Al Gore’s Scam Scientific References


May 18, 2010

Al Gores Scientific References

~ Proving ~

Carbon based Humans Cause ~ all ~ Climate Change


Mr. Gore, How many people Died Today from Climate Change of the last 4.6 billion years of climate change?

How many Died Today from no Health Insurance

How many Died Today because they had no Food

How many Died Today from on going Nuclear Poisoning


In Response to Repower America,

5/18/2010 I have requested from Al Gore’s web site for many months, the proof CO2 caused by mankind, causes Climate Change and/or Global Warming by replying to Al Gore’s Junk E-mails to me, asking me for MONEY, a few times a month.

Dave Boundy Al Gores (Campaign Manager)

(kampan’) [ (1) a series of military operations with particular objective] [ (2) a series of planned actions, as for electing a candidate] –

replied to my reply requesting the proof CO2 causes Climate Change


Dave you stated:

” Every major scientific institution dealing with climate, ocean, and/or atmosphere agrees that the climate is warming rapidly and the primary cause is human CO2 emissions ”

That is a proven lie,

I know of far more real science organizations that do not (accept) or agree with your unproven science, That man caused CO2 is the cause of Climate Change or Global Warming. – Over 32,000 scientists have singed a petition stating your unproven science is flawed. – That is far from a consensus for flawed and unproven belief science – Most of your references I had already requested the proof from, (more than once), and some of them more than ten to twenty times, and a few, more than 100 times. None of your 13 references or their web sites have any provable science of any kind, proving CO2 causes climate change, and some of your references are not references,

one of them,

~  Your forth reference *National Academy of Sciences (NAS): Is just a book order service. I guess you want me to order all their books, read all the books, to find the proof, instead of your web site explaining or providing the Real Proof. Do you get a percentage of the book sales ? I have requested from the (NAS) their proof CO2 causes Climate Change with no response. THE (NAS) is also the science reference for the American Meteorological Society (AMS).

~  Your first reference *NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies (GISS): Says:  ” Resource is no longer available! ” NASA’S Climate Change science is based solely on computer prediction of weather. NASA does not factor in, or incorporate, into their Climate science, in any way, shape or form, the dozen very real, very known, very important proven reasons and causes of climate change. – Computer weather prediction is Ouija board science – I have requested from NASA their Proof CO2 causes Climate Change with no response. For three years NASA has refused to turn over science data requested through the Freedom of Information Act. So what is NASA hiding from the Public? (something smells very fishy to me) I know there is disagreement with in NASA and their own scientists, the scientists have said so. And for the record:  when NASA is stumped and needs help, they call one of my friends

~ Your second reference *National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): Has no provable science on their web site. I have requested from (NOAA) their proof CO2 causes Climate Change with no response

~ Your third reference *Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC): Stated they are 90% certain CO2 causes Climate Change. There is no such thing as 90% certain. The United Nations is a Political Body, not an Science Body. I have requested from the (IPCC) – more times than I can remember – the proof CO2 causes climate change with no response

~ Your fifth reference *State of the Canadian Cryosphere (SOCC): Says: Page can not be found. The (SOCC) has no provable science CO2 causes Climate Change. I have requested from (SOCC) their proof CO2 causes Climate Change and no response

~ Your sixth reference *Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): The EPA is run by Politicians not scientists. I have asked the EPA more than 100 Times, for the proof CO2 causes Climate Change and no response. * I have requested the proof from the Bush and Obama White House many times, and all 100 U.S. Senators and many from the U.S. House of Representatives, and no proof

~ Your seventh reference *The Royal Society of the UK. (RS): Stated they are Re-Thinking there science of climate change. I have requested from the (RS) their proof CO2 causes Climate Change and no response

~ #8 American Geophysical Union (AGU): Says: Page can not be found. The (AGU) is also the reference for the American Institute of Physics (AIP)

~ #9 American Meteorological Society (AMS): Says: Page can not be found. The (NAS) book order site is the science reference for the (AMS)

~ #10 American Institute of Physics (AIP): The (AIP) is useing the (AGU) as their science reference

~ #11 National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR): Says: Page can not be found

