are a true believer Jeff not a knower

$100,00.00 reward for the peer-reviewed science

reversing self-debunk computer Ouija Board climate prediction

based on one half of one climate variable of more than a dozen ignored climate variables

providing and infinity of climate Variable

all based on a very proven to be flawed incomplete Climate Study

as Climate History and simple Physics and Chemistry

have further debunk the self-debunk un-proven theory

and I can send you the names of over 9,000 PhD’s of over 30,000 Scientists

who I agree with and they agree with my argument

and as Al Gore Preaches Scientifically debunk unproven theory is settled science

on the CBS News and you just Believe him with out Question

while rejecting the scientific method

proving I am a better Shrink than you

as I have proven with knowledge not make believe

you and Al Gore are the Lunatics not me

as I have Evaluated Knowledge People Places and Things for over 40 plus years

and when I make a mistake I learn and know and grow forward

while Lunatic evaluations based on make believe is not Reality

as not all Shrinks are Lunatics but they do very much exist

as they Play God with other Peoples lives based only on their Lunatic Imagination

and zero Medical Fact doing only Harm to Others

and if being Proud of my accomplishments in life makes me Narcissist

and this is a flaw

then I am a very proud Flawed Realist


 Jeff made a rush to judgment based on zero facts

because he could not find the Available facts

as he did not have time to waste investigating or waiting for the Available facts

as his Lunatic Evaluation based on his Lunatic Imagination is now proven to be just that

and I will not allow myself to be just another Jeff Cory Lunatic Road Kill

based on missing Facts = Ignorance that have zero importance to Jeff

as I am just a Dumb Dropout Auto Mechanic

just as Albert Einstein was just a Dumb Dropout Office Clerk

as Jeff has in fact scientifically test proven to me he failed grade school science

as he rejects the scientific method

for his Lunatic Make believe based on narrow minded unproven hypotheticals

and should be removed from doing further harm to others

as Jeff should have believed what I told him

until he could prove differently

as I can prove all my statements

as Jeff then reinvented the past 35 years of my life based on one hour together

as Jeff can prove nothing based only on his UN-Provable Lunatic Make Believe

as Jeff did in fact ignore very provable fact for make believe

Jeff is a test proven believer not a knower

who states he knows

when he knows nothing beyond unproven hypothetical

while ignoring Fact Tested Knowledge and very proven Fact Tested Reality

~ test proving beyond make believe ~

the Shrink needs a Shrink

and will be Scientifically ~ test proven ~ in a Court of Law


Pathological Shrinks ignoring scientific fact for their make believe can do only Harm

and that is the Scientific opinion of this Scientist of the Scientific Method

who puts all test proven Scientific Fact before UN-provable Hypothetical Make Believe

while I will Assume the Check Cleared

~ peace ~

and live long and prosper