~ Ordered by Dr. Thomas Mulgrew  ~

The Neurological Evaluation of me at St Peters Hospital

by those who provided me with Physical Therapy for many weeks

and conflicts with Jeff Cory who did ~ zero ~ Physical Neurological Evaluation of me

~ Jeff Cory PhD ~

Deaconesses Hospital Bozeman Montana

has decided based only on his UN-provable Hypothetical

based on incomplete Medical Records debunking his Evaluation of me

and ~ zero ~ Physical Neurological Evaluation of me of any kind

beyond talking to me while sitting from 8 to 10 feet away

I am

1 – Defensive = protective

of myself of those who trying to turn me into something I can prove I am not

2 – Depressed = sadden

as I am not in a depressed mode as I try to stay busy doing positive things every day

3 – Bi-Polar = highs and lows in my Emotions

while not person who knows me here in Helena since 1973 believes I am Bi-Polar

while I know a few medicated Bi-Polar People and I am very far from this Scenario

4 – Narcissistic = I like myself = happy with myself and life

5 – Dyslexic = impairment of the ability to read

and so I read everything many times to put it all in proper order becoming knowledgeable

6 – Skeptic =  Science is Skepticism = to always question the truth in knowledge

and for Jeff Cory to believe skepticism is a mental flaw is a mental disorder

7 a – Psychogenic =

~ originating in the mind or caused by mental conflicts ~

so toxic poisoning by something that kills and attacks the central nervous system

is Psychogenic

7 b – Psychosomatic =

~ designating a physical disorder brought on or made worse by ones emotional state ~

when I am someone who is never sick and the few times I have been sick I went to work

to Manage and Operate my own Business of the past 30 plus years

as Jeff has based this mental disorder of me

on his imaginary poison he can not identify in his evaluation and

on ~ zero ~ Physical Neurological Examination of my Head Injury = Concussion

while Hospital Medical Records debunk this UN-provable Hypothetical

and how does someone have a Psychosomatic Seizure in their deep sleep after a

very extremely toxic Poisoning that I thought was going to kill me

as I lay in the St Peters Hospital Bed

or a Psychosomatic Head Injury after landing on my head

causing proven Neurological Disorders

based on zero physical exam

8 –  I can only read at a second grade level

while in reality

I Review Peer-reviewed Science Papers

in Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

I have evaluated Automotive Science Education programs

I have had an on going Climate Science Debate with Joe Berry

Chemistry Lab Professor Stanford University for many years

who tells me he is Dyslexic too

I was Invited to Participate in the London Symposium on Climate Change

at the Oxford and Cambridge Club London in 2013

I have been in Business Management since 1971

~ while ~

my favorite Diagnosed Mental Disorder and Personal Flaw is my Skepticism

and how should my Flawed Mental Condition skepticism be Treated and or Medicated

as we now medicate all the realities of living the normal highs and lows of Life

but this does not mean there are no conditions in the realities of living Life

that do require Help or Treatment or Medication

as Jeff has decided I am Mentally Deranged because I do not just Believe

in his Personal Emotional Feelings of his True Belief

as we can only live in Jeff’s make believe to be considered Mentally Healthy

as I am a Skeptic of Jeff’s make believe dictating my reality

as I Question knowledge to find the truth in reality because knowledge is not make believe

and for this I am now the one who is Mentally Deranged in Jeff ‘s mind of make believe

Scientifically Proving

~ the shrink needs a shrink ~

while Jeff has left out all the good stuff

~ like ~

I am a very Excellent Investigator

while knowing

Jeff and his Life Revolve around UN-provable Theories

and very ignored provable facts

as he answers the most important Questions in his mind for his Patient

the Questions he should of ask the Patient and did not ask his Patient

making unidentifiable Assumptions based on zero factual reality

to base his conclusions based on UN-provable hypothetical

as Jeff tells me only his un-proven theories can be used as reality

and all other un-proven theories are all wrong in his make believe mind

while turning people into things they are not doing only Harm

while my Life Revolves around scientifically proven fact tested knowledge

by Question Test and Debate

as real science does not dictate make believe

while make believe dictates reality with the help of Dr. Sargent

who did not Question and Test the reality for his make believe

before sending me to his Lunatic Friend Jeff Cory

who together have turned me into something I am Not

because I do not believe in their make believe

while just ignoring my real Wounds they can not see

ignoring my realty for their Scientifically debunk Hypothetical

as they did zero physical evaluation or test on me to know the Physical Realities

and why are they together Harming Me ?

as I need real Help

as Dr. Sargent has rejected Helping me since May 23, 2017

for 8 months he has rejected providing me with the very real help I very much need

and with out seeing me for 8 months states I can go back to the life I had before

while I have had no life for the past 12 months like my life before

as they are Blind to my Invisible Wounds as they have done only further Harm

while knowing  Doctors can be wrong up to 50% of the time

Mistakes they just Ignore and not Admitting or Repairing

as they continue to make my life much Harder

based on what is a very proven to be a very flawed incomplete evaluation of me

based on UN-provable make believe while rejecting fact with zero Physical Examination

as this is Malpractice with Malice doing only Harm


Richard P. Sargent

the only thing you have proven to me as a Doctor is

~ you don’t give a Damn ~

How can you not do a Physical Examination of an Injured Worker

before sending him back to work

who is having many Problems do to a real Neurological Condition

that you just ignored and rejected while not helping me for 8 months

and then based only on your Guess your Assumption your True Belief

and not reviewing my medical and hospital history that would debunk your make believe

and a very proven to be flawed debunk Lunatic Evaluation by Jeff Cory

with zero Physical Neurological Testing

you state I am now well enough to go back to work

while I just picked up my Medical Records from your office

with many mistakes in your record of me

while it is missing your Medical Report of me

your medical release returning me to work

nor can Tammy Gibson at Montana State Fund provide me with your Report

releasing me to go back to work ~ so ~ where is my copy of the Report

that was sent to my employer on January 3, 2018 ~ ?

according to the letter sent to me by Tammy Gibson with out the Report

that should of had the same report in it that was sent to my employer

and is delaying my ability to go forward with a Mediation Conference

proving your Ignorance


I would strongly suggest you acknowledge your mistakes

and write and provide a new Medical Report based on provable reality

that you have ignored for your true belief in UN-provable theories

so we may all learn and know and all grow forward together

as I very strongly suggest your Friend Jeff Cory do the very same

Bruce A. Kershaw


I have been waiting for 23 days now for my copy of the Doctors Report

and it showed yesterday 1/26/18

and it is not a report it just answers a few of Tammy Gibson’s yes or no Questions

while I have provided published facts debunking Richards imaginary Poison


To: Tammy Gibson

Montana State Fund

as your letter was a week late coming to me with out the Doctors Report in it

Please Forward my Medical Report by Dr. Richard Sargent

~ you have failed to send me ~

since January 3, 2018

so I can go forward with the Legalities

to avoid needing a Card Board Sign to help me buy Groceries and pay the Rent

as equity buys nothing


Bruce A. Kershaw