Montana Department of Labor and Industry

Karen Wiles

Request for 610 Order to Reinstate Disability Benefits


Kay Henry

Worker’s Compensation Mediation Conference

Pending Further Medical Review


Montana State Fund

Claim Number – 041001264671



Bruce A. Kershaw

P.O. Box 4664 Helena MT. 59604-4664



Montana State Fund

Tammy Gibson Claim Examiner

P.O. Box 4759 -Helena MT 59604-4759


as I am being forced to return to work

as my UN-tested Physical Neurological Condition

will not allow me to return work at this time


 This is my rebuttal to Montana State Fund & Tammy Gibson

Richard Sargent & Jeff Cory for all of the world to review

so others can see and know how very flawed this very broken system is

by those who embrace the Hypothetical while ignoring and rejecting the Realities

while doing only Harm by Playing God with our Lives


Knowingly Substituting Fact

with UN-provable theories when Diagnosing a Head Injury = Invisible Medical Condition

while doing zero Physical Neurological Examination

is: Malice in Medicine doing Harm


I have Scientifically Proven with Peer-reviewed Science

Jeff Cory

Deaconess Hospital ~ Bozeman Montana

is a Fraud committing Medical Malpractice doing Harm

as I can Prove

Richard Sargent

Sage Medical Clinic ~ Helena Montana

has committed Medical Malpractice doing Harm

while I can Prove

Tammy Gibson

Montana State Fund ~ Helena Montana

has Denied

very Essential Medical Diagnostics for my Medical Condition causing Harm


I have made many Political Enemies since 2007

when I began to Publish my ongoing Investigation of Climate Science

with my Public Attack of Climate Religion

based on my 40 plus years of Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

as we live with Make Believe Reality and with Scientific Reality

as one is Questioned Tested and Debated by the Scientific Method = skepticism

while the other is not

as it is only the True Believers who Reject the Scientific Realities

of the Scientific Method

for their personal emotional feelings of true belief

as the preach to us skepticism is a mental flaw in science

when real science is skepticism

and with out Question the True Believes Dictate Reality and Play God with our Lives

by Rejecting Fact for ~ their ~ Make Believe

while there will always be new fact debunking old fact in Science and Medicine

and ignoring new facts for old facts can do only harm

and regardless of weather this applies to this Medical Case or not

I have been denied real medical care for my condition

as my recovery and wellness of my Medical Condition has been proven to be Hindered

by those who have decided to turn me into something I am not

based on their unearned Opinion based on a flawed incomplete evaluation

based on UN-provable hypothetical

based on the rejection of provable knowledge

as they did zero physical Neurological testing of my real symptoms


~ as Scientific fact debunk make believe as make believe dictates Science ~

as scientifically proven Arrogant Ignorance plays God with out lives


Jeff Cory States in his Evaluation of me that Dr. Sargent Agrees with

~ that my over exposure to ~


Methylene Chloride ~ Dichloromethane ~

Cresols ~ Mixture ~

Mixed Xylenes

Sodium Bichromate

Ethyl Benzene


all mixed together in a 5 gallon Metal Can with Safety Lid

with the safety lid only removed only long enough to place a Metal Parts Basket

in to the Five Gallon Can

with the parts in that Basket that need to be cleaned

while Holding your Breathe or wearing a Full Face Gas Mask

as these very toxic Chemicals can dissolve soft metals and soften hard metals

and take only a few minutes to clean metals when this toxic cleaner is new

as Jeff Cory states

in his evaluation of me these very toxic chemicals

that attack and damage the Central Nervous System

and can cause Nervous System Depression

could not have Poison me and then cause a Seizure in my Sleep

and if Jeff had reviewed my entire medical history he would then know he is wrong