~ #12 American Meteorological Society (AMS): The (AMS) is useing the (NAS) as their science reference. The (NAS) was the book order site

~ #13 Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS): The (CMOS) has no provable science

* Dave you and your references have no provable science of any kind, and four of them just say: Page can not be found. Your organization and others, are political special interest groups with no science research or scientists, some are political government Agencies run by politicians -not- scientists, as they use each other for their references with no provable science. Maybe it is time for politicians stop listening to only each other, and start listening to real scientists who do not agree with you. Your references, can not agree with in their own organizations on the science of Climate Change, maybe because there is no provable science. Your consensus is pathological, Why can you not explain provable  science on your own web site ? I have explained my science in meticulous detail, the proven science of the last 175 years, of re-proven science history, that you have completely ignored. Carbon based oxygen was discovered to be an refrigerant in 1835, was patented in 1924 and has been used as an refrigerant every day for many years, a total of 175 years of proof. I can prove carbon based oxygen is (((still))) a refrigerant, after being an refrigerant for the last 175 years. CO2 is refrigerant when a solid, liquid or gas, at positive or negative pressure at any temperature, From -110 degrees and colder to +4500 degrees and hotter, CO2 is (((still))) a refrigerant. Dave, when was the last time you and Al did an experiment with CO2 ??? I did today and almost every day. If there was no carbon based oxygen, (CO2), there would be no oxygen, or carbon based life on this planet. If the atmosphere was a football field, CO2 would be a kite string on the fifty yard line. Dave, please pass that on to Al for me. Thank you, and why will you not debate the science with real scientists ? Your science is based on a lack of very important proven knowledge. You believe, and I know.

Bruce A. Kershaw

P.S. Dave I have always been against Off Shore Oil Drilling and Nuclear Waste. The last thing we need is more nuclear energy, and the possibility of something far worse than oil leaking, with more nuclear fuel for nuclear weapons and waste. I can not wait to make electricity from the sun and drive a new electric car and save $120,000. over the next 20 years in energy costs, and be connected to the Power Grid to only make money, other wise I will not need a Grid for my energy. CO2 is why we have dioxide (O2) to breathe. Carbon based oxygen is the cause of all carbon based life on this planet for the last 500 million years. CO2 is (still) a proven refrigerant, since 1832. Less than 1/37 th of the CO2 in the air is caused by mankind. All the Lungs on this planet produce more CO2 than all the cars. I am approaching 6000 requests for the proof, and no proof. Stop blaming CO2 for climate change, Yes we have Climate Change, and no it is not caused by you or me. It is Time to Stop the Blood Letting, and Deal with real plague. [ (Plag) plege, a misfortune ] * When this planet stops producing carbon based oxygen, it will stop producing carbon based life. The universe changes every millisecond, nothing is constant, everything changes everything continuously. Science is knowledge of fact. Political Science is power, greed, fraud, lies, and the denial of 175 years of very proven science and science history. It was warmer 800 years ago, 135,000 years ago, and in between most Ice Ages many times. * In three years I have yet to talk to – a – Scientist : { sci’en`tist }  n. a specialist in science (well versed in all sciences) who acknowledges the – U.N. – unproven science.

The U.N., The Governments, NASA, the E.P.A., the Sierra Club, Green Peace, etc. does not represent Science. Science is represented by Science, and by nothing else. Burning witches at the stake is belief, not science. Blood letting to cure the plague is belief, not science. Killing all the cats because they are evil, causing the plague, is belief, not science. Mankind is going backwards again, as science continues forward. Let us please all grow forward together. To believe in a cause you can not define or explain, is not science, that is belief. To ignore proven science, for belief, is insanity. How do you have a scientific study in CO2 and leave out 175 years of very proven science of CO2 science, and have any credibility in CO2 science. How do you have a scientific study in Climate Change and leave out 500 years of proven science knowledge of Climate Change, and have any credibility of any kind of/in any science of any kind. For carbon based life to remove the cause of carbon based life from the atmosphere, on this carbon based planet, is a belief, not science.

We are blood letting again.

and climate religion is doing test proven harm to nature and zero good

costing trillions of dollars


Al Gore

a test proven Lunatic in science dictates science to those who failed grade school science