Al Gore’s Scam Scientific References


 Al Gore

and his

The Climate Reality Project

[email protected]

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is a very Test Proven Lie by a Pathological Fraud

who can prove nothing with real science

who refuses all open public scientific debate of his test proven fraudulent statements

as his test proven Garbage science is doing test proven harm to the Carbon Cycle

the cause of all of Nature the cause of all the Green on this Carbon based Earth

costing Trillions of dollars to do only harm

Trillions that should be spent doing Good not Harm

like feeding the millions who starve to death

like making sick people well again

like stopping the increasing levels of Nuclear contamination of this carbon based Earth

doing very long term harm to the Environment and all Carbon based Life

as Al Gore’s True Believers and Followers do not Question him they just believe him

when there are zero Feelings or Trust or Belief or Faith in real science

Al Gore is a test Proven Political Pathological Fraud not a God

who will not debate his proven to be fraudulent science

proving both Al Gore and his science are not Real


Al Gore is not a Teacher he is a Preacher who rejects fact tested knowledge for True Belief

Al Gore does not Educate he Politically Brainwashes those who failed grade school science

Science Al Gore does not comprehend and never will


Al Gore has Publicly Proven he is a Fraud in Science

and is a test Proven Moron in Real Science of the Scientific Method

as Al Gore rejects Hard Science and the scientific method for his Political Agenda

and  Paranoid True Belief

in self-debunk Computer Ouija Board Prediction of the un-known future

based on very flawed incomplete Fraudulent debunk so called science


Al Gore and his un-proven theory is: self-debunk Garbage Political Science Fiction

as he continues to state Carbon based Humans cause climate change

while he can not prove it with real science beyond hearsay True Belief

as it has never been ~ test proven ~ Carbon based Humans cause climate warming

as his Hypothetical Conjecture is a debunk un-proven theory


Al Gores Proof  Humans cause Climate Warming

sent to me by Dave Boundy

May 18, 2010

only further proving Al Gore is a Test Proven Fraud

on page 3


Today June 29, 2017

~ seven years later ~

To: Al Gore

you are not a Scientist and you have earned ~ zero ~ right to scientific opinion

you are a ~ test proven ~ Political Snake Oil Salesman selling very ~ test proven ~ Lies


13% of the Members of the National Academy of Science

signed a letter stating Carbon based Humans cause climate change

the other 87% of the Members of the NAS did not sign the letter

while the majority of those who signed the letter have no back ground in Atmospheric Emission Science or Climate Science and when confronted and requested could provide zero scientific references to support their statements while any Questions the public has for those who signed this letter the Questions are not answered by the NAS the answers are directed to a political organization who provide very proven to be fraudulent answers

proving a 13% fraudulent Belief consensus by members of the NAS


The United Nations a Political Body not a Science Body

who have Publicly Failed Grade School Science


it is ” Likely ” Humans cause all Climate Change

” likely “

is a word of belief and proves nothing in real science

while over 30,000 scientists in the USA

over 9,000 of them PhD’s

signed a Petition in disagreement with the U.N.

and ignored by you and the U.N.

rejecting real scientific debate


The U.N. Climate Study

is a very flawed very incomplete very debunk Study

based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

used to make a computer Ouija Board prediction of the un-known future

while the U.N. Study ignored and rejects a dozen known climate variables

and ignored and rejects millions of years of climate history

all further debunking the now self-debunk Computer Ouija Board prediction

while the other one half of the one climate variable the U.N. study ignored is

the increased levels of -200* below zero CO2 = Dry Ice

crashing back downward to the poles of this carbon based Earth

rejecting Hot CO2 Rises removing heat from the lower atmosphere

as all gases absorb and radiate energy while rising

rejecting all heat ~ still ~ rises

rejecting frozen air ~ still ~ take its place

rejecting the faster CO2 is heated the faster it rises and the faster cold air take its place

rejecting CO2 transfers both hot and cold

removing hot replacing with cold

rejecting CO2 is the by product of warming by the variable Sun

rejecting the largest increases of CO2 is caused by evaporation caused by warming