and stop wasting his and my time on his make believe poison in his head

while turning me into something I am not based only on his make believe

based only on his Arrogant Ignorance

as each of these very toxic chemicals all mixed together

and are known to have killed many people

are known as

B-9 Chem-Dip ~ Carburetor ~ and Parts Cleaner

as the Fumes and Vapors

Target the Eyes, Skin, Respiratory System, Central Nervous System, Liver and Kidneys

with very limited exposure

Chronic Effects: the Liver, Kidneys and or Central Nervous System

and can cause Nervous System Depression

and is a Cancer Hazard

~ debunking ~

Jeff Cory and his Lunatic Evaluation of Me

that states I am psychosomatic

that the Poisoning and Seizure was not real

and then while knowing 32,000 people die every year from falling

my Concussion and the Symptoms after landing on my head

in a slip and fall on Ice are in no way real either and are Psychosomatic too

based on Jeff’s zero Physical Neurological Examination of me

as he rejected testing the reality with real science for his UN-provable theories

and now every Illness and or Phyisical Accident in my life time is no longer real

and everything is now Psychosomatic based on zero Phyisical Examination

as He rejected ~ knowing ~ facts for his UN-provable make believe

while the only thing Jeff Cory has proven in fact tested reality is he Failed Chemistry

and Grade School Science

as every Sane Doctor ~ disagrees ~ with Jeff Cory

as Doctor Sargent agrees with Doctor Cory and his Lunatic Evaluation of Me

because that was the Plan

even after sending the Safety Data Sheet for this very toxic Carburetor Cleaner

to Dr. Sargent so he would then know what Poisoned me

as in fact he did know what poisoned me

from our discussions prior to this Lunatic evaluation

but he obviously did not believe me nor did he Question and Test my facts

as this was part of the reason he told me he ordered this evaluation

to determine to what long term effects there may be

from my 40 plus years of breathing this very toxic cleaner

that has Poisoned me and then cause a Seizure

as he rejected the Safety Data Sheet and mailed it back to me

allowing for only the unidentified cause of poisoning in Jeff Cory’s evaluation

that does not identify what poisoned me but as he states it could not have poisoned me

or cause a seizure when the opposite is very provable to be very true while

allowing for only UN-provable theories in this evaluation supported by zero fact

and this is why Doctors are proven wrong 50% of the time

because they do not Question and Test the Facts

as this is only one Example of the rejection of fact for UN-provable make believe

of very many Examples that have been debunk with fact tested Reality

in this Evaluation of Me by Jeff Cory

and by ignoring the facts for very UN-provable theories

 both Jeff and Ricard should be removed from doing further Harm to others

as a very proven Crazy Man says I am Crazy

as Jeff Cory and Dr. Sargent have decided I am a Lunatic together

based only on their very proven Ignorance

and was this intentional ?

~ it looks that way to me ~

as they reject fact for UN-provable theories

while denying me real needed medical care

denying the real diagnostic tools so we may then know and not make believe

beyond UN-provable theories what is happening with my body

so we may answer the unanswered Questions

as they have only proven they do not want the real answers to real questions

proving they do not want to know what is real

the real unanswered Questions of my Real Medical Condition

as Dr. Sargent would not see me for months before this Evaluation

and then did not see me after this evaluation

when his Office said he would see me after the evaluation

while rejecting further Medical Services

while rejecting the facts I sent to him in my Rebuttal

of this very proven to be Fraudulent Evaluation doing further Harm to my wellness

with their Malice by Ignorance or far worse with Malice with Intention

as their many Real Actions have now proven

as lots of time and money has been proven to be wasted only to Herder my Recovery

while only making my life many times harder

as they can not prove otherwise

as they can only prove they can not be trusted with the Lives of Others

as they have only Provided further Harm to my life and wellness

and why ?

why are they Cruel to those with Invisible Wounds

who are very much in need of help

why have they rejected the real testing Available for my wounds

for their UN-provable Make Believe ?

