Heidi Cullen & Irina Feygina & Climate Central & Skepticism


To: Stephen W. Pacala

[email protected]

Princeton University

Chairman ~ Board of Directors ~ Climate Central


Dear Stephen,

I sent a letter to Irina Feygina of Climate Central

to help her with her ~ Question ~ and Investigation


~ why are there skeptics in Climate Science ~

and this is an extended version of that letter put on this Webpage for everyone to read

I then sent this webpage to many of the email address at Climate Central

as I previously sent other articles in July to Question your Science

as I have 37 of their email address and they all came back

Message Delivery Failure

and of course this is Climate Centrals best Science Argument or Rebuttal

when I ~ Question ~ their Climate Science

as the very best they can do in real science when Questiond

~ is to block my emails ~

as they did the same years ago when I requested their scientific references to support their very proven to be Bogus Fraudulent public statements in Climate Science

so I sent this page to my gmail address and then forwarded this page to Climate Central

and if they want to block my gmail address it does not matter

as I have now completed this part of my science mission

in my ongoing Climate Science investigation since the spring of 2007

with now well over 40,000 requests with a reward

for the scientific references proving Humans cause climate warming

as Climate Central rejects skepticism and of course real science is skepticism

as they continue to reject real science

proving they are not real scientists of the scientific method

while I and over 30,000 other scientists

over 9,000 of them PhD’s

would like to see your scientific references proving Humans cause Climate Warming

while 13% of the National Academy of Science signed a public letter

stating Humans cause climate change

while the other 78% of the ~ NAS ~ did not sign this letter

while the majority of the 13% who did sign the letter have no back ground in

Climate Science

and when requested

not one of 13% could provide scientific reference to support their statements

while 49 NASA Scientists sent a signed public letter to NASA

stating they Disagreed with NASA

and their Public Statements and their now self-debunk Predictions

as Manhattan is not now under water

while you support Bogus Scientist

who have placed and their Weather Stations on Tarred Roof Tops

next to Heating and Air-conditioning outlets providing Bogus Weather Measurements

being used as evidence of Human caused climate warming

test proving only fraud

as the rate of evaporation caused by the variable

~ SUN ~

has exceeded the rate the Ice is melting causing the Sea level to decline for many years

and if Ice did not melt the Sea level would decline about 60 feet every ten years

as Ice melts from the top and bottom and side and moves during Ice Ages too

while climate warming has been at a stand still for the past 20 years

and as we all ~ know ~

very extreme progressive variable climate change is very real for billions of years

while knowing it was much warmer 1000 years ago for 200 years

knowing Humans have been moving to higher ground for the past 26,000 years

while knowing climate change caused by Carbon based Humans is an

~ un-proven theory ~


by fact tested reality

as Climate Central states Humans do in fact cause Climate Warming

as the Evidence today show us we contribute to cooling not warming

so I am requesting your Peer-reviewed science papers


Carbon based Humans caused Climate Warming

of this

Carbon based Earth


Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon dioxide

causing with water vapor the first atmosphere

causing the carbon cycle with oxygen and hydrogen

causing all of Nature and all Carbon based Life and Energy

on this Carbon based Earth

while I have sent many requests to Princeton University over the many years

and to all the major University’s Preaching Humans cause Climate Warming

with very little response

while most of the responses were name calling and insults as their scientific rebuttal

along with zero scientific reference to prove Humans cause Climate Warming

as their Climate Science can not be ~ Questioned ~ while they can prove nothing

while I have an on going Debate with Joe Berry Stanford University since January 1, 2011

as Joe likes to know what the other side of the scientific argument is thinking

as the Political Media = True Believers

who have earned zero right to scientific opinion

do not allow the other side of the science argument to be public knowledge

scientifically proving political media fascism in science

as I and Tens of Thousands of Real Working Scientists just in the USA

would very much like to see the scientific references beyond your True Belief

True Belief that can not be Publicly Questioned or Debated

only scientifically proving it is not Real Science

while it has been very proven the scientific consensus is a political Media Lie

as there is zero consensus in debunk un-proven theory

based on a proven to be very flawed incomplete climate study

their is only a True Belief consensus by True Believers

~ of ~

scientifically test proven

Political Media Garbage Science Fiction

by and known as

Political Media ~ Paranoid ~ Climate Religion

the proven Cowards of fact tested reality in science


Stephen W. Pacala

I challenge you to an open public debate in Climate Science

with a $100,000.00


for the Peer-reviewed scientific references


Carbon based Humans cause Climate Warming

with cause of the Carbon Cycle and all Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth

that Plants and Trees would very much like 4 times more of in the air to Breathe

while making the oxygen we need to breathe and to be the carbon based food we eat

with cause of all the Green known as Pollution by ~ your ~ Climate Religion

because your Science is Settled and can not be Questioned and Debated

Rejecting the Scientific Method

and fact tested knowledge

Scientifically Proving

its not real science


Dr. Bruce A. Kershaw

Scientist = Skeptic

40 plus years Atmospheric Emission Science

with on going Climate Science Investigation since the spring of 2007

~ Proving Fraud ~


My Letter to Climate Central = Climate Religion = Proven Frauds in Climate Science

who can provide zero scientific reference to support their public statements

as they refuse to allow their so called science to be Questioned or Debated

proving their so called science is Garbage Political Media Science Fiction

while proving they failed grade school science by rejecting the scientific method

and by ignoring proven fact tested knowledge of the scientific method

proving they are a Political Media Church and not a Science Body

Preaching and Selling their fraud and paranoid predictions of the un-known future

based on debunk un-proven theory


The Religion of Science is Skepticism


Wisdom is the ability to use knowledge constructively while doing no Harm


True Believers ~ Question ~ nothing in science

and just believe what they told to just believe

rejecting the Scientific Method for ~ their ~ personal feelings of True Belief

when there are zero feelings or belief in real science

as real science is Fact not feelings