The Gadgetman Groove = Snake Oil Science = Hoax ~ Scam = Fraud by Ron Hatton & Dr. John Balachandra & ESTC


and then Dr. John and Ron

I want you to bring me a car that you claim has doubled in gas mileage

so if the car was getting 30 MPG it will now be getting 60 MPG

and we will do a complete Safety inspection and then a complete

All Systems Test

analysis before and after

with Fuel Pressure and Volume Test

with a complete before and after On Board Computer Diagnostics

and a before and after Complete Engine Diagnostic Analysis

with an Allen Group Version 12 Smart Engine Analyzer with Gas Analyzer

with Analog and Digital readings and printer

that will provide a Power Analysis for each cylinder

including cranking and running vacuum per-cylinder

and vacuum-wave pattern test for each cylinder

and cranking Amps per cylinder test

with a Fuel Injector Balance Test for each cyclinder

and we will do three before and after ~ on the road ~ Gas mileage tests


recording Fuel Injector  ~ pulse-width = duration = on Time

~ for example ~

on a

4 cylinder engine

2 milliseconds at Idle speed

10 milliseconds at cruising speed

and note O2 sensor voltage

that will not turn on the Check Engine Light from an over lean condition

with out the Knock Sensor Turing on the Check Engine Light

from an over lean condition

caused by a 30 to 1 air to fuel ratio ~ mixture


it is still not possible for an engine to run at 30 to 1 air to fuel ratio

and then I will replace the damaged Throttle Body with a new Throttle Body

and then repeat the gas mileage test three times

and then we will see the fuel Injector on time double to

4 milliseconds at Idle speed

and double to 20 milliseconds at Cruising speed

and O2 sensor voltage stay the same and not change

and see the gas mileage drop by one half back to 30 MPG

proving an internal combustion engine can run at a 30 to 1 air to fuel mixture

while the grooves can in fact over ride the On Board Computer

while re-calibrating all the sensors

with out turning on the check engine light

while gaining performance

with out the engine Pinging = pre-ignition caused by over lean air to fuel mixtures

as leaner than a 15 to 1 air to fuel ratio will do while causing engine damage

while any lean out condition will cause misfiring too

and if this so called science did work

the Check Engine light would be on all the time

with O2 Sensor Fault Codes stored in the On Board Computer

telling us the engine is running to Lean

regardless of how the engine is running

and then a before and after emissions test

both cold start and warmed up = open loop and closed loop

before and after the oxygen sensors are functioning

before and after the catalytic converters are heated


this what I do every work day of my life for a living as a

Tune-up ~ Diagnostic  ~ Master Technician ~ since 1976