Bruce A. Kershaw

Doctor Honor 2011

for my now 40 plus years

Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

Educating PhD’s in Science

I was Invited to Participate in the London Symposium on Climate Change

at the Oxford and Cambridge Club London June 2013

I have been a Student of Law since 1980

I have Investigated and Proven Scams and Frauds in Science for many Years

I have been in Business Management since 1971

I have been doing very Technical Trouble Shooting and Diagnostics and Evaluations

for the past 40 plus years

I have Evaluated Automotive Science Education


Science Jeff Cory does not comprehend and has earned zero right to opinion in

and can not debunk with peer-reviewed science

proving Jeff Cory is a True Believer not a Real Scientist

as Jeff has Clinically diagnosed me as a ~ skeptic ~ too

as science is: to know

as we know the truth in all of knowledge through skepticism

to Question Test Debate

and not by make believe in debunk un-proven theory

as Jeff Cory and his Evaluation of me

is very Fraudulent Make Believe in very Debunk un-proven theories

as un-proven theory rejecting fact can prove nothing

as words and belief prove nothing in fact tested reality

while the words of true belief are Garbage in fact tested reality

as real knowledge is proven not believed

and you can not substitute fact with make believe and then call it fact tested reality

as the rejection of scientific fact

for true belief in science and or medicine is Clinical Religion doing test proven Harm


I would like very much to ~ know ~

out of my overwhelming curiosity

while knowing real science is defined by real skepticism

to always Question knowledge so we may always know the Truth in knowledge

what is the Medical Clinical Treatment or Medication required or needed

for the mental condition the mental flaw the mental disorder of Skepticism ?

as I only Question this so I may find and ~ know ~ the truth in knowledge

as this only scientifically Proves this is a Lunatic Evaluation by a test proven Lunatic

who rejects the Scientific Method for his Lunatic Make believe

doing test proven Harm to Me and others

as make believe does not Debunk Fact in Real Science and Medicine

and ignoring fact for make believe is Malpractice

as the Evaluation of me is based on debunk UN-provable theories while rejecting fact

while rejecting the available Diagnostic tools to help Identify my Real Medical Condition

as their Diagnosis is based on the rejection of knowledge for their UN-provable theories

with Jeff Cory and Richard Sargent together making me into a Lunatic on Paper

with their debunk UN-provable make believe

while just ignoring my real Illness preventing me from having a real life

and may never have as before my Head Injury = Invisible Brain Damage

as they reject testing the realities for their Malice UN-provable Make Believe

doing intentional Harm to me

while Tammy Gibson of Montana State Fund

has not only denied diagnostic testing for my Medical Condition

she after approving sending me to the Lunatic Shrink in Bozeman she then rejected me

as Tammy sent me a letter and told me on the phone

~ Do not ~

Call her on the Phone or leave her Phone Messages or email her

with my Problems and Facts

as she knows I am sometimes but not all the time Confused by this Head Injury

as she has rejected me and my medical Problems for months

as she knows I need help

just as Dr. Sargent knows I need help but for the wrong invented reasons

as they swept me under their rug as their Actions have more than proven

Proving they are Negligent with Malice doing Harm

while proving it is the Shrink who needs a Shrink


I was as Healthy as a Race Horse for someone my age

much healthier than many much younger than me

and for the most part I have always been a Health conscious person

I was a Long distance runner in my younger years

I was a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout

while I have always all of my life done a lot of hiking in the mountains

I was walking our dogs everyday

and after work everyday for just under 20 years I would go to the Broadwater Health Club

