The Gadgetman Groove = Snake Oil Science = Hoax ~ Scam = Fraud by Ron Hatton & Dr. John Balachandra & ESTC


Ron is Instructing his customers to plug off the PCV system

or maybe Ron is doing this for them

and is then Breaking Federal Emission Laws

and when you Plug off the

Positive Crankcase Ventilation System

the first thing you have is a much richer running engine

by reducing the fixed amount of air that was going into the engine

that the on Board computer then compensate for

while plugging off the PCV is eliminating the filtered cool air going into the crankcase

that help with the cooling the of internal components of the engine

as this will trap un-wanted heat in the crankcase

making the metal inside the engine much hotter

making the metal that comes in contact with the fuel much hotter

causing and increasing Pre-ignition ~ Pinging = Knocking ~

caused by lean Air to Fuel mixtures in the combustion chambers

causing engine Damage

while not allowing hot flammable gas vapor to be pulled out of the crankcase

and back into air intake system

and then diluted with fresh cool filtered air becoming inflammable

and then into the combustion chambers where it burned same as the other fuel

while plugging off the PCV

will  also cause positive pressure instead of negative pressure in the crankcase

making it much harder for the cylinder pistons to travel downward

and with positive pressure in the crankcase

this will push oil out past the oil seals of the engine

while causing a build up of gasoline in the crankcase and in the oil

causing a much faster build up of gum and varnish in the crankcase and piston rings

and on the Valve Train

causing more blow by in to the crankcase past the piston rings

causing more pressure instead of vacuum in the crankcase

making it harder for pistons to travel downward

while allowing more oil to go past the piston rings and into the combustion chambers

while lowering compression

while the very sticky valve train is causing valves to close to slowly

lowering compression on warmed up engines

while causing no start condition in very cold wearther

while allowing far more gas contamination of the oil and oiling system

breaking down and thinning the oil much faster while reducing lubrication

as water lubricates far better than Gasoline

while causing a build up gum and varnish in the oiling system

damaging the oil pump and reducing oil pressure

while allowing the build up of hot gas vapor in the crankcase

turning your crankcase in to Bomb

and then on top of that

you now have a build up of condensation ~ water ~ in the crankcase

acting like a wax build up everywhere in the crank case

plugging up the oiling system

and acting like a heat blanket insulating more un-wanted heat on the inside of the engine

making the metal inside the engine even hotter

causing more

pre-ignition = pre-detonation = pinging = knocking in the combustion chambers

caused by lean air to fuel mixtures

that can and will cause permanent Engine damage

while the moisture is causing your engine to rust from the inside out

~ so if ~

you are following Ron’s Expert Automotive Advice to plug off your PCV system

you are severely damaging your engine in your car in many many ways

while reducing power and fuel economy while increasing emissions

while you are now driving around with a crankcase that is now a proven Bomb

as the first car with a Crankcase Ventilation System was a 1960 Ford Falcon

that did not have a PVC Valve = Check Valve in the ventilation hose

as the PCV Check Valve only allows air to move ~ flow in one direction

so with out this check valve

if the engine misfired ~ backfired ~ into the air intake system

it Ignited the gas vapor in the crankcase

and then the engines in these Ford Falcons would Blowup ~ Blew-apart

with a working crankcase ventilation system

so by plugging off the crankcase ventilation system completely

there will be many times the explosive fuel vapor in your crankcase just waiting to explode

~ while ~

you can do this ~ Moron ~ modification to your own car engine and not break the Law

but would void any Warranty

but if Ron were to do this Expert Modification to your car engine himself

its a 40,000 Fine by the EPA to do this ~ Very Moron ~ Modification

as this is an Emission Control Device

as this further proves Ron has Failed High School Auto Shop

and in fact Ron is a test proven ~ Moron ~ in Real Automotive Science

who you are paying $500.00 for one hour of his time to Trash your Throttle Body

gaining un-wanted more un-balanced erratic turbulence in the air intake system

that is not mixing with any fuel

when you want to reduce turbulence not increase turbulence

while Ron and his Magic Grooves

are providing a more uneven air flow to the combustion chambers

causing some cylinders to run leaner and some to richer than other cylinders

and can and will cause permanent Engine Damage

as this is the perfect scam on those who Failed High School Auto Shop too

while there is zero Logical justification for these proven to be Moron modifications

as Ron does in fact tamper with the emission controls breaking the Law

while Ron has a proven Criminal back ground

and is a proven Liar who can not be trusted

as he has proven many times before

as Ron’s Magic can only harm your engine

as he continues to Scam the world since about 2009 that I know of

with the help of those who do not know what is possible and what is not

in the real world of real Physics and Chemistry

and when his Lunatic Science does not work he will tell you on his website

there must be something like a Sensor Problem

the only problem with that is

when there is a real Sensor Problem

or any kind of Sensor Conflict of any kind with your On Board Computer

the Check Engine Light will come on and stay on until the conflict of any kind goes away

and that is only one of many of Ron’s bogus Excuses

for his very bogus scam garbage science to not work

on his many Bogus webpages