The Gadgetman Groove = Snake Oil Science = Hoax ~ Scam = Fraud by Ron Hatton & Dr. John Balachandra & ESTC



the Speakers of the 2017

Energy Science & Technology Conference


Aaron Murakakami

~ Proven Liar ~

who states he has nothing to do with Ron Hatton

while being Ron’s biggest online Supporter of his Moron Scam Science

as Aaron has nothing but Positive things to say online on many of his websites

about Ron Hatton and his Moron Scam Science

A & P Electronic Media

Energy Science Forum

Energetic Forum

From: Bruce A. Kershaw


I have got one heck of a deal for you

on this 100 year old Bridge that has only been used once and still looks like band new

~ no Scam can go on forever ~

and the closer I look the worse it looks


Did Ron Hatton Scam the ESTC

Energy Science & Technology Conference

with his Gadgetman Groove

or are the ESTC all Scam Artist too ?

Selling their Make Believe Scam Science Fiction to the World


anyone and everyone

supporting and selling Scam Science are scam artist too

so maybe they are really the

Energy Science Fiction & Technology Scam Conference

and Ron Hatton was awarded the best Scam of the year award

while the ESTC is given a percentage of  Ron’s scam profits

or did Ron Hatton Scam


~ ESTC ~

proving they are all Just a bunch Big Dummy’s in real Science



Ron Murakami & Peter Lindemann

co-founders of the ESTC

along with John Bedini who past away November 5, 2016

Peter Stated to me Ron’s Modifications did nothing for him or John Bedini

and states he sold his interest in the company that produces the ESTC Conferences

to Aaron at the end of 2014

Peter highly recommend that I remove their names from whatever slanderous associations

I am making they have with Ron Hatton

~ well ~

if informing the World of the Moron Scam Science doing harm

that your websites have been selling to the world since 2012 is Slander

Sue Me


so Peter,

thank you for your email 5/5/2017

while I can prove Aaron is lying

I can not prove you are lying

while trust is earned not given

and obviously you are unaware of what is posted on many websites

as you stated to me Aaron has total control of the ESTC website

but does Aaron have total control of the many other websites

promoting Ron’s Moron Scam Science

because supporting Fraudulent Moron Science by Ron Hatton

make you and Aaron look like a Morons in Science too

and I would suggest you seek  and consult with an Attorney

as there are other websites listed above promoting this scam science

~ and ~

Do the next batch of Speakers for the 2017 conference support Ron’s Snake Oil Science

that Aaron continues to promote on the ESTC website and many other websites ?

and good luck with a Slander  Law Suit

as I know things you do not know as I am Factual

with my Investigation of this World Wide Scam that continues

as you are only one peace of the puzzle

and based on your statements about Ron Hatton

I will put a ~ No ~ next to your name below

and if John was still alive based on your statements

I would put a ~ No ~ next to John’s name too

if Aaron stop supporting Ron’s world wide scam

on all of your websites promoting his Scam Science

as Aaron is the best Advertisement and Promoter for Ron’s Scam

and a Judge would agree

and as you state Peter

you are no longer apart of something that continues today

while you are still very much involved with the ESTC

as this does not make your past involvement go away

as the online support for Ron’s World Wide Scam continues since 2012

thanks to Both You and Aaron

so is Aaron going to continue to support this growing Cancer  ~ Ron Hatton ~


Do you support Ron Hatton and his World Wide Scam in Science

~ posted on the ESTC website ?

just let me know


Peter Lindemann ~ No ~

Walt Jenkins ~ ?

James Robitille ~ ?

Prof. Robert Haralick ~ ?

Geoffrey Miller ~ ?

Paul LaViolette PhD ~ ?

Paul Babcock ~ ?

Jeff Moe ~ ?

Al Francoeur ~ ?

Jeane Manning ~ ?

Susan Manewich ~ ?