and Tread Water for an hour

so I may look better than most for my present condition

because I do try to take care of myself

and on the night of my fall and landed on the back of my head

I came home and went to bed in very much pain

and instead of the normal heart flutter when lying down

my heart raced like a machine gun at about 4 to 6 to 8 beats a second

for about 8 to 10 or 12 seconds or more

I don’t know

all I know is

I thought I was going to die

as I continue to have abnormal heart rates and irregular heart rhythm

caused by a Neurological Disorder caused by the slip and fall on ice

and when the Urgent Care Physicians Assistant ordered a Heart Monitor for me

Montana State Fund Rejected and Denied the Request

and since that day I have had a very lack of proper Heath Care

as I continue to make the very best of everyday of my life as I can have

with the complete and total rejection by those who are paid very well to help me

as they have done only further harm to my life and wellness

as they have Neglected me

while I am still alive and not well to tell you my Facts


My first words to Dr. Sargent were ~

I guess it is time to take me out behind the Barn and Shoot me

and if he denies it

then I will be the only person who knows he is a Lair

while Tammy Gibson my Montana State Fund Claims Examiner

was very happy to know I found a new Doctor

rather than using an Urgent Care to deal with my many Health issues

and Tammy was even happier that my new Doctor was her Physician too


Ignoring facts for belief is Malpractice in Medicine

and releasing an injured Medical Patient under your care

to go back to work

that you have not seen or spoke to in ~ Seven ~ months is Malpractice

by a Doctor who does not care about his Patients

as we Punish those like me for the Negligence caused by others

because they can not see the wounds caused by the Invisible injury

while evaluations based only on UN-provable theories can prove nothing

especially when ignoring the facts debunking the UN-provable hypothticals

and I would strongly suggest the relationship of Dr. Sargent and Tammy Gibson

possibly working together against me to be Investigated and Reviewed

as they may know each other to well in this case

based on their unprofessional actions preventing my proper Health Care

and Recovery of my Invisible Wound

as I have been very much denied my right to proper Health Care

as I have yet to have a proper complete

Phyisical Neurological Examination

with an endurance test

or an EEG of my Brain

or a Heart Monitor

I have been Denied the very basic Diagnostics for my Medical Condition

so we my better ~ know ~ my Medical Condition

and not just Make Believe my Medical Condition

by those who just ignore my Real Medical Condition


January 11, 2018

To: Kay Henry

Montana Department of Labor and Industry

Relations Division


I wish to obtain a mediation request for a mediation conference


Bruce A. Kershaw


I live for the truth in all of life and knowledge for a better life for all

while there will always be those who do not and will not believe you

based on their imagination

while ignoring the provable facts

as I live with an invisible illness that can not be seen with the eyes

as a very broken system does in fact make life for people like me many times harder

as they reject the provable facts for their make believe

as they Neglect you


~ Doctors can be proven wrong as often as they are proven right ~

as some Illness can take many years to properly Diagnose

and when a Doctor is proven wrong they should admit they are proven wrong

but as we all know there will always be the test proven bad Apples in every bunch

as Jeff Cory states many things in his evaluation of me

based on hypothetical while ignoring fact


in his Evaluation of me I can only Read at a Second Grade Level

while his evaluation of me is not open for Question Test Debate

in this very broken Medical system

as it takes legal action to fix a Doctors Mistakes

while I have corrected Websters Dictionary in their Definition of Words


a Catalytic Converter is not a Filter as stated by 1997 Websters Dictionary

as I have known since 1976 in physics and chemistry

the Catalytic Converter is an Incinerator Reactor


Jeff has also clinically diagnosed me as a Skeptic of Human caused Climate Warming

and of course in real Science this is very much an Honor Award in real science

as real science is based on skepticism

as skepticism is the key to the Truth in all proven fact tested knowledge

in all of fact tested reality

and is only a Mental Disorder a Mental Flaw in Climate Religion = True Believers

who reject test proven knowledge for their personal feelings of true belief

as skepticism is:

