I am an outdoor person

and I can no longer do the many things I have enjoyed doing my entire Adult Life

while I have had other Doctors tell me it could take up to another year

to know if my condition is Permanent

I go to bed every night with sore Mussels some times with a Headache

I wake up every morning with sour mussels

I have Leg and foot Cramps and sometimes I will have sharp nerve pains

and most of the time I can not sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time

as I am lucky if I have 5 hours of total sleep per night

as I spend many hours in bed not able to sleep

sometimes I wake up with my arms and hands asleep = numb

as I continue to be confused and very forgetful

while I am very clumsy with poor balance most of the time

and weather permitting I go outside everyday and work

and at about 2-4 hours of Activity I am Exhausted

and when I push myself to 4 hours it takes two days to recover

as I have no Endurance with far less Strength than before the Head injury

I ~ know ~ my Heart Rate has not been normal since my Head Injury

sometimes I have very Rapid Irregular Heartbeat when doing nothing

while my Heart is not keeping up with my Physical Activity

 my blood pressure is going up and down like a yo-yo

while I have a mild case of the shakes and sometimes an Arm or leg or all of me will jerk

as I am still very over sensitive to smell

as some Chemicals and Car Exhaust can make me nauseous

and somethings like Juices still do not taste like they did before

while I no longer need to where sun glasses in doors

as I am still more sensitive Sun light than before

while some times I have difficulty completing sentences and coming up with words

I am not staying focused  I am indecisive while I do not complete many tasks

while the ringing in my ears has stayed much louder than it was before the injury

and has made clear communication very difficult

as I must put my phone in my shirt pocket

as I can no longer hear it ring in my pants pocket like before

while the ringing in my ears made the evaluation of me very difficult

as I had a very hard time hearing many of the questions in a 7 hour evaluation

and I was not well rested for the evaluation after driving from Helena to Bozeman

in very poor winter driving conditions

and then not sleeping well

while I would like very much to have my Life Back

as my Wife tells me I am not the same person I was before

and she would like very much to have me back too

None of these symptoms were present prior to my Head Injury