rejecting the warming occurs first and then CO2 levels rise off-setting warming

rejecting the cooling effect of very frozen CO2 crashing towards the earth poles

rejecting frozen CO2 cools the air 10 times faster and 20 times longer than frozen water

as your un-proven science is proven to be backwards

test proven by Nature

as the opposite of the computer Ouija Board prediction is now true

while Ice melts from the top and bottom side and moves during Ice Ages too

and if Ice did not melt

the Oceans would decline about 60 feet every ten years from evaporation


I have about a dozen Questions for you Al Gore

and you can not answer one of them

as you have publicly failed grade school science


First Question you can not Answer

~ how ~

does something the size of a sewing thread

trap heat in something the size of a football field

while knowing all heat ~ still ~ rises

and frozen Air still take its place


Carbon based oxygen = CO2 = Carbon dioxide

with zero color taste or smell

the cause of the first atmosphere

causing the Carbon cycle with oxygen and hydrogen

the cause of all the green

the cause of all nature

the cause all carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth

where everything has carbon in it

as you preach

Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon dioxide is: Toxic Pollution

as you Preach water vapor = white steam coming out of smoke stakes is: Toxic Pollution

while your Friend John Kerry the very Proven Fraud in Climate Science

states and preaches

Plants and Trees can not absorb any more CO2 they have absorbed all they can

when in real science Plants and Trees would like 4 times more CO2 to Breathe

to be strong and healthy

while John Kerry was the first to state there was a 97% scientific consensus

and is just another very proven fraudulent Lie

while your Climate Religion is using an outdated incomplete debunk science paper

as Scientific Proof Humans cause Climate Change

proving more Fraud

as you scientific references are Bogus Garbage

just as you Al Gore are a test Proven Pathological Fraud

as you truly believe your test proven Lies

as your Climate Religion is costing Trillions to do Test Proven Harm to the Carbon cycle

test proven Harm to Nature

test proven harm to the cause of all the Green on this Carbon based Earth

as you are 20% carbon made from CO2 that you preach is Toxic Pollution

the cause of all life is not Toxic Pollution

the cause of all the food we eat is not Toxic Pollution

the cause of all the oxygen we breathe is not Toxic Pollution

as you preach the Oceans are rising when they are declining

as you preach climate warming is speeding up when it slowing down

You are a proven Fraud for your profit

from your proven to be fraudulent world wide Carbon Credit scam

you are a Fraud who can articulate zero science

who has earned ~ zero ~ right to scientific opinion

as you do not know what is in the bottle of Snake Oil you are selling to the world

you are a Fraud Al Gore

a very proven Fraud doing test proven harm to this Carbon based Earth

and to the carbon cycle and all carbon based life

costing trillions of dollars


The purest form of

Carbon based Oxygen

~ CO2 ~

Carbon Dioxide


Dry Ice

~ and ~

Because of

– The Clean Air Act –

CO2 has been used since 1972 to make the Air we breathe cleaner,

and safer


Carbon based Humans

as CO2 is used to lower NOx Emissions


If you substitute  1% of the nitrogen in the air with CO2 your car will not start and idle

as the CO2 lowered the explosion temperature in your cars engine 500 degrees

and by doing so in the combustion chamber of your cars engine

by recycling a small percentage of your cars exhaust back through an EGR Valve

(exhaust gas recycle)


you will substitute 1% of the nitrogen going into your engine with CO2

and this lowers the explosion temperature in the combustion chamber 500 degrees,

as the EGR vale can only be opened at above idle speed

and only when the engine is completely warmed up or your car will not start and run

and by lowering the explosion temperature in your engine 500 degrees

this will lower (NOx) emissions that form at temperatures above 2500 degrees and hotter.

NOx is Nitrogen bonded to Oxygen that Sun energy separates,


(03) heavy oxygen (ozone) at ground level, causing severe respiratory illness.

as Lighting is the cause of the majority of NOx causing O3 =Oxygen = the Ozone Layer