~ the Doctrine that the truth in all knowledge must always be in Question ~

and that is how we find and know the truth in knowledge by the scientific method

to Question Test and Debate

as Jeff’s evaluation of me turns me into a Lunatic and Moron

based only on his scientifically proven Make Believe

while ignoring the facts

as Jeff has turned me into many things I can prove I am not

and if Jeff would like to fix his mistakes we can then discus that

otherwise there will be Litigation

as only Crazy People tell me I am Crazy

and then I get to scientifically Prove they are Crazy

as I Question Jeff’s Motives and probable Malice in his Evaluation of me


I have many Neurological Disorders today from a Head Injury

caused by the Negligence of others

as Dr. Sargent and State Fund are now together forcing me to go back to work

based on what is proven to be a very Flawed Incomplete Fraudulent Evaluation

with zero Real Physical Neurological Testing

beyond the miner Evaluation by a physical Therapist

who treated me for many weeks for a real Neurological condition

as I have given Jeff Cory’s Evaluation to another Doctor for Review

as Jeff did zero Phyisical Neurological testing

along with my evaluation of the Doctor ~ Jeff ~ who evaluated me

with a Published Material Safety Data Sheet

debunking the majority of the Doctors Statements based on UN-provable hypothetical

 his UN-provable conclusions based on ignoring the very real facts

while he has answered Questions for me in his Evaluation he did not ask me

for the sake of his UN-provable theories debunk by the facts he just ignored

as Doctor Sargent released me to go back to work

while doing zero Physical Examination of any kind of me

and based on zero Phyisical Neurological Evaluation of any kind

as I have not seen Dr. Sargent in many Months

as I called his office months ago for more follow up to my condition

and was told by his Office Dr. Sargent did not want to see me again

until after the evaluation with Dr. Cory months away

and then after the Evaluation he still did not see me

after his office stated he would

and the last time I did see Dr. Sargent I told him I had the name of a Doctor

given to me by someone who works at the Hospital who could help me sooner

and help me deal with my currant Medical issues who was a specialist with concussions

and Dr. Sargent Rejected this positive suggestion

he wanted me to see his Doctor Friend ? he knows 100 miles away

as Tammy Gibson was very happy I was going to see this Doctor in Bozeman

as this did cost me money because State Fund does not completely cover all the cost

while my wife had to take a day off from work twice

while having to drive in dangerous winter driving conditions

and then doing it again for the follow up visit

for what is a very proven to be Fraudulent Evaluation of me

as Dr. Sargent

does not know my currant Physical condition in any way

and does not Care what my condition is

just as his Friend Tammy Gibson

at State fund does not Care what my real Condition is

nor have they sent me their imaginary report of my condition

based on a proven to be very flawed incomplete fraudulent evaluation of me

and the rejection of proper Medical Diagnostics for my condition

as I am an Accident waiting to happen everyday in my present condition

and I am in need of further Neurological Testing and or Treatment

for disorders that continue to keep me having any Life as before the Head injury

while many Neurological Disorders are Invisible and can only be identified in an Autopsy

as in my currant condition I am a danger to myself everyday at home

as I would very much be a far greater danger to myself and others

if I were to return to work today in my currant Neurological condition

while just finding out the this week the Medical Advice given to me by Dr. Sargent

for recovery of my Concussion is the Opposite

of the Advice given by the Helena Doctor who Specializes in Concussion

prolonging my recovery to the fullest

as Dr. Sargent did not give me any Medical Advice for better Recovery

he gave me no do’s and do not for my Inadvisable Medical Condition

I only told Dr. Sargent what I was doing everyday to help my wellness

and this was very much the wrong things to be doing

and have only Herder my Recovery

proving he is not Qualified to treat my condition

as I have spoken to Doctors who Treat the Concussions

of our Active Duty Service Personal returning from Harms way with Concussions

as I should be Allowed proper Evaluation and Diagnostics of my Medical Condition

and not allowed to be Trashed by those who do not want to help me

and have only hurt me and have only made my Life many times harder

as they have Punished me for my Invisible Wounds

doing test proven harm

caused by Arrogant Ignorance with Malice

by those who have proven they reject knowing

who make believe in their minds I am the Lunatic

as they Punish me with their test proven Ignorance


Bruce A. Kershaw