While knowing some Doctors can be wrong up to 50% of the time

with all the available medical facts in hand

the first thing Jeff Cory said to me

when I returned for my follow up visit of his evaluation of me was

” my evaluation is based on incomplete medical records “

making Jeff and his evaluation of me very Flawed and very Incomplete

as the missing St Peters Hospital Medical Records Debunk Jeff and his evaluation of me

as do all of my past medical and hospital records going back to 1982

that Jeff Cory has not reviewed

as well as published science data further debunking his imagination

as Jeff was working with only 4 months of what are very incomplete medical records

as Jeff and his evaluation state I am Physically well enough to return to work

based on his imaginary ~ physical ~ examination of me

as Jeff did ~ Zero Physical Examination ~ of me beyond his make believe

to concluded I was Physically well enough to return to work

while a real Physical Examination by an Expert in Concussions has concluded

I am very much in need of further medical care

debunking Jeff and his ~ Imaginary Physical Examination ~ of me

while further debunking Jeff and his debunk imaginary evaluation of me

based on many missing medical facts debunking his evaluation

as this was not an evaluation by Jeff this is a proven medical scam by Jeff

and returning someone back to work must always be based on a real physical

and not on a make believe physical

as this would endanger their life and endanger the lives of others

and with Jeff stating I am well enough to return to work based only on his make believe is

~ very proven ~

Medical Malpractice by Fraudulent Ignorance


Dr. Richard P. Sargent

Sage Medical Clinic

very much agrees with this very proven to be Fraudulent Evaluation

as Richard rejected having me see this expert in Concussion

that was suggested and recommended by a Therapist at St Peters Hospital

while I was undergoing my prescribed Physical Therapy

for my St Peters Hospital evaluated concussion symptoms

further debunking Jeff Cory

and his Imaginary Flawed Incomplete Debunk Fraudulent Evaluation of me

based only on his very proven Ignorance

while proving Jeff  has earned zero right to opinion

of my Physical condition based on his make believe that has been debunk

as Dr. Richard Sargent

and his Medical Practice can be defined at best as proven Negligence

as Scientific fact always debunk make believe


Denying the Symptoms before testing the Symptoms is very bad Medicine


What the Doctor does not know will Hurt you and or Kill you

and more so when the Doctor does not believe you

and then based only on the Doctors personal feelings of true belief

and zero test proven fact he then just invents what is wrong with you

and then of course you are not going to be well

because the Doctor is treating you for something you do not have or you are not

because he will not test the real symptoms

because he made up his mind based only on his true belief doing only harm


~ The Doctors did not Believe Me ~

while there is zero belief in real science and medicine

and instead of Questioning and Investigating and Testing the Provable Facts

or reviewing the entire medical history debunking their true belief

they second guessed what they make believed was wrong with me

based on zero fact and UN-provable theory

turning me into something I am Not while doing only further Harm to my Life

making me less well by Playing God with my Life

based only on their True Belief they can not Prove with fact tested reality

because they did not Believe Me or test the real symptoms to know the reality

and now they want me to ~ just ~ Believe Them

to just believe their make believe Reality based on debunk UN-provable hypothetical

based on the Rejection of available Provable Facts based on real symptoms they just ignore

as they should have tested the Realities instead of inventing the UN-provable make believe

that can not be proven beyond their UN-provable hypothetical

so we have very provable Reality ignored for UN-provable make believe

Further Harming my Wellness and Life


Talking to Doctor Treating U.S. Military Personal

for Concussion by Head Injury with my Neurological Physical Conditions she

told me it could take up to two years to know if my Neurological Condition is Permanent

so it may take another year for me to know if my very real Medical Condition is Permanent

and when I suggested to Dr. Sargent seeing an Expert for these Medical Conditions

Dr. Richard P. Sargent Rejected this Logical Suggestion

as he has rejected helping me with my Physical Neurological Disorders

for the past 8 months

as he does not Believe me nor did he Test me to see and know what is Real and what is not

as he rejected Knowing for his UN-provable make believe


Dr. Richard P. Sargent

Sage Medical Clinic ~ Helena Montana

~ Compassionate Quality Healthcare ~


Sheri Howell, MD

Diane Eodice, DO

Katie Brennan, FNP


you would not see me and have not seen me in 8 months

as you have now released me to return to work

based only on your true belief in a very Scientifically debunk evaluation of me

by the Proven Lunatic Jeff Cory

as skepticism is only a mental disorder in Lunatic Political Religions

along with his other make believe statements debunk by Reality he just ignored

and with out knowing my Present Physical Neurological Medical Condition

as you have replaced available knowledge with UN-provable make believe

proving we now live in a world of Fantasy in science and medicine

by those Playing God with our Lives

by Ignoring very available knowledge for UN-provable make believe

doing only Harm while wasting a lot of Time and Money

while I should have the majority of my Entire Medical History with in ten days

that you rejected to know

Further debunking you and Jeff Cory

and his very proven to be Flawed Debunk Fraudulent Lunatic Evaluation of me

based on his and your invented facts

based only on your Make Believe in UN-provable theories

with zero Physical Neurological Evaluation or Testing of my very real symptoms


Rejecting the Provable Realities that debunk your UN-provable Hypothetical

is: Pathological doing only Harm


My first class in artificial intelligence was in 1976

Artificial Intelligence is the processes of Elimination of the proven facts

to solve a problem

and not by the rejection of provable fact for UN-provable hypothetical


To find and know what is wrong you must eliminate everything that is right first

and in the processes of finding everything that is right

you will then see all of the things that are wrong

as belief in UN-provable hypothetical is not Intelligence

and you can not replace knowledge with belief and call it science

and when you ignore the already available knowledge first this is garbage science

as you based your Medicine for me by ignoring 40 plus years of my medical history

and very provable fact that has debunk your make believe in UN-provable theories


When doing a scientific study you do not ignore the first 60 years of the study

for just a few months of incomplete study to come to a self debunk conclusion

caused by a lack of available knowledge = Ignorance


Dr. Richard Sargent who has not seen me since May 23, 2017

who has rejected the provable facts for his True Belief

and has rejected seeing me

~ and I am guessing he can not look at me in the eyes ~

because he knows I have debunk his Garbage Science Fiction

and with out doing a Complete Physical Examination

or Complete Neurological Physical Examination of me

has decided to release me to return back to work

to a job I can no longer perform at this time

as I continue to have many symptoms from a Neurological Disorder from my Head Injury

and then after spending only one hour of my 61 years of life with Jeff Cory PhD

who Dr. Sargent sent me to for an evaluation based only on his true belief

Jeff Cory has decided with out Questioning and Testing the Facts too

and then based only on 4 months of incomplete Medical Records

while ignoring the 40 years of medical records that debunk his evaluation of me

along with a Published Material Safety Data Sheet that debunk his evaluation of me

with out doing any Physical Neurological Evaluation of me of any kind and then

based only on UN-provable Hypotheticals while ignoring the very Provable Facts