Aaron Murakami ~ Yes

and as Aaron stated to me he had nothing to do with Ron Hatton and his on going Scam

while Aaron is Ron’s number one online Support and Promoter of  Ron’s World Wide Scam

on many websites

now Scamming the People of Helena Montana


I sent an email to Aaron May 3, 2017

as I wanted to have an Intelligent communication with Aaron

about the Ron Hatton post on their Websites

but that was not going to be


In a reply email from Aaron today May 4, 2017

Aaron states to me my writing is Ridiculous

and he has nothing to do with Ron Hatton and Gadget Grooves

while the website for the Energy Science Conference very clearly supports Ron Hutton

and his Gadget Groove scam including a Video

while Aaron states I am Harassing him with my email trying to inform him

that Ron Hatton is a fraud

as Aaron tells me I am pure Ignorance

and Ron’s Moron Scam Science can do no Harm

so after telling me he had nothing to do with Ron Hatton

Aaron then defended Ron and his bogus scam hoax fraud in science


my reply to Arron was

do you always shoot the foot that is in your mouth

after I forwarded to Aaron his free scam advertising for Ron Hutton from the ESTC website


I guess Aaron is not aware of what is on ~ His ~ ESTC website ?

nor can he deal with how this Dyslexic writes

as Aaron has proven to me he Failed High School Auto Shop

as real science is Questioned ~ Tested and Debated

not true belief in Garbage scam science

as Aaron has been bitten by the Snake Oil

and does not know what is possible and what is not possible in real automotive science

as words prove nothing in real science

~ because ~

an Internal Combustion Engine

engineered to operate at 14.7 to 1 air to fuel ratio = mixture

can not be magically be changed to run at a 80 to 1 air to fuel ratio = mixture

by just adding Grooves in a Throttle Body

as claimed by Ron Hatton on the ESTC website

as this was 18.6 MPG increased to 108 MPG

with his Gadgetman Groove

that can only provide ~ un-wanted ~ erratic turbulence in the intake manifold

providing an un-even flow of air to the combustion chambers

causing some cylinders to run leaner than others

while any lean mixtures can cause over heating of exhaust valves

and will cause burnt exhaust valves

with the rate of Burning

depending on the hardness of the metal the exhaust valve is made from

and for an engine to operate at 80 to 1 air to fuel ratio = mixture

then you must design and engineer the engine from the ground up

regardless of  your true  ~ Belief ~  with out  ~ Question  ~ Test or Debate

as I just wanted Aaron to be aware of the words of Lunatic Science

on his so called science website selling Lunatic Science for Ron Hatton

who Aaron said he has nothing to do with

while I can see Aaron still has much to learn about car Batteries too

but that is a different debate for another day

as I continue my Investigation of Ron Hatton

and those supporting Ron’s Scam Hoax Fraud who are then Frauds too


so did Aaron

~ who laid to me ~

get scammed or is Aaron part of the Scam ?


and I just received another email from Aaron

and I am now a Jackass too

and that is how science rebuttal goes in scam science =

name calling with zero facts


I just received another 30 plus emails all at once as this never happens

I only get one at a time

so I am guessing there from Aaron

as I just deleted most of them as they looked like garbage

one of them I opened had words I will not put on this g-rated website

while this all proves Aaron is not very scientific

as there are zero feelings in real science

and his feelings are all he has to share with me

and if Aaron is going sell scam science on the ESTC website

he should expect to be Questioned and Confronted

and when your best rebuttal is name calling

it does not say much for their Science Organization


and here are two more emails

as Aaron told me in an previous email to stop emailing him as he continues to email me

and I did stop emailing him after proving I am not an Idiot

because if you are going call someone an Idiot in science you should expect a rebuttal

but Aaron is not going to stop emailing me

I guess we all need to let the two year old ~ in us ~ out now and then

while maybe Aaron can explain to me Ron’s scam science

on their ESTC website

when he is done with his temper tantrum


I just received another email from Aaron

stating I emailed him 5 times all together

four of those times to prove I am not an Idiot

with two of the four proving he Supports Ron Hatton Scam in Science on the ESTC Website

after calling me an Idiot

proving his Stupidity in real science

as I am called an idiot by many who failed grade school science

while the only thing I am guilty of is Debunking Aaron’s Bogus Statements

while since May 3, 2017

Ron Hatton and his Bogus Science is still posted on the ESTC website

as ESTC continue to be Frauds by selling Fraudulent science

for a Scam Artist who should be in Jail


I have just Submitted a tip to the FBI

as Ron Hatton and his Gadget Groove Scam Continues to grow

with the Help and Support of  Aaron


~ ESTC ~

Energy Science & Technology Conference

as do

and the Helena Civic Television channel

along with many other public organizations

who obviously do not Question the science

and just believe what they are told to just believe


…my Assumption by Perception based on my many emails with Ron

~ is:

Ron will continue to Scam People when he is not in Church

up until the day he is in Handcuffs standing in front of a Judge

because that is how the Criminal Mind with a Criminal Back Ground

with zero conscience to Humanity or to fact tested Reality works